G Bangkok

G Bangkok

Bangkok's #1 late-night gay dance club.

G Bangkok

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60/18-21 Silom Soi 2/1, Bangkok, Thailand, 10500

Popular after-hours gay dance club in Bangkok, located a 5-minute walk from DJ Station.

G Bangkok (or simply G.O.D) has a small stage, dance floor, DJ booth and a bar on each floor. Most guys hang out on the ground floor by the stage. Resident DJ Be (weeknights) and DJ Spectrum K (weekends) get the muscle-packed club heaving with shirtless guys.

Cover charge includes two drinks. Best time to go is between 12am-1am.

Mon:21:00 - 05:00

Tue:21:00 - 05:00

Wed:21:00 - 05:00

Thu:22:00 - 05:00

Fri:22:00 - 03:30

Sat:22:00 - 03:30

Sun:21:00 - 03:00

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Good choice for relaxing

I made many friends from this party, and it’s quite private, with many muscular young guys.


Me too

It used to close at 5am or so until the military coup. You can find shirtless, sexy group of guys there. Mostly hanging out on the main floor, slightly on the second and the third floor is a dark lounge area and the bathroom where people who seek for something will hang around there. The only things most non-smokers dislike about this place is that they let people smoke inside the club and that could de really irritating
Julio cesar. Tendr


Muy mal

Si quieres ir a un lugar muy top y ni siquiera poder bAilar por lo lleno que se encuentra, el aire se hace irrespirable, la música es muy mala la entrada es cara. Muy mal pero muy mal. Tendría que ser bueno porque es en Bangkok? Se rey pero me desilusionó 1000%


Smoking area

It would be the best if there had a smoking area for smokers.


G.O.D - avoid activity in the loos

Everything is good about G.O.D But if you go to the loo be careful. Other activity might draw your attention... Avoid...it... Music is nice...good selection of alcohol... Guys are hot, but crowd is thinning, because of the timings...


Closed at 2:00 AM!

The two last times I went to G.O.D this summer (two August Saturday nights) got the same problem, the disco closes at 2:00 a.m. Real pity. The music was awesome and the ambiance not too bad (despite a crazy hyper-botoxed westerner dancing like king kong), but what was awful was when everybody was enjoying and suddenly the lights turned on... and FINISH... everybody out. Pity, really pity. Next time I'll go to DJ Station directly.


Opening later now

Although closed at this moment due to the passing of the King, generally the opening times of G.O.D. have started to stretch to at least 3 on a busy night.


Sad but true

This place used to close at 5:00 AM but was a casualty of the Military and subsequent police crackdown on all nightlife. Nothing like the illusion that all good citizen go to bed at 2:00 AM. Overall a nice high energy bar.
Maximilian Phuoc


boring !

We went to GOD on 0.30am Sunday (Saturday night 30-August). Entrance fee is 150 bath including 1 drink, but there were only 3 of us and about 1 or 2 guests???????? Unbelievable. GOD used to be a late club for gay guys (2-5am), before 2am all guests go to DJ station, but after the Thai coup, all venues have to close their door before 2am, so guests go to DJ station only, and then at 2am they go back home or hotel, so I can understand why GOD looked like an cemetery. What a big pity for Bangkok! All other clubs have to close at 2am too, no place for late hang-over people.



I've tried gay bars/clubs all over Asia (only missing HK and Japan), and I can tell you that this is for far the best gay club you'll find. The music is good and sexual, the crowd are mostly well build, shirtless, and sexy, and everyone are up to some hot fun. Warning: if you come to GOD and don't hook up a sexy man, you are doing something wrong...



GOD is your genuine Bangkok clubbing experience. Weekends are always packed with a fun, sexy (many shirtless) crowd of both locals and tourists. The third floor is quite dark, with lounge areas where who knows what's going on.. Resident DJ Spectrum K always gets the party going with his cool mixing and style. The downside is that smoking is allowed inside the club. And as a general precaution, always be aware of your mobile phone and wallet.


G Bangkok

แม้จะเปลี่ยนชื่อไปนานแล้ว แต่คนยังติดเรียกชื่อเดิม"จีโอดี"อยู่ ดีเจน้องเป๊กเปิดเพลงแซ่บเว่อร์ คืนศุกร์และเสาร์คนแน่น บางครั้งเปิดถึงเกือบเช้า แนะนำให้ไปหลังตีสอง แต่อาจเหม็นควันบุหรี่หน่อยครับ


G Bangkok

Great club. The only decent gay dance club in SE Asia!! (The rest are just top 40 bars, at best.) Friendly staff, reasonable sound system, the right lights and dark corners. My only complaint: they have a perfectly nice chill area outside (if you can have a 'chill' area outside in BKK), yet they allow smoking inside. Duh. I know people that stay away because of this oversight.

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