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The Locker Room

6-8 Cleaver Street, London, United Kingdom, SE11 2DP  map 

This clean, modern and comfortable sauna is one of the more ‘hardcore’ venues in London for those who like to play a bit rougher. Operating in the heart of Kennington and fresh from a comprehensive refit, the Locker Room is one of London’s best-kept secrets. With room for well over 20 guys, there is plenty of space to lie back and enjoy the heat in the steam rooms and saunas!

“Venture into our dark labyrinth of pulsing playrooms, private relaxation cabins and shower areas for you to use alone or with your partner. There are ample cruising spaces for uncomplicated fun—or if there’s too much happening, join us for a coffee in the chill-out lounge. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at the Locker Room. We hope this intrigues and excites you to explore the place.” Recently refurbished.

nearest station : Kennington or Vauxhall


free lockers and luxury towels, free tea, coffee and filtered water, 20 man sauna, 16 man steam room, 3 x play rooms, 3 power showers, 12 private relaxation cabins

Updated: 01-Jul-2022

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  1. R Richard

    “Despite the lack of a jacuzzi I found the sauna was almost perfect.

    The Good:
    -Pleasant staff. One in particular whose name was Richard ( I think).
    -The staff were cleaning regularly.
    -If you're there for a long visit and you fall asleep, nobody minds.
    -Tea, coffee are available at no cost.

    The Bad
    -Only snack available is Pot Noodle.
    -Expensive items in the vending machine.

    -I was lucky to meet a cute 23 year old from Luton when I visited.
    -Nearest underground is Kennington.“

  2. A Alex
    Good mix of men.

    “I had a great time at this place on several occasions. I notice that during the day there is an older crowed but at night the crowd is younger overall a good mix of men. This place is more relaxed than other saunas which gives it a great atmosphere.“

  3. J Jon

    “Thought I would try this play out again big big mistake staff Very rude at the door load of wet towels down on the floor downstairs and the whole place could do with a deep clean very quiet as well total waste of money left after 20 minutes asked for a refund and the Foreign guy. On the door was very rude and didn’t get a refund.“

  4. j jo
    great value

    “Have been there a couple of times, gets busier on the weekends and will definitely visit again. Always friendly staff, and cheaper than the other ones nearby. There is always action in the steam room.“

  5. D David

    “I've been there twice in the last few weeks and both times I was greeted by friendly staff. The clientele was slightly older but there were some younger guys and within my age bracket so I had a great time!!!“

  6. b bill
    great relaxing sauna

    “I find this one of the friendliest saunas in London, especially Wednesdays and Fridays where staff are very welcoming, young and old. Plus the free tea & coffee and the delicious biscuits are a pleasant surprise.“

  7. G Gary
    Cum in your Pants night

    “Went to the underwear night but only a few were dressed up unfortunately. Pretty busy by 9pm with mixed crowd, I was youngest but lots of 30s, 40s and 50s guys.
    Venue is ok as others said, and rooms all work well. I played with a few others in jockstraps and my briefs got plenty attention from older crowd, so had a fun night.“

  8. M Moscardini
    Never seen a worse sauna

    “Location: Get off at the Kennington stop and walk into this pretty neighbourhood until you reach the very visible entrance.
    Type of customer: If you don't like old people or obese men, don't go into this sauna.
    Structure: Terrible. One of the rooms used as a sauna, is heated by an electric radiator attached to a socket outside the room. Needless to say more.
    Cleaning: Poor.
    Prices: For what it offers, too high.
    Advice for customers: If you are looking for relaxation in a SPA, go to one for a straight clientele; London is full of them. If you're looking for fun with nice guys, it's useless for you to come here.
    Tips for the managers: The sauna is very busy and the old people seem happy, so, from your point of view, everything is ok. Needless to give advice.“

  9. F Frank
    First time

    “First time at this type of venue. Wasn't sure what to expect but really enjoyed myself. Easy to get action and wish to go back for the bi night for the ladies.
    Definitely get there.“

  10. M Mike
    For older guys

    “I was there on a Friday night. Most clients were not my type. The doorman was very sexy and sweet, though. It's a pity he didn't want to join the party ;)“

  11. H Howard
    Locker Room is a great club

    “Locker Room is a great club“

  12. H Harry
    A welcoming place with no attitude.

    “We often go here on our trips to London. The place is clean, the staff is helpful, attentive and friendly and the clientele are very mixed in terms of age, shape and ethnicity...which means there is usually a good mix. This is one of the less expensive London saunas and is relatively easy to find from the Northern Line. You need to be careful of the slippery floors downstairs and also be aware that there is no Jacuzzi (which are reasons why I gave the facilities three stars out of five). Nevertheless, give this sauna a chance is you are looking for action in a relaxed, friendly setting.“

  13. h hall
    Is the Locker Room is Dishonest Business?

    “I went to the Locker room at 6.15pm this evening (02/03/2019) after looking up their website, which looks new and very impressive. It took me an hour to get there, only to be met by a surly staff who asked for £23 entry, even though the web site said £20 entry. When I queried the price, he insisted that the entry fee was £23. When I showed him the screenshot of the website stating the price and asked him when the price had increased, he decided that he couldn’t speak English – and the conversation ended. I told him I would write a review – and he laughed.

    A business, like the Locker Room, that advertises on their website one price, and then blatantly increases the price when the customers arrive is producing a deceitful website. Deception is an act of dishonesty, and it follows that the Locker Room is a dishonest business.

    I would advise anybody thinking of visiting the Locker Room based on their website to think twice, as the information on their website, although impressive, is false.
    I hope the Locker Room will change their website to reflect correct information, and furthermore employ staff who are able and willing to talk to customers – rather then hide behind a foreign language to avoid communication.
    It is unfortunate that, at the moment, this sauna treats their gay customers with such disrespect.“

  14. H Howard
    AN Excellent Internationally Diverse Club

    “Locker Room is a great gay sauna club. I have been their regular customer constantly since 2000th year. I love this very relaxing and friendly gay sauna club, even better then a massage relaxations it provides, very nicely and cleanly and professionally, looked after by a fleet of their very expert staffs that are very friendly and beautiful and professionally experienced, to face and work out different situations regardless of your race gender religion appearance.“

  15. I Ian
    Improvement in recent years

    “The newly extended part of the Locker Room is great with the new sauna. Downstairs is still scuzzy with sodden towels on the floor by the showers. Swimming pool mats would be better under foot. The old upstairs steam room was nicer, but the current one would be ok if it wasn’t next to the smoking room and therefore smells of smoke inside. Is it really necessary to have a smoking room these days, they could remove it and replace with a nice jacuzzi or better steam room. Clients were older guys and seemingly a lot of bi guys.“

  16. Z Zack
    Love the new extension and new sauna.

    “This place is always good. It's always kept clean, though sometimes the mess is down to lazy customers not putting things in the bins. I mean, if you put a condom wrapper in the toilet, YOU are to blame, not the staff.

    The new sauna extension is great - they took over space where the hair salon was and it's now got a new big TV area, a few more cubicles, toilet and brand new sauna, twice the size of the other one. The old one will probably be a sling or dark room from what I've been told.“

  17. M Mark
    Accurate picture

    “By reading all the reviews, you can get a fairly accurate picture. As a venue, the Locker Room definitely lacks certain features. There is no jacuzzi, the sauna and steam room are fairly small, there are very limited private rooms, and these are uncomfortable, and often not clean. The whole building is in need of updating, the lockers themselves are old and the keys may not actually work.

    Also there is very limited air conditioning or heating, so it is either too hot or too cold in the general areas. The mix of people is very varied, and it is true that there is very little attitude. But because many of the guys are regulars, they do tend to sit around watching tv, or doing nothing. However, you get what you pay for, and this is the cheapest sauna in London. Also, if you happen to meet people you like, it almost doesn't matter what the ambience is like.“

  18. M MOSHE
    My Favourite London Sauna

    “I tend to go there mid-week, midday, so it is not at its busiest. The good: Small facility, friendly, indeed charming staff - Rich is cheerful, keeps the place clean, has a friendly word for everybody, probably the best guy they have. The crowd is generally on the mature side, people are chatty, friendly and relaxed. I've been to larger, more sophisticated saunas (in Germany and all over Europe) but nowhere as pleasant as The Locker Room. The bad: in need of an update, some lockers faulty.“

  19. T T
    Locker room sauna- Horrible/ Sanitation departmemt should close it

    “Horrible - nasty- basement - No air conditioning - old fans - dirty. The Sanitation should close it down- it’s almost dangerous.“

  20. A Andrico
    No jaccuzi!!

    “In the cabins no lockers and no mattresses to have fun properly and no Jacuzzi why??“

  21. T Tony
    It is what it is, make it happen!

    “Down to earth sauna, no frills here, could do with updating but it’s not Homes and Gardens ffs! The staff have always been very friendly and helpful when I’ve visited, free soft drinks. A bit run down, yes, but if you’re looking for action you’ll find it....

    Generally friendly and seems to me a regular crowd, you just gotta chat to people, who knows what it can lead? if you’re standoffish then sure you’ll be disappointed, reach out and touch...

    Don’t come here often but always manage to have a good time.“

  22. D Dvir

    “I went there on Saturday night and there were hardly any people. I'm 35 and I was the youngest there.

    Besides, the place itself is unclean and cells are uncomfortable to be in - the lockers do not close properly.“

  23. M Michael
    My favorite Sauna In London

    “I think the smallness of this sauna and the friendliness of the staff and the desire of the men for action just works perfectly.

    So many saunas are about the attitude of the staff, the clients or just a combination of both.

    What I liked about this is there was an intimacy in a huge city like London, that just felt right and the action was great.“

  24. B Ben
    My new fave

    “Haven't been to London in a few years. I used to go to Chariot on Shoreditch. Now that that's gone, I headed over to The Locker Room on my 11-hour layover between flights. Loved it! I was welcomed at the door, charged the lowest entry price in London, and found the place full of nice people of various ages, body types, and ethnicities. All came here to play. The place is old and it shows everywhere, but it's reasonably clean. I had a great time and this is now my new fave in London.“

  25. A Anton
    Just a place for me

    “Have just been there tonight. Arrived around 6 pm and leaved around 8.30 completely satisfied. The place is compact but built in a very good way for playing. Most of the guys just my favorite age which is 40+ and very into playing. Had a lot of fun. Still staying in London for a while, so definitely go again.“

  26. S Seamus
    My visit

    “Lovely friendly staff, mixed crowd of various ages with lots of public fun on display - whats not to like !!“

  27. S Stephen
    Room for improvement

    “This place seems to be established 20 yearss ago and nothing changed since then. Not modern, no up to date facilities. ... nevertheless the staff is friendly and attentive.“

  28. j john

    “Really nice place, clean friendly staff and quick to respond to difficulties and accidents / nice load of blokes unloading.“

  29. G Gilles
    friendly staff, very small and no action

    “Surprisingly London has only a few places for hot dates. And even those compare badly with clubs in Paris, Berlin or Brussels. I was expecting more action in this venue. Four people including me, very small, warm, wet and not well ventilated... Reasonably priced but still too expensive if there is nobody inside. I would not go again...“

  30. V Víctor
    Lots of fun! Loved it!

    “Used to go to Charriots Shoredicht and feeling a bit desperate to find a new venue. I visit this small sauna.


    1- great Value for money, £10 before 1pm and £13 after, tea, coffee and biscuits complimentary and well priced soft drinks and snacks.

    2- super friendly staff. They even ask fue your name, the the handsome young man kept calling me Mr. V. I thought I stood a chance as he said I was handsome and kept calling me handsome, until I noticed he called handsome to everyone! Lol!

    2- good sauna and hammam.

    3- people go for sex not for parading

    4- very god mix of people and they are not shy to engage in sexual activities in public areas.

    5- easy to find

    6- great showers


    1- even if constantly cleaning the place has seen better days. Especially the area around the steam room (entrance) needs to be fixed.

    2- the downstairs area is quite chilly.

    As you can see there are more positive than negative.

    The most important:

    In 3.5 hours I had [action with] 15 men... Im a big bear and I had great fun!“

    • D David
      Long life to the Locker Room!

      “LR is the best Sauna in London! The service is fantastic!!“

  31. A Andrew
    We need Jacuzzi !!

    “Why there is no Jacuzzi in this sauna ??“

  32. D David
    Don't waste your time

    “I feel bad saying this, because the staff is super friendly and the entrance fee was reasonable (£13) but I would not go here again. The place is cramped, the facilities seemed kind of run down, and it smelled everywhere. The steam sauna wasn't really hot so I left after a few minutes, the showers were all cold, and the entire downstairs smells like a bad combo of dampness and cigarettes. I will say the dry sauna was nice and the mix of guys was surprisingly good - a few old guys, a few hot muscular guys, a bearded guy, another bear, and a few guys in between. Speaking of bears - for a sauna that caters to a diverse crowd, they gave me a tiny towel that I couldn't wrap around my waist.“

  33. w w0rms

    “Been here a couple of times and have to say it's simply Awesome! Friendly, great atmosphere and facilities and clientele are equally great and respectful too. Forgot to mention this place is Excellent Value too! Was nervous going on my first time as was the first sauna I've been to but was made to feel welcome in seconds!!
    The booths have screens in too which made it very Horny when locked in there with someone, didn't know about the sling room but will be going back to investigate, hopefully on lads n dad's night.“

  34. A Adam
    Lovely place.

    “A lovely place. Very friendly staff“

  35. J Jason
    Very ghetto

    “Don't waste your time. Pleasuredrome is way better a lot cleaner. This place is tiny, smells like cigarettes, and seems very ghetto.“

  36. P Phil
    Website working

    “The sauna's website is now working - so it shows all the details of events. They are also on Facebook and Instagram too now - all as of June 2016.“

  37. P Phil
    Locker Room info on line

    “The Locker Room now has an up to date website with all the current info on what events are taking place. There is now an active page on Facebook and Instagram - so you're welcome to check that out, post comments / reviews and ask questions.

    It's still the friendliest place in London - and the zero attitude of its customers and staff is what is great about the place. As is the 'total nudity always welcome' ethos here. Sometimes there are mandatory naked sessions where you MUST be totally nude. Again it's on their sites to say when.“

  38. D Daniel
    Brilliant Sauna

    “If your looking for champagne, jacuzzis and heated outdoor patios then this isnt the spa for you, if your looking for some action then this is by far one of the saunas that deliver every single time. The manager of this spa is also incredibly friendly and likes to have some fun as well which I discovered after I unknowingly finished him off through a gloryhole downstairs. I'm cool with this but it would have been cool to get a heads up first because now its kind of awkward whenever I see him in the front desk, but none the less he's a really nice guy and he manages the sauna well.“

  39. B Bob
    Disappointed, but not put off

    “Been to this sauna a few times now. The first time I loved it. Like minded guys. Lots of character (a bit tatty in places but clean). Great manager. Very hot steam room which I like. Now the last time I went I was very disappointed. Their web site had been down for ages and I wanted to know what was happening on Thursday as they have a lot of theme days. I rang them up and spoke to an employee who was nice, but hadn't a clue what was happening as the dates he had ran out on Wednesday, and I rang them on Tuesday. Ok cool no problem, I am easy going. When I got there on Thursday I was told it was closing at 6pm for lesbians. DAM, been looking forward for this for about a week and now only got 45 mins to get lucky. I wasn't happy as you can imagine but will come back if it dosent keep on happening.“

  40. J Jason

    “I visited the locker room for the first time last week and I have to say it is an amazing place much more personal and small and quaint but all so easy to find your own space if you need to worth a vist“

  41. l luis
    Best ever sauna

    “Staff is really friendly and the place is really clean with a free coffee.“

  42. G George W.

    “It just takes one hook-up to make a successful evening at a bath house and when I visited The Locker Room, I had four. So, the evening was successful, even though the bath house is oh so small and modestly appointed. The customers are not the youngest or the fittest in all of London, but they are there for the right reason and they don't waste time. If you are looking to get laid, The Locker Room will deliver. If you are looking for a lavish spa in which to pamper yourself... keep looking.“

  43. M Masa
    Really recommend this place!

    “Where should I start. I bought a 20 pounds weekend ticket. Basically, I can go in and get out from Friday to Sunday as many times as possible. As I was a visitor, I could enjoy both London and men of London. (@ ̄ρ ̄@)
    The staffs are all friendly and funny, and it seems there are regular people and they were nice people as well. I felt they constantly keep cleaning all area and I felt comfortable to stay there.
    Talking about fun, I always get someone to play with, as I am a new comer I might get advantage.
    I have already told my friend to visit there.
    Their age range is probably 35 up. So if you are looking for people in their 20s, this place might not be ideal, but all the people I met were nice and gentle.
    By the way, I am Asian. I really want Asian people who like 35 plus people to visit there and meet all the gentlemen including the staff members!!“

  44. P Per
    A local feel

    “This place needs a proper review.The place feels like a pleasant small local shop down the street. A very friendly owner who does everything to make you feel welcome and tend to your needs. A local crowd who seem to know each other and also some new-comers. First of all it is still very small even though refurbished. Either you like this and find that it adds to the atmosphere or you may, as I did, find it a bit claustrophobic. The crowd is notably older, even the porn is of older men now and then. So perfect if you're into that. The owner joins in on the action sometimes which is a bit cheezy in my mind. Reasonably priced, clean and pleasant, but I would not go again.“

  45. A Anson

    “A excellent place!“

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Rating: 3.4/5. From 168 votes.
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