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Sun City

62 Boulevard de Sébastopol, Paris, France, 75003  map 

One of the biggest and most popular gay saunas in Paris. Collect your towels and step through the impressive antique doorway into another world of hedonistic pleasure.

This beautiful Indian-themed sauna (3,000 m²) features a huge indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, private cabins, dark room, video room, well-equipped gym, lounge bar.

Busy every night of the week and crowded on weekends. Admission includes soft drinks, towels and condom.


bar, swimming pool, steam room, massage, sauna, maze, jacuzzi / hot pool, relaxing cabins, dark room, gym

Updated: 04-Aug-2021

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  1. P Pierre
    A waste of time (and money...)

    “The staff is rude, some customers agressive and definitely not gay, the swimming pool is gonna walk kilometers, climb hundreds of steps like anyone here without anything special happening. Even very good-looking friends of mine cannot manage to find their alter ego in this huge place. Smaller saunas are more friendly and make contacts easier. The global unfriendly atmosphere is probably one of the reason to that. Is there still a place to have sex in Paris?“

  2. P Pepe

    It smelled terrible, quite dirty, unpleasant.“

  3. C C
    Best Sauna

    “Had a great time when i visited last June 2019. Met a lot of French men who knew how to have fun.“

  4. A Asian
    June 2019

    “It is the best sauna I went to when I traveled in Paris, Rome and Madrid. Staff are friendly. The men are friendly.

    The crowd is mixed. Mostly in their 30s-40s. Some in their late 20s and late 40s-50s. The pool and jacuzzis were the best part. I also liked that drink (water, soda, tonic, etc) is unlimited and free. Bring your own sandals/bath slippers because it will cost you 5 euros if you request to have a pair. I don’t recommend being barefooted.“

  5. S Swithen

    “The sauna facilities are incidental to the countless private rooms. Lots of relentless circling the corridors by most punters looking for somebody suitable to get into a room for some action. Exhausting and ultimately claustrophobic.“

  6. M Mike
    Nice Sauna, Decent Crowd

    “Went here on both a Saturday and Sunday. Like other Paris saunas, the best times to go are around 3pm-8pm weekends and around 3pm-6pm weekdays. I liked this sauna, though I understand its not nearly as big as it once was because they split it in half to create a separate straight sauna. But nonetheless it wasn't small by any means.

    The pool/jacuzzi/steam/sauna facilities are in the basement, along with a tv lounge. I liked the Asian decor, it was fun and unique, though a little dated.

    One floor above ground level is where most of the action takes place. There are a number of private rooms as well as one big room with some strange furniture that was meant to be an "open space" for messing around. There was also a darkroom on this floor. While a couple of rooms had gloryholes that adjoined to other rooms (and one room had a few stairs leading to a gloryhol), these gloryholes were cut into walls that were around 8 centimeters thick! So for gloryhole guys, this probably isn't the right sauna for you (IDM would be better).

    Nice crowd, fairly young and mostly fit. More than its fair share of black and Arab guys, but lots of white guys too. A popular sauna with a lot of guys overall. Definitely worth checking out while in Paris.“

  7. P Peter J (56 yr old)
    Busy but not a lot of action

    “We went on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. The place was very busy, however a lot of guys circling round and round and not a lot of action happening. A lot of younger and muscle fit guys who were only interested in themselves.The steam room and the dark room were the only real areas going off. Huge facilities and great spaces. Front office dude, not super friendly. Young white dude on front counter and bar men friendly.“

  8. P Pluchon
    le meilleur sauna parisien...

    “The best in terms of equipment and customers, just listen to the advice of customers to improve...“

  9. P Pascal
    Prix pour un con après 10ans de fidélité

    “A sauna must respect its customers, unfortunately today at the entrance I was treated bad by a security guy (new) and the manager did not intervene to say to the vigil to drop the business. It's been 10 years that I went almost every weekend in this sauna - I'm 51 years old and hated to be taken for a con... the bouncer was asking me to open false pockets of my bag: one dreams, and when I told him that I could not he accused me of not wanting to submit to the search.“

  10. G George
    Nice facilities - That is it

    “In terms of facilities, you are in for a treat. They did spend a lot of money building this place, but they are not maintaining it. it is slowly wearing out. in terms of guys. very poorly attended. The average client was at least 20 years my senior and i am 35. Would not go back again.“

  11. E Etienne

    “I like it. Decadent style, a bit dirty, turns my kinks on, lots of fashion guys ready to...“

  12. M Markus
    great place

    “Lots of different shapes, fun in hammam, jacuzzi, darkroom and cabins.“

  13. M Michael
    Fake advertisement about free entry pass

    “We went there based on advertisement of free entry pass, but wasn't real. Clerk stated was another location but was published correct address on it, clearly a trick to bring customers to their location. Willing to pay but not after we were trick to come to this location. Places like that doesn't deserve to get any client. Be aware of their promotion/ advertisements...“

  14. G G
    pretty good

    “I went there with my BF during the week. It is a very nice place. Big enough with many small saunas, dark room and a nice big pool. Guys were a bit old, but in good shape and good looking. I think it is a great choice to go there!“

  15. M Mark
    It was fun, though very French

    “I was in Paris a day or two and I wanted conversation, and sex, in no particular order. On Saturday night I came here and to my surprise it was fun. There were lots of young very fit men, who didn't look like they knew how to have sex (they couldn't choose from everything on offer!) But also there was such a large crowd there was something for everyone. I had a really good time, and the pools were a nice place to meet people to chat, if that was what they wanted to do.

    The locker procedures were complicated and not explained, and luckily a handsome cleaner gave me the instructions. But the management should make sure newcomers are welcomed better. It's just good business.“

  16. C CanuckAbroad
    Great place, lots of fun, nice people

    “Visited on a Friday around 5pm. Lots of people, mixed crowd-races, ages, interests. Helpful front desk - it was my first time, and the guy explained how the lockers and other things worked. My French is not great, but I try and am not afraid to laugh at myself. I’m older (over 50) but in good shape and confident. Had no problem making contact and plenty of eye candy to look at. Comfortable, clean and relaxing: I’ll go back next time I’m in Paris.“

  17. l luc
    best in europe in terms of crowd

    “It is true that the facilities are not too new (for instance shower a bit broken). It is true that the toilet are scarce (only 2 as far as I now). It was not over clean but not dirty as well. Entrance was 25€ but with unlimited snacks and drinks... Lockers were easy to use and safe... There is 3 floors and all full of people (was there on a sunday). Population is quite mixed (tourist/locals, asian, black, arabs, caucasians, young/older, etc). So I have to say that if your aim is to get fun then it is the right place. However, if your aim is more calm and welness then it is not the right place.“

  18. M Mitchell

    “First time in Paris, and was also the first time that I saw a gay sauna in Europe. So big, nice and cool. A black guy at the office spoke English, that was nice because everybody else spoke French.. My holiday in the sauna.. was good good good. Thank you guys. -black from Amsterdam“

    • A Al

      “thanks for saying you enjoyed this place and it was clean. Too many reviews are more negative. I plan to visit on my next trip to Paris in a few weeks!“

  19. G Glenn
    My visit to Sun City

    “Reading the reviews I was a little confused as to the comments. So I thought I'd try Sun City out for myself. What a surprise. Easy to find, great facilities, clean, very busy sauna with many hot locals and tourists. I'd recommend Sun City. I've been to many gay saunas in my travels throughout the world, and I would probably say Sun City is the best I've ever been to for the quality of guys and the quality of the facilities there.“

  20. Y Yuri
    Big & Big

    “Nothing can compete this sauna in any ways, one come for sauna is mainly to have fun and go along with it.

    People keep complaining about the service which sometimes made me wonder whether they know what are the differences between hotel and sauna.

    One complaint about races that made us feel sorry for the victims, having such attitude has never been a good one. Come to sauna and do not expect too much otherwise one would end up in a very deep depression LOL! Come to sauna and be human being!“

  21. J Jono
    Aged sauna

    “The clients are mature men mostly and black men. Few of the men don't know the meaning of flirting and they got angry because I was looking at them. They asked rudely what's the problem. I answered back why he was there for and he couldn't speak any English and he kept insulting, I guess, in French.

    To be honest, there wasn't any hot guy, few average guys and really arrogant just for nothing. If you get the chance try another one, I may say that it is like that always.“

  22. J Jay
    Worst experience ever!!!!

    “The worst customer service that I have ever had in my 25 years of life. Sun city offer cheaper prices for those who are under 26 with proof of identification. After showing one of the workers my Id and explaining that in the United States the month is written before the day as opposed to after the day which is the practice in Europe, he refused to listen to me and kept stating that I was 26.

    Out of frustration I left sun city when I realized that I had my passport which had my birth month identifying my birth month. I return and show my passport to the other worker who allows me through and gives my passport to the worker that I had an initial problem with.

    As a result of him feeling stupid that I had proof that he was wrong regarding my own age he starts to antagonize me asking why I decided to come back and eventually tells me to leave. This is a very long comment but I have never experienced anything like this“

  23. M Mike
    Not friendly

    “Most of the staff are rude and not friendly. One of them threatened me that he can kick me out the sauna. He thought I was touching him while he was blocking my way in the alley besides he was going and walking in the dark rooms just like this doing nothing. Not clean sauna at all...smelly.... Other than this its just good because you get a free ticket to depot club but not on Saturday.“

  24. S Scott
    Sun City serves its purpose

    “As an American, I'd visited Paris several times before without checking out a sauna. Well, this time. I decided to have some fun.

    I arrived around 10pm on a Monday night, wandered around the dark room, and eventually the play room in the back. In theory, the dark room could be fun, but it is just so dark, all you do is walk into people. I like anonymity as much as the next guy, but at least let me see his silhouette! Eventually I found a "boy next door" type (like myself) to get off with.

    My second visit was successful, yet disappointing. I cruised the place for a while (again after 10pm on a Tuesday), and not having luck like the first night, I found a cabin and camped out there and proceeded to play with guys off as they stopped by. Several of the guys were fun, however others were too pushy and weren't getting my hints to go away (or even a direct "ok, time to leave now").
    Tl;dr -- free cabins are great, clientele are hit or miss. I would return.“

  25. Y Yug

    “Yes, you are all correct when you say unhelpful and unresponsive to tourists. I approached the manager who said the website is wrong for pricing and indeed it was more expensive on Mondays 12-15!“

  26. T Taro
    Receptionist is thief

    “I went 5th August between around 14:30. After I paid exact fee to the receptionist, he said he hasn't received any money!

    It is incredible ! I insisted I paid. He didn't let me in. After argument, he let me in without giving me any receipt .
    Because I am Asian and tourist, that don't mean I am stupid! Management should check CCTV!“

  27. L Lou
    If your the right "type" but....

    “Even then not a friendly vibe at all. Just get the business done!! “

  28. J JustIn
    Totally Paris

    “Never forget to drop by to this sauna, one of the best sauna in the entire many saunas I've ever been. Large and spacious and great choices of men from all over the globe! Will be coming back for more.“

  29. K Kris
    Not always that clean

    “The Indian/Hindu decoration is used throughout the whole place, which gives it a authentic eastern feeling.
    The public is very diverse from young to old, twink-hunk-bear and everything in between, locals and tourists. But also (very weird) clothed and unclothed people. I can understand that it is mandatory to wear some clothes in the gym part, but beyond that everyone should just be naked with towel.
    The cleanliness is not always good. The later it gets, the more used condoms you'll find in the steam room (at least they're sensible and use condoms). The toilet can also be used as anal shower, but that means that the next one is basically standing in sewage water.“

  30. I Ian
    Ignore the trolls.

    “Possibly a sister to Le Sun in Lyon, this amazing facility shares some of the same design motifs in a scaled down, yet imaginative fashion. It would take too many words to describe, so let's just say that it is highly recommended. I attended on a Friday afternoon and the place was full of hot men of all types. I love this place. Grrrrrr....“

  31. S Secret
    Foreigner are not welcome for some stuff

    “I been to this sauna 4 times while being in Paris.. One of the French staff at the entrance give some passes for people to access a dance club near by but he don't give the tickets to Foreigners. Me and my French friends are in same age and they gave him pass but not to me..“

  32. D David

    “Amazing facility. Very busy on the Friday evening of my visit with some really hot guys! Really really hot in fact.... Place is big with good space to play. Pool was a big highlight as was big enough to actually swim rather than being just a big Jacuzzi as most sauna pools are. Rooms are very dark however and when having fun with such hot guys being in the dark isn't what you want :)“

  33. D Dietmar
    Not recommended

    “At my first and LAST visit in Paris I was at the Sun City on October 1-th around 11 PM but ..... surprise ..... the big man at the door said we were drunk and we will never get in the sauna.

    Ok, we were not drunk, not even a little, because we did not consumed alcohol.

    So I cannot recommend this place because it could happen the same to anyone.

    We had to drive more than one hour to the sauna and then back to the hotel again one back.

    If you
    want to risk ....... do it !“

    • H Henry
      Same shit happened to me 2 years ago

      “The man in the entrance said that I was fatigue, which meant that I was drunk.“

  34. J Jean marc
    Très sympa

    “Préfèrer le dimanche après midi c'est de loin le meilleur moment pour trouver des beaux mecs . Cela reste possible pendant la semaine mais c'est beaucoup plus aléatoire. Population mixte (très black blanc beur) heureusement que les blacks sont là pour relever le niveau ( c'est souvent les mieux gaulés).
    Super salle de gym et salle tele avec des films récents.
    Salle réservée aux fumeurs.
    Par contre ils ont problème avec les toilettes (pas assez nombreuses et très mal tenues)
    Accueil froid assez froid en général.“

  35. A Asian
    Paris with Lots of Love

    “Weekend was spent in Paris, during the river was flooded then decided to visit Sun City Sauna. Main entrance just right in front of the pedestrian walk but as in Europe no one will bother, the biggest sauna ever visited and yet more to come, LOL. Mixed crowded & mixed aged as well which might guarantee you leave with something to remember. Quite large steam sauna where too many actions can be easily found, big swimming pool to allow you swim around to attract attention and will sure end up in private. Safe sex promoted for being lube and condoms provided for free which is the way i like it. Sundays will keep you stand in a very long Que to enter the premises but trust me, it'll worth it.“

  36. A Andrew
    Great New Years Day afternoon

    “In Paris for a long New Years weekend and decided to pay this place a visit. Friendly staff and found the place a great fun space. I am no twink but was surprised at how much of a mix of guys were there and, maybe the French men are more open, but I had a great time with a real mix of guys. As all large places, lots of young muscle guys only after the same but hey ..great to look at!

    Would definitely pay this place another visit for sure.“

  37. E Eric
    Sun City

    “Lieu magnifique très mal tenu. Il y a foule et c'est très sale. Le seul coin valable est la piscine. Toilettes très insuffisantes pour le nombre de personnes qui montent et descendent sans cesse! Accueil médiocre.“

  38. A Alain
    Fair but !!

    “In general it's good but the dark room is totally dark and that's what I don't like. Also you need to put a towel around you so it's not naked. Dirty a bit.“

  39. M Maxime

    “We have been to many gay saunas across Europe, and this was certainly the dirtiest we've seen : the cabins smelled, none was clean; the toilets were few (2 to be precise) and disgusting.
    The hammam was not hot enough; the jacuzzi has few bubbles; and the staff was absolutely not friendly. It is true that there was a crowd, but action, not much.“

  40. A Alfred
    Not as good as it was!

    “This place is not as good as it was! Stay away now!“

  41. J Jose
    Best in Paris

    “Best sauna in Paris for action. Looks very clean and well maintained, although the cabins sometimes have a bit of smell from previous users. However, if you are looking for some fun you will find it here“

  42. D Dom
    Too many stairs

    “There are a lot of stairs. You really get a good work out walking up and down the place. The gym is fantastic. The equipment is of high quality. A lot of hunks come here to work out too.“

  43. F Feng

    “A lot of black hunks here.“

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Rating: 3.2/5. From 137 votes.
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