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Soi 13in Sauna

13 Minsheng E Rd, Sec 1, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan  map 

Formerly called “Rainbow Sauna”, Soi 13in features all-new, modern facilities including a locker room, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, lounge area, private cabins, etc.

Located in Zhongshan District.


cafe, internet access, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi / hot pool, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room

Updated: 12-Apr-2022

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  1. D Didier
    scam sauna

    “Went lat night and the steam room was cold, the dry sauna was cold, half of the rooms were closed and even after asking the staff, they said it could not be open. Yet you pay the full price!! Avoid this place, it is a scam to make money and deliver no service!!!“

  2. J John
    Sexy crowd

    “Been here Feb 14 and Feb 16 2021. This place is amazing. Sexy guys, I'll be back hopefully this year. I'm gonna miss this place. So far the best sauna for me.“

  3. J Joe
    What a amazing place!

    “I am here with my Thai boy for new year holiday in Taipei. The place was packed by guys from all walks of life ... Most of them are hot, fit young Asian guys. It's like a all you can eat, buffet place... If you are into eating rice, this is the place for you, but please don't come too fast because the next the better.“

  4. J Jp
    Must visit

    “I visited on November 30,2019. The place was clean and there were a lot of good-looking, fit guys. I met my first Taiwanese friend here and he's really nice. If you're into Chinese men, this place is heaven. I will come back next year for sure.“

  5. b boychem
    The best sauna in Asia

    “I visited this place 3 continuous nights especially during Gay Pride 2019 at the end of October and each night when I came and only said Oh my God because there had many hot guys, young, slim fit, nice muscles guys with the most friendliness and sexiest ambition. I stayed overnight and saw many actions were continuing at midnight. I really enjoy whenever I come here.
    I've visited many gay saunas in Asia but surely I will vote for Soi13in is the best of the best. Please come and enjoy <3“

  6. B BKboyz
    Most Appreciate :0)

    “If you haven't seen a sauna anywhere that is clean like this before I recommend it here. My first time going here. I am very impressed with the cleanliness. And the staff are very friendly. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. And it is very easy to find because it is on the main road - very convenient. Most customers will definitely not upset you, I guarantee it. Please put Soi13on in your travel plans every time you go to Taipei. Let's check-in here soon. Nice Smile. Thanks Soi13in for making me happy.“

  7. D Dylan
    Yes, it’s the best place to come for fun

    “I definitely will comeback too, hope to meet you again there.“

  8. S Stef
    One of the best Spa I've been in

    “I'm a foreigner, and it was my first time at Soi13in. It was pretty impressive how hot most of the guys were. And there was a lot going on. The staff were very friendly and helpful too. I highly recommend it.“

  9. A Aussie
    Aussie Asian looking for Filo

    “Went here on Sunday 15th September, 2019. Met a hot guy from The Philippines who was just my type, and we had fun. He left after we finished, so I didn't get his LINE/WhatsApp. Hopefully, he'll see this and reply so we can hook up again.“

    • C Christopher Ram
      Hey i think im that dude

      “Hey whats up! I also looking for a aussie guy whom I met in this sauna last year.“

  10. T Terence
    Price has increased

    “Price has increased to 600 NTD (still 200 NTD for locals from 6:30pm-7:30pm).“

  11. L Leo
    Young, fit, handsome - the sauna to be

    “I visited Soi 13in on both Friday and Saturday night in July. It was a heaven. Full of young, fit, handsome guys, mostly Chinese/Taiwanese with few foreigners. There is rarely any old/chubby guys and the visibility of hot/fit guys is very high. Dark rooms and wet sauna are where most actions take place and it was super kinky and great fun. The facilities are well maintained and appear/feel very clean (compared to Hans). I had plenty of fun as well as met nice local guys who ended up going out for supper with me. The place was crowded throughout the night. I stayed until 4am on Saturday and at this hour, there were still quite some guys around. Hot actions took place everywhere and you could absolutely unleash.
    Definitely will come back again and probably only visit Soi 13 in Taipei.“

  12. R Ray
    Great place

    “Always fun and always hot guys.. Who cares if foreigners pay more? It's still cheap, clean and well-managed. Have been many tines and continue to go back.“

  13. R Richard

    “I was visiting Taiwan from Australia and went there on Sunday. Very crowded, some young, some not so young.. Was constantly being followed by a follow. So after 30 minutes, I left. “

  14. R Ray
    Great saune

    “Have visited many times to this location and have never been disappointed. Three floors. First floor is changing area. Locker attendants are so nice and helpful and keep the place very clean. first floor below is showers, steam, sauna, jacuzzis (2) and tons of showers. TV area showing regular movies and news as well. Second floor below is lots of dark rooms with tons of touching etc. with lots of lockable door rooms with mattresses. So always fun happening there. It's packed at 630pm for a couple of hours and packed means tons of hot naked bodies. Steam room is so full that is it body against body. Will go there again and again. And as a foreigner, I love this place.“

  15. D Dick
    how to save money to get in...

    “First, you can buy ten tickets if u live here so the average price might be 300 NT dollars. Or you have local friend who might have bought a lot coupon tickets during promotion....and each less than 200. For Taiwanese, only have hour from 6:30-7:30 and there is no reentry... But think about meeting so many most good looking young naked guys by only costing so much money or you choose to have a money boy to be with playing funny games but no sex and cost you much more.“

  16. M Mister

    “People seem quite shy in the public areas, not really as relaxed as in some other spas. People are very intense in the dark room areas, and it is impossible to see anything. Think it is bullshit that foreigners are charged 500 and locals 200. Even if you are a foreigner who lives here you have to pay 500 - Think about that...“

  17. A Adrian
    Nice place to hang out

    “I like Soi 13in Sauna in Taipei. Very clean and a lot of local Taipei guys. Great facilities, Always stop by at Soi 13in every time visit Taipei. Very recomended and pleasure to have back to Soi 13in and much fun.“

  18. J Jack
    Had a good time there!

    “I had a wonderful time there. I went there last night around seven and saw many local guys there who are most young and some foreigners as well. The place is clean and cozy with a pool, dry sauna, rooms...good fun inside the dark room feeling local guys smooth skin and something hard...
    Now tickets on sale, 20 for NT$3700 and anyone can use but they will expired in two years.“

  19. J Jack
    Great sauna

    “Went there at around 10 in the evening. Still lots of guys. Slim/fit foreigners get a lot of attention. If you are more on the bear side, there is less attention.. but if you are good-looking overall, no problem to find guys to play with. Most in their 20's - clean and cheerful.“

  20. A Art
    Cool place for sauna

    “I got an action just in 10 minutes i arrived.
    95% are young and lean. Be careful of the other 5% that are old and try to engage with you improperly.

    Anyway, it neat and clean. It is my second favorite just behind the price in Thailand.“

  21. B Bill
    A hot place you must go for a good time.

    “The peak hours start from 6:30 when there's happy hours. Coupon tickets 10 for 2,700 NT dollars. If you are non-residents, this is a good deal and cheaper than other saunas.
    Many good looking fit, young guys from local or other Asian countries, and people speak English there. If they don't, find someone else to have a chat - not for sex only. It is a safe, playful and yummy place.“

  22. J J
    Many hot guys and clean

    “Everyone goes naked , crowded every day I was there, clean. A little bit too dark and cold in the basement floor. Foreigners pay more since has to access to happy hour discounts. Overall recommended, much less attitude than the guys at aniki and cheaper“

  23. B Brandon
    Highly recommended for quality crowd

    “I went on a Saturday night after a very disappointing experience at Hans sauna. Much bigger than I expected, with ample lockers, showers, cubicles and dark rooms. A bit dark at the cursing alleys but the LED lights helped. Mainly younger, lean and fit (at least the butts) crowd. Couldn't find anyone to have one on one with (too many to choose from!), so I went to the dark room and had a wild, non-anal group fun. Highly recommended.“

  24. K Karl
    After 6pm it's busy

    “I went at 6pm on a Wednesday and it was full, hence 6pm-9pm is the peak time.“

  25. M M
    Friday night

    “Busy after midnight?“

  26. O Owen
    Great experience

    “Highly recommended. Sauna, steam and dark rooms are full of excitement. Don’t miss it!“

  27. M Mark
    Amazing Experience

    “Went here with a good recommendation from a friend and it did not disappoint. Many young fit locals and asian foreigners here. It was a feast for the eyes during my trip. I only stayed for an hour but I got action, although I'm not as fit as other guys, I got some fun in the dark room. Definitely worth the visit and the fee is only 500 NTD.

    I highly recommend for those who want to visit Taiwan who wants to have fun.“

  28. J John
    Just good

    “Sunday in the end of the afternoon is was crowded with lots of muscled young guys. I really enjoyed the service of the personel, the way they keep everything very clean. Taiwanese gays told me this is the basis for their success. Just very good. I missed a few things here and there but the rest just fine..“

  29. A Adrian

    “Last night went to Soi 13in Sauna, very clean and neat.

    All nude, nice playing here. Great hot tub to engage with some guys. Recommend sauna in Taipei. Don't missed it.“

  30. P Parin
    Best in taiwan

    “I have been this place nice people and cleanliness I love. Hot tub“

  31. K Kyle
    Fun, Hot, Happy

    “My partner and I visited and had a fantastic night. Each of us meeting others on our own and hooking up with others. The bath area is terrific, the cruising floor and rooms huge and clean. One of the best not only in Asia but in the world.“

  32. R Rowan
    The wet area surprisingly popular

    “Came here sat 24 Feb 2018 8:30 to 11:30pm. The place was already packed with close to 100 guys there when I arrived. Most were 20s ranging from beefcake hunks, younger guys and a couple of bears and seniors. The wide hallways in the basement play areas meant most touching was in the dimly lit steam room upstairs and various sized black rooms downstairs.

    Being proactive is key here as there's too much space for shy Asian guys to just stand around doing nothing but perhaps chat occasionally. Worth the 500twd in my opinion. The facilities were new and functional.“

  33. J J
    Everyone is naked

    “I like the fact that everyone is naked everyday. It is really hot. I had fun with several locals. Many hot guys. Normally crowded after 6:30pm. And yes, if you are not local, there are no discounts available. But I am just happy to be able to have a place like this to go when I visit Taipei. After all, I end up paying TWD100 per session! Sounds a great deal to me:-)“

  34. d danny
    how to get in without paying NT500

    “1. buy voucher tickets or get voucher ticket from the locals...or wait in front of the door and ask any locals to spare one ticket to you.
    2. ten tickets for NT$3500, and twenty tickets for NT$4,500.
    3. Now voucher tickets buy one and get one free, which means pay NT$3,500 get twenty tickets in two weeks.
    4. tickets will be expired after two years.“

  35. M Morris
    an erotic place to go and play with a reasonalble price!

    “For a white guy looking for Asian crowds, this is the place to go. It is clean with spacious space and brand new.

    Pool, steam room, dry is a fun place to go and no money boys there, you pay one price to get in...“

  36. C Co
    Ridiculous Argument

    “Sorry. But that is a ridiculous argument. If I own a business, and am able to identify my repeat customers, I would charge them less because - that's right - they'll come again. Visitors in my country are just that... visitors (not all are, there is always an exception to the rule). And for the leisure industry, that means they shall be extrapolating every dollar they can get, is it's likely to be the only time most will be visiting there.“

  37. J Jimmy
    Not all foreigners are wealthy.

    “Let say if you are from Thailand or Philippines, you are being charged more in already expensive country such as Taiwan and you are told that you have to pay more. How would you feel? I was also charged 500 NT and others are offering reduction at a discount price of 200 NT or even 400NT with much better facility than this one. I hated the fact that all these gay business charges more during Gay Pride which really enrage me.“

  38. S Steve
    Stop whining

    “I can’t believe all the whining about charging foreigners more. Who cares? You are on vacation! Friggin enjoy yourself instead of penny pinching. The lower price gets more young local guys to go there and that’s why I go there. DUH! You want them to charge local guys more so you only see tourists when you go there?“

  39. A Andrew
    How much is the entrance fee now?

    “Still TW$500 for foreigners? What time is the discount price?“

  40. P Peter
    Best sauna in Taipei

    “Went on a Sunday evening around 8pm and the place was packed. Mainly young crowd in 20's and 30's. Love the mandatory nudity, none of that walking around in underwear BS in other saunas in Taipei. Facility was clean with a large wet area. Bottom cruising floor has individual rooms. Pretty much set your eyes on the goods approach and touch then take it to the room. Most Taiwanese guys are too shy to make the first move. So be the approacher if you want to have some fun. Played with two sexy muscular guys and a younger sexy guy. Crowd starts to die down around 10. Overall a fun night!
    No need to bitch about no happy hour pricing for foreigners. Just go outside of happy hour if you feel ripped off. After happy hour everyone pays NT$500. This not the only place that charges more for foreigners. It's also half the office of Aniki and certainly in line with entrance fee for saunas in Europe and Americas.“

  41. D Discriminated
    Discriminates against foreigners

    “The management of this place doesn't like foreigners and discriminates them.
    Their discount-hours only applies to Taiwanese. It does not apply to foreigners, even the ones that live here for many years and have a permanent residence ID.“

  42. K Kevin
    It's wrong to treat tourist differently!

    “They charge NT200 between 18:30 and 19:30 for locals, but NT500 for tourists. The policy make the sauna so cheap and desperate. It's a new sauna with old mentality.“

  43. W World
    Better than Aniki

    “No prize was guessing. The place was a former karaoke lounge which has all these rooms which are spacious. They clean it regularly. This new and clean sauna has been attracting more clients. The shower facilities are great unlike aniki , the taps are complicating. Towels are thicker and cleaner than aniki. My only complaint is that to get the new towels you have to go to the reception desk which is on the TOP floor which makes it troublesome. It's 500 two for all. I was there for 3 nights and I was busy busy. World traveler.“

  44. G Greg
    they don't give discount to foreigners

    “There are two time periods a day that Taiwanese can enter for only NT$200 for 8 hours, but foreigners have to pay NT$500 (or NT$350 if they buy a pack of 10 tickets). I refused to go, so I don't know what it's like inside. It's the only place that I know of in Taiwan that charges foreigners more (unlike Thailand). Check out this page on Facebook. Sorry it's in Chinese:“

  45. z zezo
    don't miss it

    “First time in Taiwan.
    1. Value for money.
    2. Guys there usually are in there 20s few elderly.
    3. Not a lot of guys around 10-15.
    4. Available condoms and lubes in front desk.
    5. Mostly they are local.
    6. As foreigner "middle east" I had no problem with the locals and they like me.
    7. The dark room 1St floor you can see nothing so be careful not go fall.
    Food drinks available.“

  46. A Andrew
    Clean and modern

    “Quiet but clean and modern“

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Rating: 3.9/5. From 65 votes.
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