Longest-running, popular gay sauna; open 24 hours.


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Arch 124, Cornwall Rd (corner of Alaska St), London, United Kingdom, SE1 8XE

Internationally renowned, gay-owned Pleasuredrome has been in business for more than 23 years, attracting all types and ages, from London and across the world.

Behind its discreet entrance, you'll find de-luxe pods and rooms to rent, spa pool, two steam rooms, two saunas, lounging and social areas, cinema, darkroom and upright sunbed. It also has a 24-hour bar!

There is free WiFi and mobile phone charging lockers. Located just a 1-minute walk from Waterloo, walk down either Alaska Street or Sandell Street. Find the railway arch that connects these two streets at the end, and the entrance is in the arch.

Take a look at their website for more information including FAQs.

Weekday: 24 hours

Weekend: 24 hours

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Leo Vidal


The best sauna ever

The best sauna that I've visited in London. The place is clean, the people are adorable, and the customers are so attentive. I highly recommend!


Hot men. Overly hot venue

Fun but they could do with turning down the temperature in the steam rooms and creating more dark rooms. Designed to make you thirst or leave I guess


Pleasuredrome Sauna

I visited on a Sunday afternoon in May 2023. The only large enough sauna for men is a real disappointment. The saunas and steam rooms are tiny and uncomfortable. One of them was unavailable. The lounge area is restricted with not enough seats to chill. There is no pool either. The jacuzzi is probably the best feature. Cleanliness must improve, especially in the dark-room/steam room which stinks. It is also expensive at £23. The times of London’ s great saunas like Chariots are long gone. We need a new large spas in this great city.


Great place for hot encounters, all types welcome

I used to be a regular visitor, but took a break for a while, returning recently since the revamp. I love the public areas as I'm into being watched/watching, and especially the free cabins with bars between for hot anonymous encounters. I'm middle aged and certainly don't have a gym body but feel very relaxed wandering around and seeing all types. Good for occasional kinky encounters too - I am sub and have had some great scenes in recent weeks, people seem to be good at picking up the vibe of what you're into.


The last time

The entry cost 20 Pounds, then they ask for 4 Pounds for a cabine - that’s unbelievable. Nowhere are condoms nor gel. That’s really absurd!



I want to add - if the security people are owners or high managers there, probably this sauna will fail. With all restrictions around when go with part of my coca-cola and refuse entry - sorry it's not acceptable. He told me for policy - I ask him where is the policy - he doesn't know and cannot show!!!



My have been coming to this place for years. Always clean n well organised. No drinks are allowed - SIMPLY ACCEPT THE RULES - stop throwing your handbag in the air or GO ELSEWHERE :-)



Fos a spa that boasts safety, condoms are not accessible when needed. You have to go down to the bar and the staff seems reluctant to give condoms. Not everyone is for bareback play.


Door man is racist

I went to Pleasuredrome today and refused entry his excuse was there is no electricity, me being asian, he was letting other people go, it feels like if your face don't fit you wont allow entry, absolutely disgusting he needs to be sacked, I've seen other review people saying the same thing.



Went there on Saturday afternoon (16/10/21) - the revamp looks really good, the staff are friendly and helpful and the place was very busy. The major drawback for me is that, since the revamp, they've monetised the cruising maze on the upper floor. The cabins (referred to on the Pleasuredrome website as 'pods') used to be free to access, like in pretty much every other sauna with a cruise maze. Now you have to hire one at reception, £4 for two hours. There still are a few 'free' cabins/pods to use in the centre of the cruise maze, mostly those tall, narrow ones, but the majority require a key fob for access. They're a cheaper option than the deluxe rooms on the lower floor (£8 for two hours), but it seems a weird decision to make the cruise maze so 'uncruise-y'. Maybe the idea is to incentivise public play (not a bad initiative). And I guess if you're under 30 (I'm not) and the entrance fee is only £12, paying an extra £4 doesn't feel like too much of a stretch. And I get that the revamp itself and the enforced closure due to COVID have meant extra money has to be made somewhere. But it really does change the flow and the experience of the cruise maze and seriously knocks the goodwill I have towards the place as a whole.


For me the best sauna in London.

Pleasuredrome is full of nice dark places for fun. I used to go around 10am when is quiet,u always gonna see someone you like. I love the front steam room,is dark and u can play a bit discreetly there, private rooms are ok, some of them are descent and you are sure that nobody watching you. Other saunas have more like open space everywhere and no privacy at all, unless u go to the room.



No atmosphere and all rooms locked. They need competition to up their game.


Durfte nicht rein

Ich wurde durchsucht wie ein Schwerverbrecher. Dann als alles in Ordnung war und ich bezahlen wolle liess er mich nicht rein. Ich hätte zuviel getrunken. Er war so arrogant. Ich war Stammgast in der Sauna wenn ich in London war. Jetzt gehe ich nie wieder hin. Sehr unfreundlich.



Ridiculously over zealous door staff. Really bad, unprofessional.


great experience

Have been here a few times and have went through security checks and never have come across rude staff. Always someone to help out. There is a lot of action in the steam rooms, and I will definitely come back. You can use stamp it app if returning often. Thanks, guys.


Awesome experience

I'm from Australia and visited Pleasuredrome recently. Was really impressed with the venue, very atmospheric, hidden under railway arches near Waterloo station. Some of the guys were cute - was a mixed crowd, I was there Saturday afternoon from 4pm to about 8pm was busy, played with 4 guys. Is great they have a bar there - I drank 3 beers! I had read the reviews was a little uncertain about this place, but I found it very clean. There were cleaning staff constantly keeping the place hygienic. I spent most the time playing upstairs in the cruising area. Was able to buy poppers from the reception. Compared to other saunas I been to this was really well designed and not just your regular play rooms and spa. Will come again when I am next in town.


Doesn’t seem to be what it was in the past!

This place used to be ok, it’s relatively stylish and although it’s small, it has fairly good facilities. However, the last couple of times I’ve been it’s really been a massive disappointment. The facilities are not as clean as they could be and I find the guys very pushy. It’s also extremely annoying that the doors in the private rooms upstairs don’t lock. Every now and then you have a pushy guy walk in and try and join in, even if the door is closed. There are also a lot of leaks throughout, with ceilings dripping even in the dry areas. I was recently there and there was one in the locker room and one in a private room upstairs. Personally I find it a turn off to have freezing cold water dripping on my face while trying to have a good time. It’s a shame because it was always better than the other venues in London in terms of style and facilities, but it just feels like a waste of money each time I go now.



A poorly maintained place which is often dirty. The staff do not seem to care much about really slippy floor and would rather spray air freshner than clean what is making the smell.


Never again - yuk

Reading contradicting reviews I thought I might still give it a try. I will never go again. The smell is TERRIBLE, in most of the areas. Cubicles are small, dirty, not lockable... they will put you off. And there are no screens in cubicle to make up for it. The other areas are just ok (except for the smell that is absolutely rebuking), but not great either. It was around 7pm during the week, very little action, mostly older 60+ guys. That might be because of the timing, or because most guys just don’t enjoy this place. Not joking, 10 min after I got there I considered leaving. I didn’t because I’d paid enough, but I’d suggest you don’t expect much if you go there.


Sucks big time

Nasty smells, from feet to feces. Condescending bartenders as if they had any right to be. Won't go again. Can you give a negative star rating?


Great Day Out!

This is my favorite place in London. You a get really good workout. ;)



My name is Phil Lombardo and I love going here all the time. Hope to meet some great guys there.



There is always great guys there, just open your eyes



When it's better to go if I'm into older stocky guys??? 50+ 60+.


A grandpa’s place

The place have areas that smell like sweaty feet... it is dirty, the guys are mostly dads above 60’s if you are into that , then you are going to have fun... if not, find other place


NEVER AGAIN - Not if you Pain Me...

Won’t be returning. On arrival you are met by a security Guard - NOT VERY WELCOMING AT ALL was having a go at a customer.. nearly put me of from entering. where's the CUSTOMER SERVICE I did not like being searched either - its an invasion of privacy, which is laughable after all the things that I noticed whilst in there on my last visit. Lets just say that if your going make sure to have your eyes wide open at all times.... Concerning things were Attitude from staff and others dirty cubicles - condoms in the sauna - and steam room no tissue or condoms in the cubicles these rooms are small some were not clean with no locks for privacy. alarmed at other things that I witnessed. Very slippery NON SLIP mat outside the sauna. steam room and corridor dirty and smelly. Yuk Not a good experience at all very poor practices so I decided to just leave, I've toned this review down from its original so that it would get published on here. In my Opinion Chariots Vauxhall is much better Sauna


A poor excuss for a good Sauna Caught up in its own publicity

What to say about this Sauna. I've been here a few times now and sorry to say that I won’t be returning. On arrival you are met by a security Guard - on my very First visit, there was a really nice welcoming guy - However the one of late is not so. The staff were having a go at a guy that needed to leave and wanted to come back but was told quiet harshly that if he left that he would need to pay on his return. Whilst I understand they the Sauna may have terms and conditions, they however, should try and deal with customers in a better way - CUSTOMER SERVICE especially in-front on new potential or returning customers. The guy in front of me was rigorously searched - whilst I was not - why? I did not like being searched either - invasion of privacy. Which is laughable as I noticed on my few visits that many guys appeared to be high? Attitude - Some of their staff have a real attitude you know the type they try to make you feel that you’re lucky to be there and not that they are lucky to have customers. Instead of cleaning properly they seem to police the cruising areas - as if they are there to police this area last night very rude and judgemental. There seems to be an abundance of cleaning guys, but the rooms are not clean... However I noticed that the rooms upstairs are small and dependant on what time you arrive are not cleaned properly at all. Back to attitude, there are a few of the team that have a very bad attitude, push past customers on the stairs - shine a light in on them when there with someone in a private room. Their staff are Very judgemental too. You have to go to the bar to ask for condoms and lube. These should be readily available in all the rooms - like in all other good saunas. Customers - they appear to attract and let in people that have had too much to drink. Important note – Plessuredrome you have a duty off care to look after all of your customers you need to police your Sauna properly as currently it’s not good! I will be writing to the owners personally too!


The best there is

I’ve been a visitor to this sauna since it first opened and it has never, and I mean never disappointed. I only ever had one bad encounter with a member of staff , an Australian with a big bad attitude and nothing else . I have visited this place over 300 times and I can tell you it is the best. I imagine it’s because it’s run by gay people. Inflation has taken its toll over the years and he free refreshments and free fruit and biscuits have had to give way to a charged for service but originally this place was. £10 to get into and last week it was £18 so the focus has been on keeping the door price competitive. It’s spotlessly clean, although you can imagine it does get very heated. The staff are true gents and they’ve are always polite. I really cannot fault it at all. You can be as solo or as inclusive as you want to be. It’s kept my sanity many times. Some of its busy times are quite surprising eg Friday late afternoon, Sunday afternoon. Early week is often quiet . Having said that, even on really quiet times you can be surprised at who will drop by. It is without doubt, the best there is. Long may it continue.


Not a good experience

Visited in July 2019. Security thoroughly searches everyone coming in, which is an invasion of privacy and is not typical or expected for a men’s sauna. They routinely turns away people he apparently doesn’t like, claiming they look “wasted” and refusing entry.



They dont provide tissues in the cubicles, the cubicles are too small, feels like in dungeon


Met wonderful Martin

I was at Pleasuredome on Fri 5 March this year around 5pm-ish. The place was not too busy when I arrived but got busy as time went by. The crowd was around middle aged. The place seemed clean enough. Then I met Martin in the steam room. He was wonderful, passionate and sexy. If you read this post Martin, please get back to me.



Was nice time very good experience



Thanks Nigel


They don't care about customers

I saw someone filming in the bar .when I told the staff they didn't care. then the manager was rude to me when i told him. I've also emailed the team address, called and visited the venue for an explanation. so far nothing. They are very ruseful and won't apologise or even register what happened


No, sorry

Premise: The second sauna we tried in London. Slightly better than the first one, but we understood that London is not the city where it is advisable to go to the sauna. Location: In the city center. Near the Waterloo stop. Type of customer: Almost only elderly and average men. Structure: In fact, if it was restored, it wouldn't be bad. Cleaning: Insufficient. In the dressing rooms there is a smell of sweaty feet, which will remain impregnated in your clothes. Price: Too high for what it offers. Advice for customers: If you are not fond of grandpa or fat boys, it is best if you look for meetings on the internet. Advice for managers: The sauna is full; obviously, from your point of view, you don't do a bad job. Needless to give advice.


Quite a nice place

My first visit as Asian Tourist, and it’s quite a good crowd on Saturday evening. Can’t expect a Suana to be very clean but I find the place very decent. Staff member will constantly walk around to Ensure the place is tidy & clean off stains wherever they can. Offers a wide variety of facilities


Nice place meet good people

Very nice place with very good staff and great service


Front desk guy

Walked through massive group of people smoking weed on the way in and was then denied entry for smoking weed. Explained that there were people outside the entrance smoking weed but it wasn't me. Refused entry even after I asked them to look outside and prove my point.


Hot, steamy and well-run

Was there on a friday and saturday evening. Busy. Lots of people of all shapes and ages and colors. Steamy action in the steam rooms. Sweaty action in the sauna. Dark action in the dark rooms... and hilarious, loud and omnipresent moaning of the movie throughout the premises. Friendly receptionist. Over-active staff cleaning saunas, steam rooms and shower area every... 5 ? minutes. All in all, had a great time. Will return... Brexit permitting.


Not World Class

Pleasuredrome is just not all that. From the dilapidated big screen cinema to the incredibly small cubby holes you find yourself wondering why you paid to go inside. While I do give the staff a thumbs up for there nearly OCD like compulsion to mop the floors I also have to remark that this place is like a flop house after 2 am. Practically every horizontal space is taken by men sleeping off their water downed drinks making anything approaching hot and steamy impossible. Going upstairs to the area you will find small cubby holes for use but due to the cut of the arch it is not possible to stand erect and for the most part anything remotely sexy will have to occur missionary or lying on your side. One exception is a larger shelf which would be great for group fun if not for the leaking condensation.


Great sauna

Well, what can I say.. Saunas in London are closing down so quickly. We only have Pleasuredrome and Sweatbox (who must have lost lots of people interest with their constant letting you know when they will open soon since November). So Pleasuredrome never fails. Always a mixture of guys at all times. Yes, they can have a cheap price or a pass out option. What happened to the extension? Still not open. Was supposed to open Boxing Day.



I must say I like the Pleasuredome I go in the afternoon. Always get some action - what I like about the Pleasuredome were it is. You get lots of age group which is nice.


It’s got better recently

I’ve always liked this sauna but did not use it much until recently when I have found that it’s become more friendly with a mixed and hot crowd. The facilities are ok and clean and my only encounter with the staff at the door was friendly and appropriate.


Horrible - dirty and empty

Pleasuredrome has gone downhill. I visited Sunday afternoon, it was empty, 5 guys inside, no action. The staff were nasty, and the guy on reception was rude. It's filthy and smelled like a sewer. Never again.



I have been regular there since couple of year but this Friday I have been refused to go. I'm a good looking guy and been refused to go in after 4 drinks and I have been regular since 2 years I will never go back again sweatbox is new opening soon thanks god - Pleasuredome very boring. Shame.
Mike chisholm



negative VIBES smelly STEAM room BEST avoided


Best avoided

A bizarre experience as the reception decided I would not be able to put my rucksack in my locker but would have to leave it at their front desk. As if anyone would do that. Why on Earth would I do that. I said no, and then they were quite rude and said a sneering goodbye. Very unpleasant. Don't go unless you need to feel more depressed than when you started. One star for cleanliness based on previous experience, and that I was disallowed even as a paying customer from making my own judgement. What kind of business turns people away. Horrible.



I decided to visit for the first time here. Negative experience. Crowd wasn't so good (cold Saturday afternoon) but that not my main complaint. Not good value for money in term of a sauna - 1. Smell at upper level was awful. Really, you can't stay there for more than a few minutes. 2. The "rooms" upstairs are more like low-ceiling jail cells. It's kind of a fraud. 3. Jacuzzi cold as ice. 4. Two wet saunas the one small not hot at all. The larger one smells. 5. Dry sauna very small. 6. Two much light! Overall negative experience, not worth the time or money.



This place is disgusting. All the steam rooms are tiny. The maze is also small, however what got to me the most was the level of cleanliness. It just felt dirty and there was a horrid stench of body odour and chemicals throughout the private rooms and steam rooms. The smell was just too much to bare. They did go around spraying air fresher however the smell is really bad so this did not help. This was my first time at Pleasuredrome and unfortunately will be my last. One positive was I could charge my phone in a locker.


Great first year, bad the second

I recently traveled all over the UK and Ireland in 2017 and again in 2018, stopping at saunas along the way. The first time around this was the best of the batch I visited. The second time around this was one of the bottom contenders. With the sheer number of men passing through, it would be a great undertaking to keep this in top shape all the time, but on my second visit I found it to be pretty dirty. The hot tub wasn't very hot, I felt dirty in there, the steam rooms felt dirty with a strong chemical smell that made me question what I was inhaling into my lungs, the window in the steam room looked like it had buildup all on the window. The stench on the second floor of body odour was thick and really unpleasant so I went right back downstairs, went up again later and it was still gross. The staff were nice but gave off shady vibes. The lockers were small (to be expected with the amount of people that come through), and the locker room was fine. There were a lot of people during a Friday mid-afternoon, and even more as I was leaving towards early evening. This would seem like a good thing, but it felt cramped while I was there, I would often open a door to find a sauna or steam room full with no room. I'm glad I left before it got more crowded. There were people of all types and ages. Compared to the great experience in 2017 this felt like a disappointment in 2018, but nothing a deep clean and minor repairs couldn't fix. Would definitely bring sauna shoes or rent/buy them there.


Needs a revamp

Old Sauna, the staff unfriendly to say the least. I was asked vehemently whether I was Eastern European because that type isn't welcome there ! Guys are old, fat and sometimes very dirty. They need to upgrade the place with new rooms. Visited by a lot of old unfit guys. I have been there at least 10 times, never hooked up with anyone !


Pretty Good

After no luck at a couple other sauna’s in London, I decided to try this one out. I RECCOMEND! All types of guys and preferences. I spent the whole afternoon there and it was really cool, staff was super friendly, and the bartender was extremely nice. The only thing that sucks is you have to pay for rooms that lock, and there was a lack of towels in said rooms. Can’t wait to go back though!



Staff are extremely rude and security very full on treats everyone as a criminal. Clean sauna and a mixed crowd of people.


never again

The guy on the door doing security was acting like you were entering a prison with full hands on body searching. Really did put me off going again and once inside found used condoms on the floor of the free play rooms


Condoms in the steam room

Yes it is true a lot of condoms in the steam room as the other guy said and the most unpleasant odor


Do not try it

I went with a friend recently, we are both in our mid late twenties. The crowd is mainly old people, it's not as big as they advertise, there is way too much light. There are no private rooms which means you have to pay if you want privacy. It is expensive and you even have to pay for additional towels. The only good thing is the facilities. It is brand new and very clean.


Not worth it

Entry was difficult and not explained well, getting into a room difficult, the bartender asking on questions like are you just out of a bad break up? I paid for a massage, only to come out and find they locked me out of my room and clothing - and left standing in th lobby in a towel, Having to argue to get my clothing back. Negative 10 Stars. Horrible experience.


Not overly impressed

I’ve been to a fair few saunas in the UK, and do reckon I’ve got a point of comparison. I’ve been to the Pleasuredome twice, and while with any sauna/cruise bar/venue, the people make the experience more than anything else....but you need to have the right place to make people want to come. The Pleasuredome is in Waterloo, and I’m guessing since the Chariot sauna in Waterloo closed down, the Pdome has probably got busier. First impressions were fairly positive. A friendly doorman on reception, large enough lockers for a rucksack, and a decent warm shower. The main area, however, was a bit disappointing. There is a fairly large jacuzzi/pool, but usually the water is cold. The remaining staff wander around aloof, as if they have much better things to do, and the steam room is TINY. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but it just about fits 6 people seated, and a few more standing. Obviously, if a lot of people want to use it, it can get a bit too uncomfortable and while the Pdome may be cruisy, proximity is a little too much if the steam room is busy. Top floor is the play area/cruise maze. Didn’t really enjoy this too much. Broken locks on doors, rooms small enough to hit your head on and uncomfortable floors and mats. It was also fairly dirty both occasions, so I was put off from having any sex in there. I understand that there is a problem with 24-hour saunas being used as overnight hotel rooms, and the Pdome does seem to be used more by guys wanting to have a cheap room for the night than to have a sauna session, a cruise and go home. I’ve been there on a Friday night when the beds, chairs, recliners etc on the ground floor, as well as about half the cubicles upstairs, were occupied by guys sleeping. There are better saunas out there, and personally, I think the Pdome needs to deal with the overnight stay issue, and do more to accommodate genuine sauna users.


epic fortnite gamer

Hit the chug jug hit the chug jug hit it.


Time to relax and enjoy

I have been frequenting the Pleasuredrome for more than 10 years on a regular basis as I worked in London and travelled home from Waterloo. Now I am retired I visit the sauna at least a couple time each month either on a Friday or Monday from midday to around 8pm. As I am very rarely there on a weekend I don’t encounter any security problems. You can have the occasional off day, but over the years I can say that I have had a great time. Ok, there are the guys with torches, but they do keep the place clear of "litter". There is always a varied clientele between the ages of 18 and 80 and we all seem to get on well together. Basically most of us treat one another with respect. The facilities are more than adequate and yes there is a water fountain by the bar. The private rooms are intimate which is what they should be and what you want when you have another guy with you. Looking forward to my next visit on Friday


Great place; great action

I must admit I was hesitant to give this place a try, considering the negative reviews. But... I was pleasantly surprised (on a sunday evening 6 -8 pm). The security guard was friendly and correct. The place was very clean. There was a good mix of people, all shapes, ages and colors. Everybody seemed to be eager to play. The steam rooms were hot and active. The sauna was hot (not tepid). I had multiple very pleasant encounters. I will go back to this place, for sure !


Nicely busy

Here on a Friday, late afternoon. Nicely busy with a good mix of guys up for action. Friendly welcome at reception but the staff with their torches are intrusive and offensive in tone. The steam rooms and dry sauna could all be hotter: distinctly tepid (in temperature) when I visited. The dark room used to be darker too.


Turned away

I live round the corner. I have lived in London for 14 years. I have been to to this sauna before. Today I tried to go there with my boyfriend. I got turned away because the ‘bouncer’ thought I was off my face on drugs. In reality I have never done any drugs my whole life (except alcohol) as I have a heart condition. The reality is just that I was very tired and I had a couple of pints and I looked it! So when I get accused of being off my face on drugs without the opportunity to respond, that... just stereotyping. If you are brown skinned like me ( I am half black) or black, I recommend you go somewhere else.



I found this sauna to be one of the most overrated saunas I have been too. I have been to a number in England and can honestly say, after going there twice, nothing would induce me to go again. The staff were rude and condescending. While the facilities were great, I think it left me cold with the service. Sorry.



I'm sorry but the staff at the reception are horrible. I understand that they must be frustrated that they work in a place like that, but presumably the get paid to do that job and provide some kind of decent customer service. It is a smelly and dirty venue with no proper rest rooms. There are better saunas in London.



I don't go to place to be given attitude by the staff, some of them need customer service training.



Went here last Sunday at 4pm (peak time) and was the only young (under 25) guy there. Not to mention the amount of times the oldies tried hitting on me, even when I asked them to stop - yuck! Staff use the changing rooms to 'play on their phone' during their break, which is a bit weird. The jacuzzi is a joke and completely uncomfortable - hardly any proper place to sit on. The only thing I liked about this sauna is that they provide you with two towels; I will definitely be sticking with Sweatbox. (And btw, I understand that I too will be old one day, but I probably won't be looking terminally ill or like Jubba the Hut, and expecting a young guy who is half my age to be interested in me).


Not again

I've been patronizing this sauna for a while. I returned last night to a surprise in the lobby - a bag check. I'm all for security. The Eastern European guy kept saying while checking my bag "you were here earlier". I finally got annoyed and said NO. So what if I did. Just rude. There was also a body pat down. He saw my bottled water in my bag which I always carry with me. He took it saying no liquids allowed to be brought into the club. I don't drink alcohol and refuse to purchase bottled water. There aren't even any water fountains at this sauna. While I agree in today's world security is important, I thought it was overboard for a sauna. I won't be returning.


problem with liquids

Hi James. Most saunas will not allow you to bring in liquids. This is due to a problem with a small number of people trying to smuggle in drugs (particularly "G") in liquid, which is incredibly dangerous in a sauna environment.


London's best sauna

For such a big population it is surprising London doesn't have more saunas but fortunately there is Pleasuredrome. I have been going for years because it is safe, clean and always open, usually I go when super horny after a night out. What I like here is the layout is unusual and atmospheric under the arches. Is not clinical like other saunas. I am not a gym fit guy and feel comfortable here. The staff are efficient, not overly friendly but I have seen them deal with someone off their head and was impressed how they the dealt with this. Would be good if the place had more rooms as sometimes too busy to get one. But they seem to be making improvements. I don't mind paying extra to have my own private room for 2 hours, is only £6 for private lockable room. Recommend.


Nice place, seems social, I still left frustrated

I attended on a Friday evening after the theater. There was a decent crowd of guys - older, younger, and my age (early 30s). Definitely a place where play is encouraged in the paid-for cabins versus common areas (sauna, steam, etc.). That's cool and all. I had a private deluxe room (great value at £6 for 2 hours), however it was down a private-ish hallway where no one was going to find me. Lesson learned = Don't waste time when you arrive, and find someone to bring back to the cabin before it's too late! Hallway cruising went on around the standard cabins. I would recommend the less expensive cabins next time to find guys easier, unless you already have someone to have fun with. After 2.5 hours, I left without getting off. My issue, it's not like dudes weren't interested in helping me, but I wanted to service, and the crowd leaned more toward watching to bottoming.


Dirty and smelly

Been there this week and the place was filthy. The steam rooms smelled awful and the floor was very dirty.


Such mediocrity

I have been a few times hoping that it would be better. It is shocking the price you pay - no proper rooms to enjoy ones self unless you pay extra. H&S risks in certain areas. Compared to any spa / sauna in Europe this is overrated and it is quite obvious the locals do not experience the difference so they rave about how good it is - for the price it is diabolical.


très moyen

Je pensais que Londres serait une ville chaude et dynamique... Erreur... Très peu d'endroits pour les gens comme moi qui cherchent des plans hard et directs. Ce sauna est certes fréquenté en journée mais pas beaucoup d'action... Des équipements pas très grands, des gens qui tournent à se regarder sans plus, des cabines pourries et petites, pas de darkroom, un sol glissant. "Connu internationalement" qu'ils disent... Très en dessous de ce qui existe à Paris ou en Belgique, c'est clair...


Worst sauna in London

They don't have proper "private rooms". Instead, they use bunker-like spaces carved into the wall which are the size of a kid's playhouse. Literally. You literally cannot stand up in any of their "private rooms" unless you were under 5.2 feet tall. The most awkward and uncomfortable design EVER! The attitude of the staff at reception was another huge disappointment. I decided to leave and go to Chariots in Vauxhall where I had a fantastic time.


Nice clean environment

Been there 4 times and will go back soon. Nice clean environment. I'm older so it's always a challenge to find partners but it's a friendly place. I like the glory hole booth and the pool is nice. I like that they give you two towels, one to spend time in and a nice clean one for your final shower before you leave. I'm usually there on weekdays so not crowded, I'll try it on a weekend and see how it goes.


Sad and depressing

Visited Pleasuredrome recently and found it a sad and depressing place. The guy on reception was unfriendly and just shouting at me when I asked if they accept Amex. The facilities are poor compared to Europe, if you've ever been to a sauna in Germany or Spain you will be shocked by small wet facilities at Pleasuredrome. The upstairs is all rooms with mats on the floor, very smelling and lots of guys out of it asleep. No guys are up for fun, just wondering round, barely aroused chewing their jaw. Very sad and depressing. I question the other reviews on here that talk about muscle guys going there, I doubt they are genuine.


Best space & design in London

This place is busy all the times, but believe me if u into nice younger or muscle guys, you are at wrong place, but for design and space is the best in London.



Went there Tuesday lunchtime, was very busy and had a great time with like minded guys..a great place to visit for some fun.



I went to Pleasuredome about 2 months ago and it was great. Staff super friendly and relatively busy what is a pros. I had lots of fun with a few hot guys. I really recommend it for the future :) I'm 21 years old and it wasn't a problem to find someone in similar age.


1st experience at a gay sauna

Went for my first experience at a gay sauna, I was a little nervous because there were some bad reviews. The security guy and staff were all so friendly. I said I'd never been before and they explained everything. The place was really nice inside, would definitely recommend pleasuredrome.


Nice place but...

I went there twice in a week. This was one of the first ever saunas i had been to and hence was keen on checking it out on my return to London. The place is clean and has competent staff. Just that the crowd is really sad. Lots of older guys and barely many who want to play. Had to help myself while watching the porn on the extremely pixellated large screen. Sad to see this place lose its edge.


Better options nearby

I've gone to this club when visiting London for age least the last 15 years. Last night I was refused entry for not saying,"Hello" to the "security" but at the entrance. A short walk away was Chariots where the staff greeted me with a "Hello love". Had a great time with a hot guy at Chariots and the staff were friendly and efficient. Pleasuredrome is off my list.


Bag check

I asked for my bag to be kept upright during a routine bag check on entry to stop valuable items falling out, [the security guard] insisted, for some unknown reason, that my bag would be checked on its side, an item, albeit of low value slipped out onto the floor and and my phone was about to fall out too, when I pointed out items were falling from my bag he said leave me to do my job, when I reached to upright my bag and insisted further item must not fall on the floor, he said 'right leave now and I can always bar you'. Get past the bully on the door and you may have a good time alternatively go to another venue. I rang the management, if they had apologised I would not have written this, they just said the item that fell on the floor was not valuable so they didn't think I had a valid point! No items should have fallen on the floor regardless of its value! Personally I think [the security guard] does not have the right temperament to be working in that position... I wouldn't feel safe going there again.



I attempted to go to Pleasuredrome this evening (4/6/16). Unfortunately I was met in reception by a ... man on the door..under the delusional belief that he was in some way a bouncer. My absolute crime was to be in possession of a contraband bottle of Lucozade. I was instructed I was not allowed this as it broke rules so I went outside to drink this devils nectar while within earshot of the madam who was in "ever such a huff" that i dared do such a thing. When I came back was instucted that as I went outside and finished the drink I must be high as a kite on drugs and therefore will not be allowed into the hallowed establishment. I do not do drugs so this was a surprise to me and I "stated its a bottle of lucozade" and "its silly".... well the door man nearly fell off her stilletoes and roughly remonstrated that she would be forced to call the police if I abused her..... Well after that statement I did leave albeit with some choice words. I spent my money in Chariots sauna around the corner where I will always go to from now on.


Why drinks are not allowed.

Whilst we cannot comment on the way you were treated, it is worth noting that management at gay saunas in London are taking steps to deal with the problem of a few customers trying to smuggle in drugs, particularly at the weekends after “after-hours” clubs have closed. Taking any type of drug in a sauna is incredibly dangerous, but GHB is one of the most dangerous. This clear liquid can be concealed in water bottles (and Lucozade). GHB can really knock you out, cause unconsciousness, coma and death. Its linked to sexual assault, where someone has their drink spiked. We are not suggesting that you would be involved in such activity, but highlighting the reasons why you were allowed to bring your Lucozade.


The most decent from so many flops..

Went there occasionally in the past few years. Mostly with great experiences. Need to update their facilities such us opening more free cabins and providing better service (no more arrogant & intrusive staff).


Best sauna in London

Definitely the best sauna in London - love this place!

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