GBar Liverpool

GBar Liverpool

GBar Liverpool

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1-7 Eberle Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L2 2AG

Liverpool's favorite gay dance club. GBar's late-night opening makes it a popular destination after having a few drinks elsewhere.

Dance to pop classics on the dance floor or unwind in the cosy 'love lounge' area. Their drag show is very entertaining!

Awarded 'Club of the Year' by a local Liverpool paper. Fairly young scene. Free entry most nights if you arrive early. Open Thursday to Sunday.

Weekday: Thu-Fri 23:00 - 05:00

Weekend: Sat 23:00 - 07:00; Sun 23:00 - 05:00

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Refused entry

Got to agree with John. I used to have no problems years ago. Though over the last couple of years, since I returned from working abroad, I just haven’t bothered after being knocked back a few times. I can’t be bothered dealing with the Gorillas on the door. When I came back and I suggested going in there my bff gay girl friend said I’d get knocked back because I don’t look “gay”!


Refused entry

Twice now been knocked back at the door when in male mode - no probs when dolled up though, even showed door staff photos of me dressed up still no joy. Bit peeved really. Brilliant place when I have my heels on... can't get in when in bloke mode CONFUSED.


Refused entry

Made very unwelcome. If your face doesn't fit you will be refused entrance. I've been knocked back twice now just on appearance. I don't look like a typical gay lad, but why should that be down to the door staff to decide if am gay or not? Maybe they thought i was gonna cause trouble, but I was just out 4 a good night. Shame that I cant gain entrance to a club in my home town.

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