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Northwich, United Kingdom, CW8 4GX

The main gay sauna & cruise club in Northwich. Facilities include a jacuzzi, steam room, dry sauna, coffee shop, bar, lockers, private cabins, play room, free WiFi and more.

Weekday: 11:00 - 20:00

Weekend: 11:00 - 20:00

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Dark Room
Free Wi-Fi
Jacuzzi / Hot Pool
Steam room
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Northwich Sauna

Read their info... it sounded good. The reality was rather different. Disappointed by the "detail" really: cavernous, stone-cold coffee shop; poor upstairs cinema room, televisions (some missing or inoperative) worked for a while, and then went off. No one cleaning - although a spray of Dettol household spray was available in cabins. Sanitiser dispensers all empty. Basic mattresses - no pillows or bolsters. The best feature was the one (of two) saunas that was working, and the showers were good - except for the one in the large steam room which was basically inoperative. At £18 and £1 each for subsequent towels, my thought was "Could do better".


T Girl Wednesdays

Thought I would leave a up to date review since last review is pretty old and if im wrong with info reply. I normally go about midday on weds and stay about four hours so no idea what is like in the evening although with it shutting at 8 I would assume quiet. Its £16 to get in either card or cash. Facilities for changing if your dressing are ok but can get very crowded, my only real gripe about the changing room is the lack of chairs ( if you ever tried putting stockings on standing up or on a stool you will know what im talking about ) but its a minor gripe. In terms of action its pretty mixed last few times ive been its either been full on or nothing but thats not the saunas fault.


For the bi curious

Not been coming here for long but the place is really nice inside. A little cold before 12 oclock though. Enjoy going but - the place is for THREE categories which are Gay - Bi - and Bi curious guys. So I don,t understand why EVERY movie in EVERY room is a gay movie. Those of us who are Bi would like to have heterosexual movies in private rooms also, whilst enjoying a private session with another bi guy. All in all a great place to visit.


Bi guys

Agree on Steve's review 28 Feb all the rooms full of action, won't knock it but a bit of bi goes down well. All in all great place.



Amazing place and well worth a visit. Check website for offers and events. Something for everyone's tastes.



Went for first time in about 2 yrs and found it has gone downhill. Ok the painted a few walls but the jacuzzi was cold. The cafe/ bar had only basic snacks available unlike a proper food menu n chef they had years ago. Wasn't worth £14 admission. Won't be going back. That's just my personal opinion.


What an AMAZING place! Spotlessly clean AND friendly staff, too!!!

I usually go to my local - Spartan Health Club in Birmingham. Someone told me about the Northwich being refurbished (after being sold to a new owner a couple of years ago) and I wasn't disappointed in any way. Had an amazing time. Greeted with smiles, bright white, fresh towel and everywhere was spotlessly clean. The place is MASSIVE! Originally built as the ICI research and development building back in the fifties (?) and there is still a lot of 'research and development' going on in the building today! I can't recommend this place enough. It's a MUST for any sauna-goer and wait til you see the size of the steam room! We need a place like this in the second city. Though the drive (straight up the M6 and off just after Sandbach services) is only about 1:15 you're there very quickly. In a nutshell: GO! You won't be disappointed and it's a million times better than Greenhouse, Darlaston.


First timer

What’s the best time okay to go? Is it welcoming to first timers? Can you buy Viagra etc. There?



My first time visit on Tuesday 22nd October 2019, It was fantastic, staff all friendly, very clean place, loads to explore, I had a very good time and will be going back at every opportunity.


Fantastic place

I’ve been going there for over 6 years and adore the place, great facilities and for those who are new or a little nervous then rest assured your able to explore without being pushed into anything. Everyone is friendly and there is something for everyone, luckily I live 15 minutes away so can go quite often, I’d be lost without it.


Tgirl friendly?

l have read that at least one lovely Tgirl from Manchester loves the Northwich Sauna. I am wondering if others have found the facility Tgirl friendly. I would enjoy being there on a day that Tgirls are welcome and actually attend.


I go

I go ever Wednesday - tgirl day and mixed on Fridays.


First visit

Made my first visit on the bears day, really nervous but manager was most welcoming. Will definitely return


Gay hunk

I love going to the gay sauna it's such an adrenaline rush I love it my experience. Such a nice feeling love the gay sauna.


T girl Northwich sauna

first time visit, facilities are great, big place, friendly staff. Unfortunately, lots of pensioners.


My first sauna experience

I admit I have had an unjustifiably poor misconception about gay saunas. Today I was proved completely wrong, first time attendance which accidentally landed on “bollock naked Tuesday”, a very reasonable entry fee of £14 for the day. I found the staff to be very genuinely considerate and thoughtful. The lad on reception the masseuse all very nice guys. The patrons during my 4 hour visit, were again all very polite and considerate to others. As it was my first attendance I was rather coy and nervous, but after a while when you realise everyone is also naked, you kind of forget that you are also. The facilities are all very clean and kept in a good order and they provide free towels, gay essentials and free on site parking. The variety of facility options available should suit most people’s needs.. I really enjoyed my self today and would/will return, and I admit I was wrong in my misperceptions. Thanks


Very impressed

My first visit to this sauna was on bears day and I was very impressed with this place. It’s HUGE and very clean throughout. One of the biggest steam rooms I’ve every been in. Staff were all friendly really enjoyed my visit.


Not as good as it used to be

Been going to Northwich Sauna since 2017. At first, it was terrific. The place is big, lots of features, and they provided a free buffet on some days which made it special and worth travelling to if you're not local (because this place is out in the middle of nowhere). In recent months, the place has lost some of its charm. Not all of the showers have hot water (some dont work at all), the upstairs shower room smells more like a toilet (and seems to have been used as one on several occasions), and the free buffet is gone and it's now an extra £5 for food. It's true, people don't go here primarily for a meal, but it's the extras like this that make an establishment stand out from the rest - especially on "event days" like the once-monthly bears and cubs day. Since 2017, I went at least once a month (sometimes as many as three times a month) because it was worth it. But now I'm less inclined to make the trip so often because it isn't as special anymore and there are other saunas much closer to home. I'll still visit, but maybe only once or twice a year now.


A fact based review for readers

I have been going to this sauna since 2014 and it is now cleaner and more spotless than ever, it is true that the free food has gone but what would anyone expect it is 2019, and for avoidance of doubt food is £3. The showers in the building are clean and fresh so maybe the previous writer has a body odour problem. Bears & Cubs days are growing by the month with on average an extra 20 customers every time. Where else can you have a good day out with like minded folk for £14. It's only going to get bigger and better.


First Visit

the fIRST VISIT WE MADE ON SUNDAY 17/3/19 WE WERE MET WITH A WRM WELCOME, AND EXPLAINED WHAT EACH FLOOR WAS. WE FELT VERY RELAXED AND FELT AT HOME. VERY CLEAN AND YOU CAN SEE THAT THE OWNERS HAD SPENT TIME TO MAKE IT A WONDERFUL SAUNA TO VISIT. We also had lunch, and it was value for money to. Al we can say is this Thank you for a wonderful visit. We also visited on 19/3/19. Again had a wonderful time there. If you do wish a massage then Matt will meet your needs and made you feel relaxed have had two sessions with him and I was relaxed and felt a whole lot better after my treatments. Well worth a visit best place ever. Thanks for a wonderful time - Les and Steve xx


cold place

Big and clean place but it is cold in winter, they should put on the heating....



Im shocked to read a negative revue about this sauna. I would myself have been dissapointed if the Jacuzzi was not working but give the guys a chance in keeping the place maintained. I doubt anyone could come close to offering the wonderful food the previous owner supplied and mostly it was free. Its a costly place to run and if you stop to think about what your actually getting for your £14 entry!!! Its exceptional value in my book. So friendly - So clean and well appointed and at times mostly bursting with Hot Guy’s - what more could you ask for..... oh part from Free Soup at lunchtime.


A great day out

Been going here for getting on 5 years and cant understand the negative comments/reviews. I do know that a couple are personal vendettas and in no way relate to the service and value for money always given. The staff are tremendous and couldn't do any more for you. There isn't anywhere better for value, service, facilities & cleanliness. I wouldn't miss it for anything on a Weds or Fri if I can't make the former. Jamie and his team work wonders, nothing is ever to much trouble. Keep doing what you do best guys.


Some New Year Sale!!

Steam Room, Jacuzzi and showers CLOSED for at least Two Weeks! Jan 7th 2018 onwards Generous (??) reduction of £2 entrance fee!! They call this their January Sale!! Beware! Heating shut off 3 hrs before Sauna closes. The food is very limited (unless you pay an extra £3) and poor quality. I would not recommend a visit if you remember how it was this time last year. The new management are "Penny Pinching" and not giving value for your money. Watch out for further cuts and probable increases in charges.



I write as the owner of Northwich Sauna, Thank you for submitting your review! I can confirm we are making a substantial investment in our Shower, Jacuzzi and steam room areas along with other areas of the building. We have reduced the door entry fee by £2 whilst the Jacuzzi and steam room is closed for these works to be carried out. (We are reopening the Jacuzzi and shower areas on the 19th of January) As for turning off the heating we have all thermostats set to 30 degrees, these come on and off during the day to keep the building toastie warm during the winter months. We had two alternatives in relation to stopping the 16:00 buffet which was given out three times a week. We decided to keep the door entry fee @ £14 and remove the 16:00 buffet. I will bring to your attention we are a sauna and not cafe. However we offer a coffee shop menu should people wish to purchase food whilst they visit. We also offer free homemade soup and fresh bread rolls at 13:00 daily. I am sorry we have clearly not met your expectation on your last visit. I wish you well in finding an establishment which can cater for your requirements including FOOD for £14 door entry.


Definitely the best UK Sauna

I have been going to Northwich Sauna for many years and it has seen different managers. Since the new owner take over the place is always clean and fresh. The food has always been good and is now the best it has ever been, It is very apparent that the new owner is investing in the business for its future. The welcoming feeling of the staff and management is not in question. Definitely the UK's Number 1 Sauna


always fun to be had

I've been once a month since June at all times and I can honestly say it's a very clean sauna. I've seen the staff working hard cleaning this massive place. they are always friendly and welcoming too. I feel safe here and know my belongings are secure. Will definitely be back.


Best Sauna in the North of England

An exceptional gay sauna, I went there on a Sunday and it was heaving! guys of all ages, most of them gorgeous and I can safely say that I will be back! Worth every penny and the staff were all so very friendly. They sometimes have a "Steak Sunday", so I was told by the absolutely gorgeous hunk who does the cooking! I'll refrain from commenting on his meat and spit-roasting! Get down there lads, it is fantastic, huge place, it took me all day to figure out all the nooks and crannies. Spotlessly clean, airy, comfortable and plenty of condoms and lube.


Very enjoyable first visit

Living as I do in the south west I really wasn't prepared for the sheer scale on Northwich Sauna. It's huge! Also very welcoming, and clean. The website is very helpful and their directions on how to get there were spot-on. Plenty of parking. Facilities excellent. Two saunas and a steam room that is more like a house -- it seems to go on for ever and has lots of little nooks and corners. Small jacuzzi. Sunbeds available at a small additional charge; also a resident masseur available. Upstairs there is a vast selection of private rooms, many with screens showing adult films (a different film in each one), couches, glory holes, a swing etc. Also a large, comfortable seating area by the main screen. Nice coffee lounge, and food available. Sometimes free food is laid on: on the day of my visit there was an excellent tea-time carvery that in itself was worth the price of admission. There were dozens of guys there during my visit, but the place didn't feel at all crowded. Tended to be older during the afternoon, but a lot of younger guys started appearing late afternoon / early evening.


Im hooked

Well, I have been a few times now and each has left me satisfied. I'm a tall slim youngish guy so do find it hard to get similar in here, although I preserve great areas to go play; love walking around naked and may have to try the dark part of the steam room. Staff are friendly and I wonder how friendly they would be next time I go. Haven’t tried the food but to be honest I usually got something in my mouth here anyway.


First visit to this Sauna on Sat 30th June 2018

Decided to go and have s look at this place because I had a voucher for £5 entry and a couple of guys had already given me a recommendation so decided it was time to visit. Two decent sauna rooms a brilliant steam room and a huge cruising area upstairs, food and drinks available and reasonably priced, Staff and clientele seem nice and friendly and lots of action to be had, mainly in the steam room and in the large group area, Had s good day and will be returning for more visits in the near future



I went here 4 weeks ago and returned 2 weeks after. First of all, I was so nervous it was unreal. I thought it was easy to find couldn't go wrong tbh. On entering there are men in towel going about there business.. and then there is a polite guy wearing a jock behind the reception. I paid, got a locker key and a towel. I found my locker and started getting undressed with a few guys naked I opted to follow. I grabbed some lube and condoms from the counter - free of course - and went into the shower area with hot tub and steam room. I saw a nice young guy so showered and went into the steam room! Had a look around for my first time and saw this guy again! Ended up in a little booth. I left soon after as nerves got better of me, but the second time I was determined. I entered and same nice guy in his jock on reception. This time I went and chilled in the hot tub and steam just relaxing. I then ventured upstairs...never explored it all as felt uncomfortable as there were a few guys staring. I did wander around the private rooms; seemed nice and clean as does all the place - porn on the TVs and so on. I will be attending again to explore more.. so far mainly older guys... I do hope younger guys make more appearances.


05 May 2018

Great place has bears and cubs - which I enjoy.


Wonderful place

I visit occasionally only because I live a long way away. Otherwise I would be there much more regularly. The staff are very friendly and in general it's clean although the carpets upstairs are a bit worse for wear. I try to go on Tuesday or Wednesday when from experience the place is full and action is guaranteed.


First Time

Just been to the Northwich Sauna after reading reviews. I have to say that it was a very clean and pleasurable experience. This was my first time with a man on man experience and it was fantastic. Anyone thinking about it should just go and enjoy yourselves. I will be going again and again.


A fantastic place!

This place is amazing, whether full of men or when it is quite, sitting and talking. I have been many times in the last 18 months. You can be complete on your own and say ‘no’ or not sit near other, or you can join in and play and touch. Or you can be sitting in the far steamer parts of the steam room and sit waiting for action. I have been there as a man only, but soon I will be going there as a tv for the first time on W. Northwich is an hour’s drive away for me, so not just around the corner, but love going there and it is my favorite sauna and I have been to many over the last 20 years. This place has private rooms, peep holes, glory holes, a dark maze (which without my glasses is even darker). There is also lots of lube and condoms on tap. If you have not been before, then go and try it and enjoy the pleasures of being there. I prefer W & F. But tv/twirls are my thing that turned me on. Xx


Novice fantasy thanks

Your review has just made my mind up I'm going to to be brave an live out my fantasy x thank you ... but i like to wear body stockings an heels am i allowed to whenever or only certain times ?


Northwich Sauna

Was recommended to visit this place by my good friend, was not disappointed, friendly staff and great company ;), helped me escape, even if it was just a couple of hours a way, from the Mrs!


Northwich sauna

Very big space and very atmospheric. However, it’s really dirty, especially the showers. Can be very quiet, not worked out best time to go. Sometimes free buffet at lunchtime is a nice touch but the messages about not asking for a glass of water are irritating as is ridiculous rule about paying with two fivers to get discount. Overall can be good but not always



Maybe your glasses need cleaning mate, but this place is absolutely spotless! I'm a regular visitor and one of the things really noticeable - apart from the friendly atmosphere and great facilities - is how thorough the cleaning is. I've visited saunas all over the world and Northwich is undoubtedly one of the best. It's very well run. One of the more familiar sights there is a member of staff rushing about with a bucket of water and a mop, cleaning floors or wiping down mattresses and emptying the waste bins in the cabins. Considering how lazy, thoughtless and selfish many men are and the size of this place, they do an amazing job keeping it clean and ship-shape. If only the other UK saunas were half as good,...but the truth is many of their competitors are often dirty and expensive, with ignorant, unskilled staff. That's why the number of visitors here just keeps growing and growing.



I visited today was greeted by a nice chap on the desk. What can you say it’s not cheap to get in, but there is plenty to keep you entertained. It’s a big old building. I found it clean, parking was a pain but not a big problem. Don't go if you are faint of heart it’s men behaving badly!!!!


Love it

Having visited Northwich sauna now about 40 or 50 times it just gets better and better... There is something there for whatever you are into. Love it Xx


Northwich Sauna

I have been going here now since January this year. At first I was nervous and went with a mate but now i am used to going on my own. I think its a good place to unwind and relax an have some fun. I love the steam room. The best its also very clean all over the sauna and people who say its not I think there talkin out there arse. Plus the staff are brilliant. I give it 10/10.


Wednesday is my fave day

Been going on Wednesday's to the midweek tgirl event for a while now. Was very nervous at first but found the staff-and other girls-very friendly. It's a big place with the opportunities to have fun either in private or in front of the other punters. Always clean and hygienic and they even feed you 4ish! I've not been to a better club. X



Is Tgirls day for Tgirls only or can admirers go?


My first visit

I visited today for about an hour. The car park was crowded and I had to park on the verge. It is not very well signposted and as a nervous newcomer, I didn't want to have to get out and ask anyone. I sat in the car and compared the website photos to the location, finally plucking up courage to get out. Ringing the bell, I was greeted by a friendly member of staff who couldn't show me around but took my money and hastily described the layout of the building. I got changed and as it was no towel day, I joined the naked throng at naturel. It was full of men, which was good. All shapes and sizes. I looked forward to my first. However, having showered and sat in the Jacuzzi for a while amid fat older men, I got brave and decided to explore upstairs. Again, there were plenty of naked men wandering around upstairs but overall there was something missing. There was an air of testosterone and few men made eye contact. The private rooms were all empty and no-one seemed willing to make the first move. The only action was on the TV screens showing gay porn. There was no conversation and it had all the atmosphere of boxers sizing each other up for a fight. A great pity, as I had gone there to be initiated. I came away sadly unused. I may go again. Maybe.



If there had been a map on the front desk, or if they'd taken a little more time to tell, or show me around, I may have found out that there were other, unexplored areas that I failed to find. I knew nothing of the inner recesses of the ground floor steam room. I had no idea that, if you persevered through the gloom, it would lead to a deliberately dark inner sanctuary. I would've loved to have been touched in the dark... and more! Likewise upstairs, I am so upset that I didn't explore further but closed doors and a lack of signs meant I missed whatever maze was there... and the glory holes! Argh! They really need to brush up their act with information and signs. I told them at the desk I was new (to this place and saunas in general). My own lack of confidence to explore; lack of signage and the general air of a Trappist monastery, undertaking a vow of silence, led to me leaving within an hour dissatisfied. Im so upset. :-/



Well I've been going on and off for the last 3 years and never been disappointed the steam room and saunas are great staff are great Dave G


disabled access ???

Loved going to the sauna. Staff always friendly and most of them willing to help you out any way they can :) but since I had to have my left leg amputated. I have to say is a bit of a disappointment now. There is no disabled access to the upper floor. And I am still getting used to walking on my "New leg" and find the stairs hard to get up and down at the moment. Just think a small disabled lift would help out. Seeing as the amount of disabled people who visit here. Also think they could do with one or two showers with disabled handles on the tiles, just to help steady standing up under the water. Seeing as the problems the owner of the sauna ( who also lives on site, at the sauna ) has with his own legs, I am a little bemused he has done nothing to turn this sauna into being more disabled friendly, ( like a lot of other saunas close by). But apart from those couple of small gripes, that could easily and cost friendly be addressed and put right, this is a great sauna staffed by a great team of guys.


Disabled access 2

I used to be a regular, but since becoming wheelchair-bound I'm unable to visit sauna. I would so like to revisit, especially on a Tuesday, naked day was my favorite, so if you could maybe improve disabled access with a lift.


Never again

It used to be wonderful and I would go several times a week. Now the client base is mostly old. The water in the jacuzzi smells stagnant all the time and there is a horrible stench from the carpet covered floors upstairs. Money has been spent on the steam room but the rest of this joint has really been left to rot. Unclean unclean unclean! Basement is now best.


Questionable rating

This has NOT been my experience of Northwich Sauna (nor anyone else's on this thread). Funny how you are the only person to rate it so low and then slip in the name of a competitor at the end of your post. Curiously, I live less than 3 miles from the Basement and I prefer to travel the 70 miles (round trip) to go to Northwich. I think that says it all.



I visited the Norwich sauna first time. I'am Asian young guy. When I goes inside lot of men there. When I go steam room lot of guys there. I just give them chance and then at the end of the day I had lots of action. Awsome. Will go again


My first time well worth it

I went last Sat after a few weeks of building my self up for it as I have not had any man on man experience and not sure what to expect. First of all I was very surprised how busy it was as I entered I seen lots of men walking around naked witch I was going to wear shorts but I thought fuck it in stripped off it was a no towel sat so had to carry your towel I went from the locker room to the showers. [The reviewer describes having what was obviously great time] All in all I will be going back on my next day off wish I had not left it so long before I went the first time.


first time

I was a bi,curious guy looking for my first male on male experience when I first came across this establishment. I need not have worried, I was made welcome and comfortable and nobody forced themselves on me indeed I was aware of others in the same predicament as myself. However I soon found someone willing and prepared to be gentle as I was introduced to same sex enjoyment. I Look forward to many more encounters of the same .value 5, facilities 5. Service 5 . Cleanliness 4

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