MEN's Sauna & Spa

MEN's Sauna & Spa

Gay sauna that has set new standards in Cambodia.

MEN's Sauna & Spa

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Wat Bo Street, Wat Po Lanka district, Siem Reap, Cambodia

A creatively designed gay sauna that has set new standards in Cambodia. MEN's Sauna (part of MEN's Resort) features a sauna, steam bath, large jacuzzi, outdoor saltwater pool with sun terrace, gym, maze and private cabins.

Experienced male masseurs offer a variety of massage treatments in private, air-conditioned treatment rooms. There are two bars serving alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, ice cream.

Frequented by local guys, expats as well as tourists. The pool and gym are open all day.

Weekday: 17:30 - 23:00

Weekend: 17:30 - 23:00

Free Wi-Fi
Relaxing Cabins
Steam room
Sun terrace
Swimming pool
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2017 Audience Awards
2017 Audience Awards

5 Star Winner

Scot Stewart


Happy Customer

Very good and satisfying 1hr aromatherapy oil massage. The facility is clean and comfortable with nice area to shower before starting. The masseur had clearly been trained - the pressure was halfway between relaxing and deep-tissue on all the muscle groups. The pressure became more soft towards the end - you can ask to stop there or keep going to the end of the full hour. Overall very good value massage.


Great wind down after a full day

We didn’t stay in the hotel but would if we returned. We did visit the spa on the recommendation by our Tuk Tuk driver Sovan ( who we found on this site and provided a great experience helping us to make the most of our limited time here with transport and translating). The sauna and hotel are new, modern, clean, better than many North American bathhouses I’ve visited, restaurant and bar serve good food and drink, the steam and soak were welcome after a full day of site seeing.


Good massage

I went there today, had a 90-min aroma therapy massage. Good massage - I was happy with it, I didn’t go for any extra services.


Not quite conviencing

I didnt make the reservations and decided to try my luck. I was attended by 2 male reception. I asked if there was any slot free for 90mins aromatheraphy massage and was told yes. Later I was asked to wait about 15mins. Came a man with jeans short and white singlet, i was not quite sure about it cause he didnt appear like a therapist to me. I have done way much massage before, from profesional to gay massage, from high end to street massage. But, I just followed him anyway. He turned on thr AC as we walked into the room, no interaction, no smile or introduction, just give me a towel and asked me to shower and walked off. He came in after and asked me to lay facing down. As i suspected, the therapist straight poured oil to my leg and started to massage , no stretching at all, the massage movement was not even sync between left leg and right leg, I dont need to go for the rest, cause it was not even worth to tell. When we finished, I asked the therapist if he did many massage before, he just said he dont speak English. He gave me hand written bill which i need to pay USD 26 as what stated in the menu. I tipped him although I was unsatisfied. I went out and paid at the cashier and walked out and waited for my tuktuk. While I was waiting, the therapist went out on the same cloth on motorbike. I read the review before I went and was thrilled to see 4 stars above rating. But to my experience, it was a real full disappointment. I honestly dont think this is the standard they applied. If only I followed my hunch, i would have cancelled it and can use the money for much worth ones. Im sure the reviews from agoda, tripadvisor or anything to be real ones, but i sincerely hope i would be the last to experience this. I intitially do not want to write this review, but i changed my mind to share my honest opinion and I leave this to the management for their reference rather than let them know nothing about it. It is just ashame for such great review to be ruined by inconsistant service delivered. NOTE: I read the review of saying the room was old and rusty, my room was in rustic design and clean, i dont see anyyhing wrong with that at all
MEN's Management


Excellent massage... in a white singlet !

It is the first time someone complains that a white singlet is not a suitable outfit to provide a good massage service. Also first time someone tells it is not appropriate to start the massage by the left leg and then the right leg, and not sync both legs at the same time. And we are sorry that you had to wait about 15 minutes to start the massage. Your specific remarks tell us about your expectations. That's very helpful. Though even our masseurs are excellent and experienced, we are not sure we could reach the level you expected. Anyway we'll try harder to improve. To our future customers, we hope you will not run away if you see our masseurs arriving in a white singlet. Have a look to the attached picture to be prepared ;-)


Loved it

Stayed at Men's for 6 nights, and had a free access to sauna and pool everyday. Being a 53 year old Asian with a gym tonned body, I did not fail at all to have fun with the local Khmere guys and foreign visitors who came in after 5 pm. Peak time was 7 - 8 pm, after that it started to be quiet. They are quite discreet, but sweet and adventurous when they are behind the cubicle doors. Cannot tell which days are best to visit. Just have to try your luck.


Best massage in Siem Reap

Lately I come very often to Men's Resort for a good massage. The therapist Channa, knows exactly how to relax and rejuvenate your body. Definitely the best massage in town and I will keep on coming back!


Repeated strokes

The massage room looked relatively clean but the attached shower was a bit run-down. At the end of the session, the masseur changed the sheets, which was a good thing. However, the skill of the masseur was rather disappointing. He kept repeating his strokes and going around in circles.



This sauna is rather small in comparison to gay saunas in other cities/countries, but a perfect size for Siem Reap. It's clean, and popular among locals and internationals. I had an opportunity to stay in the Men's Resort as well, which in combination to this sauna, made my holiday. As someone already said in older comments "a gay paradise in Siem Reap" Kudos to the Hotel Manager - one of the nicest people I ever met.



I spent 90 minutes with Channy today and he was fantastic. He worked hard from beginning to end and knew just what I needed. I'll be back.


Good experience

Some remote from town center but easy to be found. Went there on end January 2018 on 22:00. There were no one but the man on desk saying it is some too late. He agreed to call a lovely guy to supply me one hour massage. This guy had most sensible soft hands. Massage room was very clean with a shower. I enjoyed the experience much. Can't say anything about the resort as there was even no light around. I only saw they got a swimming pool.


Forget it,

I went to Men's for a massage, well it was done, the masseur was worse and seemed bored. The room was dirty, a bit like garage, never ever, there great, do you have whatsapp ID? a much better venues in Siem Reap.
MEN's Management


Excellent massage at MEN's !

that review is strange and seems not to be from a real customer. We advise everyone to compare with the opinions of real customers who stayed in our hotel, for example with these recent reviews: here on TravelGayAsia: - "Very nice massage. I have had full-body massages all over Asia and his was certainly one of the better ones" 12-01-2018 - "Best massage in Siem Reap. Best therapist, superb skills. I can only recommend Men’s Resort" 07-10-2017 - "The masseur was strong, thorough, and very talented in all aspects." 12-05-2017 - "Superb Massage. He deserved the big tip I gave." 17-02-2017 on - "For the massage, Men's seem to only hire the best" 24-01-2018 - "Massage was professionally done in a good spa facility" 03-01-2018 - "We had a onsite massage. It was excellent, strong and again in very clean surroundings" 26-09-2017 - "masseurs are experts" 26-02-2017 - "good masseurs" 08-01-2017 - "Massage there was fabulous and affordable" 27-12-2016 - "Massage was absolutely fantastic!" 27-08-2016 on Agoda: - "Professional and relaxing massages" 19-01-2018 - "The best part is the 90 minute massage i had at their spa." 06-10-2017 - "The highlight of my stay were the massages that I recieved" 21-02-2017 - "I had a massage at the spa and it was great!" 16-02-2017 on TripAdvisor: - "spa facilities with massage service all great" 20-02-2017 - "Good quality massage for a fair price in a nice room" 01-01-2017 - "I tried a massage there and it was very strong and still relaxing" 29-12-2016


Very nice massage with Janie!

On New Year’s Day 2018 I had a nice 120 minute Swedish/sensual massage with “Janie” (not sure if that’s how you spell his name). I have had full-body massages all over Asia and his was certainly one of the better ones. The hotel pool area and spa rooms are very nice. The only complaint I had was the room was too warm without the air conditioning on, but too cool with it on at even the lowest setting.


Have fun in the sauna

The resort is beautiful. I had a 1 hr oil massage and spent more time at the sauna (extra $5) after the massage. The massage was just ok to me since the masseur's pressure was not strong enough for me. I liked the sauna more. Cambodia guys were not shy at all. I met a 20 y/o guy and quickly we spent 1 hr in a private room. :-) I came back to the sauna the second time and had more fun with 3 guys at the same time. The only negative thing is only the shower near the locker room had hot water. The rest was cold water. Anyway, I recommend the sauna.


Beautiful space and reasonable price, but...

The massage studios have the most elegant look and professional feel. However, the massage was not therapeutic. I felt drowned in oil and my muscle tissue hardly touched. It was a waste of time. Thankfully it was reasonably priced.


Best massage in Siem Reap

I come very regular in Men’ Resort for a massage and always want their best therapist, because of his superb skills. He always follows up on the right temperature and the right pressure, and the effect of his massage is just great. I can only recommend Men’s Resort and Channa.


Untrained masseur

I bookedin for a 2 hour massage based on the mostly positive reviews. I'm afraid I couldn't lay there for more than 15 minutes. As lovely as the "masseur" may be, he had obviously never had any training at all. I asked to finish and went to reception and they weren't really that concerned and didn't charge me. But I cannot recommend this place for a massage. It's difficult to rate with stars but for value, even though I didn't pay for my 15 mins, if I had been able to endure the 2 hours I have to give it 1 star.
MEN's Management


Excellent experienced masseur !

When after only 15 minutes you finished the massage, of course we were concerned. But when the given reason was that the masseur is "untrained", we didn't need more talk. The masseur you had is very experienced and trained and he got so many excellent reviews that your opinion sounds so unfair. But obviously you are a massage expert and you know more than others. We were so concerned that we didn't charge you anything. We advise everyone to compare with the opinions of real customers who stayed in our hotel, for example with these recent reviews: here on TravelGayAsia: - "The masseur was strong, thorough, and very talented in all aspects." 12-05-2017 - "Superb Massage. He deserved the big tip I gave.“ 17-02-2017 on TripAdvisor: - “spa facilities with massage service all great” 20-02-2017 - “Good quality massage for a fair price in a nice room” 01-01-2017 - “I tried a massage there and it was very strong and still relaxing” 29-12-2016 on - “masseurs are experts” 26-02-2017 - “good masseurs” 08-01-2017 - “Massage there was fabulous and affordable” 27-12-2016 - “Massage was absolutely fantastic!” 27-08-2016 on Agoda: - “The highlight of my stay were the massages that I recieved” 21-02-2017 - “I had a massage at the spa and it was great!” 16-02-2017 - “The massage standard is excellent” 26-12-2016


Best Place

If you want relax and swimming pool in a clean atmosphere good music list not like gay disco club commercial songs, this is the place. Good sauna, nice guys and strong steam sauna. Anyway I am a picky person and I like the place. I easy recommend, no regret at all.


Good all around experience

I went for a massage and ended up staying for drinks, dinner, and a little relaxation. The facility is very nice, and my tuk tuk driver found it easily (obviously wasn't his first time there). There were two of us and the staff at the desk were friendly and helpful getting us checked in and assigning us masseurs (you don't get to choose but that was fine). The facilities for the massage are clean and relaxing with soft music playing. The masseur was strong, thorough, and very talented in all aspects. I showered off in the ensuite shower, tipped him (he didn't ask), and enjoyed a nice drink at the bar chatting with the friendly bar tender. We were having such a good time out by the pool and seeing all the guys go past in towels we decided to stay for dinner and the food was simple but also pretty good. The sauna area is well designed and clean, it was quite busy with a range of customers, not many my type but it was still fun.


Superb Massage

Clean facilities and very good ambiance. The therapist gave strong but sensual strokes. I had a great explosive cap for a tiring and hot day spent at the temples. He deserved the big tip I gave.


Frais d'entrée

Je suis venu deux fois en 3 j. le proprietaire des lieux trouve normal de payer l’entree a 5$ us quand vous allez faire un massage a 18$ us et en plus consommant au bar et restaurant . Tout cela pour me baigner dans la piscine et je precise que le sauna ne fonctionne pas avant 17h. Je suis tres deçu de cette attitude uniquement basé sur l’argent .


Sauna and the facilities were great!

Really nice place and smells good too. Hard to find via walking, but armed with google maps, I found it! Cost $5 (if not staying at hotel), allows you access to the pool and gym (bring appropriate attire). Sauna is adjacent to pool (towels and condoms/lube provided). Went on a Monday after 6pm, mostly locals. Foreigners started appearing more later on.


Very nice massage

Came here with low expectations after a lackluster massage at a different place. Was surprised how strong it was. It was much needed after a long day after seeing the temples, and even though I declined the "Special massage", I had a truly relaxing experience. Of course, an experience at the spa afterwards is the cherry on top.


Just a bit better than average

Men's was hard to find on foot as no signs or street signs from the main road, take my advice and get a tuk tuk! The hotel and spa itself was modern, clean and well appointed, set in the back streets it felt like an oasis. The massage was just a little more than average, while he was strong and gave the best that he could he was very inconsistent massaged each limb in a different technique! Not the best over had, but also not the worst either.


Low season high's

When we arrived at the hotel it was really dark and the staff was not attentive me and a friend of mine had to knock three times and ring the bell to be able to get someones attention. We had a late flight and got to the hotel at 12:30am we were trying to get rooms and we had reservation but we were denied access. So we left and found another hotel in the area. I know that it was a really late but they could have entertained us because we were supposed to check into the hotel. Still the next night we came back and there were a few people there it was not their high season so it was acceptable for me still the there were about 15 people already on the sauna. The place is clean and smells nice. Although there were several times that I almost slip and fell management should look into this because this might create more problems for them. There were a lot of good looking guys and the a lot of action going on. The staff were friendly and nice and I might have scared the living daylights out of one of the staff. The place was relaxing although there was no available masseur. Still I had a great time. would definitely go back!


Avérante massage

Nice place. Gentle staff. Bar And pool were quite empty when i was there at 6-8pm (Max 6 pers) The first masseur was very bad. I think he never did a massage in the past. I asked another one. He was much better And really gentle. No extra charges for happy end. But tips appreciated.


Nice place, but don't be naive

I agree to the most of previous review: the place is nice and clean, the staff is very polite and attentive. On the same time do not expect, that in poor country there will be a lot of guys, dreaming of sex with a fat white man in his 35+ free of charge. Many of local guys would rather reject someone in better shape (this is my case), because they come to sauna to earn money.


Would definitely go back.

This resort is highly recommended. We booked for 5 days. Locals start to come at 5pm. The resort converts into a bathhouse from 5pm till 10pm.


Mens Sauna

I had been to Men Sauna and Spa a few times. I felt excited. Very handsome guys and its a clean place.


Excellent massage !!!

The best massages I had during my asian trip.The masseurs are excellent, very well trained and professional.The massage rooms are very comfortable with shower en-suite. I tried three of their masseurs and they were all so good. MEN's is the gay place to go for an unforgettable massage :-)


Poor Massage

Massage was done by a guy in scruffy street clothes. Though he seemed to have some idea, he was certainly not a trained masseur - rather rubbed a bit here and there. All in all, not a very good experience. The facilities however are fairly nice.


MEN's Sauna & Spa

Wow. I was impressed. Rooms and bathrooms were clean. Breakfast was plentiful and included a lovely fruit plate. I ate one meal there too, all by poolside. Everything was very reasonable. Staff were incredibly attentive and attractive. Pierre the owner was always around to help arrange tours and answer questions. Tuk-tuks were always at the front ready to take you anywhere. I really liked its more remote location. Gave me a real Cambodian feeling. Tuk-tuks from the Old Market knew where men's resort was, which surprised me. Everywhere I went, people spoke positively about them. The bill at the end was correct and complete. I wouldn't stay anywhere else. Plus I love Siem Reap - it has a small town charm.

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