Sauna Mania
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Sauna Mania

35/2 Soi Phipat 2, Convent Rd, Bangkok, Thailand, 10120  map 

The nearest gay sauna to the Silom gay bars. Sauna Mania has 5 levels with facilities including a small gym and a rooftop terrace. Some areas are very dimly lit, and the stairs are steep, so be careful!

The sauna gets busy after 5pm on weekdays, late afternoons and on the weekends. More frequented by Thais but foreigners are welcome.

From Saladaeng station, walk down Convent Rd for about 5 minutes, then turn right on Soi Phipat 2.


steam room, sauna, sun terrace, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room, gym

Updated: 07-Jul-2022

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  1. J Jean-Bernard
    It’s true!

    “Pure discrimination, under 50: 280B, 50 y/o &over 1500B (48 US$, 36£ Or 63Can$) Needless to say, no one in there.“

    • P Peter
      Yes Full of Discrimination

      “Charge extremely costly as 1500 over 50“

  2. A Alfonso

    “I was there in November 2019. I enjoyed very much whith very fit and young boys. Ihe best sunday evening, amazing. 300 THB. Now it's is better than before and clean. They even had to move customers to another floor for cleaning. I had a very good time.“

  3. J JL
    People over 50yo are unwanted, almost banned

    “People over 50 yo are unwanted, almost banned. 1500 baht for them instead of 280 baht!“

  4. J Jame

    “I came to Babylon and heaven Sauna before SM.
    Babylon số boring with fat man.
    Heaven wasn't attracted mẹ like SM.
    Asian men and fit men in the day I came to SM
    I was going pay 1500 bút staff here said 280. s so crazy here, only Asian men with fit body, some is not but only a few.“

    • M Morris
      Come to Taipei

      “Taipei has over three hundred young guys for you to choose. Therefore, why not extend your trip there?“

  5. L Leo
    Totally satisfied and fun guaranteed!

    “Visited SM on a September Friday night. I was not planning on going because of all the negative reviews here. However one of the guys whom I met recommended to go on Friday for the 'O-party' saying the crowd was as good as Chakran. I was only half convinced and decided to go on Friday because it was nearby. It turned out to be an extremely satisfying experience with nonstop fun! I would have regretted not coming here on this Friday night! The entrance was THB 400. I went in at 8pm and left at midnight when the sauna was closing down. The crowd was great, with lots of fit and sexy Asian guys from both Thailand and other Asian countries.

    Not a minute was wasted and within the first 10 minutes I met my first guy, and a few more afterwards, all of which were of great quality - fit, toned, skilful, passionate kisser and love-makers. At 9.30pm all guys were advised to go to the open air area, where the O-Party would take place. I had never seen one and it was real eye-opening and fun guaranteed! So overall I had thoroughly enjoyed the 4+hours at SM which were packed with fun with fit Asian men. Would certainly re-visit on any other Fridays. I cannot comment about other days. In terms of facilities and cleanliness - decent, not as run-down as I read here. I particularly like the multi-storey building and the open-air area. Given the superb crowd everything else was secondary.“

  6. a andrew
    hate this sauna


  7. T Tze Chung
    Dirty, stink n Way too EXPENSIVE !!

    “Foreigners entrance fee has shot up double since my last visit 2 years ago, now it is 4 times the local Thai (what an extortion ! weekend is even higher !) with even more ran down n poorly maintained facilities (still no hot water for shower, small towel that look like rags). Worst is inside is filthy, smelly n dirty, all cramped in a poorly ventilated area, I can have better fun at other saunas easily. Will definitely not patron this place again, NEVER !!“

  8. m mark

    “the price has way gone high with no improvements at all..... confusing prices too...depends if you're a local or not.... will never visit this sauna again“

  9. J Jason
    Good & bad feeling about this sauna ..50/50..

    “Went to Mania on Friday evening. Entry fee 400 baht. Theme of the day was ‘all nude’. Very crowded with Asians from other nationalities. Buffet dinner served due to Songkran celebrations. Cruisy dark room. Saw some action in steam room. Facilities wise need improvement, still very dark, smelly & ran down, locker area especially (lack of air cond). Staff are friendly & attentive but need to smile more. More to expect for the price they charge.“

  10. A Alex
    Terrible sauna

    “I do not advise anyone to this sauna. Do not go there. There are thieves there. The rooms are very dark and they use it. I have a gold chain stole.“

  11. J JV
    One of the Dirtiest Saunas in (Bangkok ) the world

    “I've been to so many saunas in Asia, Europe and America, and this is one of the dirtiest, darkest sauna's I've been to.“

  12. M M
    Over 50 years old, don’t bother going

    “If you're over 50 or look over 50 years old, then you will be charged 800 baht for the pleasure of going into this place. Door staff ignorant. I went on 14/1/19 and will never go again.“

  13. L Lam
    Not so many cute guys

    “The last time i ve been there was on Dec 23 2018 and let s say full of gays there but just 20% is in shape, oh my god!!!“

  14. T Tsunji
    Sauna Mania entrance fee

    “It’s insane when you enter the Mania Sauna with price of 360 baht and no food given, only drink.

    Admission on weekdays 220 baht, weekends 260 baht. Within 2-3 years, owners keep increasing the price from 160 baht.

    Hopefully, a new sauna will open nearby and make Mania owners realise not to overcharge.“

  15. R Ronaldo
    Dirty, smelly, lazy staff

    “Was there, but will not go there anymore. The place is very very dirty.“

  16. M Min
    location is good but dirty

    “The facilities and hygiene are not so good to pay 220 baht even in the week day. It is nonsense this sauna get worse even if it is a famous sauna in BKK.“

  17. H Horn
    Still dirty but happening

    “Went on Friday. Surprised to run into some group fun. Strange arrangement and other floors closed during this. Personally didnt want to participate judging from the crowd. Many annoying tourists who like to chat loudly in the dark rooms.“

  18. N Nicolas
    Cheap and dirty

    “I went on friday evening. Entry fee was just 100 baht for visitor while my Thai friend paid only 60 baht. This price was special promotion during June & July to bring people back after Police raided in April & early June. It was the orgy night the night i visited. There were overcrowded. place was steamy and i felt sticky everywhere i stepped on. Very dirty and over populated. People here more tourist with few locals.“

  19. H Hey
    Good local sauna !

    “A good thing with this sauna is with all these local guys. Steam and dry sauna are ok. I Definitely liked being in a local sauna like this - at least you don’t feel like you're at home.“

  20. R Richard

    “Recent visit around May/June 2018. As an older man I was treated by the staff poorly, and yes, there was surcharge for age, no towels supplied and had to purchase underwear...the place is in need of a good coat of paint and the cleanliness is somewhat dubious. Good clientele, friendly and fun and the closing time is midnight - not 0600 except on weekends. “

  21. A Alfonso Ramirez

    “Yo lo pasé muy bien, tengo más de 50 pero no los aparento así que pagué 200 thb. También hay menores.“

  22. O Older
    Overt charging & ageism

    “Walked up to enter and confronted by notice that from 11 to 16 April, charges 400 baht but 1800 baht for over 50's. That is extreme ageism. So disappointing that a gay establishment apply that overt charges because of age, beside overt cashing in on popularity of a holiday - Songkran.“

  23. A Alan
    nees remodelling

    “A shame the owner won't spend a little money during off season to remodel the bathroom and shower area. The place is in a good location and have good clients quality, but the owner doesn’t seem to care about quality of his own business.“

  24. K KY
    Another side of R3

    “Dark, exiting and fun for younger guys, but very dirty n smelly.“

  25. E Eric
    Fun but dirty

    “Went there few times early evenings and late night in weekend after clubs closing. Both times busy. In week very quiet after 10pm as it most Thai guys who come after work so go home early. Crowd is mixed with hot local Thai but sometimes also lots of chubby. Asian tourists also come. Nearly no white come as there is discrimination for them to pay more if they over 50y old. Staff is very lazy. Cabins mostly dirty and smelly.“

  26. R Roman
    A ruined evening.

    “Very poor staff performance. There was a problem that the sauna staff refused to solve. At the reception, the saunas pretended not to understand English and Thai.“

  27. R Rowan
    This aren't no R3

    “Cane here 22 Jan 2018 7:40pm - 9:05pm expecting the place to be old deserted and smelly... And it was two of these things. Surprisingly the less than hygienic environments coupled with a few decent looking guys (about 20 guys in their 20s) make for great energy. Perhaps cause guys are less inhibited because they want to get nasty get going.“

  28. N Nueng

    “I went there on Friday Dec 8, 2017. I got there at four o'clock, it was around ten people there. Most of them are quite young and hot. More people are started coming after 5 o'clock and get really packed around 7 o'clock. There were both Thai and other Asian guys, Taiwanese, Chinese, Singaporean, and a few whites. There were lot of hot guys with mussels and nice body. This is the best gay sauna I have ever been!! I will definitely go there again. The only problem was that the restrooms were quite dirty and smell so bad!! Should improve that.“

  29. J James
    Not for mature traveler

    “Have been here a few times & the place has got worse. It is unfriendly & unwelcoming.

    If you are 50 or over expect to be treated if you're radioactive. The higher price for older people is discriminant & outrageous. They don't want you there.“

  30. B Boris
    The location is good

    “I have been to Mania sauna many times over the past few years. The location is very good as it near the gay area (by walking distance). Although the place is a bit run down already.

    For people who like Thai guys, it used to have many local guys go there on Friday and Saturday, but I went there the last few times, mostly are guy in 30-50. The best time to go is after 1 am on Friday and Saturdays. More young guys will go after party.

    Overall, the entry fee is cheap and the location is good. Still worth to go.“

  31. J Jason
    Was and could be so much better

    “Dark and dirty describe just about every aspect of this sauna. I remember when it was a fairly decent place, with appropriate lighting and, while never "clean", a bit cleaner. Also, it used to be a pretty popular place among young muscular, fit guys.

    Nowadays, it's dark, literally. The staff have turned out or removed lights that the place once had. Now, it's dirtier. As soon as you step in the front door, you smell the smell of uncleanliness that permeates the entire four floors. The cabins in the cruising maze are the worst for this, with tissues and all sort of liquids spewed on the floors and beds. One worker does come around every so often, but he must be overwhelmed.

    The crowd is by far made up of less than athletic / fit guys of the late 20's to late 30's, with a few younger guys in the mix.

    Door charge is 200 Baht, but if you are over 50 or look over 50, the charge for you is 300 Baht.

    Sauna Mania has great potential. It's a large multi-story place in a great location. As of now, it's fully unrealized potential, but instead a bit harsh in reality.“

  32. R Robert
    Some cute guys

    “Decent sauna but I prefer others in Bangkok. Been a few times. I'm young and fit and there are usually a few other hot young guys but I rarely had any luck. Not sure why, always had better luck with young fit Thais at other saunas. 9pm is a bit late on a weekday, but is alright on a weekend. Lighting is generally a little darker than I'd like, and on naked (towel) nights lighting is WAY too dark. I've also had a few issues with unwanted groping by older aggressive guys who don't listen to you when you brush them away or say no. This was more of an issue here than other saunas. Facilities were a little less clean than other saunas.“

  33. X XY

    “Has its pros and cons. Been here 3-4 times with different experience each visit. Gad fun with good looking and the so so ones. It depends if your lucky you will get a good catch.“

  34. S Smoothsincere
    My first visit 8-07-2017

    “This is the first gay sauna I have ever tried in my life.

    Most of people here are young and they show attitude that they are interested in similar age of them only.

    The place is not so clean and smelly like wet towel. Most of people there are not Thai but Asian tourist.

    I expect to see more variety from Western countries but I think I only saw one mature western while I were there. I have to say this place is not my choice.“

  35. C Chris
    Local Asian Heaven

    “Where to start. It's a bath house and all are different. Went last night as 54 year old white guy among a sea of Asian boys. 200 baht as front desk guy must had thought I was younger.

    Later it got, the hotter it got. Lots of action. I watched and played. Yes, it can be dark, but just be careful. Then darkness adds to the mystery and fun. Just have fun. “

  36. J J
    1st sauna experience

    “Just to put my review into perspective:
    I'm an Asian american in my late 20s. I work out at the gym 5-6 days a week and I only speak English.

    I went on a Sunday (naked day) from 3pm-6pm. I believe at 8pm is when the venue becomes naked only on the 2nd floor where the maze is. The "grumpy" guy in the front is fine as long as you don't communicate with him. Just hand him the money and walk in. The locker area is small and they give you a lock and keys on a wristband. They also have a large towel for you in your locker...... I brought flip flops to wear around but the guys I saw there walked around bare feet. The man in charge of the locker area is really nice. I cut my finger while working out there and he gave me a bandage and even brought antibacterial wipes for me to clean my finger. Just ask him if you need anything.

    There were about 10 people there when I first arrived and at 6pm there were around 20-30 people. All of them were Asians from various parts of South East Asia. This was my first gay sauna experience so I was quite shy but most of the guys I hung out with spoke great English. There was one super hot and buff Thai guy there who I spoke to for a while but he seemed to be waiting for someone who is more "fitting" to come along. It was quite unfortunately because I was told by several guys there that he and I were the 2 best looking people there. Other than that hot Thai guy I saw, everyone was mediocre looking or older (late 30s-40s) and thin or muscular. The place is a little bit too dark. I literally could not see anything unless I get really close to the person. You kind of have to hang out on the 3rd or 4th floor where there are balconies with natural sun light in order to see their faces clearly.

    Since I left so early, I decided to come back at 11pm for when it was actually naked only on the 2nd floor. This time, more mediocre looking guys, mostly Asians, and mostly in good shape. You also can't see anyone clearly even on the 3rd floor and roof top because there is no more natural lighting from the sun. By this time, the dark rooms were extremely filthy looking with trash everywhere. It became quite dull after a while so I left.

    Also, the gym is tiny. The equipment are outdated and some of the machines get stuck while you're working out. Don't expect a workout from here, just stand around to show off as it is next to the bar and on the way to the locker so everyone who enters gets a clear look at you.

    All in all I thought this place has potential. I think I just went on a bad night. If there were more guys like that first guy I saw in the afternoon, then this would be the hottest place on Earth.“

  37. S Sar
    Cherry popping

    “Went there on a naked night last week. Entry fee was THB200, a towel ..... provided. The place didn't have much but around 7 pm the 2nd floor then became naked-only zone. Lots of gorgeous guys! Typical standing and walking around so one needs to be a bit bolder to take initiative if one's really up for fun. Had light fun with a few hotter guys (than me).“

  38. P Philip
    Good & bad

    “Went during Songkran and after.Price during Songkran 380baht for below 50 and an exorbitant 1700baht for above. They really want to keep the crowd young. Other normal times its 200 & 300baht respectively.

    I am a 55yo Asian muscular guy but have never been asked about my age except once. The guy who asked me was not the regular receptionist. He wasn't rude but when I told him I was 40 he let me pay 200baht.

    Despite the high fee during Songkran there were hundreds of guys in there. Practically had to squeeze your way through the cruising area. Made worse by the hordes of mainland China guys who go there in groups and seem to prefer to block the passageway and just talk loudly instead of cruising. Between 7-11pm very very crowded but after that the crowds left and that made it easier and more conducive to cruise.

    Place is large with several floors. Staffs are helpful especially when coming into locker area they will approach you and direct you to your locker. I notice they are only rude if patrons do not obey the rules and ignore them when they tell them.

    Yes the place is rundown and rooms/maze is dirty but what the heck you only pay 200baht, dont expect the Ritz Carlton in there. There is a single guy who tries his best to cleanup the rooms and he does it every so often.

    The bad things are the toilets are wet and dirty. The urinals do not work as when you pee it just drips down below and runs onto the floor. Better use the toilet bowl. Then the maze certain part smells constantly of urine. Wear slippers when in there. But what makes up for all that is the quality of guys. Mostly hunky toned muscular Asians. Hardly any Caucasians. Good place if you like Asians and muscles.“

  39. J John
    Great visit - why all these low star reviews?

    “Am caucasian on wrong side of 50...but not flabby lol. Pleasant guy on reception, B200 to get in. I was there on a Thursday night, secure lockers, big towels, two sets of communal showers with great water pressure even when all in use, plenty of soap and enough light to see some eye candy.

    Low light but hey it's a sauna. Dark areas are dark but hey they are meant to be lol. Walk slowly and you feel your way around and get felt along the way.

    Nice big steam room with window looking out to shower area...sauna next door not as popular and both clean.

    Saw a guy doing the rounds checking rooms on a regular basis...seems like a relatively clean and well run sauna to me. Nice open areas with large beds on top floors with plenty of trellis and plants to kind of give it a private but voyeur kind feel.

    If you're in town just go there. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours there and will visit again when next in Bangkok.“

  40. T T
    Dirty and discrimination.

    “Agree with you, dirty. Also, being older isn't easy and so being gay, but now being discriminated among his own kind also that makes it worse.“

  41. L Lee
    Go for slim & gym fit guys

    “Many young and gym fit good looking Asian guys, best sauna in Bangkok so far. Better bring your own slipper. Best time to visit 7pm-9pm. You have to understand the market of this sauna is young people, you have the option to go other sauna and stop complaining...... Housekeeping staff clean room promptly after someone used it. Go to deemed light area if you got the body & looks, stay in dark if you don't have.“

  42. A Arnie
    Poor customer service

    “I visited the place again last Feb. 22, 2017 since i was there last 2015 no changes at all. Same staff who are unfriendly and rude maybe need to be train for rendering customer service and the place is more than dirty nowadays even towels had an odor. The worst is there's a discrimination on their prices imagine it depends on how old guest is. If your less than 50 years old need to pay 200 THB but if your 50 years old & up need to pay 300 THB... WHY? The place is not gay friendly... no question if the owner's vision is to have profit on his business but he "must" also give importance on the satisfactory of his valued customers. Sauna Mania need to pay attention for the improvement of the place both on facilities and customer services. Time will come no one will patronize Sauna Mania. So wake-up.....“

    • T T
      Dirty and discrimination.

      “Agree with you, dirty. Also, being older isn't easy and so being gay, but now being discriminated among his own kind also that makes it worse.“

  43. A Arm
    Dragon DOLSO

    “Good place for relax , almost Asia , some Euro“

  44. V Victor

    “I visited Sauna Mania on 4 Feb 2017 for the first time.

    Reading the reviews here (more negative than positive) made me apprehensive, but what the hell, it was my last night in Bangkok, so I took the plunge.

    It was around 11+ pm when I reached. Expecting a scowl and demands of seeing my passport to determine my age, I was pleasantly surprised that the receptionist looked up at me and smiled as I approached. Maybe this was the younger, friendlier one mentioned in another review?

    Anyway, the entry fee was 200 THB. Another pleasant surprise. I was expecting to be charged the higher rate (I saw another rate for 300 THB) as I was neither in shape nor Thai. I'm a chubby Singapore Chinese in my early 30s.

    The place was pretty dingy. As I entered, there was a bar and I saw 2 Caucasians having a drink. Next door is a gym, where some buff body was working out in underwear. Furst eye-candy.

    The lockers seemed safe enough. They could be locked in 3 ways - 2 padlocks and another something-lock. Also, small lockers. Be prepared to knock your hand somewhere here.

    The towel, as mentioned in another review, was mini, all right. Like a face towel, but thinner. I was amazed later when I saw people could wrap this cloth around their waist...

    You then climb up to the showers. The stairs were very steep, and slippery. Be careful here, too.

    Showers - there were 2 areas, 1 with warm water, the other without. Soap dispensers had soap, and had sharp edges too. Must be extra careful when you use them cos it's D-A-R-K. You might cut yourself without realizing. It is really too dark, I feel.

    Rooftop - windy, with sun beds and some benches. I stubbed my toes at the entrance to this area a few times before I remembered the ledge was there. Careful here, too.

    Maze - very very very dark. I cannot emphasize how dark it is. As it was my first time, i knocked myself a few times again benches and beds, which seemed to pop out of nowhere. Ouch. Only some areas had this dim, red light, where you will be able to see better. There was an area with, strangely, a ramp. You enter this doorway and you find yourself going up a ramp. I went up, and could not see anything. I do not know what the ramp is for... It's steep and slippery. In my 5 hours there, I heard 2 people falling over in this ramp area already... i think 1 of them went up and slid down on his behind when coming down. It's quite hazardous...

    Crowd - 90% Thais, out of which 89% were gym-fit. 10% tourists, out of which 1% were Westerners, and 0.01% chub - myself. I don't see the Westerners, or farangs, getting cold-shouldered. They seemed to have lots of fun. I was lucky enough to hook up with 1 Thai, and another Taiwanese.

    I never expected that I would be someone's cup of tea among the crowd of scorching guys, so I consider myself pretty lucky.

    The action never let up! There's always some action somewhere! Very different to other saunas I have been to. Even at 3+ am, people were hugging and smooching and groping and moaning. It's a huge turn-on!

    All in all, the place is alright, imho, and I don't see the kind of discriminatory acts mentioned in other reviews. Come to think of it, I did not see any mature guys around. Therefore, there must be something in the higher price for them.

    Sure, the place could do with some re-modelling, and cleanliness can definitely be improved. But if you are into gym-fit Thais, this is the place you want to be! Would I go back? Yes, the action in the maze is a huge draw for me. Not to mention the plethora of eye-candies strutting their stuff.

    1 note to the management: can't you guys make it equal for mature guys also to pay the same entrance fee? Sure, you could allow free entry to youngsters to encourage them to come. Maybe you could consider 1 price for locals and another for tourists (regardless their age)? Bangkok is a haven for PLUs, and I feel a little sad for the matures if they are excluded in this wonderful city.“

  45. A Adam
    This place is seriously needed a remodel

    “This sauna is in good location, easy to find, but seriously.... Need to remodel before songkran 2017... I went on naked nights and must be hundreds of guys here... They should take some of that profit and fix up the place. If management of Babylon do naked day through out the entire club ... This place would go out of business. You have an advantage now, don't be cheap... Fix the place up a little, bathroom, toilet, 2 floor play area... Your place will beat Babylon“

  46. S Steve

    “I have seen recently how this sauna discriminates against seniors by charging them a much higher entrance fee.
    We ALL will be seniors one day (or be dead). I have visited many gay saunas in cities all over S.E. Asia, and I have not found this kind of discrimination elsewhere.“

    • J Jacky

      “many saunas in Asia , Japan , Singapore etc. have the same policy but in difference ways such as if u are not in shape , elder , u will be given a words "member only"“

  47. S Sebastian
    Not the most welcoming for non-Asians

    “I visited Bangkok and Sauna Mania in June this year. I'm Caucasian, in pretty good shape and good looking, but this place was tough! Very few foreigners here in a venue that is largely sticky rice (and fair enough); the super attractive guys were only into other Asians. I did get groped and touched, but only from the unattractives. Still, I got lucky a couple of times, but was mostly rejected. If you're Asian and attractive, this place is definitely for you.

    One complaint: the cruising halls are super dark, more so than other saunas. At one of the entrance ways, there's a ledge-like step that simply cannot be seen. Expect to stub your foot here.“

  48. J Jay
    Never again

    “We paid more than the normal entrance.fees. Rooms & toilets are not properly clean. Towels are small & torn. My dogs use better quality towels than those towels provided by Mania. Worst no tissue in some rooms. Dark room has a bad smell. We are sure the mattresses in the rooms have never been cleaned. Staffs are rude & lazy. We will stop visit mania. Never again!“

  49. Z Zen
    Rude & lazy staff

    “Went to Mania twice last week. Counter staff was rude, arrogant & unfriendly. Kept asking our age & passport. Who the hell want to bring passport to sauna?? Discrimination! Bad management. No wonder staffs are lazy & big mouths. No tissue paper in the rooms. Toilets & rooms are flirty & smelly. Never want to visit again.“

  50. J Joan
    Ebola city

    “Popped in and yes gorgeous guess everywhere - I think it's pretty dark
    But I was there less than 5 minutes and it's filthy
    Not sure it's ever been cleaned this was around 10pm Friday night
    I departed pronto
    I want to leave BKK with memories not tetanus“

  51. S Stimpy
    Filthy beyond description

    “Just visited this sauna with a friend after 2 years. I was shocked at the state of cleanliness. The rooms were horribly dirty. Went into a room with one guy but there was no tissue! Yucks. The counter staff were also very very rude and unfriendly. They kept asking us about our age and to show our passports. Come on, who would bring passports to a sauna when we are staying at Holiday Inn Express which is 50 meters away from the sauna. My friend is 26 and I am 38 but look much younger. After telling them our age, they then reluctantly let us in at the non-discriminatory rates. This place discriminates older guys. I think those over 50 will need to pay more. Better avoid - not only those over 50 but all should avoid because of the very rude staff.“

  52. x x
    Tks for your reviews

    “Thinking of going this sauna tonight but now we better change our mind :)
    Dont want to spoil our mood for this holiday here ;)“

  53. C Chi
    Charge for drink not taken

    “I went to this sauna last May 2016. My first two days experience was a good one but on my last visit, that was Sunday morning around 3 AM, I was so disappointed and scared by the dishonesty and the extremely bad treatment to me by the staff there. Imagine, the guy who was at the counter asking me to pay 20 Baht when I was about to leave. I did not order anything from the bar and yet they claimed that I ordered something. That was really ridiculous and scary! In the end, he said ok you can go without even saying sorry for the mistake that he did to me.

    I just hope that the owner of this sauna must give training to his staff to be polite and be professional enough to treat their customers from other countries with respect and professionalism as to avoid the bad impression and the bad image against this sauna mania.

    I'm supposed to visit this place again on my next visit to BKK but because of what they did to me, I will never go there again! I know there are good saunas to choose from.

    Now, I believe that what the other customers' review from the other countries against this Sauna Mania is indeed true!

  54. A Andrew

    “Visited the sauna as it was on the same street of my hotel, was surprised at the price difference based on age - under 50, 300 baht and over, 500 baht. Attendant was very rude when I asked about it. I left as for a visitor this is discrimination. I will NOT recommend this place.“

  55. W White
    very good sauna

    “This place is very good, I am non Asian and love the place. always packed with hot Japanese, Korean guys.. Never had a problem. its dark, a little dirty but his is what makes it sooo Hot and sexy.. no snobs in this place .. “

  56. J J

    “Visited during 12 apr.
    Lots of good looking guyZ! I avoid d dark maZe as u x know who is touching u! Overall it was fun as i got approached so many time, and i went into rooms with 4 diff peeps.

    A must visit for lean, mascular asian into same type“

  57. K Kumi
    Bad service of old Receptionist guy

    “I went to Mania for the first time and felt disappointed with receptionist named Mr. Ton from his rude wording about age and eye-contact. Rooms and area are not clean. This is last time for here.“

  58. R Ray
    Unfriendly staff

    “We are Shanghainese. We were at mania yesterday after 10 pm. The staff who was attending at the locker station was very rude. He seem interested only in gossiping to Thai customers. He treated them well unlike to us even though we arrived first. He scolded at one of us while we were on our way up the stairs. He scolded "no phone no phone" & followed us stared at us rudely. We were shocked & confused. We didn't bring phones with us. This staff should attend customer service lesson to teach him how to deal with customers in a polite & friendly manner. “

  59. P Pricey

    “Visited with friends on 14,15 & 19 April on Songkran. Rude old cashier attended to us at the reception counter. Not welcoming, just wanted to know our age & collect money. Discrimination. Older guys paid a higher entrance fees. We did not mind paying a higher fee if mania's services were good. Unfortunately some staffs were unfriendly, toilets were flirty & smelly. No body lotion, mouth wash is just like plain water. Hundred of customers just 2 bottles of mouth wash. Some rooms are without tissue, condoms & tissues not clear. Mania bosses wake up! Do U guys employ staffs just sitting playing with their smartphones & starring at customers? Same food served every New Year & Songkran. Don't u guys feel bored? Disappointed.“

  60. T Terry
    Be careful in the dark room

    “My first time visit,and someone [tried to] rob my necklace in the dark room. he didn't success but my neck was quite hurt and the necklace was broken. When I getting out,I heard someone beside me also robbed by thief,it seems not a special case for me.
    But overall it is good,value for money the provide soft drink and some food with only 360B.
    People there are quite picky,everyone thinks they can find a better one,but it never happen.“

    • T TGA Staff

      “When visiting any sauna or spa we recommend leaving valuables and jewelry at home or locked in your hotel safe.“

      • W White
        very good sauna

        “This place is very good, I am non Asian and love the place. always packed with hot Japanese, Korean guys.. Never had a problem. its dark, a little dirty but his is what makes it sooo Hot and sexy.. no snobs in this place .. “

  61. K Kris
    David, you must work for Babylon

    “David your review is a total lie. This place is old and really need a renovation but all the time I have visited Mania, there is never lacking muscle guys, especially on naked night. As a frequent visitor to BKK, I found this place is convenient and very hot during naked nights. I wish they will have naked nights all week for Songkran next week.“

    • D David
      No Lies Here

      “I do not work for Babylon. I am from the USA and I wish we had a sauna like Babylon there. I found Sauna Mania very oddly laid-out just like the other one they own. I was not there on a Naked Night but an Underwear Night. I just reported what I experienced. It was awful. Now in Pattaya and went to a sauna here, and it was not bad!“

  62. D David

    “So many guys just walking around for hours and doing nothing. So much wasted time. Lots of attitude , fems & toothpicks. No really masculine guys who want to get it on. Giggling and so many turn offs. Rejected over and over again and that is ok. I just cannot recommend this place. I did get some play but it seemed that even the young guys were not interested in each other. I should have stayed home.“

    • K Kris
      David, you must work for Babylon

      “David your review is a total lie. This place is old and really need a renovation but all the time I have visited Mania, there is never lacking muscle guys, especially on naked night. As a frequent visitor to BKK, I found this place is convenient and very hot during naked nights. I wish they will have naked nights all week for Songkran next week.“

      • D David
        No Lies Here

        “I do not work for Babylon. I am from the USA and I wish we had a sauna like Babylon there. I found Sauna Mania very oddly laid-out just like the other one they own. I was not there on a Naked Night but an Underwear Night. I just reported what I experienced. It was awful. Now in Pattaya and went to a sauna here, and it was not bad!“

  63. w wan
    HIGH price for seniors!

    “It MUST be mentioned that this sauna, and others by same owner/group- Macho, R3, Muffill, Men Factory charge a much higher entry for those above 56 or 60, mainly aiming farang.“

  64. S Simon
    Below average

    “A little boring. To little light the wrong places - hard to get a glimpse of the guys just to have an idea of whom you are dealing with once it get really dark.
    Big place with potential - seems a little "tired" - run down.
    Not really bad as such, just not a lot of fun either.“

  65. M Mark
    Sauna Mania

    “This place really is the worst sauna I have every been to anywhere in the world. The guys were awful and there were disgusting cabins that were full of rubbish, condoms and god knows what else that obviously had not been cleared for weeks. Shameful. Dire. Stay away and don't believe what you read on here.“

  66. R Ronaldo
    Age discrimination????

    “The website of this sauna is not complete. We thought the entrance fee is one fix price for all ages. What a dirty idea to read the entrance fee on arrival at the sauna.
    My age 39 and those of my other friends 51. Is this a kind of age discrimination?“

  67. M Mykel
    Great experience

    “My first time and it was nude night.

    It was unexpected since it was a nude night but i really enjoyed it.

    The building is tall but each floors are quite small, but its good at least you wont get lost.

    If you came late private rooms are dirty but there are a lot of guys to choose from.

    A lot of fit and hot guys during that night and there some not so attractive guys - maybe 20%.

    Wanted to experience it again.“

  68. R Riz
    The best so far

    “This by far the best sauna to have fun, come thats it truly the real reason why most of us go there.
    I always visit Sauna Mania everytime I come to bkk, and i found that the counter guy is really friendly.
    22/10/2915 - went with frenz, we r both mid 30 Asian with gym bod.
    Crowd- maybe bcoz tomorrow is holiday in bkk, there seems to be more people in the sauna, there Were about 50-80 ( u cant compare this with during songkran!). Crowd mostly young to middle age thais and asians.
    It was naked nights and i [had lots of action]. Definitely a visit if you r below 40 with slim to gym fit bod n looking for the same.“

  69. P Philip
    Great naked & small-towel night

    “The terrace is nice, but the whole place is in need of repair/refurbishment. The smell and general cleanthliness are quite bad. The only saving quality is the great time that can be had on naked & small-towel nights. The crowd is mostly Thai but but no reason to be shy, because they aren't! “

  70. J James
    Sticky rice

    “Came here on one of their nude nights
    The venue is clean and relatively well maintained
    There's basically no point in the steam room or sauna though because it's all about the maze and that's it.
    It's mostly a sticky rice and relatively middle aged crowd, although being Thailand most are still fit.“

  71. T Tim

    “Oh boy. I had such a great time here. I must confess that I was kinda reluctant to go here, but since I was curious to see how Mania was after reading many positive/negative reviews, I decided to go. It turned out to be a naked night. I had barely started walking around the dark maze and I already had a guy pulling me into a cabin. It wasn't 7 pm yet, so naked night hadn't started. I had fun and then when to rest in the terrace (top floor). When I came down, naked party had started already and I saw dozens of fit and muscular guys everywhere. Certainly, I'd say that the crowd here is 97% Thai, I only saw two foreigners apart from me. However, I never felt left out by the crowd. I had so much fun and went home very relaxed. Regarding the facilities, well, it looks a bit outdated, but I never felt it was dirty or gross. I don't think this is a place for an old or chubby farang because they might struggle in finding a match. I'm not exactly fit, but I'm not overweight either. Thai on Thai fun yes, some of them like farangs as well but bear in mind that they may not approach a farang because they feel shy or simply because they cannot speak English (not my case though: all the Thai guys I had fun with spoke English very well). So, give it a try and have fun!“

  72. j jay
    very good

    “wow wow.. very very nice.. So many sexy good looking guys.. omg. Perfect place. We went to Babylon and men factory, but they are nothing compared to Sauna Mania. The best.“

  73. S Shane
    Best place to meet muscular guys and hot sex

    “This is the best place in Bangkok to meet hot muscular guys and having a great time. Naked nights always great. You are guaranteed to leave happy. The place and do some renovations but if you just want hot fun. This is THE PLACE to go“

    • C Chrys
      Crowd is good but....

      “This I have to agree. Was there on a Saturday night and wow, the crowd was just damn good. The facilities definitely needed some refurbishing.. Also cleaners should come in for clean up more frequently on busy nights. After a while, the maze area smells.“

  74. S Shane
    Best place to meet muscular guys and hot sex

    “This is the best place in Bangkok to meet hot muscular guys and having a great time. Naked nights always great. You are guaranteed to leave happy. The place and do some renovations but if you just want hot fun. This is THE PLACE to go“

    • C Chrys
      Crowd is good but....

      “This I have to agree. Was there on a Saturday night and wow, the crowd was just damn good. The facilities definitely needed some refurbishing.. Also cleaners should come in for clean up more frequently on busy nights. After a while, the maze area smells.“

  75. K Karl
    Really need renovation

    “This place is good ONLY on naked nights. The facility is 30 years outdated. It looks dirty because everything is so old. If Babylon is having naked parties, it would get this place out of business.“

  76. J Joseph
    No Change

    “Disregard the negative comments about redesigning. Keep it no-nonsense, simple and functional, easy-going, because that's just what the naked nights are about. This place is exactly what Bangkok needs, relaxed & friendly. The more moaners that give the place a miss, the more I will be able to enjoy the exclusiveness of my weekly visits.“

  77. M Mark
    Seriously need an upgrade

    “What a shame that the owner doesn't bother to renovate the facilities. BKK has lots of choice for saunas but this one is centrally located and have good looking clients on naked nights. We all come to saunas for fun but PLEASE spend a little money to fix your place. Some comments here about the place is dirty, actually it's just old... Instead of spending so much money to open R3 which is so inconvenient to get to, spend a little money to renovate this place. Show your clients that you care.“

    • J Joseph
      No Change

      “Disregard the negative comments about redesigning. Keep it no-nonsense, simple and functional, easy-going, because that's just what the naked nights are about. This place is exactly what Bangkok needs, relaxed & friendly. The more moaners that give the place a miss, the more I will be able to enjoy the exclusiveness of my weekly visits.“

  78. J Justin
    The owner seriously need to spend some money to remodel the place

    “Out of all the saunas in BKK, this one has the best location. During naked parties only, you can find a lot of muscular guys. Unfortunately, the owner is too stingy to want to upgrade the facility. So sad in Asia, owner doesn't care about customer opinions. Spend just a little bit of money to redesign the second floor, upgrade the steam room and shower area. And definitely remodel the toilets. I am sure more people would rather come here than boring Babylon. But you can't compete with them because your facilities is 20 years out dated and seriously need an upgrade.“

  79. A Arron
    Please have naked all songkran weekend

    “This sauna only good for naked parties. Please have longer naked parties hours or have them all naked all Songkran weekend. I'm sure the place will be packed“

  80. T Tyler
    Upgrade required

    “This sauna is old and seriously need renovation. But if you come during naked parties, it worth it. I hope they will extend naked hours and everyday during Songkran next month if they want to compete. The location is convenient but the owner seriously need to spend some money to upgrade the facility. Without the naked party, don't bother to spend money here.“

  81. J Jason
    Completely empty!!!

    “Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon around 4pm, I went to Sauna Mania, it's supposed to be all naked day, to my surprise, there were less 10 people, what's going on? Can anyone explain to me ? Thanks!“

    • A Albert
      Check the time

      “I think naked starts at 7, you should check on website for time, it's not all day“

  82. M Martin

    “Actually I do not agree with some of those comments. The staff is really friendly and the whole complex is generally clean. Mostly frequented by Thais which is ok. Some foreigners should understand that there are Thai guys who do not like westeners and they should respect that. Many foreigners come to Thailand for easy and cheap fun, but they should realize that this immage of Thailand is gone long time ago. If the tourists want something like that, they should hang in Babylon or late in the evening in the bars of Silom Soi 4, which are well known for the foreigner - thai combination of business. People should not forget that even Thai people have their right of choice and taste :-)“

  83. M Martin

    “Actually I do not agree with some of those comments. The staff is really friendly and the whole complex is generally clean. Mostly frequented by Thais which is ok. Some foreigners should understand that there are Thai guys who do not like westeners and they should respect that. Many foreigners come to Thailand for easy and cheap fun, but they should realize that this immage of Thailand is gone long time ago. If the tourists want something like that, they should hang in Babylon or late in the evening in the bars of Silom Soi 4, which are well known for the foreigner - thai combination of business. People should not forget that even Thai people have their right of choice and taste :-)“

  84. M Mike
    Save your money and go elsewhere

    “Went there yesterday as a westerner and agree the comments of another reviewer. The place is pretty grotty and poorly lit throughout not just the darkroom maze. Young Thais certainly not interested in farangs. No condoms or lube in the locker and none to be seen in obvious locations. Admission is 200 baht and considering what you have in good clean and varied facilities at Babylon that's where I'll go in future. This is the worse Asian sauna I have been in.“

  85. B Bill
    Enjoyed this place very much

    “Sauna Mania is very clean, and staff are very kind and helpful. Lockers are very safe. Heineken beer is B$80 for a bottle, unlike Babylon where it's B$120. Rooms are clean and maze is active. It was the Nude Day (Thu) and the place was full of muscle and handsome. I enjoyed this place very much."“

  86. J Joe

    “Very impressed with the staffs service. The place was much cleaner than before. Unfortunately, we were disappointed with the older cashier service attitude upon arrival. He gave us unwelcoming rude attitude. Unlike The younger cashier who was much more friendlier.“

  87. A Aaro
    Lovely guys

    “A comfortable place. I am a western tourist too, but I had nice time there, because I am not so machine-like than the other western tourists.“

  88. R Rowan
    The ugly sister of R3

    “My first impression upon walking in was wow this place is run down! And exploring the facility and getting a whiff of the smell didn't improve my first impression. The gardens are nice to have a nap, but that's about it. Agree there were a lot of gym fit Thais there (but frankly, so did Chakran and R3). Personally I think both R3 and Sauna Mania are poor cruising experiences because there's not enough communal sitting spaces to help break the initial I've touching barrier.“

  89. G Greg
    this is the place for fit n musc asian guys

    “I used this site as a guide on where to go, so I thought it was only fair that I report back. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don't understand all the negativity.. so here's my review.
    I went to three saunas in BKK and this would be the best one for action.
    If you enter at midnight on a Saturday, even the change room will be a good indication of the quality ahead (men, not facilities).
    2nd floor is all maze, with varying elements (light/dark/open/tight)
    Guys are spread out over the entire floor.
    95% of the 150 guys are 20-40, asian and fit. At least half of that are athletic to muscular.
    Rooms could be cleaner but given their occupancy rate, makes it a hard task.
    Staff I don't have that much interaction with, not really interested if they're gambling downstairs. I like the that they have an usher to show me to my locker.

    Great chillout spaces on top 2 floors.
    My one negative comment would be the porn lounge. It's not very 'communal'“

  90. K Korean
    Special Experienced

    “Its very near to my hotel - Glow Trinity Silom - about 3 minutes by walk. It was clean, and though reviews in this page said about rude staff, they are very kind and helpful for me. (I think, they like eastern foreigners). Terrace on the rooftop was wonderful, and all customers are full of muscle and handsome. The only I disappointed was that day was not nude day (underwear day lol...)
    The entrance fee is 300b and Heineken beer is 80b for each bottle. Enjoy your day. Lockers are very safe, and be careful your steps on the shower floor.“

  91. j jacky
    service altitude

    “Mania is a nice sauna and good location. The place is cleaner than before. Unfortunately, we don"t like some of the staffs rude manners. We are surprised that their sister"s sauna R3 has a group of hardworking and well mannered staff. Same management but the service altitude of their staffs are such a big gap. We prefer to visit R3. All my friends are much happier when we are at R3. Staffs at R3 are friendlier & speak politely to customers unlike mania"s staffs. Sad to see the golden days of Mania is fading.“

  92. D Dada
    rude staff

    “My friends & I went to Mania last Friday. Rooms are cleaner than before. Some staffs are friendlier than before. But there is one particular staff working at the lockers seem to be unfriendly to customers at times.“

  93. T Toby
    not so special

    “The last time I visited was on naked night. Usually everybody is in the maze looking for hook up. You'll hardly find people in steam and sauna. Very local and few foreigners. But foreigners will be somewhat outsiders. Place is not clean.“

  94. T Tythus
    Great time

    “Great experience at sauna mania. The crowd was good. Of course there is call for renovation. I was there last month and had a great time. Once you get to know them you will be welcomed.“

  95. M Max

    “If you just want to meet hot muscular guys for hot actions, go on Naked night. This place should do some renovation to keep up with competitors in BKK. Babylon is super nice but guys just stand around with zero sexual energy unless you want to go to dark places taking chances to be touched by some fat old white grandpa. Would be nice if these two places improved on their weaknesses. Sauna Mania could use some renovation, while Babylon could host a naked theme once a week.“

  96. R Roland
    Naked Night

    “I was greeted warmly at checkin. Being the only farang, any Thai announcements were translated into English for me.
    A mix of younger guys to muscle to daddy. I has a great time despite the curfew being in place.“

  97. T Tack
    lazy & rude Mania's staffs

    “I went to Sauna Mania on Friday. I agreed with the recent comments about rude & lazy Mania's staff. This sauna seems to be a casino rather than a sauna. You can see staff gambling at the cashier area when you enter their sauna. No smile & customer's service minded. I'm wondering does their boss knows about the lazy & rude staff behaviour. Rooms & toilets are flirty. No one bothers to clean. All they know are gambling! Never encounter such problems at other sauna. Staff are friendlier & never talk rudely about customers unlike Mania's staffs. I will inform all my friends not to visit this sauna. Bad services!“

  98. V Von
    bad service

    “Very disappointed with Mania. Bad, rude & lazy staff attitudes. They don't care about customer service. Rooms & toilets are not cleaned. Staff & manager spend most of their time gambling at the counter. Never go again.“

  99. M Michael
    Naked night

    “Naked nights are truly the best nights to go there, otherwise, it's just boring. Yes, compared to the other two big saunas in Bangkok that don't bother with that theme, this place is old and not as nice. But if you want to go to sauna to have action with a lot of attractive guys around, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE (only on those nights).“

  100. G Greg
    Not ideal for White Guys

    “I went on a naked event night (Friday) and had read the other reviews so wasn't expecting a great venue.
    I was please to see it was ok. Yes, the place was very dark and the music blasted you from first step in the door but you adapt as time went on.
    I was one of two white guys there and did not feel welcome at all. The other white guy was young and hot but like me but was ignored by the locals who were all pretty hot almost without exception.
    Respectfully, this is a place for locals only and any subtle advance is met with a push or groan. I know what you are thinking… no I am not an ugly old monster. I am a tall slim blonde attractive Australian male. Remember many Thai guys do not like white guys (farang) and react with aggression to any approach. This preference should be respected. I recommend you try somewhere else.“

  101. S Steve
    Great experience for the right reasons

    “I enjoyed this place very much. Maybe because my reason for going to a sauna is to meet other guys, not so much the architecture and top cleanness. This is also why I chose to go on a naked night (Thursday) at 6PM. Perhaps this made my luck of being among a packed crowd of guys with a good proportion of attractive ones. As an earlier reviewer wrote, there are many stairs and they are tricky (narrow). Remember that it is no dishonor to navigate carefully the stairs of an unknown place, even if it is a gay sauna!“

  102. B Bee

    “Too dirty and like another reviewer says too dark. I feel bad while I am there and it isn't comfortable.“

  103. L Lee

    “Music is too loud. Place is too dark. Rooms are not clean at all. I had to clean up the bed before using it!“

  104. F Fresh Rain

    “So nice place.“

  105. J James

    “Update from my previous review: Sauna Mania seems to be in a suicide spiral. The filthy rooms and lazy staff continues. The maze used to be pretty nice with good paint colors and just right lighting, a good mix of dark areas and warmly illuminated areas. Over the past couple of months, it has changed, getting a little worse each time I've visited. The staff has painted everything black - - hallway walls, doors to cabins, walls in the cabins, the bed frames. I'm guessing so they have to clean the walls. The place is quite dark now and you can't really make out faces and features that well, (not even the color / style of a guys underwear so you can go hunt him down after he's passed by!) By my last visit, they had installed some obnoxious glaring string lights in one hallway that pulses on and off, apparently to discouraged the peeping Toms from peeping in that area where they were the biggest problem. The result is nobody hangs out there anymore, nobody wants to be seen in such unflattering light or have their night vision whited out in a flash. Outside the maze, they've turned what used to be a relaxing garden on the 3rd floor (down the hall from the shower area, the sauna and steam room) into just another dark place. The garden used to have warm glowing lights strung in trees and guys would hang out there to talk, smoke and take a nap; no cruising went on there, just relaxing after coming from the steam room or sauna. Now, no lights, completely dark, nothing special anymore. I saw nobody in that area on my last visit. They've also darkened the shower area to the point that you see almost only silhouettes in the shower. I'm not one to stare in the shower, but I do think part of a good experience at a sauna is sharing the shower with other beautiful bodies; of course we all enjoy seeing without staring. I suppose as a result of these changes, the crowd seems to have gotten a lot smaller, and older. I was there on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago and at 1:30 in the morning, there were only about 30 or 35 guys in the maze, looking mostly in their mid-30's, and three or four white foreigners, one 20-something look, the others looking late 40's or older, and one black foreigner about 30-something. (By the way, I am Thai and 38 years of age.) Saturday nights used to see close to a hundred guys roaming the cruising areas at that time of night. Maybe it was just that night. The other thing, though, is that the usual influx of young guys coming there after the bars close, usually after 2:00 a.m. didn't happen, at least not noticeably. And the guys who were there that night were mostly older.

    I want to give a warning that I think is warranted: On the naked nights (Thursday and Sunday), the staff locks two exit doors to the maze area so that they can enforce the naked-only zone. Everyone must use the stairs from the 3rd floor to enter and leave. I think this could be a hazardous situation if there were an emergency.

    I miss the original Sauna Mania. Even if it was (and still is) a bit dirty, it had a nice atmosphere. But the staff there now seems intent on killing that atmosphere with their design tweaks. If they'd go back to the original setup, raise the walls a bit so the peepers couldn't interfere, they'd once again be a pretty good off-the-beaten-path sauna to visit. As it is now, if I return there it will be only out of curiosity to see what they've done with the place!“

  106. R RB

    “Referring to the previous review. I live in the district where Sauna Mania is and have never ever experienced old out of shape foreigners hanging around in the shower area.

    I am 62 and wonderful in shape and never ever had problems with the Thais.“

  107. J James

    “An interesting place, but really the "private rooms" are usually filthy. Staff members simply sleep the night through instead of cleaning as they are supposed to. You have to take it upon yourself to clean the bed and room to some extent before you "start" your action. Be sure to wear flip flops, or you'll be grossed out when you step in a mess!

    Attendees tend to be office workers after work during the weekdays. Saturday night tends to be guys in the late 20's to low 40's. Some younger guys come in sometimes late at night, usually in groups that stick together in packs, going everywhere together and usually not doing much else; just there for the music and atmosphere.

    Recently, there's been a number of older white guys showing up. They're mostly quite out of shape, some even obese. They are there just to see what they can see, as no one gives them attention. They tend to be invasive in the shower area, making no pretence that they are staring at you, spending hours in the shower area. It has turned the Thai crowd off to foreigners. There's even been some Thais suggesting white foreigners not be allowed in because of this behaviour, or an age maximum be imposed.

    The walls between the rooms are not so high, so "peeping Toms" is quite common, with guys hoisting themselves up to look over the walls. One guy recently was caught using his cell phone to video the action in the next room this way. There's been some angry guys cussing out the offenders. Sauna Mania needs to raise the walls some before they get a fight in there!(Or, before someone has their video posted in the internet!)

    The gardens are okay-to-nice, but mosquito infested. Sit down for just ten minutes and you'll have several bites in no time. The sauna should at least burn a few mosquito coils in the areas, but I guess it would cut a few Baht off their profits.“

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