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Sempurna Avenue

2/F, 29 Jalan 4/93 (off Jalan Lombong), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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+60 39 284 9929
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Sempurna Avenue offers good, professional massages in a comfortable, modern setting in KL, equipped with sauna and café. Their male masseurs are known to be friendly, skilful, and not hustling for tips.

Take LRT train to Miharja Station. Turn right upon exit and continue down the main road to the shopping complex across the street. Sumpurna is on the 2nd floor.

nearest station : LRT: Miharja

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue's own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

weekday: 12:00 - 01:00

weekend: 12:00 - 01:00

venue Massage | features massage, sauna, cafe

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last updated: 17-Feb-2020



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  1. Never changed a Business model when Business starts doing Great

    “As they say "Never Changed a business model or ways doing business when the business starts doing Great" !...but sadly, This is What Sempurna Avenue just Changed!
    As a 5x times customer who came more than 3 yrs and always go for more than an hr. Massage, this time I was so disappointed and dissatisfied by the Services provided and changes made to Sempurna Avenue to the point that Not coming back is an Option! On the 4th February (Tuesday), when I walk-in to SA I saw the changes and new signboards along the hallway and that's where. I had a bad feeling that this is Not going to be turn out good after walk-in the shop I saw a new receptionist on the front desk and everything changed! The receptionist turn out to be a newbie who knows Nothing about own Company policy!

    Aside of prices changes(+RM 10), he told me from now on if masseurs is foreigner, the massages will be taken across the shop(filthy, dirty, smelly and lousy like a place for refugee). He also said you had to pay$$ first b4 massage starts when all this time we been paying After massages regardless of Foreigners or Not! So I ask him instead: If I paid now, What if I don't like the masseurs 15-mins later? He then replied is 10 ! 10-mins later so I said you guys had changed the timing to change masseurs too ???! Then he only ask me back: Sorry, Is it 10 or 15 minutes when u see the signboard on your way up the hallway??!

    End up I ask for the "Thai-guy" that massages me b4 but instead he chose another guy also from Thailand so I ask him, Is he the only Thai-guy cos I'm pretty sure that's not him! Then he said that's him and you forgot already or you didn't know! So I replied I confirm 100% that's not him bcos the Thai-guy massages me b4 I gave him 200+ Tips and I Rmb his face! End up the other's masseurs heard what I said then only told the "receptionist" there's used to be another Thai-guy and is not this guy! Then he only said Ohh I never talk to that Thai-guy anyway so I didn't know?! By that time I was like, is he even working here or just as a Customer in here? Finally I chose a local-Indian guy and request for an hour and half and I on-my timer b4 he officially starts the massages, by the time he finished we even went to shower and I check back my timer, it was Only just an Hour! (and noted that's include after I taking my shower Only I check my timer-phone) So I'm sorry to say but Sempurna Avenue, thank you for your long-time services but the prices increased and the staff you changed as well as the new rules are all a Bad Changed!“

    Golin on 23-Feb-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Reply to Golin

      “I really understood and felt for you... previously your experiences in SA was a delightful one but reading your review from your last entry, I understood your dissatisfaction and the grievances you felt after finding out that SA has gone through some changes that unfortunately does not follow its previous standards... why can’t we have nice things that’s maintained for once?“

      Maxim on 24-Jun-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. good but ...

    “The place is cool and calm, clean and safe.
    What's for sure is that the Masseurs are not pro, and not as accurate as they look on the catalogue (but that was expected). Also, I understand that burping in public is okay in ML but come on ... do you really need to hear 10 burps while you are having a relaxation session. A final advice, Masseurs are advised to take care of their personal hygiene and health (one kept coughing).
    Finally, bring cash the guys don't have POS machine.
    The place has potential and needs a professional touch to maintain the minimum standards.“

    Me on 15-Feb-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. wechat

    “Anyone have Sempurna Avenue wechat ?“

    Kay on 10-Oct-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Wonderful experience

    “Louis was great...very enjoyable. My body was throughly taken care of...every inch of it. I did the massage and body scrub! So nice! Pure bliss....the place is clean too~!“

    C on 07-Aug-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. Better than expected...

    “Wow, what a thrill....Louis (I think that is his name) is very good...I did the scrub and body massage for 1.5 hours plus for RM120 is well worth it. He does not try to upsell you and is happy with a normal tip. His hands are magic and my body was in ecstasy the whole time...very enjoyable. Was also surprised to see how clean it was!!!“

    C on 07-Aug-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. Not so good this time

    “Chose a masseur who did not use oil for massage at all. The man who recommended him said forgot to tell me he does not use oil.“

    Tan on 03-Aug-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. Will be back for 2nd time

    “First impression.
    The place not too bad. Front desk uncle is friendly. The place smell fresh, quite clean and acceptable for me. Only drawback too many massuer just hanging near the waiting area talking.

    Once I came in 1 guy ask me to seat at the sofa, provide a drink and show me the catalog of the messuer. Ask him which is the best one and he suggest me from one of the catalog.

    The messuers range from different nationalities but mostly local. The person is had is local. Not that much taking but I prefer it. He really done a good massage. Definitely choose him again next time.

    After completed massage he shows me shower area. Nicely he did help to soapy body. At the end he did not even asking for any tip. But, if you did have good service definitely you will pay him handsomely.“

    Andy on 09-Jul-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Sempurna Avenue is the Best !!!

    “I been here 4-5 times, always meets my expectations (better than any place I had been to before in KL, Bangkok, Taiwan and Indonesia)“

    Ryan on 07-Jul-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  9. Best gay massages in whole Kuala Lumpur

    “I went to Purnama male massage, FreshM2M and even Arena Spa in Bangkok and I'd have to say Sempurna Avenue is the cheapest, friendliest, worthwhile and provided the best services! On top of that, the facilities are clean and well-maintained, I just loved it. If I won a lotto of 1 million, I sure would invest in Sempurna Avenue :)“

    Golin on 05-Mar-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  10. Massage skill good but not the masseur

    “I just come back from there. The guy at the receiption said the masseur was from Sabah but then when I heard he speak, he is a Mymar.

    But thankfully his massage skill was good. I refuse the B2b and any offer because they cheat me about the origin of the masseur. The picture of the masseur and reality also not the same. Be carefull with your choose or you will not enjoy the entire massage because he is not your type

    Good thing is, the masseur dont force you to give amount of tip, but it depend of your masseur. Btw, Im happy and will come again.“

    Malvia on 05-Dec-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  11. Returning Customer

    “Great masseurs, accommodating staff and clean areas. All okay, apart from my second visit when the new guy massaged me for 20 minutes then started doing the extra service without asking me and without finishing his treatment. Then after the session, he asked me for tip which was not in our agreement.
    All okay except for that one bad experience I had.“

    Jan on 01-Dec-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  12. Policy

    “Hi. We would like to inform all customers that we have a policy displayed at our entrance, that if our masseur does not meet your expectations, you can change another masseur without additional charge. And if any masseur asks for additional tip or provides low quality service, we will not tolerate such behavior.“

    Sempurna Avenue on 16-Oct-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  13. Thousand apology

    “Atcually our sauna is working if u have come to our spa within this few mth is just that we never on the sauna unless u request from the counter u want to use the sauna than we own it. Hope to see u soon any request or comment or complaint can call our comment n complaint dept 013-9268286. Your comments or complain is our compliment.“

    Nik on 23-Sep-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  14. Thousand apology

    “Thanks for the good comment about our staff skill and service but disappointed to hear our staff ask for extra service that we can't. If caught the staff will be fired and hope u can call our comment and complaint dept of Sempurna avenue massage ctr 013-9268286 to let us know which staff u took and everything is confidential. Your next visit will give you a discount. At our door entrance we have written on the signboard if our staff massage is no good or staff asking for xtra service can change another massuer without additional charge and can complain to our hotline 013-9268286 - or at our counter and we promised to solve your problem.“

    Nik on 19-Sep-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  15. Poor service

    “Booked Amir, turned up late not even bothered to apologise, just rubbing while playing with handphone and pushing for extra service.“

    Wasting on 08-Sep-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  16. Pleasant Experience

    “The place greeted me with a friendly smile of the reception. The overall place is very cosy. The massage was good. Masseur was courteous and looked into areas of my body which needed more attention. I would definitely visit again. The only set back is the dry sauna was not working.“

    Jay on 26-Aug-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  17. I’m the Chinese guy who always take 2 hours

    “I love this place, but some masseurs give really bad service! I’m so sorry for this time!“

    Andy on 23-Jun-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  18. OK

    “Massage skill and service ok but in the end asking extra money. Is the massage include?
    anyway that night is for massage. vege day“

    ko on 17-Apr-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  19. Will come back again

    “Reception is friendly, place is clean, have variety of masseurs depends on what you need. Been to a few other massage centre before and this is the first time
    I’m satisfied. Hope they can maintain the standard till the next time I come back.“

    C on 01-Apr-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  20. Great and worth place for gay massage

    “Jz completed my short weekend trip to KL, have been there massage twice in 2 days, you can choose masseurs from their catalogue and the staffs are very friendly and they will recommend each masseur massage skills for you if you don't know which to choose.

    First day, I choose a local Chinese masseur (forget his name, but his photo was the 2nd photo in local masseurs section), his massage skill was brilliant! Moreover he care about customer body condition and applied necessary strength that suit my body, he also help me massage more on my waist, very good and polite masseur, strongly recommend.

    2nd day I choose a Nepal Asian his name called James, his massage skill also brilliant, he massage more on my hips and waist which I like it, he is a cool guy and not much conversation with me, but the main point is his skill is really good! I feel my body very relax after massage by him. Both masseurs are brilliant.

    Environment wise consider not bad with private room and shower facility. Shower area is public type and very spacious. The only drawback is the room to room sound proof is not good, can hear the next room sound, but this is still under my acceptance. Strongly recommend!“

    Patrick on 25-Mar-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  21. Return customer

    “Didn't let me down after my 2nd trip here. Good spa to relax. Affordable price n good management.“

    James on 06-Feb-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  22. Unpleasant Experience

    “I had very unpleasant experience here. I booked 1 hour massage + 15 min sauna however massage lasted only 45 minutes, if rubbing over with oil can be considered massage for sure. The masseur was smelling terribly smoke. After 45 minutes massage he showed me the showers and left without informing the sauna. Luckily I pain only 60Rm for this bad experience.“

    Ken on 01-Jan-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  23. Great. Massage . Tq for "CK"

    “My attraction at the first time ..the environment nice...reception is Chinese friendly, with welcome smile. Gave me welcome drink..I got "CK" my therapy guy who massage me...his a great guy with his massage skill..I feel fresh...he not disappointed me at all..“

    Kam.. on 28-Nov-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  24. Apology

    “Sorry to hear that u had a bad experience at our Sempurna avenue spa. . We will make it up to u n on your next trip we will give u a free massage hope u can let us know which masseur u took n it will be confidential btw u n us n hope u can send a message to our fb. Your comments or any complaint is our compliment. Since we just took over Sempurna avenue spa so we r give best service to our client. Once a again a thousand apology.“

    Mansco on 20-Aug-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  25. Reply to Disappointed

    “Hi, we sincerely apologize that you had a bad experience at our massage center. Under our new management, we strictly want all our masseurs to provide good services to our customers and hence we have performance review of our masseurs. Please let us know the name of the masseur and we'll provide you with a free massage session in your next trip. Please send us a direct message on our Facebook page for confidentiality purposes.“

    Sempurna on 19-Aug-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  26. Disappointed

    “I went there to get an hour massage. I don't name the guy but when I turned around, he asked me what I wanted.

    He kept talking on the phone, he told me he is tired so all I got was massage for my back n shoulders. Wasn't satisfied. I guess not all the guys there like him. Just give it a try. If you get a good masseur or not. At the end, he wasn't happy the tips I have him then I said you want more and his answer was of course. Not happy end.“

    At on 16-Aug-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  27. Convenient location very close to Vivatel Hotel and Viva Home Mall

    “I have been here several times and can highly recommend it. The attitude of the front desk personnel is very friendly. Masseurs are of various nationalities and ethnicity. 90 minute massage is only RM 90, and tipping can range from RM 50 to 200, depending on services offered. Masseurs don't usually mention specific tips expected, but RM 200 is fair for B2B. Don't expect luxury in the cabins, but they seem pretty clean.“

    Luke on 30-Jul-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  28. Excellent massage

    “Sempurna avenue just went tru a make over under new pr to take care n is a beautiful setting with expert massuer n affordable price. Love this place. Tks travel asia.“

    Eric on 11-Jun-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

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Rating: 3.2/5. From 60 votes.
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