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50 Charles Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom, CF10 2GF

Today: £7 After Noon (Members Only) - Every Sunday
Tomorrow: £6 After e 6 (Members Only) - Every Monday
This venue has been shut down and CLOSED- Jan 2022

Formerly called 'Locker Room', EAGLE 50 is large, modern gay men's health spa & sauna in Cardiff - popular with men of all ages. Facilities include a jacuzzi, showers, spa, sauna and lounge area.

Open 7 days a week, with all-night opening on the weekend. More information on their website and Facebook page.
Cruise / Fetish
Dark Room
Free Wi-Fi
Internet Access
Jacuzzi / Hot Pool
Relaxing Cabins
Steam room
Sun terrace
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4 Star Winner

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Clean, intimate, the staff are very friendly and helpful

This incarnation of the sauna is by far the best, the new owners have given the place a new life, clean, extremely well run and the staff very helpful and friendly. They are constantly cleaning and checking the facilities. Go along to see for yourself.



Stinking place. Funny how all positive reviews also mention how good the owners perversion bar across the road is also. The owners have been caught publishing images from their hidden cctv on various online sites including Facebook. This place is vile. Dirty and smelly
Hoe eng


Goog sauna

I love this place.


A disgusting place

Visited Dec 2019. Found it very unhygienic, I know it’s a gay sauna, but lacks basic facilities, like running water for a shower! Steam room mouldy, hot tub is a murky pool of genetic soup, change the water !! Dated decor, it has general grime in most areas. First and last visit.



It's always empty and really really dirty. I mean, unhygienic in the worst way. I can't believe Cardiff council lets them trade. Don't believe me?? Just go and see for yourself - ask the receptionist if you can have a look before you pay.


Full of sickness

The amount of sick old men in this place is alarming. Old and dirty facilities. The water in the jacuzzi was grey and blurry. I saw a guy mopping the floor upstairs trying to flirt with me. The metallic bucket and the mop he was using gave me a clue about the type of place I was in. I wouldn’t go back. Fungus, verruca are visible. What is not visible is scary.


Worst sauna in Europe

This disgusting place should be closed down.


Nice visit.

The other half and I came here last week while visiting Cardiff. Saw the place online and was a bit dubious about coming in after the reviews I had seen. Guy on the front desk was great. He put us at ease straight away and told us where everything was and gave us our towels. Lockers are a bit small but the guy took our coats and popped them behind the counter. Hot tub was great with a bit of play going on, Sauna was brilliant. My only criticism would be the steam room it was lovely and warm but we couldn't really see where we were going. Had a bit of fun in the sling room which looks nice. The "video lounge" as the receptionist called it was nice and ended up having a bit of fun in there too. All in all I'd say it's a nice place, 4/5!


Shit hole

Grim, poor, disappointing, hopeless.


mr simon davies

its ok very quiet but the showers are very poor and they state to use the showers before you enter into the venue but the one on the locker room has never worked and the two on the jacuzzi floor just trickle out. please improve its called "hygiene:



I recently travelled the UK and Ireland in 2017 and again in 2018 visiting saunas. This one was interesting. I'm curious to know it's purpose among the locals. As a hookup spot after the gay bar across the street closes, this is probably fine and does just the trick. As an actual sauna/gay bathhouse, this was one of the bottom contenders and really a big disappointment due to the expectations I had based on my experience of Cardiff as a city. It was on the cleaner side, but hadn't been updated in ages, felt old. The jacuzzi was actually fantastic, the best out of all of them. Only 1 out of FOUR showers worked, and it only had COLD water - at a gay sauna. The bottom half of the steam room was cold and made my feet so cold I got back in the jacuzzi. The porn on the TVs was GRAINY - I didn't even know that could still be a thing. Pixelated maybe, but grainy? It looked like the TV signal would drop at any moment. The cage looked like it had pee sitting in the bottom of it. The lockers were TINY. I was just really expecting something nice from Cardiff, and to be met with something that wasn't even up to a basic standard was a big disappointment. Having nothing to do with the clientele, I left really irritated.



Been here twice amazingly friendly staff and was welcomed by a few nice guys.


Really nice atmosphere

Came here the other day after reading some reviews online. Very nice chatty guy on reception said I was the first in and gave me a key and towel, the lockers are quite small but the guy took my bags and put them behind the counter for me. The place was really clean and the Jacuzzi was lovely so was the steam room. The rest of the building was nice. Would recommend !


Tonight anyone??

Great place to meet people and take on new adventures, shall be attending tonight!!!



Do you allow crossdressers there as I am new to all this but love to do it thanks xxx


Great :)

Visited today (4/8/17) friendly staff, nice bar area, steam room and sauna very good. 5 stars. Second time visited and looking forward to visiting again.


First time

This afternoon (1st Aug 2017) around 5.30 I visited for the first time. The guy at reception was pleasant and friendly, even took my bag to look after while I was there. Got stripped to my towel and went through to the facilities. The decor is a bit basic, and the rooms are a bit small, but everything was good, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna plus tv /video rooms. There are showers to use in between each facility. The other clientele there were extremely friendly, which I was glad about, as I had not been before, and was nervous. I really needn't be. Definitely will go again.


Faulty equipment

Visited Eagle 50 Sauna in Cardiff today (20.07.17) As I approached the entrance (about 12:20pm) the guy behind the counter told me there was one person in so far. I asked if everything was working as the last time I was there the steam room was faulty. He assured me all was working fine and they had installed a new steam room some four months ago. Great, I thought so paid my money and went in. Got changed and made my way to the showers. They were not very powerful and ran cold water for a couple of minutes. I went into the Jacuzzi which was nice and stayed in there for two cycles. Then I moved onto the sauna which seemed ok when I opened the door but then once inside and seated it was cool in temperature. I left there for the steam room. Opening the door there was no steam and walking inside I found it not to be working at all. I went back to reception and told the guy on the door my findings. Firstly he doubted me as the steam room had been working for months with no problems, so I invited him to come and check which he did. He didn’t understand as the lights on the control unit were showing working normal but the room was cold. I asked could I have my money back and was told he would need to phone the owner. He said to give him 15-20 minutes to sort it out and he would come back to me. The time went on and I went back to him. He told me that the owner had been in, checked the equipment, found a fault and an engineer had been called. There was no idea of how long it would be. I asked about the refund and the owner had told him they don’t do refund but would give me a 50% discount for my next visit if I completed a form and supplied my name and address. They would then keep this on file for my next visit. You can imagine my frustration as I had been told before paying that everything was working correctly. I did stay for a little longer chatting to a guy in the Jacuzzi and then left completely dissatisfied. I don’t think I will be going back there again.


pleasantly surprised - busy and clean

Been twice last week, mid June. Tuesday was a little older crowd, about 25 to 30 people, mostly over 35 or 40. Went on Student day Wednesday (5 pounds) and there were about ten younger men as well as the regular mixed age, above. Video and cruising areas are decent, the Play Room is very elaborate. Only criticism is steam room benches (wooden) are very uncomfortable. Staff are particularly friendly and so are most of the locals. A nice introduction to Cardiff.


Where can bi curious guys meet in barry

Looking for somewhere to meet older gay men pls.


Good night out.

I went to the sauna last Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. The staff was very friendly the facilities were second to none and it was a really nice pleasant atmosphere. Very pleased that I went lots of nice young man hanging around. Nice refreshments available.


Eagle sauna

Pleasantly surprised how it's been transformed from the run down place it was, now it's got new owners its clean its modern with a few more facilities including two slings and stock, it was quiet there on my visit Wednesday 6th of July, told Tuesdays busy with only a £10 entrance fee, weekends busy I'm told. Look out Newport new rival on the scene.


First time

I been here first experience of any time sauna, don't know if it was busy as it being first time but enjoyed evening and will be going back x Dunno if it was value for money not to ne other


willy go

No problem with the sauna - its how it should be. Its just a shame there's not more nice eager men there awaiting good times come on guys.


It's not that bad

Went there last weekend. It is small, but it's not bad. Sauna, steam room and jacuzzi were all working. Met two nice young guys and had some fantastic fun, and got a phone number too! They only take cash, but there's an ATM up the road so that sorts that. The lockers are a bit on the small side but they have a coat rail behind reception. It has character. Staff were friendly. Only downside is that it's not a large building so opportunities for some hot group action in a darkroom are not plentiful. That said, I'll be back.



Went earlier this year, half the facilities weren't available (no steam room, no videos, Jacuzzi not working). Guys weren't advised of these when coming in, so full money was taken with no partial refund offered. Has it been refurbished ? don't know.


Pointless Sauna

Absolutely dreadful! Don't bother, I will be surprised if this business survives for very long - very quite for a late Friday, i'am told its busier on a Saturday? Given the dead atmosphere of Friday night - I wouldn't waste my Saturday.

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