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Escape Club – CLOSED

V Jámě 8, Prague, Czech Republic

Escape Club – CLOSED
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Rating: 3.2/5. From 59 votes.
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+420 777 153 876
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Permanently CLOSED.

Not just a gay bar or a nightclub. Escape features strip shows, go-go dancers and male escort service. If your idea of cruising involves ‘buying’, then this is a perfect place to check out.

Friendly male escorts perform erotic shows, solo/group strip, body painting, dance shows, etc. Friendly staff serve a range of alcoholic drinks including cocktails, draft/bottled beers.

Escape hosts regular special events. Check out their website for more information.

nearest station : Mustek

venue: Bar | customers: gay

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  1. its ok

    “Not so many people there, but still OK to go and take a look of the show and kill time. The price of the drink may look ok, but if you buy a drink for a guy, it shows more than just 1 drink price on your bill, which is bad. So be careful. Guys ask for 3000 or even 4000 kr for a quick fun (10 mins) is absolutely ridiculous... Anyway, it is still ok to go there and have a drink and watch the show.“

    Ethan on 02-Jul-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. Club Escape, Prague; an up-to-date review

    “This review is intended to give you, the reader, some insight into Club Escape, a very intriguing club in Prague.
    They claim to be the “Best gay bar in Europe.” and this is probably the truth! It is sensational! Club Escape is a pick-up club for younger and older men.

    I observe that the club has been the subject of many reviews, and these reviews are frequently woefully out of date and give a false impression. In this review, I will attempt to give my own impressions of the strengths and weaknesses of the club without bias.

    Club Escape in Prague is not to be confused with Club Escape in Amsterdam, which is hetero- oriented.

    WHERE IS IT? At V Jame 8 in Prague 1, a couple of minutes walk to the west from Wenceslas Square (just in back of Lucerna Passage). From the street, you walk about three meters into into a little alley, and then down a flight of stairs on the right. Press the buzzer to be admitted. The hours are from 9 p.m. until late, seven days a week. They advertise that they are open until 5 a.m. but this is not always the case! The first night I was there was a Monday and I arrived at 12 or 1, ordered a beer, and was surprised and disappointed when, after only a few minutes, the house lights went on and they were closing. Fortunately for me, I tried again. Monday is always a slow night in the club world. Sometimes they are open until very late. The best time to arrive is around 10 or 11p.m.

    Admission costs 200 CZK (about $8). A beer (0.3 liter) costs 99 CZK (about $4). A vodka/cola runs 130 CZK. Smoking is permitted throughout. There is always a DJ.

    Some guests, especially those who are there for the first time, are shy or intimidated by what they see. I certainly was! [‘We’re not in Kansas any more.’ No, Dorothy, you’re are not. So enjoy yourself!] Some are interested only in watching the shows. Other guests are enthusiastic and eager to meet the boys, not necessarily for a sexual encounter, but simply because it’s fun. The boys leave those guests alone who seem to want to be alone, but are happy to mix with those who want to be friendly. That’s just human nature.

    THE BOYS are, of course, the attraction. They are obviously, not boys, but young men. They are evidently chosen to work there because of their good looks and nice personalities. They are all between 18 and about 25. You, the reader, must understand that they are not dancing and visiting with the customers simply for the pleasure of an evening out, but are there simply to make a living, much like a plumber, doctor, or politician (Well, maybe they are actually more honorable than that last group). Their income is solely tips and cash from clients for services, overnights, etc. This is completely legal and accepted in the Czech Republic. It is honest work, not a dirty profession. The boys are not paid any money by the club. If they want to work there, they normally must agree to work five nights a week, from 8:30 until 1 a.m. If a boy wishes to have an unscheduled night off, he must pay the club 2,000 CZK for the privilege. The Czech Republic has historically been a poor land, having been exploited by the Nazis and then by the Soviets, and is only now in the process of raising itself up by the bootstraps, so there is an apparently endless supply of boys who are eager to work there. Some of the boys are straight (They call it “Gay for Pay”), others gay, but this really doesn’t make any difference. They are all perfectly comfortable with gays, not paranoid, and do not have the Puritanical taboos which many heterosexuals in the West have with homosexuals. (Indeed, they would be in the wrong profession if they had!). Actually, the straight ones can be more affectionate than the gay ones. Maybe they fantasize that they are kissing their girlfriends! Many of the boys have steady and returning local clients.

    Not all of them speak English.

    They put on various shows, including the oil show, live sex show, body painting, travesti (i.e., drag, not my cup of tea, but I suppose some people, mainly the performers themselves, enjoy it), the cream show (I loved it!), and occasionally, a slow dance in which the boys, usually naked, invite their favorite guests to dance with him, hands on. Sometimes the boys wear boxer shorts, and at other times they are totally naked. If you are friendly, they will come and sit with you between shows. There is no reason for you to feel shy or intimidated. They are not pushy or out to gouge you, but are honestly thankful when you hand them a 100 CZK tip ($4, the price of a pack of cigarettes in Prague). Personally, I enjoy it when they all dance to the Village People’s “YMCA,” which they do sometimes in their boxers, and sometimes without. Usually, twelve to twenty boys participate.

    The cream show is a lot of fun! On the stage, one of the boys puts canned whipped cream (like Redi-Whip) on various parts of the other boy’s naked body, and then cleans it iff. Then they walk around among the guests, offering those who want to the chance also to put some cream wherever they like on the boy’s body, and also to remove it. This is well worth tipping for!!

    Whatever the guest and the boy negotiate for a price regarding specific services is only between the two of them and has nothing to do with the club. However, if a boy misbehaves, he may find himself out of a job. It’s good to know there is some degree of control.

    The boys are not willing to work for just anyone, regardless of how much the offer is. Some guests, for instance, lack proper hygiene, or conduct themselves poorly. There was a man there who (to the delight of the boys!) was giving out 1,000 CZK tips but he conducted himself as such a freak that no one would go with him! It helps if you are a person who is sympathetic by nature and who has respect for others.

    All in all, you will have a vary nice night out for about forty bucks. Not too bad! This includes a couple of drinks, and tips for your favorite boys. Don’t forget the bartender! He will be quite happy if you give him 100 CZK.

    TWO WORDS TO THE WISE: 1) When you enter, you are given a magnetic card by the doorman. DON’T LOSE THIS CARD!! On this card your purchases of drinks are entered; when you are ready to leave, you pay for the drinks and the entrance fee at the bar, and then return the card with a zero balance to the doorman. If the card gets into the wrong hands, it will be misused! One time the waiter insisted that HE should hold onto the card (I have no idea why), so I made a fuss and he grudgingly returned it to me. Another time, I found that, in addition to the two beers which I had ordered at the bar, the bartender had mistakenly added 130 CZK for a vodka/cola which I had not ordered. It was quickly set aright and with no unpleasantness. From this experience, I learned to pay the card while my head is clear. After paying, you can still order what you like and pay in cash for each drink, as is customary in the West.

    2) Although the boy with whom you arrange a rendezvous may be nice looking, friendly, polite, and fun, he may be unreliable as a businessman. For this reason, NEVER give him money in advance, nor pay the club the 2,000 for his release from work -even to cement the agreement- or you will most likely be burnt! Let him pay, and you can reimburse him later.

    Prague is a beautiful and affordable city where I love to go whenever I have the chance. I always make it a point to visit Club Escape, and have had some very fun times there. I hope that the reader will enjoy both the city and the club as much as I have!“

    Eric on 07-May-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • A perfect description!

      “I am pleased about that review, which describes Escape Club as it is now in a perfect way. I often come to Prague for visiting Escape Club. I had always great evenings there. The difference to other places is, that in EC there is an absolutely clean and "exclusive" atmosphere and there is a discrete "control" of the staff. You don't meet there sick or homeless guys, but really cute "guys next door" (they have to bring wealt-tests). So you can feel 100% save and relaxed. I met in Escape Club really great guys, not only good looking, but also interesting personalities. Prices are a bit higher than usual in Eastern Europe, but anyway reasonable and really good value. I will come soon again!“

      Michael on 28-May-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. Great experience - much better than expected

    “I was Saturday evening the first time in Escape Club, reading all the reviews before. I have to admit: It was a much better experience as I imagined before. Nearly 20 guys - most of them nice and good looking - who danced and performed the whole evening just wearing their underpants; during the special shows even naked. The guys talked to the guests without being too pushy. It's clear: When you stay for some hours in a night club, the check at the end will contain some Czech Crowns; but I think that the prices for the drinks and also the entry fee are OK, especially when you compare it with other cities. Also if you want more from the guys than talking and drinking (an accompaniment after the show), than you will find what you search. Spoken for me: I have found and it was a great experience. I will surely come back.“

    Mike on 29-Mar-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Great club and fun

    “One of the best clubs with escort guys. Be sure to come back again. I do not also so bad reviews. I am visiting this club for 13 years and after the new reconstruction must say that this is the best seasons of the club. There are plenty of nice guys, perfect service and the interior is truly luxurious. I definitely recommend visiting club. Top from Thursday. This is where the most lives.“

    Michael on 04-Feb-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. The place needs to reinvent itself.

    “It's incomprehensible and unacceptable the way they over charge all the prices there. Certainly, when you decide to go to clubs like this, you know that you'll pay for everything, even the air that you breathe. That's not the point. But the club and the guys are not worth what charge. And the worst: they do in a very deselegant way, eager to get earn some money anyway: trying to sell drinks and inducing that you pay what the guys want to drink, usually the most expensive drinks. Once again the point is not the money, but the feeling that you are being exploited. This feeling starts as soon as you arrive at the place. The door man and the main bar man are really coarse. They don't know how to treat a client. Some guys are friendly, for sure. But the greedy atmosphere takes all horny. Even the guys could seem more attractive, if they invest in the erotic atmosphere, more than the gluttony of money. If the place inspired eroticism, be sure I'd pay much more than what they want. It's a pity, I came to Praga believing that I could have fun there, but it was a huge disappointment. The manager should know that we, clients, are not stupid and desperate persons. We want to pay for good sex, to have fun and to be respected as consumers. The place needs to reinvent itself.“

    O on 14-Sep-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. Nice aesthetic, good music, overpriced

    “Fairly easy to find. Bar staff were attentive and friendly enough. The "boys" ranged in age from 21-30? It seemed, and not one was OMG beautiful. Most were obviously straight, but a handful were gay. Fortunately, they were not pushy and the seemed to gravitate to the more mature clientele who appeared to have one foot in the grave. It almost seemed if the younger gay dancers had attitude to my friend and me who are in our 30's. Kind of hard to digest since they are the whores and we are merely sluts who had the cash. The cover charge was $10 USD, which wasn't too crazy, but the drinks were expensive and weak.

    Get rid of the 26+ year old dancers who are straight and bored and obviously there for their bulked muscles and add some younger guys without attitude!“

    Kristoffer on 26-Jul-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. Worst Gay Bar Ever

    “The bar was the biggest disappointment ever, the guys are not good looking and act like cheap bitches, asking for expensive drinks and 3000kc for a suck, what a joke. Place was empty and now I understand why.“

    David on 04-Jul-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Boy from Holland

    “Very nice club, I love to be there!! Super!“

    Jean on 29-Jun-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

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Escape Club – CLOSED