Infinity Nightclub CLOSED

Infinity Nightclub CLOSED

Scotland's LGBT-favorite venue.

Infinity Nightclub CLOSED

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4 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH1 3JT

Scotland's favorite LGBT-popular venue. Formerly "Chalky's", this late-night bar & dance club attracts a fun, mixed crowd with drag shows and friendly vibe. Mixed/LGBT crowd.

Infinity Nightclub is located next to The Street Bar in Edinburgh's 'Pink Triangle'.

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Absolutely raging.......

After a great Pride. I went to Planet, were I regularly go with a bunch of friends. Tonight we got discount vouchers for infinity which is new to me. I paid my entrance fee of £4 which was reasonable. I then went to the bar and ordered a Gin & Tonic alongside a Dark Rum & Coke. I was charged £8.80 which was kind of steep but it was a club. Only to discover the G&T was a glass of tonic over ice - 3 individuals tried it and agreed it was a glass of tonic water. The bar staff refused to acknowledge the problem. He refused to try the glass of water (I accept staff can't drink on shift) but he shafted me and trashed what was a great day. Absolutely livid. My last trip to infinity. Wished I'd gone to CC's instead.


Amazing club..

Best sound in Edinburgh. Staff 10. I feel so good..


Standards slipping

This used to be one of my favorite clubs when it was known as GHQ, but in recent years it has gone severely downhill. The last three times I visited, there was one member of staff who was consistently and inexcusably rude to me, and the music is sounding more and more like they're just playing the charts over radio. Additionally, this is the only gay bar where I have actually experienced homophobic behaviour, and it's happened twice. However, the final straw for me was last night when a member of staff told me that he had watched me on CCTV while I was in the toilets - inside the cubicle, with the door closed. Needless to say I won't be going back.


One word... Amazing!

I arrived at chalkys for the first time on Saturday 2nd April 2016 and I must say WHAT A NIGHT! I had the time of my life in there, the music is so good, as the night got later they opened another bit to the club where you can go and dance and chill listening to all the 90s songs etc! Drinks are reasonably priced, toilets are spotless but could do with more cubicles but don't take that as a negative because it actually doesn't matter, I didn't want to leave the place! Everyone's so friendly, I was constantly bumping into people dancing and I said sorry and they were so polite about it! Staff are always on top of everything and the bouncers at the door are friendly also, I will be returning to this club very soon! I'm not gay/lesbian/bi but this club is for everyone mostly! Never had any trouble whatsoever I'd defiantly recommend it to everyone who loves to dance and drink till your hearts content! See you soon chalkys!!!


Service is very poor at the bar

Unless the staff know you you have to wait until the regular customers are served. I personally stood trying for a good 10mins. This place could take a lot more money at the bar with some experience staff. And a better manager.


The best venue in Edinburgh

This is a must for gay visitors. The club has everything you could want from the moment you arrive from the moment you leave. A venue with 2 rooms and if you'r lucky enough a fab VIP Room. You can dance to recent in 1 room or go back in time in the cheese room or relax and chat in the seating area. The door staff rare. Very pleasant and I must say the best staff I have come across for this type of venue. So large. And the management team are very welcoming. And as for drink prices it beats them all. It's not often you find clean toilets and fab cloakroom in venues theses days. And chalks has it all. It's a must visit if it's you'r first time. And if you'r local I need say no more. I wish more venues would take on board what chalky's have achieved well done.

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