Popular bar with go-go dancers on Friday & Saturday nights.


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81 Wardour St, London, United Kingdom, W1D 6QD

Today: Happy Hour - Every Sunday
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One of the most popular gay bars in the neighbourhood, Village Soho is busy every night of the week, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays. Still, it offers a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ patrons, whether you're up for unwinding or partying.

Luna Cortez and Martin Petersson host karaoke on Wednesdays. VILLAGE's sexy go-go dancers strut their stuff on the bar top and podium, from Thursday through Saturday. Squeeze in and watch!

Weekday: 4PM - 1AM Monday to Tuesday. 4PM - 2AM Wednesday to Thursday. 4PM - 3AM Friday

Weekend: 4PM - 3AM Saturday. 4PM - 11.30PM Sunday

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2017 Audience Awards
2017 Audience Awards

5 Star Winner

Lance Frutiger


Don’t support exclusionary spaces

Tried to come here with friends for drinks. We’re a group of mid 40s professionals and were turned away by a rude doorman for looking “intoxicated.” What he meant is that we looked non-white, not-young, and not gym-rats. The fit, young white boys in front of us, who were clearly intoxicated, were let right in. Don’t support these vaguely racist, body shaming, exclusionary spaces.


Aggressive door staff / Nov 2021

My experience at The Village Soho was ruined by one of the door staff who had seemed to take a personal dislike to me & actually came into the venue looking for me. He said I looked intoxicated when actually I have Bells Palsy which has caused my mouth to have a slight droop. It was my first time going out since my diagnosis in 2019 and I was extremely self-conscious. He was physically aggressive which left me feeling very traumatised.


Sexy, horny and hot as f**k!

This is one helluva sexy gay bar! Those go go boys in their deadly undie ensembles are the stuff dreams are made of! There was a stud in pink, gyrating away madly, showing off his beautiful body and another in his Andrew Christians thrusting his front and rear with wild abandon. A sexy Saturday night in July! The shirtless guy going around with drinks was adorable. Loved his painted nails and naughty smile! A ticking bomb he was! This place made me feel great!



What used to be an amazing gay bar in the early naughties has become so gentrified it’s lost it’s original charm and character. Once upon-a-time velvet curtains used to be around the bar which would close and the dancers would come earlier and were much hotter. It was men only. An Asian pick up bar where you’d see all kinds of characters inside. The music was amazing. The feeling of the place fet inclusive and gay. A booth at the back with a curtain ... for more nefarious things. Outside when you’re walking towards Prowler you’ll see there are tiles on the floor by Village. This used by to be fenced off with large black panelling and a smoking/makeout area. London’s gay scene has gentrified and lost its character in soho. It’s a shame. :(. Now you pay £12 for a drink with some of the old timers still left inside. No doubt wanting it to go back to what it was like before.


Gay Bar?

Have loved this bar for over 15 years. Tonight, Saturday post midnight, it seemed about 2/3 straight a few token gays watching on. Guess with all the other bars in Soho closing. So early there’s no where else for the straights to go. The music reflected this, too - very high school disco fare. Funny to watch a inebriated girl be ejected for carrying on like a inebriated ‘go-go girl’.


A must for any visitors

Just go see it if you find yourself in London. No need to explain. It is what Soho gay scene is all about.


Having fun

Ed get in touch - I’m baz.


Must visit when in London

Surprised no-one has left a review about Village Soho since 2013. This really is one of London's most iconic gay bars. The location at the end of Compton Street means you cannot really miss it when visiting Soho. Packed out on a Saturday night and busy every other night of the week, the bar always has a good vibe. Great looking bar staff compensate slightly for the expensive drinks. Watch the sometimes slippery steps downstairs to the toilet.

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