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House of Male

19 Sirimangklajarn Road Soi 3 (last house on the left), Chiang Mai, Thailand  map 
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Chiang Mai’s popular gay sauna and a great place to meet local guys. The traditional Thai Lanna-styled House of Male features a gym, steam room, a large pool and sun terrace with loungers.

The onsite bar & lounge on the ground floor serves light meals. Upstairs is a darkened cruising area with private cabins. Located near the Central Department Store in downtown. Busy on Thursday nights and the weekends.


bar, restaurant, swimming pool, steam room, sauna, sun terrace, gym

Updated: 15-Feb-2022
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From 100 votes

weekday: 1:30 - 10pm
weekend: 1:30 - 10pm

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  1. J Jon
    Great value at just 100 Baht entrance charge

    “This gay sauna is very good value for money, yes it is a little run down in places but come on you complainers it costs just 100 baht to get in! The 2 young men on duty when I visited were very friendly and helpful.“


    “I know this place for a long time and I must see that this place is not acceptable. Staff very bad (who pay them) All part of the sauna are dirty and accommodation doesn't exist. No water sometimes... chairs were broken... swimming pool water not clean... towels from another century... What a pity...Don't spend your money on this shit.“

  3. J John
    Awful. No facilities. Don't go.

    “I went here aware of some bad reviews but to see for myself. The staff were more interested in staring at their phones than even noticing the few customers they had. First stop the shower. Only cold water. Then scalding hot. Tried other shower. No soap. Dispenser empty. Tried third shower where no soap and no hooks to hang towel. Toilet in shower cubicle but no toilet paper either. And toilet brush laying uncovered on floor of shower. Disgusting.

    And this shower was next to kitchen area where food stuff was left.
    Don't waste your money. It should be closed down.“

  4. J Jude
    Falling apart

    “Dirty, old mattresses. Staircase rotting. Generally in sad shape. “

  5. N NICO
    No service

    “There is no sauna only steam room and is very dirty“

  6. N Nick
    Good Sauna Facility - Not Great Service

    “I thought the sauna was nice. Small, but well maintained and cute. The pool area is nice.

    Service staff was not attentive, or at the bar when I wanted to order a drink. A couple of times I walked up to the bar, and the staff didn't say anything. I stood there to see how long it would take for someone to greet me. It never happened.

    Anyway - staff and service - mediocre
    Everything else - good“

  7. D Didier
    What have you done with House Of Male?

    “I've known House of Male since 2002. This sauna garden, built in the 1990s by the Australian Arthur Waller, was for me the most beautiful place in the world, with its cabins hidden in a traditional teak construction, its white tables arranged around the blue pool, all in the middle of abundant vegetation where giant bamboos mingled with palm trees 120 feet high. In the evening, one lit candles on the tables and these lights were reflected in the pool, we could have dinner in good company and stay after. The staff then consisted of very pleasant and courteous young people, who served the drinks and meals, and in the early hours of the night displayed mosquito coils under the tables.

    It was a great disappointment to see HOM closed in 2016. I learned that Arthur Waller had just died from a long-term illness and that the new owners had started to renew the place. The pool has simply changed color, for an aggressive red, teak cabins lost their air conditioning but they kept their old mattress, now exhausted. The steam room and the toilet on the ground floor are just as dilapidated. And above all, the rampart of lush vegetation gave way to a painted wall and a grilling overlooking the parking lot. Those who like me have known the first HOM have only returned once, the time to see the disaster. Others may find it suitable, of course.“

  8. O Owl
    T'was fun

    “I went here on my last night in Chiang Mai out of Curiosity. It was a Wednesday. Spent most of my time on the 2nd floor (dark room) since the steam room is too hot to stay at and you can hardly see anything inside.

    Most of the guys are locals and are really shy so one has to be assertive in order to get some action. I wished I knew the place right after I stepped to Chiang Mai. I would have been there all of the nights. The rooms are clean. It was fun for only 120 baht. it will be one of the reasons why I'll go back to CM.“

  9. J John
    Run down

    “Very run-down. Air-cons have been removed from the cruising areas in the teak houses, so it's boiling hot and with all kinds of stinking smells. Pool area was renovated, with trees and scrubs removed and replaced by a sterile concrete environment. Towels provided were torn up rags. Steam room was renovated but still run-down.“

  10. K K

    “First time went here last month , place was nice and clean. Very friendly front desk guy (he was a hot guy) Not too many people, had few local guys, but I had a great time with them. Definitely I will come back on my next trip.“

  11. B Barry
    Visited July 2017 - not bad at all!

    “Hello, I am a guy from Holland who visited House of Male two times in July 2017. I had a pleasant time. The pool seems to be completely renovated. It is nice and clean. The steam room was renovated too. A bit too hot for me, but very steamy and clean.

    There is a gym, showers, free drinking water, two towels, double locks on the lockers, clean toilet and showers. It were about 20 people, mixed in age, some farang. All in all I had a pleasant time and i would definitely go again!“

  12. M Michael
    Great for sitting in the sun

    “Place is run down with broken showers, no paper in the loo...blamed on guests causing damage??? Bartender serves you like it is a burden place nearly empty most of the time, just a few older Westerners and some Thais of varying ages, only plus is taking the sun beside the pool, and you do not need a gay sauna for that.“

  13. M Michael
    No more a beautiful place

    “All the trees and shrubs are gone. The beautiful pool area in the garden area is now a sterile place with tall walls. I think the previous owner, Artur, would cry. The most regular guests no longer come. The whole staff was changed. HOM is just a memory. How can you ruin such a place like this?“

  14. J JULIEN

    “I went last week it's dirty very dirty. Staff not friendly and never fo anything. The sauna was before the new owner was a nice place to be - not now.“

  15. S Steve
    The good, the bad, and...

    “Late January 2017: I went on a Saturday night after reading the very mixed reviews. First The Good:
    - employees were friendly
    - very near to Nimman area
    - a beautiful teak house
    - it was very inexpensive
    The Bad :
    - all areas appear very well-used & worn out.
    - generally not very clean
    - mold in corners of wet areas
    - mosquitoes
    - flourescent light behind, so harsh light in pool are at night
    - lots of steps, cracks, and other hazards, so if you're not familiar, it's an accident waiting to happen
    - all guests were 40+ and mostly very big-sized guys (this might be an asset for some!)

    If you have the Babylon or Otot Otot image of gay sauna, this sure is a whole different (and grim) scene. I would go back if it is gutted and up-dated.“

  16. C C
    Very quiet...

    “I went there for the cruising area. The building is nice (traditional wooden house) but on weekday at least (Monday 8-10pm) almost nothing happened... Everyone was staring at each other and no one seems to dare to do something. And when something seems to happen, guys make sure they lock and double lock the door of the cabin. A big issue is that there are no condoms nor lube... In 2017 when STDs are such a problem especially among gays, that's not really acceptable. Crowd is mostly local guys, mid-aged.“

  17. A Alan
    Previous owner passed away last year.

    “Arthur passed away last year, so no chance of a chat! Since then there have been mixed reviews, but no way to find out what it costs!“

  18. H Hans
    Dirty ...a nightmare

    “Absolutely dirty, it's a shame for all gay sauna in Asia. Go to Babylon in Bangkok“

  19. r ron
    very nice place

    “Mainly locals. Nice and friendly“

  20. E Erling
    First time

    “Hi.....coming most likely to Chiang Mai this year on vacation. Seems HOM is a friendly place for a shy straight to visit as first time to gay bath house. Should I go? Wouldn't mind some suggestion were to go and what to do....“

    • T TGA Staff

      “We think you will find House Of Male a very friendly place. Have a chat with Arthur, the owner/manager - we are sure he will be able to answer any questions you might have.“

      • G Gilles
        A new swiming pool ??????

        “I planed to spend whole August 2016 in Chiangmai, swimming everyday at House of Male. I was very disappointed to find the swimming pool out of order. I'll come from December 15 to 30. Will the swimming pool be working again at this date? Thank you for a prompt reply!“

        • S Sai
          Swimming pool - yes, it is working

          “I have been to HOM on 1/12/2016, the pool was opening... I didn't have my swimming suit... When there was lack of people, I swam in nude... haha...“

  21. D David
    No strings

    “Great place. But would love to wear my string and discard my towel,

    Patrons wear their towels at all times except for the odd one in briefs.“

  22. D David
    Avis sur House of Male

    “J'y suis allé aujourd'hui (le 9 mars 2015). Le tarif d'entrée est 130 bth (4 euros). L'ambiance est calme et zen. En revanche, le point négatif: pas de disponibilité du gel et du préservatif.“

  23. A Andy
    Favourite sauna

    “As someone who has visited Chiang Mai off and on for many years, I have to say that House of Male is my favorite sauna in Asia. The staff are most welcoming and the general environment is very relaxing, particularly around the pool. Prices are very reasonable and there is usually a very nice mix of people. Overall, very enjoyable experience and recommended for first time visitor to the city.“

  24. P PeeOh
    Irreplaceable . . .

    “As a long-term Chiang Mai resident of 12 years, while HoM, just like any other commercial operation, has its faults, for sheer consistency, reliability, relaxation it is unmatched. I am at the sauna daily, in the afternoons for a swim a brief workout at the gym, in the evenings/nights to cruise, lounge with a drink by the pool, gaze at the stars, see people I know, chat with the staff.
    The sauna has been in operation for 17 years now. The pool is a decent size, totally surrounded by bamboo and coconut trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery with recliners and tables and chairs.
    The staff are always friendly and do not distinguish between Thais and non-Thais. Their drink prices are eminently fair and so is their admission. In the 17 years that I personally have been coming to House of Male, as far as memory recalls, there have been just two changes in admission prices and about three changes in the price of drinks, both alcoholic and non, and packaged snacks like peanuts, etc.
    I used to write about Chiang Mai for three Thai gay websites and have always tried to be objective. Yes, there could be improvements. The sauna needs to add a staff person.
    HoM used to have pillows, tissues etc in each private room but, sad to say, some customers were very careless and abusive.
    In my opinion, for at least sheer consistency and atmosphere, this sauna is unsurpassed.“

    • G Greg
      Police raid

      “HOM survived the police raid last Sunday. Drug testing on customers was negative, unlike the testing on Hijack in Bangkok. Press reports in Khaosod English. Hope this does not lead to closures.“

      • A Arthur
        Police Raid ?????????

        “HOM was not raided by the police on October 19, and our customers have never been checked for drugs, by the police or anyone else. I don't know where Greg obtained this information.“

  25. m massage
    worth a visit

    “House of male is a great place. Friendly atmosphère. Space-full relaxing place. Large swimming pool. Clean. Wish all saunas would be as nice as this one.“

  26. B Bill
    Highly recommended to all gay visitors to Chiang Mai

    “On my first visit to House of Male, I was first impressed by the entrance to the Thai teak mansion and its tropical gardens, next by the friendly welcome I received from the cashier when I paid the entry fee of 130 Baht (less than US$4). After that, there was the large swimming pool, surrounded by lush tropical growth, a wooden sala overlooking the pool (an open pavilion) and then upstairs, a large balcony with tables and chairs, another sala and a television room. In addition to these facilities, there is a steam sauna, plenty of cruising areas and very friendly staff at your service. Obviously, many of the customers at House of Male are Thai and many are only attracted to other Thai's. But there are enough Thai's who also enjoy the company of foreigners to make a visit very enjoyable. Highly recommended by a now regular visitor!!“

  27. C C

    “Great place. Really nice Lanna style set up with nice gardens and places to relax. Was a bit cold (but Chiang Mai is the coldest right now than its been for many years).
    Gym is ok. I had no problems with staff and the TV? Many hot locals during my visit (Sunday evening). Will definitely visit again!“

  28. G Greg
    Great Expectations Dashed with regular attendance !

    “First impressions were great but after several attendances at House of Male this is sadly what we found.

    1. Staff friendliness inconsistent and random, can be stand offish, and non engaging if not a Thai.
    2. Staff often lazy monopolizing TV and other paid customers facilities.
    3. Cleanness much to be desired, used items rarely cleaned up. Also witnessed staff taking used plastic drinking cups from trash bin and sticking them back in the clean cup container.
    4. Sadly, local are often treated much better than visitors and loyalties are such that foreigners are laughed and spoken about rudely in Thai by locals.
    5. Freezing facility. No warm area but the wet steam room which exasperates the cold when back in the cold.
    6. 'Gym' is old and very warn out. Can be crowded and unsafe.
    7. The policy of 10 attendances them one gets a free pass entry is not displayed or discussed with visitors. Make sure you ask for a card and get it stamped each time you attend to get that free entry pass.
    8. Can't believe how many staff and yet one monopolizes the only TV for paying visitors laying in front of it watching Thai TV ... and rude.

    Many say when returning after a while away that the facility has drastically gone down hill. All we can say is that after a few months of regular attendances we have seen the lack of hygiene and staff engaging politely with non locals very rare indeed.“

  29. H House of Male
    Response to earlier review

    “Management response. "The posting about House of Male by Tommy (Quite like Babylon) is misleading. On the night in question, we had 144 customers.“

  30. T Tommy
    Quite like Babylon (surrounding) + Mania (crowd)

    “Visited on Thursday because of the buy 1 get 1 free evening. Around 15~25 people there in the evening. Mostly local Thai but the quality of crowd is about same as Mania in Bangkok. Has a pool, gym, steam room, restaurant but everything smaller than Babylon. Interesting part is the Lanna style rooms located on the 2nd floor, very Chiangmai style.“

  31. P Phinx

    “Now, the entry fee for both Thai people and foreigners is the same. Apart from going on Tuesday & Thursday, which are buddy nights, you can try going during weekend and meet more local guys.“

  32. P Peter

    “My favorite place to relax in Chiang Mai. Refreshments at very reasonable prices, lovely relaxing swimming pool, great sauna and steam room with handsome polite staff ready to assist you with your every wish.“

  33. D Don

    “Relaxing, clean, friendly, a great place to spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening. I can highly recommend it. Try Tuesday or Thursday evenings.“

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Rating: 3.3/5. From 100 votes.
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