JackieO' Town Bar

JackieO' Town Bar

Popular, waterfront gay dance bar with a fantastic vibe.

JackieO' Town Bar

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Paraportiani Waterfront, Mykonos, Greece

Today: Nightly drag show (in season) - Every Monday
Tomorrow: Nightly drag show (in season) - Every Tuesday

Perhaps Mykonos' most famous gay bar. You'll find most of the LGBT community make their way to Jackie O's Mykonos in the evening so if you're looking for somewhere to end your night then this is the place to be. Jackie O' has a large terrace overlooking the ocean.

Located at the Paraportiani waterfront, near the gay cruising spot. Great place to check out the crowd, have a few drinks and/or dance until sunrise. Trendy crowd, friendly staff and always a great vibe. Regular drag shows as well.

Jackie O' also runs the popular Jackie O' Beach Club located at Super Paradise Bay.

Mon:20:00 - 05:00

Tue:20:00 - 05:00

Wed:20:00 - 05:00

Thu:19:00 - 05:00

Fri:20:00 - 05:00

Sat:20:00 - 06:00

Sun:20:00 - 05:00

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Was expecting more vibrant night life in a legendary island like Mykonos. There were many straight women at the place, dull atmosphere and drinks are ridiculously expensive. I paid 11 euro for a beer and lost interest in buying more drinks. You can get beer for 3 euros at other places in Mykonos. Nothing here.


Gay friendly.

This is classed more as a gay friendly bar than anything else. Pure gay, go elsewhere.


Great to be back

It's great to be back at Jackie O's and it's definitely a more gay crowd this year because fewer straight couples travelling to Mykonos post co-vid. So pleased to be back at what feels like my second home!


Is there a gay Mykonos ?

Stuffy staff, full of straight couples, not what I expected from Mykonos's premier gay venue! Great location & decor and music!


Best gay bar in Mykonos

Came during Xlsior. This is the most popular gay bar. Pretty quiet up until Midnight. Gets packed after that and party goes until sunrise. Located at the waters edge. Sitting outside is not an option as the water splashes onto the sidewalk. Well drinks are about 12€. Two levels with the same music on both levels. Bar is small so no club lighting. Music is a mix of old and new club hits, along with pop music.


Not gay enough

The place was full, unfortunately not with the crowd we were hoping for. Mostly straight and a lot of (drunk) women. Music was recent and old pop music but no dance or club music. The atmosphere was what you can expect from a crowd like this. Nothing like the happy yet charged vibe gay bars and clubs usually have. Really disappointed and left early.


No Dancing

About 30 of my friends all said, omg Mykonos is excellent for clubbing and you have to go to Jackie Os, you love dancing and you will love it. Lies, complete lies. No one dances, divas everywhere you look just standing sipping their 15€ beer, (oh yes, I got a beer and a coke, 25€ pls. Lol). Go to Paris pls for the gay scene. You will have so much more fun and be way more satisfied in all senses of the word.


Tired and outdated

Same tired old drag queen, doing the same tired old routine, in the same tired old fishnet tights miming badly to a couple of songs - when did the gay community become so accepting of low standards? - drinks are expensive, and I expect that of any holiday island but even more expensive when I suspect they are mixed with [other ingredients - moderated].


Nice gay bar with a cool crowd

This famous bar is great for a few drinks a little bit of dancing. Drinks are on the expensive side, but you get to meet the coolest crowd, both locals and tourists. Usually very busy and featuring drag shows. JackieO' is very easy to find. You can’t miss it.

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