OOPS! Kuala Lumpur- CLOSED
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Rating: 3.8/5. From 131 votes.
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OOPS! Kuala Lumpur- CLOSED

27-1 Jalan Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  map 

This spa is CLOSED- May 2022

Men-only sauna & gym with funky interior design and styling. Facilities at OOPS! include a large ‘walk through’ steam room, dry sauna and air-conditioned private cabins.

The fully equipped gym has both free weights and cardio machines. OOPS’s professionally trained masseurs offer therapeutic and relaxing massage services.


cafe, internet access, steam room, massage, sauna, , relaxing cabins, gym, free wi-fi

Updated: 24-May-2022

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Travel Gay Reviews of OOPS! Kuala Lumpur- CLOSEDLeave Review

  1. S Samuel
    Mixed feelings

    “I visited Oops long before Covid and recently (2022) and there is a difference. Before Covid, there used to be a large jacuzzi pool on the 2nd floor which could accommodate at least 6 people. That is now gone. The relaxing room with long chairs and big screen TV on the 1st floor used to have a pond. The pond is now dry. The other facilities, like the mini-gym, sauna room, steam room, and dark room are still around.

    The day I went, which was a workday in the evening, there were 3 other guys, all Chinese, 2 were slim, and the third guy was on the chubby side. Anyway, I had a little bit of fun with one of the slim guys, took a shower, and left after spending about an hour. One thing that hasn't changed is the attitude of the receptionist who takes our money. He needs to learn to smile a bit.

  2. D Dylan
    Nice Crowd, Clean Interior

    “My first time at Oops! Kuala Lumpur. The crowd started to come in after 5pm. Nice crowd and very participating. All of ages but mostly are around 25-40s. The dark room is very dark, prefer to have some dim light to make it more acceptable. Great experience while others watching. Managed to watch a live session in the shower cubicle.

    Overall is good. To the owner, please put some dim light in the dark room. We can't see anything in the dark room, make us difficult to do movement.“

    • J Jack
      Opening hours

      “Open till what time ya?“

      • f fit
        Crowd shifted from Mandi Manda

        “Went there around 8pm on Jan 1. Was told by the uncle at the counter that sauna closes at 9pm. Great crowd with some familiar faces and bodies from the already closed down Mandi Manda sauna. Harassed and annoyed by a weirdo with BO who kept pinching my nipples whenever I walked pass him in the dark room. Otherwise, had great fun with some hot guys in the steamroom and dark room.“

  3. T Turnip
    Kinda ok, i guess

    “Alright, where do i start?

    1) Jacuzzi is now a group shower area, with curtains, for some weird reason

    2) Not gonna lie, the dark rooms are cleaner than I expected, although some of them have mattresses with visible holes already, so choose wisely which one to do your pleasures at.

    3) Entrance is kinda discreet, so it's basically not so obvious.

    4) Quiet until 4-5pm, when people start coming.

    5) Would recommend going with a friend you're comfortable with anyway, regardless. Unless you like being Lonely“

    • a andrew

      “Is it the best place to have anonymous fun?“

      • P Pang

        “Well, sure, why the heck not lol, had some light fun in the dark rooms during the early evening, and it was fun.“

        • J Jack
          Entrance fee & crowd

          “How much was the entrance fee and how was the crowd there?“

          • P Pang
            entrance fee

            “Lul it's around RM30-32? only had like 2 ppl that came later around 5-6pm anyway, kinda empty for good alone time with another guy.“

          • P Pang
            entrance fee

            “RM30-32, and ppl start coming at 5-6pm.“

          • P Pang
            entrance fee

            “Crowd's just 2-4 ppl at most in the evening, and fee was around RM30-32?“

  4. F Fun_Is
    My 1st Experience @ OOPS! Kuala Lumpur

    “Date: 21 February 2021
    Time: 4.00PM - 5.00PM

    It's TGIF and felt like want to treat myself. OOPS! Kuala Lumpur was the closest to where I was. Went there and came to the registration counter and paid the fee of RM35. The receptionist, an elderly Chinese uncle, was stern and firm. I entered and say 3 international males hanging out at the bar which I assumed they're the workers as they're fully clothed. Went to my locker, got into the "sauna attire" and off I went to explore this sauna. Right after the locker, you had the view of the bar in front of you, the reception on the left, the lounge area straight ahead and a staircase to the next floor right to the left of the lounge area.

    I proceed to the next floor with the visibility of the gym through the clear glass and then reached two paths, left and right. When left door is opened, on your left was the door to the gym, in front is the door to the sauna room and the right lead to the shower area. If you took the right path from the staircase, you will go to the dark room area.

    I took the left path and head straight to the shower area. there were 2 types of shower area, and open one on the left and a discreet one on the right. After bathing, I went to familiarize myself with the place. Exiting the enclosed shower area, I turned right and I had a view of the steam room slightly to the left side and then a walkway to the dark room on the right. I guess I was the only one there during that time .

    I tried the gym and wanted to do some cardio but there was only the bicycle and even that it had its digital screen not functioning well. Went to the sauna after that, and I found a good spot to get the heat, facing the sauna pit directly in front of you take a seat at the higher level of the wooden bench. I'm not sure is it because of me being short or what not, so someone can try this and prove it in the comments. I then went to the steam room and I'm not really a big fan of it, cause it's hard to breathe in there.

    It was nearing the time for me to leave and I pleasured a top guy through some lite fun in the steam room. I assume that the numbers slowly increases as near the evening which was when I'm about to leave the area, BUMMER!“

  5. E Eqi
    Getting Zonk

    “I went here on Sat 1 Feb 2021 at 8pm. Only me that came here! Just took 15minutes here. Spemd 35 RM.
    Really not recommemded.“

  6. P Patrick
    Needs more people to give it a chance

    “This place really needs more people to give it a chance or else it will remain too quiet for those looking for a bit of fun as well as relaxation. Perhaps it is the location, but it's only a short taxi/Grab ride from Times Square or Bukit Bintang. I have visited a few times in recent weeks and never more than 6 oŕ 7 people there. The facilities are ok, good steam room, small sauna and small gym. Private cabins & small dark room are all very well, but no-one to enjoy them with. Come on guys!

    The massage services are a bit mixed, but I found one young guy, slim-size and very cute, who actually gave an excellent massage (not looking for 'extras'), and I returned several times. I hope this place can encourage a better crowd, as I know OTOT is a much busier and livelier venue for those looking for fun, but OOPS deserves a chance.“

  7. n nummyz
    Is it Good to just Hang Out Passing Time??

    “Have about 10-12 Hr transit in KL, thinking about find some gay place to hang around. Will this sauna be good to do so? Just love to use Sauna/Steam/Jacuzzi, maybe a massage. Not really looking for fun in there, maybe a bit of of light fun or observations?

    Or is there anywhere else I should go?“

  8. S Simon
    A quiet establishment

    “Date of Visit: 2018, December 9 (Sunday), 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m..
    Entrance Charge: RM35.00 (weekdays and weekends, for the facilities only)
    Massage Services: Available. Please enquire at the reception.

    This establishment is divided into two levels. The first level consists of the reception, (from right to left), the lockers area, the lounge with a beverage counter, a row of computers with internet access and the AV area. The second level houses the gym, sauna room, steam room, jacuzzi pool, shower room, a very dark room and private rooms. There is also a lounge area with high chairs where I believe smokers can convene.

    In terms of cleanliness, I would rate it as good (maybe because there were so few patrons). There are bins for the towels, the toilets and shower room are clean. I did not encounter any odour in the sauna and steam rooms. However, I do not know how often the private rooms and the dark room are cleaned.

    In terms of facilities, the only non-functioning item is the jacuzzi. It is quite large and able to fit about 8 persons. The gym is equipped with basic machines and free weights but not as extensive as a commercial gym. In my opinion, it is good enough to get a good workout. The heat in the sauna and steam rooms are mediocre (depending on the individual), and you need to stay a while in order to work out a good sweat. The sauna and steam rooms are well lit. Shower and toilets are good. The dark room is very dark. Therefore, quite suitable for an anonymous grope and fondle, otherwise private rooms would be more appropriate as lighting is available. The internet can be accessed from the machines running on Windows XP operating system. The AV area is furnished with 4 to 5 comfortable lazy/lounge chairs facing a flat screen television. On my visit, they were screening retro Chinese movies. If you need water, there is a water cooler on the second level. Drinks from the beverage counter are chargeable. I do not know whether food of any kind are sold but do ask the reception. Like all male-only saunas in Kuala Lumpur, condoms and lube are not provided - B.Y.O.

    On my visit, I observed that the establishment was manned by only 3 or 4 persons. The reception was managed by an elderly local Chinese man. He doesn't have a sunny disposition but he was not rude. Since this is my first visit, he did emphasise to me that this is a “male only” establishment. The other general male workers were careful and mindful of the customers while attending to their duties.

    On my visit, I observed that the number of patrons hardly exceed the count of 20 at any one time. The Chinese are the major patrons. The average age of patrons were below 50 years old.

    I explore around for a while(my first visit) and rested in the AV area after that. Then, I had a good shower and spent a while in sauna to work out a good sweat. Cool down and showered again. I had light fun with two patrons on two separate occasions. Will I visit again? Maybe, in a long while and when the mood strikes.“

  9. C Cedric

    “This sauna is clean and the crowd is not so crowded but quite ok.
    Area is not too big but still fine“

  10. D Duplex
    Older with tummy crowd, high risk patrons!

    “Was looking for a place to relax and nice fun. Didn't get both. Facilities are dated and not functioning, while the crowd are totally not my type (older, tummy). It seems to me like everybody is doing non-protected here. Be careful, guys.“

  11. J John
    Bad Experience

    “Visiting this place on May 19th afternoon to use the facilities. They charge MYR70 for massage/facilities. The cashier did not tell us the jacuzzi was not working, which we want to use after the massage. We were very disappointed after we found out. They should have informed us ahead or given us a discount, instead they charged the full amount. We personally feel cheated definitely won't go there again“

  12. A Anend
    Regret coming here

    “I wanted to try this place since I never been here .. This would be my first and last time.. Sauna entrance fee is Rm35 which is wayyy too expensive .. And no equipment were in working condition in gym except for the barbell.. No jacuzzi .. It was dead boring tho the music was good .. I should stick to my usual place Chakran and Otot Otot.“

  13. C Choong

    “Too expensive! Price revised in 2018. Not worth! Nothing exciting of this sauna. Other center price remained. You can have between range of Rm 50 to Rm 60.00 with better quality massaging skill.“

  14. H Henri
    Une expérience à éviter

    “Facile à trouver mais à l'entrée la personne devrait prendre des cours pour apprendre à sourire et quand on demande des infos il pourrait au moins répondre.
    Sinon propre, mais peu de personnes, toutes "emmitouflées" dans leur serviette même dans le sauna vapeur...
    Le Jacuzzi ne fonctionne pas
    J'ai demand des renseignements pour les massages, seule réponse " 60 ringits pay now" Je lui ai it ce que je pensais suis allé m'habiller et j'ai quitté ce lieu peu sympathique. Merci toutefois au barman souriant qui m'a trouvé une serviette grande taille!“

  15. R Romeo
    Well the name fits...

    “Seriously, don’t visit this place. While the place is clean and spacious, the place seriously needs a refurbishment. Gym equipment doesn’t work. Jacuzzi doesn’t work... nobody is here on a Sunday afternoon. Not one soul.“

  16. i ikhvan
    not recommend

    “Reached there at 7 but there were few guys, less than 10, all local and older than 35!! too shy, wearing their towel all time even in steam room. Jacuzzi not working, gym sucks! No public shower, private showers only. Steam room and dry sauna were satisfying. The only positive point about the place is the cleanliness.“

  17. R Robin
    Service Declined!

    “I was there few days ago. The place has been declined a lot! No jacuzzi, spoilt steam sauna door and wet staircase without lights. The hired masseur exchange contact numbers with other customer and cutting down the massage time to 45 minutes. I guess rushing for more tips for extra! Unprofessional. Save your money!“

  18. D Dylan
    No People

    “Was there on a weekday which also happens to be the fasting month. There were only four people at most.

    The steam room works, dry sauna works; the Jacuzzi or hot bath is converted into a mist spray shower seated area.

    No action and very quiet sauna. Good for couples who want to have fun or being alone together in a sauna.“

  19. K KY
    Class & Relax

    “Dark privacy rooms are clean with controlled small light. A bit hard for traveler without transport, far from public transport. Overall, satisfactory and happy with the relaxing environment.“

  20. T Travis
    Beware Of The Masseur There!

    “Hired massage service for one hour for RM60.00 and upon completion masseur followed you to locker expecting for tips!!! Stay out away from hiring the massage. Unexperienced and unskillful yet expecting tips.“

  21. j john
    mixed feeling

    “The jacuzzi was not working and was replaced with mild water sprinkles. No good.

    Massage time has shorten to 45 minutes and not professional.

    Met a handsome and hunky guy. My disappointment was paid off.“

  22. E Eddry
    Boring Place

    “For my first time, I was there 2 days ago at 6.00pm. Not many people inside. Feel bored then I leave this place by 7.30pm.“

  23. K Kelvin
    Lousy Massage!!!

    “If you like to have massage here, better save your money! The massage hour is just about 30 to 45 minutes whereby promoted for one hour. Jacuzzi, toilet pipe are not working. Dirty and smelly shower area. Crowd mainly fews uncles most of times.“

  24. c congkalnant
    Unfriendly staff

    “I revisit oppsh again today because I like the concept how they decorated the sauna. Anyway, I still can tolerate early this year with the facilities (steambath) that is not working and the jacuzzi is not even clean. I aslo agree with some has commented about massage services is not up to normal standard. What I am most upset is when I asked ask the counter uncle if the steambath is working or not. Instead of replying politely he said answered me with a rude tone "You didn't came here for long time like 6 months we fixed the problem long time ago"!! I told I was just asking I didn't mean to offence him. Later, I came to ask him if the massage service I need to top another RM30?? He answered again rudely no!! Rm50 and he refuse to look at me. I'am sure if he continue this ossph will lost all his regular costumers. Judge urself if u r going there again..:(“

  25. A Alwin
    The sauna is so quiet

    “I was there last two days ago after a month and there was only 3 customers. All with big tummy.“

  26. A Alvin
    Bad Massage Service

    “Big upset with the facilities i.e not working steamroom and bad massage service! Had visited few times and tried the massage for few sessions. I only can say that the masseurs are not up to standard on the massage skill which means they simply massage and get their job done! I wonder is this the way with charges of RM60 per session? No way! Wasting time and money“

  27. j jerry
    jerry jr.

    “May I know if most crowd are slim, muscle, chub or etc? Thanks in advance“

  28. r rock
    Facility not working

    “Was there yesterday. Smelly Jacuzzi with cold water instead hot. Steam sauna was closed! I think they don't change the water often of the Jacuzzi. Avoid it if you there cos I start having itch after the Jacuzzi.“

  29. S Sam
    Lovely & Large Jacuzzi Pool

    “Oops! is a bit quiet during weekdays and busier on weekends, but it has great facilities, especially the large jacuzzi whirlpool, which can fit at least 10 people. The gym is very nice, and the private cabins are great for a nap. The crowd is mixed: Chinese, Malay and Indian. If you are lucky, you might find the odd white man.“

  30. A Albert
    Service Declined- Sauna & Steam Sucks

    “Save your money if you are true sauna and steam lover!!! The sauna is not hot at all and the steam room too. Can you believe the steamroom can go resting for more then 15 minutes? Jacuzzi as well, not hot! They opened at 2.00 pm but facility are only on by 3.30pm or 4.00 pm. Heard customers complaints couple of times yet no improvement.“

  31. R Ric
    Steam room not working.

    “The last time I was there some 2 weeks ago. The steam room is not working. Is it working now.“

  32. C Chia
    Good Massage

    “The facility and massage in opps spa is good. You should try the therapist, Sam. His massage is really good and professional.“

  33. X Xazier
    Serious massage session

    “Hey all. I had visited Opps KL and have tried the basic message service. The message skill was good at least it was serious message session. Overall, rm60 was worth the special to me. “

  34. G George
    How happening is it?

    “Hi there. Newbie here. May I know how happening this G-sauna is during weekdays and weekend? What about the variety of the crowd? Appreciate ur inputs. Thanks.“

  35. l leo


  36. K KLites

    “Look for Petronas station at the road. Can park your car there if you want. Oops is in one of the shoplots next to the Petronas. A glass door with its logo can be seen if you drive along its front. I think theres a ramly burger shop and bike workshop next to the entrance.“

  37. l leo
    Is it closed?

    “Hello. Can anyone kindly share where exactly is this place? Appreciate it if you can suggest landmark or the name of its neighboring shop-lots so that it is easier to navigate to its exact location. I tried once going to the place based on the address above but couldn't find. Was very disappointed and turned to kakiku instead, but really wish to try a good place like Day Thermos n Opps! Which has good gym facility.“

  38. D Dr Joe
    Classy spa

    “Very clean, good place for relaxation and the massage service are really awesome ... worth it for RM 60 ....“

  39. A Adoi
    Rude owner

    “Owner very rude when you lose the key or so. “

  40. l lee

    “Unlike many other saunas, OOPS sauna is clean, the staff are friendly and the crowd is not bad. A really fun and relaxing place. The entrance fee is surprisingly cheap considering their superb facilities. To me, OOPS is the best sauna in town.“

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Rating: 3.8/5. From 131 votes.
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