Rupert Street

Rupert Street

Rupert Street

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50 Rupert Street, London, United Kingdom, W1D 6DR

Today: Sundae with Heidi Liscious - Every Sunday

Another very popular gay bar located right in the middle of Soho.

Rupert Street serves food (burgers, etc.) and drinks during the day but is packed with the party crowd in the evening, spilling over onto the street during the summer.

Plenty of eye candy both in front and behind the bar. Rupert Street brings in some pretty good DJs to play live on weekends.

Weekday: 3PM - 11PM Monday to Tuesday. 3PM - 11.30PM Wednesday to Thursday. 3PM - 12AM Friday

Weekend: 12PM - 12AM Saturday. 12PM - 10.30 Sunday

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Not a massive fan of this bar - noisy, often busy and hard to get a drink. There's not much seating here, which means you have to stand. Good mix of guys though, and it's in a great location.


what more do you wan?

Attending any bar straight or gay one of the most important features is the crowd, usually the more the merrier in terms of atmosphere, something to look at and and the liklihood of a companion of later on. I therefore tend to think that the previous reviewer hasn't really thought his prefernces though properly: he says the crowd is good, that it's standing room only ( who cares when you're cruising?) but that its hard to get a drink. Surely that's just a corollary of a great place. Whats the point of it being easy to get a drink if there's no crowd to make the visit interesting?

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