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Jardin del Sol, Av. de Gran Canaria 24, Gran Canaria, Spain, 35100  map 

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue's own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Maspalomas’ newest and largest men-only gay cruise bar on two floors. The HOLE features slings, private cabins, glory holes, smoking area, lockers.

Discreetly located at the rear of CC Jardin del Sol, only a 7-minute walk from the Yumbo Center!

The HOLE welcomes all fetishes and sexual interests in a safe, clean environment. Anything-goes cruising session. There is a different dress code every day – check their Facebook page for information about special offers and events.


bar, music, relaxing cabins, dark room, cruise / fetish, lockers, adults only

Updated: 17-Feb-2020

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  1. T Torbjørn

    “Friday one week ago i went for the first. Friendly doorman. I was very surprised because they had no showers! Most people shower before they enter The Hole hopefully, I came more or less directly from the beach. First I was about to leave, but got a chance to wash myself thanks to the sink at the restroom. I doubt I would have gone there if I knew they didn't provide showers or jacuzzi or steamrooms. So maybe covid 19 is the reason for this ? On other aspects it was exiting , but I hope more people show up, and remember to wash themselves before arrival.“

    • C C
      Shower ?

      “Nowhere in the world you will find a cruise club with showers. Is it your first time?“

  2. A Alex
    Great cruise bar

    “This place is great have visited on many occasions and have always had a great time, always a good group of people and a very good mix. The staff are always welcoming and friendly which is the opposite to many places in my experience. Maybe the size of the place is what makes it feel not as busy but I’d rather that than one of the cramped smelly places I’ve been to in the past. Keep up the great work guys this venue is a gem.“

    • T THE Hole
      No a sauna but a cruising bar

      “Hi normal they are no shower, it's not a sauna but a cruising bar they are a big difference they are no showers in a cruising or it's really rare.“

  3. A Alex
    Great cruise bar

    “What a great place. Clean, large and friendly.
    Have been on a number of occasions and has been a good crowd there. I think other reviews about it being quiet may be due to the size. Unlike other places there is plenty of room and you are not crammed into a small space (also clean), and the staff are very friendly. This is not the norm in my experience. Keep up the good work. This place is fantastic. Here in a few weeks - can't wait for my next visit.“

  4. T Trev
    Great bar and very horny

    “This is a great place, the atmosphere is fantastic, the guys who run it are very friendly and welcoming and the bar is properly fun. Loads of space and lots of hot guys, lighting, music and rooms make this the best cruising bar.“

  5. P Philippe
    Really hot

    “Just a 5 min walk from the Yumbo and well worth it!
    Big spacious and super clean. A really sexy atmospher, a cool crowd and great service.
    All around one of the best in Maspalomas.“

  6. p philippe
    The best for Sex

    “A five-minute walk from the Yumbo, a super spacious, ultra clean cruise bar. GREAT changing room with lockers AND THE NIGHT IS YOURS; Two levels, slings, backrooms, glory holes and lots of sexy guys. A great night in a great place.“

  7. M Marian
    Nice Fetish week 2019

    “The Fetish week in The Hole was very good every night. Different themes- the best night was the official XXX fetish night in the program at Wednesday 9.10. there were probably 400-450 people with deferent fetish outfit different age people. Monday was interesting Code night - bottoms, versatile, tops using bracelets with different colours, so easy to know which one which role is. Tuesday blackout naked night ( this night is usually weekly) Thursday was mask party, so people with mask at the head. Was nice and s bit kinky. Friday was with famous french porn star Artemius Ville, who did great job. Saturday was bb bareback party, was busy. Sunday fog party, interesting with steam air like a fog. So every night was great. I greetings and congratulate Chris and Bruce for the great job they did.“

  8. A Alex

    “Really nice two-level space. Lots of rooms and play spaces to explore but also room to step back and catch your breath and have a drink. Lockers available for clothes, etc.

    The staff were friendly and welcoming - you feel like they are making a real effort to provide a good venue.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Alex

      “Thank you very much for this nice review.
      We try our best for people feel confortable in our bar. And our priority is the conviviality and give a good service to all our customers.

      Thank You

      Bruce & Kris ( THE HOLE)“

  9. C Cees
    visit in february 2019

    “I was there in feb 2019. It was good! Good music, clean.. I ll sure will be there again in october. Hope there will be more men than...“

  10. A Alexander
    Great place

    “It was a great experience. not crowdy, but i never had more fun in such a location before. its clean and really fine. many possibilities to have.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Alexander

      “Thank you Alexander for this nice review, I think they are a bug on your note because they are 2 completly different note with your message.

      Bruce & Kris

      The Hole“

  11. W Wesam1212

    “I think wanna go to try it for Fun with men.
    Is friday night, jock strap night? Alone or with a young guy in company.“

  12. A Adrian
    Great place...

    “Me and my partner went here and we had a great night, it wasn’t full, but at least they was open unlike reds!!! but we had plenty of action, will definitely return before we go home :)“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Adrian

      “Thank you Adrian for this review.

      Bruce & Kris

      The Hole“

  13. S Shay
    Love this place

    “Everything you could want from a cruise bar from the friendly staff to the cleanliness of the facility, its one of 3 cruise clubs I've visited and by far the best, plenty of action here for every taste, it'll be my new go to place every time I return to Gran Canaria, I'll definitely be going again tonight.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Shay

      “Thank you Shay for this nice review.

      Bruce & Kris“

  14. B Bob
    very nice hot place and very friendly service !

    “This place is very nice, hot and service is cool and pretty!“

    • T The Hole
      Answer Bob

      “Thank you Bob for this review

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  15. J James
    Great new bar

    “Great new bar, clean, a really nice team. The bar also opens on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, it's a great idea. Thank you for the good night I spent I will come back. James.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to James

      “Thanks James for this nice review.

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  16. S S
    Absolutely terrible

    “Saturday night and the place had like 10 people. Most just talking loudly. Guys just came and left after less than an hour because nothing was going on. It was really, really bad. On a Saturday night!!!! Easter weekend! They need to close shop. Barman was lovely and the price was fine. But what a disaster.“

    • T The Hole

      “Hi thank you for your review, but at one point some people must to stop to write bs, because on this Saturday night we didn't have 10 people, we were maybe not packed but not 10 people on this Saturday night and don't expect they are full of people during Easter week it's a week before pride, everywhere is quiet a lots of bar closed during Easter week. I think sometimes it's better to write nothing than try to destroy a new bar. But thanks anyway.“

      • B Brian
        Enjoy dont destroy

        “Guys go along and enjoy the facilities - if it's not to your liking, move on. Negative reviews kill clubs and that's the last thing we want.
        Looking forward to my visit in June.“

        • T The Hole
          Answer to Brian

          “Thank you Brian see you in June.

          Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

      • S Shay
        Easter weekend

        “I too was there Easter Saturday, and the place was busy enough not full but at that time of year its not going to be, but there was far more than 10 people I'd estimate 40-50 people while I was there.“

  17. R Rob
    Deserves success

    “All the potential for a great experience afternoon,evening or night. Getting away from the Yumbo and opening at times different to everyone else is bold . Aperitif not busy atm but it’s what you make it and those there obviously were keen to!
    Management and staff thinking boldly and deserve support in their venture. Expansive bar and loads of cruising spaces upstairs and down although not entirely to my interests. Clean and facilities all to ensure the customers needs from douche to toilets and shower etc. Lockers, smoking room,bondage,slings etc
    Value for money undoubtedly so only a few negatives because this has everything going for it.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Rob

      “Thank you Rob for this nice review

      See you.

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  18. M Mark
    No action

    “This club has great facilities but when I went on a Monday night there was only about 10 guys there, mainly drinking at the bar.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Mark

      “Hi Mark thank you for your review, Last monday was just the day after a big week end of the carnival, and last monday it was raining a lot if you remember, and yes in every cruising bar they are some days where they are no action, it's like that, it's not the fault of us, or the fault of the bar, I don't think to put a bad comment will solve the problem and it's not really nice because it's not our fault, but if you wanted some action, why you didn't put some action??????

      Thank You.

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  19. J Josh
    Second time I love this bar

    “for the second time I visited The Hole, this bar is for me the best of Maspalomas, clean, very beautiful, a lot of space to play. I tested Sunday afternoon and it was great. The bosses are very nice. Good luck and long life at this new bar.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Josh

      “Thank you Josh for this review and you fidelity.

      See you soon

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  20. A Ant
    Don't wast your time or money

    “Visited for the second time - never again! Not a pleasant experience. The owner let in two of his mates just before me - one wore full football strip. I wore short, tight sweatpants and the owner told me to change as it was "not underwear". There were three paying customs in this very large club at 10pm on a Saturday night. The other two were naked - as if naked is sexier than sweatpants - what planet is he on! Service at the bar was slow - even though I was the only person there. It's a shame - a lot of thought has gone into this space. Such arrogance. Don't wast your time or money.“

    • T The Hole

      “Hi apparently you don't stop with your review. First you don't respect our bar and our rules, we have a dress code the Saturday night who is sport/fetish/naked. So normal we accept guys in sports it's a sport night and we don't accept underwear during this night. We have a lot of underwear night if you want to wear underwear.

      Before to come in a bar look the dress code before to complain about the dress code. Because we know exactly what we do and we are really strict about the dress code. So if you want to wear what you want and don't respect the rules of a bar , go in a cruising bar who have no dress code. Your review is absolutely no justify for someone who respect nothing. For the service slow you are the only one to think that. And for put 2 stars in cleanliness when our bar is the cleanest of all the cruising bar, and 2 stars on facilities when we are the biggest cruising bar in Maspalomas with a lots of different area for play. Nobody will believe what you just wrote.

      The Hole“

  21. C Chris
    A great new venue

    “A spacious and well thought out bar and club. Lots of interesting open and private areas to play in. The late afternoon / early evening Aperitif events on a Saturday and Sunday were a great introduction and a good idea. Something different for Gran Canaria. Why wait until late at night to have fun. I got there about 6pm and stayed until 11pm or later as new guys arrived throughout and it rolls into evening event at 10pm. It wasn't crowded but the men were hot and all were in the mood to play. So I had a great time. I will be back.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Chris

      “Thank you Chris for this nice review.

      See you soon.

      Bruce & Kris“

  22. A Andrew
    Hassle free, cruise bar

    “This bar maybe a short walk from the yumbo but it certainly is well worth a visit. Prices are reasonable, place is very clean, staff always friendly and a nice mix of guys. Sometimes early on it can be quiet but at other times a fair few amount of guys and all ages. It also has an indoor smoke/vape area as well as cruising, slings, glory holes etc.

    Depending on what night you get 2 beers or soft drinks for your entrance fee, which is very reasonable. I have read a couple of bad reviews and totally think it’s someone trying to rubbish this place. I have been coming to Gran Canaria for 20 years and gotta say this is one of the friendliest, cleanest specialist bar/clubs I have been to. Was here 3 weeks ago and due back end of January, can’t wait to visit a few times again.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Andrew

      “Hi Andrew thank you very much for nice feedback and for your support.

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole).“

  23. C Christoph
    Not 1 € worth

    “On Saturday in the late evening (15.12.18) there were 5 (or 4?) men. Wanted to drink an o-juice, got sugar-water. The man behind the bar was not unfriendly, told me to order another drink. I asked to alcohol-free beer, it was not available too.
    Left this bar after 10 minutes!
    Save up your 7 €, don‘t go there, this bar is not 1 € worth! Never again!“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Christoph

      “Hi Christoph, thank for you review, for the bar with 5 people like you said, before Christmas it's one of the most quiet week. And for your information The Hole is a new bar, we have a lots of busy nights, and some quiet nights like all the gay bars in Playa del ingles during the beginning of december. and if you came late it's normal it's more quiet, people come early in general, but we never know what to expect, because it's a new bar.

      If you came during fetish week we had 300 people inside the bar. For the orange juice, we are sorry if it was not at your taste, you are the first customer who complain about the orange juice, but we take in consideration what you say. For the alcohol free beer, it's our choice if we don't have at the bar, since we are open since 7 months, you must be the third customers who ask for alcohol free beer.

      We have really a lots of choices for the drinks compare at some others bars. And like you said we are not unfriendly if they are problems just need to say, we try always to solve the problems. We are sorry if you didn't like The Hole, we can't please to everybody. But you know it's always better to talk to us, we listen our customers, we changed a lots of things since the bar is open. During the Saturday night when you came, we didn't have only 5 customers, but if you stayed 10 minutes, you will never know, people don't stay only 10 minutes. For the bar is not 1€, worth, this is only your opinion. People are happy to come during a Saturday night before 23H, and pay 7€ with 2 drinks included, we are the cheapest and biggest cruising bar of Maspalomas and with all the areas we have for play, we think 7€ i's not expensive.

      We take your review in consideration.

      Thank You

      Bruce and Chris (The Hole)“

  24. H Henry
    Best venue in playa del Ingles!

    “Far bigger than any other venue. Clean, friendly staff. Great facilities. LOADS of different areas to play. Well worth the 6-7 minute walk from the Yumbo.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Henry

      “Thanks Henry for this nice review.

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  25. D Darren
    Best Cruise Bar

    “Went in June, a month after they opened and it was great. Went again in September twice now. The have themed nights i.e. naked, sportswear, etc.

    Very clean, great staff, Would be good to have a glory hole section downstairs, and also the TV’s are too bright downstairs.

    Other than that, very polite staff and clean bathrooms.“

    • T The
      Answer Darren

      “Thanks Darren for this nice review we will think where to put maybe a glory hole downstairs. And for the TV we will do something too.

      Thank you

      Bruce & Kris

      The Hole“

  26. P Philippe
    Super new cruising bar

    “Super new cruising bar in Maspalomas.. Propre, les responsables du bar sont très professionnels et super sympa. Merci pour votre accueil.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Philippe

      “Merci Philippe pour ce commentaire.

      Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  27. W Wim
    Clean but empty

    “Clean and spacious venue. Well laid-out. Went there twice on their naked nights. Unfortunately, only a few people were there. The place deserves to be sucessful, though.“

    • T The Hole
      Answer to Wim

      “Hi Wim we have good and bad days like all new bars, the bar is open since last may and it's normal sometimes it's more quiet, and after fetish week and before winterpride it's normal. The bar was really busy during fetish week, need time, it's longer for a bar grow up when you open a bar on an island because we work with tourists, and a customer like you we see one day we will see him again when he will come back in holidays in gran canaria next year. Every day and every weeks are different“

  28. J Jeff
    Great Clean Sleazy Bar

    “A new very large sleaze club. Has all the usual stuff with dark rooms and areas to play. The difference is that it is clean and toilets work . More guys should check it out. It's about 600m away from Jumbo. Definitely worth a visit. Only thing I think would improve it is if there were douching facilities. But a great new big place to go. Guys that own it are very friendly and deserve it to work.“

    • T The
      Answer to Jeff

      “Hi Jeff, thank you for the nice review. Just one point. we do have douche facility in the toilet upstairs, close to the cloakroom. You didn't notice we think because we have this since we're open. -Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  29. H Hand
    Unfindeble your club

    “I pass by today and saw a sig "100 meters” but after 100 meters I saw nothing. Were are your club???? There come people in your club???


  30. M Mike
    Spotless spacious really well designed

    “Terrific addition to the cruise club scene in plays des ingles. Smart, well designed spacious bar area is terrific with orgy beds and proper divan beds in discrete areas. Terrific smoking area and cruising area downstairs is large and caters for everything..lots of large screens showing bang up to date porn. I was there on a Friday night during fetish week and maybe 70 guys there. Only possible downside is that it's about 8 minutes walk from Jumbo so guys have to make an effort to get there. May not always be busy but highly recommended. Mike.“

    • T The
      Answer to Mike

      “Thanks, Mike for this nice review.
      - Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

  31. D David
    THE Best cruise bar in GC

    “Amazing place! A more relaxing venue, spacious, clean, great bar area and friendly hosts. Busy during fetish week and all tastes catered for. Only criticism would be that douch facilities would be good and the screens downstairs are way too bright. I can't wait to go back! Definately my favorite place to be for an evening.“

    • T The
      Answer to David

      “Thanks, David, for this nice review about the douche facility we have in the big toilet upstairs, close to the cloakroom since we're open.

      -Bruce & Kris (The Hole)“

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Rating: 3.8/5. From 97 votes.
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