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Sansuk Sauna

391/66 Moo 10, Thappraya Rd Soi 11, Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand

Sansuk Sauna
Sansuk Sauna
Sansuk Sauna
Sansuk Sauna
Sansuk Sauna
audience rating: Sansuk Sauna, 3.6 out of 5 based on 97 ratings click to vote:
Rating: 3.6/5. From 97 votes.
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Large, well-maintained Sansuk gay sauna features a steam room, sauna, swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi and sun terrace. There is a bar and restaurant onsite.

Private cabins, dark room, maze, showers and massage rooms can be found on the 2nd & 3rd floor. Towels and lockers with locks are provided. The sauna is open daily from 2pm and is usually busy.

If you want to stay overnight, the Sansuk Guesthouse has comfortable, air-conditioned rooms & suites available. Located halfway between BoyzTown and Jomtien’s Dongtan Gay Beach.

weekday: 14:00 - 23:00

weekend: 14:00 - 23:00

venue Sauna | features bar, cafe, restaurant, swimming pool, steam room, massage, sauna, sun terrace, relaxing cabins, dark room, gym, free wi-fi | customers: gay | attracts: All types

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last updated: 31-Mar-2020



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  1. Enjoyable. Relaxing. Clean.

    “Enjoyed my 4 nights here. The cruising areas and pool side are relaxing and horny. No pressure to have play. Just relax. Thai. Asian. Russian. Euro. All here most nights. Not many Australians. I was one of two for the time here. Come on!“

    Chris on 18-Jan-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. Run down

    “In the past sansuk was amazing, I was there when it first opened. Now it's very very run down the place is shabby and dirty. The staff are forever asking you for drinks. I know this place has been up for sale for the last few years. But nobody will take it on.
    I really don't recommend this place.“

    John on 05-Jan-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. Great time

    “I went Sept. 2018 an I had a great time. Met a lot of nice guys most of witch were Asian. Love every time I turned around someone was grabbing my butt saying very nice. I will be back there around the first of Dec. 2019. Can't wait to see what or if anything has changed. Who wants to meet in the dark room lol.“

    derek on 10-Nov-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Stairs unsafe

    “The stairs up to the top floor/darkroom are really unsafe. A few guys have told me they've slipped & some have hurt themselves. The shower area just below also slippery.
    Showers are cold & they charge for condoms!
    Shame, as it is a good sauna. It just needs some attention.“

    Jake on 23-Sep-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. Mixed reviews

    “I’m going to Pattaya in August, the bad reviews tell me not to bother going. The good reviews seem very old. I’m confused, would someone tell me what its like now.“

    Jimmy on 23-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. MR John

    “Need some help.. I will be coming to Pattaya soon and I will visit Sansuk Sauna. I am just wondering if you have to wear swimwear at the pool area or can you be just naked.. If someone can help me on this, would be good! Thank you!“

    Keith on 17-May-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Pool

      “It's up to you! If you don't want to won't to the sauna naked, you can.

      Regards, Knud Denmark“

      knud on 12-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. So-so

    “Most are old Westerners.“

    Smith on 27-Feb-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Condoms not free

    “When you open your box you find one condom, then you must pay 20 baht for the next one..!!!“

    Bern on 06-Jan-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  9. Good sauna

    “I'm currently here in Sansuk. Lots of local Thai boys and Asian men, plus the usual foreigners. A lot of enjoyment. I had 3 encounters. Very happy and definitely will come again!“

    Jon on 30-Nov-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  10. Gone downhill recently

    “This sauna was quite good 3-4 years ago but has declined since. There are now hardly any Thai or Asian visitors, so the farangs rarely have an opportunity to meet anyone.
    Showers cold, lockers years old, toilet roll holders falling apart, stairs up to the dark room really dangerous. Only plus side is Thai muscle guys sometimes go there.“

    Egel on 02-Nov-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  11. Always a good time

    “Was here not too long ago, love being here. Especially when you can workout in the gym in the nude. People here encourage it. Would be great to also have the entire sauna & hotel naked, after all, we are all men here!“

    Siggy on 02-Nov-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  12. Best place to stay

    “I have come many years there. Its always very nice boys there lot great fun to be there. I will come again February 2019.“

    eric on 26-Aug-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  13. Sauna optional clothing

    “The sauna is a great place to hang out in the afternoon getting busy from about 4pm until about 9pm. Food and drinks are good and well priced. Although its not advertised as clothing optional I don't think they have an issue with it, certainly my skimpier swimwear was appreciated. It had a good mixed crowd, as any sauna in the world it can be hit and miss. Can't wait to visit again.“

    Grant on 02-Jan-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  14. To be improved

    “The place needs a deep renovation, especially in the oldest section which is totally far from any modern standard.

    It seems they are doing some works, but they should go faster and faster if they want to keep their clients! No hot water in the shower.

    Over all a nice place where to spend a single afternoon, but for sure you will be disappointed if you have in memory the experience of Bangkok ( or any major sauna in Europe ). Being in Thailand, honestly they could do much more or change their name in "sanuk-sanuk" instead!!!“

    Luca on 31-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  15. Nice place

    “Its clean and a good place to relax to be yourself, especially by the pool. Food was surprisingly better than what I had expected. The attitude of the locals (money boy or not) and the lack of privacy and respect from my fellow Asians counterpart is really disgusting! The staff are no help either.“

    SEX_Demigod on 31-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  16. A really great place

    “Sansuk Sauna is really big, very clean, friendly and has an excellent restaurant with excellent food very nicely decorated and served. It-s a quite new building in modern architecture. A nice pool, good facilities and friendly staff. Highly recomanded.

    Hugo on 09-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  17. Don't be a fuss!!

    “I just read both reviews with regard to ladyboys...what's all the fuss? I agree with Siggy, they are gay too, and I happen to like ladyboys, they know how to give you a good time. For ladies working there, well, if they should work there, they should be okay with naked men in the sauna and guesthouse, otherwise, work elsewhere. If ladyboys works there, I'll come more often! They are also great cleaners too, aside from waitressing and admin work. Go, ladyboys!! :0“

    John on 01-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  18. Should be men only

    “They advertise being a gay mens sauna. Today, however, They allowed a ladyboy onto the premises.

    I noticed many customers were uncomfortable & so was I.

    If you advertise you're a gay mens sauna, then keep it exclusively male.

    No woman or ladyboys working there or as customers.“

    James on 24-Sep-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  19. Nice place but rude staff

    “The sauna is lovely overall but the steam areas are dangerous.

    Tiles are slippery, no rubber mats, no one seems to care. I fell there backwards on hard tiles it was lucky I wasn't hurt seriously. The stairs leading up to the 'attic' area are too small & also very easy to slip on/fall.

    The staff who take the money/hand locker keys aren't friendly at all - I've been there many times. They often get the drinks order wrong.

    The pool/garden area is beautiful.“

    Paul on 18-Sep-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  20. Good exit

    “Not even going to describe all the bad points will take to long to do this. The good point is the exit. “

    Dave on 14-Aug-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  21. Sauna area very tired, Grindr scammers

    “The sauna area is very tired and dirty as well as down right dangerous in some areas. Be careful of the wet tile areas, it's very slippery especially in the dark.

    I got scammed by a guy using Grindr wanting to meet at the sauna. I should gave twigged when he walked in without paying before me. Our "play" lasted maybe 1 minute then he lost interest. I subsequently watched him do the same to 2 other guys after greeting them after waiting for them on the hour.

    I will say the food was better than I was expecting, I can really recommend the whole snapper steamed with soy sauce, it was delicious.
    It's a pity the guy doesn't spend a bit of money on maintenance it could be a great sauna, besides the scammer and the fact that there aren't that many Asian there, mainly older white guys.“

    Wandering on 12-Aug-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  22. WONDERFUL...

    “I stayed there for 6 days now I regret not having stayed longer. It is a perfect place to relax, to meet new people. It is very clean and most importantly the people workng there are very helpful, always smiling and very kind.“

    UGUR on 13-Jul-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  23. Avoid

    “Years ago it was a nice place. Not anymore! Dirty and unpolite.. “

    Pete on 04-Jun-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  24. Save your time and money

    “Went there 3 times last month.each time was disappointed. Cold jacuzzi, old and broken showers, no locks on cubicles, but worst of all, almost no Thais! It's ridiculous. The old falang far outnumber the Thai guys. Far too dark in the cubicle area so u don't even know what the guys look like. I think they've run out of money here as the new cubicle area seems unfinished. Gym has old and broken equipment for your use. Unimpressed by the food also. Small portions and not good. I only went there as it's so hard to find a non money boy in Pattaya. Avoid!“

    Jay on 19-Jan-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  25. Kindergarden

    “Staying in the guesthouse for two weeks. Reception staff, restaurant staff is awful and unprofessional! Like Kindergarden, Thailand is known for friendly people, looks like this place is not in Thailand. “

    Klaus on 21-Dec-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  26. Sansuk has mostly older white men

    “Sansuk is quite big, clean enough, but cannot compare in sophistication with Babylon at all. Both places seem to attract mostly white men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older. There was hardly a thai guy when I visited Sansuk on a Saturday afternoon/evening. They should let the Thais enter for free, which will attract more white guys which will help them earn more. As it is now, it is more like a senior citizen home for older white men. Which doesn't work, since if these guys would like white guys, they wouldn't come to thailand.“

    Peter on 10-Dec-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  27. Great place

    “Visited Sansuk twice last week while in Pattaya, great place, actually put Bangkok's Babylon to shame.
    The place is extremely clean, spacious, has atmosphere, and the steam rooms/ cruise areas are lit enough to not be dangerous and you can see where you are going. It also has plans of the venue spread around the building so you know where you are and where to head.
    Found a great mix of guys without attitude , both Thais and western/ European.
    The bar offered good valued well made drinks , the service sometimes a little slow though.
    I have visited saunas all around the world and Sansuk would be up there with the best of them.
    It is not hard hard to find, quite easy, a short walk off the main road halfway between Jomtien beach and Boystown. It is even signposted from the main road!!“

    John on 05-Nov-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  28. Exciting experience

    “I paid a visit to this establishment about a week ago, arriving at 2 pm. I stayed until early evening, and I had a hell of a time. I was chased by sexy Thais all afternoon, and was delighted several times.

    I will visit again.“

    Uranus on 13-Sep-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  29. Superb place to be gay and free!

    “Stayed at the guest house. Very nice place, this is my second visit and I love this place. Rooms are clean and whole place is big and nice to explore. Sauna is lots of fun and very active in the late afternoon to evenings. The owner should make this a gay optional clothing resort/spa as there is none in Thailand. Also should change the cleaners to men instead of ladies. :) No discrimination intended but if we choose to go clothing optional, then at least with men, its better..?? unless the lady staff don't mind. Overall, a very nice place to be. Will come back.“

    Siggy on 07-Aug-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  30. No locks

    “Firstly very deep in hidden location that's hard to find unless you're on a motorcycle taxi.
    Rather huge sauna spanning 3 floors but only 1 of the 3 floors are air conditioned which means that even cruising around makes you sweat.
    80% farangs 20% Asians clientele.
    All of their cabins have doors with no locks which means that there's always idiots who would pry open the doors to be your free show audience.“

    MELVIN on 08-Jun-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  31. Nice One

    “I visited here on a Sunday evening and I liked it. There were many different ages but all in all I had a good time. It is a good sized Sauna for Pattaya. It has a Restaurant, pool and all of the other Goodies.“

    David on 10-Apr-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  32. Nice facilities, but did not feel safe during my stay

    “Nice guesthouse, restaurant, pool, gym and Jacuzzi facilities. However, I got the feeling that some of the folks there were not exactly happy with my presence as I probably did not entertain them (for availing the services they may have had to offer). It was very clear that they were making hostile/ridiculing comments within my earshot. Loud shrill noises outside my room during night really terrified me. I did not feel safe at all. I really wish the management take note of it and create a more secure environment for their guests. Visitors spend money to have a peaceful relaxing stay, and not to be intimidated and harassed. The facility however is really good and I initially intended to stay there for a long time with some of my friends joining in too. But I had to cut short the stay as the attitude of some people there did not make me feel safe and welcome.“

    Sam on 15-Mar-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  33. Awesome Hotel & Sauna

    “We have stayed both in the old and the new wing and would recommend Sansuk to anyone visiting Thailand.
    There is 2 sauna's, 2 steam rooms and plenty of playing areas with lots of willing guys every time we paid Pattaya a visit. The new pool and outdoor jacucci was just as good.
    I read the negative comments and wonder what drugs those guys were on.
    The restaurant food and drinks are awesome and cheap and the staff have always been great.
    Punya the owner is and has always been a great host and so has his staff been on every one of our 4 visits.“

    Martin R on 05-Mar-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  34. Sharing your experience about Sansuk Sauna really helps other gay travellers.

    “I stayed at this complex in January 2015. I cannot relate to any of the negative comments which I have read, I have recommended the complex to many friends and I would definitely stay there again. The staff were very friendly and helpful, from the Owner to the cleaners. Always a smile and time to try and speak and get to know you.“

    Steve on 01-Jun-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  35. Mostly good

    “Why can't customer bring their own water. There is no free water drinking fountain. A few other guys mentioned the poor attitude of massage guys. Most other staff are pleasant. Manager is great. Balding waiter unpleasant. Dogs can be a problem after 10.30. Otherwise enjoyable.“

    Greg on 05-Apr-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  36. Bad Massage

    “Had a massage there today and it was awful. The masseur stopped the massage to answer and talk on the phone! Massage was amateurish, rushed, mechanical and lacked any sense of connection with the work or the client. Spoke to the owner who confirmed the guy was new but blamed me for selecting the masseur. CRAZY! Wouldn't make good on any kind of accommodation or adjustment. Instead the owner tried flirting the problem away and not address the bad massage. Don't go there.“

    Robert on 01-Feb-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  37. Rude staff that like to rain on your parade

    “Cold water showers, sauna & pool. Play area consists of thin rubber mattresses on the floor. Staff threatened to fine me 300 baht for drinking my bottled water.“

    Eric on 25-Jan-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  38. Terrible service

    “We went to Sansuk Sauna on October 27 2014. There were only a small number of visitors and the visitors were old or prostitutes.
    The atmosphere was not great. We broke, by accident, a long drink glass and had to pay three times the price of such a glass in Thailand. The owner said it was there policy. The staff was unprofessional and rude so we left the place after paying the glass. Our advice take the bus to Bangkok and visit Babylon!“

    Peter on 27-Oct-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  39. Great sauna

    “Visited the place few times. Really nice place with good facilities. Not exactly Babylon but it serves it purpose quite well.
    The food is nice and at a reasonable price. Easy to get there as it is en route of the Baht van. About 100 yards from the main road. I also stayed at the hotel - quite nice but over priced. Better to stay in Pattaya or Jomtien and this place is a bit isolated“

    Dave on 12-Oct-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  40. the best in pattaya

    “September 2014, the renovations are finished a long time ago and the new 55 room hotel extension is open and looking good. I love the 2 new state of the art saunas by the pool and enjoy them (and a glass of wine while cooling off) The steam room is pretty fantastic too. Then I like to go upstairs to the extensive fun palace on 3 floors. I especially like the sling rooms (2nd floor and top floor) which is ideal for relaxation. Many friendly guys up there too It really is paradise for PLU's“

    Bonaparte on 07-Sep-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  41. Excellent sauna and very friendly staff

    “Staff and the Manager were very welcoming and friendly. The service is excellent and the facilities were clean and the food was great. Had a great afternoon would certainly recommend this sauna to anyone visiting Pattaya.“

    David on 02-Jan-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  42. Bad location

    “Awful place. This sauna is under reconstruction. Consequently the place is dirty.

    The masseurs.... stare at you like you were a pure cash-giver. Visitors are not so good too. Few surprises(guys between 21 to 30) but mostly not exciting guys, looking for fresh meat and don't mind they are outclassed. “

    Andreis on 08-Dec-2013 | Reply Problem with this review?

  43. “Very friendly and popular place, the owner is a nice and helpful person! Massage too expensive and I think some masseurs are not "gay".“

    Peter J. on 08-Jun-2013 | Reply Problem with this review?

  44. “I went to Sansuk Sauna last February during my visit to Pattaya. Great place. The owner is so funny, welcoming and always looking to make the place better. Large dining area, TV and swimming pool. People mingle there between sessions. Upstairs, there are two other floors, first floor is air-conditioned and slightly darker with plenty of private cabins to play. It is clean and well-maintained The shower can be in group or individual. Even on the upstairs with wooden floor, group play can happen. Nice!
    Diverse guys, tourists, Thais, etc. The place is under renovation to make it even better. It is a great place to have fun.“

    Stud on 09-Mar-2013 | Reply Problem with this review?

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audience rating: Sansuk Sauna, 3.6 out of 5 based on 97 ratings
click to vote:
Rating: 3.6/5. From 97 votes.
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