G-A-Y @ Heaven

G-A-Y @ Heaven

One of the longest-running gay dance venues anywhere in Europe. Today it's home to G.A.Y weekly parties.

G-A-Y @ Heaven

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Under The Arches, Villiers St, London, United Kingdom

Tomorrow: Popcorn @ Heaven - Every Monday

Heaven is renowned as one of the longest-running gay dance clubs in Europe. Traditionally home to London's popular G-A-Y party, the club has now turned into London's biggest gay bar with extended opening hours to cater to become London's largest socially distanced gay bar.

The stage at G-A-Y at Heaven has been the setting of some of the biggest names in music from Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue to Miley Cyrus and Little Mix. When this party gets going, expect plenty of disco divas showing off their best moves and a younger, good-looking, trendy and fashionable crowd.

You'll find the club under the arches of Charing Cross train station.

Weekday: Thurs: 10pm-4am, Fri: 9pm-4am

Weekend: Sat: 9pm-4am

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Marc Wilbers


Rude security. regulars only

Don't bother going there as a visitor. If you're notva regular, you won't be granted entrance. Spend your money in the numerous venues in which you are welcome. Shame on them!


worst club ever

bouncers were rude and disrespectful and gave no reason for not letting us in despite having bought tickets ahead of time, please don’t support this abysmal excuse for a club and spend your money elsewhere


Das letzte was mir in meinen 47 Jahren je wiederfahren ist

At 47, I haven't been assigned to any club in the world by bouncers yet. Here the first time – with the comment “only Regulars”. Either I was probably too old, my friend too southern or our acquaintance too Indian - no matter why that was the last thing and the club missed a good waste - will recommend everyone to avoid this


Racist and disrespectful!

I have never been so humiliated in my entire life! I never thought this would happen in London! I arranged to meet some friends at the heaven club but they refused me in. I waited in line for More than 1 hour and when I arrived at the entrance I was approached by an extremely rude lady and security guard. They asked who I was with and I said my friends were waiting inside so they pulled me out of line and said I was refused entry. I asked why and they said they had the right to refuse entry to anyone without having to justify it. At this moment I couldn't believe what was happening so I decided to take my phone out of my pocket and film what was happening because I felt very embarrassed in front of all the people who were in line. Without understanding the reason, I questioned the security guard at the door, who replied extremely aggressively that he did not have to give me explanations. So I decided to inform my friends that my entry had been refused, so they all decided to leave the place. We spoke to the “manager” at the door who preferred to ignore everything that happened and said that in punishment for having filmed the act, he would not allow us access to the club. I felt extremely humiliated.



Waited in line for an hour to be told “regulars only”. We were sent out of the line as soon as they heard our Canadian accents. If you are going to have a “regulars only” maybe post so.


Adele magic!

I was there the night Adele made a surprise appearance at Porn Idol! It was amazing and was so lucky to see her!






This is the awesome club
Jay C


Miley Cyrus

Just goes to show how much of an international institution G.A.Y has become when it can command live on stage performances by Miley Cyrus (9th May). She put on an amazing show performing "Wrecking Ball" etc. Keep it up Jeremy.


Best gay club - hands down!

Hot men, cheesy tunes and so many dance floors to choose from that you're bound to find something that suits you. I like that there's a mixture of students, straight women and older guys dancing to the likes on One Direction and Rihanna. Drinks are quite pricey, but comparable to other London venues. Lots of dark corners too for a bit of privacy, if that's what you're in to!

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