El Cojo San Juan

El Cojo

El Cojo

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Calle 12 De Eleanor Roosevelt Ave., , USA

El Cojo San Juan
Affordable gay bar situated centrally in San Juan on Avenida Eleanor Roosevelt Street.

This bar is just a short drive from the main gay area of Puerto Rico and Old Town San Juan.
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Perfect place to meet locals, hidden gay gem

As a local, who travels a lot to other countries, Puerto Rico's gay scene is small but compared to other islands in the Caribbean pretty big. El Cojo is not a place a lot of tourist visit, they usually go to Circo, which is more of a dance club. However, despite a sketchy looking neighbourhood, El Cojo is actually a really safe place. It will be packed with people from Thursdays all the way to Sunday. In fact as of Feb, 2019. It's the top LGBTT place to go. Here's a perfect place to listen to Latin music, people are extremely friendly and always want to chat. Drinks are super cheap, beers are $1 (medalla), sangrias $3, vodka, whiskey and rum from $4.25 - to $5, but trust me they are strong! A bit of a wait time since it's always packed, but you'll manage. The good thing about this place, it's in what I call the second LGBTT street (the other one being Circo street) as there are a total of 5 gay bars all right next to each other so if you don't like it here, the next one has a karaoke scene, the other one a more urban vibe and there's even a club more geared toward lesbians. I urge you if you're part of the LGBT community and in Puerto Rico to check this little gem out. You won't regret it.


Awesome experience

As local as it gets, and it's a strip of bars side-by-side. You can bar jump from one to the next with the same drink as all establishments have this agreement. This will usually be more popular than the regular tourist places like Circo; especially on Sundays or during the week. $1 chichaito shots (look it up), $1.50 beers, $2.50 "Sangriia" drinks and lots of hot local guys and just gay friendly people.

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