The Greenhouse - Newport

The Greenhouse - Newport

The Greenhouse - Newport

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24 Church Street, Newport, United Kingdom, NP20 2BY

For over 20 years, The Greenhouse has entertained and relaxed gay and bisexual men in Newport. This is one of the largest saunas in Wales, this recently refurbished club features a spa pool, steam room, private restrooms and cafe bar.

You'll find plenty of event details on their website, including Naked Day every Wednesday.

Weekday: 10:00 - 23:00 / 19:00

Weekend: Sat 10:00 - 03:00; Sun 11:00 - 23:00

Cruise / Fetish
Relaxing Cabins
Steam room
Sun terrace
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4 Star Winner

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Best place

Clean, friendly, never pushed to do anything. Themes naked day, day open day. Never had a bad time always relaxed.


ist time

Very friendly and welcoming, and a great place. Went in the steam room and found someone to play with.


Lovely venue

This is one of the nicest venues I have been to. A large building with lots of rooms to explore. Staff are friendly and the she dazzle day is great.


Mrbigbum for good running

To get some fun time with me and you it a great time together.
Philip Roberts


A great place for a great time

I've been visiting the Greenhouse for years and always have a great time. I recall the very first time when I hung my loin cloth on the hanger and ventured inside the steam room. It was almost pitch black and initially I could not see a thing. I just stood inside the door not sure if anyone was inside. I was so excited and fully erect. I could not believe that such places existed where gay guys could enjoy themselves. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and I love naked Wednesdays. I just love walking round naked and watching the other guys walk round naked. The jacuzzi is great fun and a great place to meet and chat with other guys. If you've not tried the Greenhouse I can definitely recommend it.


My first time

Found it amazing after plucking up the courage to go there, always wanted to try the glory holes, I really loved it so much I went in several times, never been anywhere before where I could suck so much action, went into video rooms and met a couple of guys on 2 occasions both tops which is what I was looking for, had a great time, will definitely go again soon.



Visited sauna with myself, partner and our 3 some we had a dab day very relaxed had lots of fun in the jacuzzi and finished off in video room - yummy, deffo go again.



So do u know if this place is still open? or anticipated opening date to the scene.


Great Place

Visited today on the off chance of some action. After a nervous walk around, found loads of great places for intimate fun.


mr ian buttress

Love place the staff are very friendly and the men very nice. I Always spend my time in the Jacuzzi where I pick up guys then we disappear to the rooms to be more intimate, one of my fav places



First time visit on Saturday and was very nervous. As it happens there was nothing to worry about. The staff were friendly as were the patrons one was kind enough to show me around. Went there to meet a crossdresser and was not disappointed a great time was had by both of us. Will definitely be going back.


First time for a tranny

It took me a long time to get the courage to go here but eventually I did it. I wish I’d gone before. A lot of fun and the guys are not pushy x


Looking for long term fun

My first time there i found the staff very helpful the place was clean though i found it a little to warm that may have been my gear ,I wanted to Go somewhere where I could CD amongst friends I met up with quite a few men some of whom wanted a date - I have not enjoyed myself that much for a long time and will be back. I am 71 so it is not only for young guys, Dave.



The sauna Newport is rubbish lol


Greenhouse Sauna Newport

First time in a gay sauna today. I was initially nervous, but enjoyed looking around the maze of rooms dressed only in a towel. And the attention too; I'm fairly athletic and muscular, but not used to being looked at 'in that way', if you know what I mean. It was a bit intimidating, tbh. The guys were mostly older, but there were a few younger. All in all a fun time and I can't wait to go back. Five stars for service.


CD nights

I am a bi crossdresser that love the attention of men I've been their a good few times now and I've had some great times with lots of men lots of action. I always leave their with a big smile on my face.


good fun

I visited for the first time yesterday. Didn't know what to expect! Wow what a place. You can get a bit lost with all the different rooms but I had a great 3 hours with several other men. I will be back again as soon as I can


good fun

I went today for the first time. Wow what a place! I am bi but you can get involved as much as you like. I will be back as soon as I have some free time. Take the plunge and enjoy yourself whatever you like doing!


First time visit from a 100% bottom

I visited last night for the first time. I arrived a little nervous. The staff were very welcoming but also not full on which I thought was good. The locker room is ok and does the job, just need to get in and get naked and ready haha. Had a nice chat with a guy whilst I got ready. I spent my first 20minutes wondering around, found one of the showers in the first 2 or 3mins (for newbies, first door past the bar on the ground floor, then turn right) I had a wander upstairs and found the porn rooms, in the straight/bi porn room was a video of 6 guy session going on, so after 30seconds of watching this I decided to visit the glory holes. For first-timers, I found walking in, and getting on your knees at the hole and waiting proved successful. Very successful. Within a minute of waiting, I had my first, a nice 10minutes and he left and I was greeted by another at the hole to the right. He didn't last as long but there was already a 3rd waiting at the hole in front again. After the 3rd I decided to take a break, although I'm now regretting not just spending a few hours there. Spent another 20mins or so wondering and seeing what was around. (Did take another shower first though) Back to one of the porn rooms and there were 4 guys in there, all solo. I had been told by a friend telling who is top and bottom can be difficult if it's not obvious, I'm a toned athlete with a hairy chest and some muscles so may not look like a typical bottom. He advised (and this 100% works) sit down, and cross your legs. Instantly I felt eyes on me. I made eyes with an elder hung top who was signalling me to join him. In front of all the others I dropped and did my work. He asked me to go to a room with him and we spent some time me together, I bounced on him and finished him off. He left me to clean up with the door open and I was now in my flow, I left the door open whilst I took my time intentionally to clean my face, look for the condom and wrapper to put in the bin with my behind facing the door, obviously sticking it out slightly. It worked, and I was accompanied by a top who joined me there and then. After he finished. I then took another break to wander around. I had been here for 2hours then. I took a break for another shower and then for 30mins just wondering and sat in a steam room. I went to another porn room, gay porn this time and there were 3 guys watching. The one in the front was signalling strong for help, but now fully in the flow I had clocked in the mirrors the guys behind me looking too. Feeling like some sexy piece of meat now I started with the one at the front from the side so my behind was facing the guys behind. I loosened my towel so it dropped off. One of the two took the signal and started to play. We left together for a room, and I had an amazing spit roast. Again another shower (I think I took about 6 in total) I'd been here 3 hours now, I was tired and wished I could stay longer but I had been up early and didn't know what to expect. I had a final bit of fun in the dark room having my mouth shared by two guys and left. I will 100% be going back



I love and adore the place.


CD nights

I go on Thursday a lot as I love to cross-dress, and I love the attention of the men there satisfying me when I'm dressed up. I always leave there filled up, fully satisfied with a big smile. Even managed to go home with a few men for more fun. 5 star.


Fantastic experience

I went to the naked day in the sauna last Wednesday Was a great first experience I’m a married army guy and I got lots of male attention And left with the biggest smile on my face and totally satisfied I will be back soon Ade


Avoid avoid avoid

This is the worst sauna I have ever been to dirty knackered old building cold smelly lockers don’t work properly. This is nothing like the Birmingham greenhouse.


Worth a visit

A 45 mins bus ride from Cardiff centre takes you close to this nice sauna where a bar, cheap accommodation, jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna are available. There is also an outdoor area where a few sun lounges are there. Visited this place on a Saturday before noon and had a good time. Was told by another visitor that Wednesday naked day is popular and busy. Will visit again.



I've visited The Greenhouse on a number of occasions and have always found it warm, clean and with a very friendly atmosphere. No Towels Wednesdays are best (for obvious reasons!).


Greenhouse gay sauna

Having plucked up the courage to go to Greenhouse sauna, I have mixed feelings about the place. In my opinion, it was very pokey, more a maze than a building and not recommended for anyone with claustrophobia. They are the negative aspects of my visit. On the plus side, the management were very helpful and friendly which put me at ease straight away. Naked Wednesday was quite strictly managed but this seemed fine with all the clientele. Plenty of men there of all ages, shapes and sizes so action was very easy to come by. Not somewhere I could spend more than a couple of hours at due to the horrible layout of the building but a great meeting place for for gay men. Would I go there again ? Most probably. I also cross dress so maybe my next visit will be as Justina but whatever, I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time I go there.

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