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Vault 139
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Vault 139

Basement Bar, 139-143 Whitfield St, London, United Kingdom, W1T 5EN  map 

Gay cruise bar with varying dress codes (or none), depending on the night of the week (cruise, stripped or underwear).

There’s a cruising session daily – check their website for current theme. Admission includes a free drink, free coat check, WiFi, free re-entry passes and a loyalty card.

nearest station : Warren St or Goodge St


bar, music, maze, dark room, free wi-fi, cruise / fetish

Updated: 24-May-2022

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  1. H Harry
    Super hot crowd

    “Was here recently on a Thursday evening, their 'Stripped' event. Very mixed crowd, in age, ethnicity, body etc but everyone is there to have fun. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of jaw droppingingly hot guys- spoiled for choice!“

  2. I Isaac

    “I had a lot of fun in this great cruise bar in central London, that always had a good crowd and wide selection of guys. The staff is friendly and checks that everything is going well, I really appreciated this aspect“

  3. S Steve

    “I visited Vault 139 on a Monday naked night. It was as I expected lots of naked guys looking for fun. I loved it. However, I do worry about the attitude to unprotected fun. I know they are probably on prep but what about other STDs? Every time I go to this club I feel the need to get tested afterwards. Which isn't a bad thing.“

  4. T Tom

    “Probably the dirtiest place in London. Staff rude, lots of used condoms all around, terrible smell. Don’t waste your time and choose another place.“

  5. S Simon
    People filming other guests?

    “Vault 139 is a great cruise bar in central London with lots of hot guys and friendly staff. The only downside is that people tend to use their phones everywhere - and I do mean EVERYWHERE - and I am pretty sure that at least a few guys were filming people having sex. Staff was passing by and did not interfere.“

  6. T Ted
    It always delivers

    “Perfect for a short go or to stay for a long session. My favorite nights are Wednesday (underwear) and Thursdays (naked). So hot to see so many guys all having fun. There’s always something for everybody.“

  7. M Mikhail

    “I hadn't been to VAULT for six months been in USA so was PLEASED to see a new team on bar and door.
    UNFORTUNATELY the clientele nonchalant attitude to blatant
    Unsafe sex remains the same. NO SOAP IN TOILETS several people brought this to the attention of door staff. THE NEW TV ASSISTANT IS A VERY EFFICIENT worker. WELL DONE.“

  8. R Rob
    The best

    “this Place is best in London. Every time I went it was awesome. Previous comment about value for money must be a joke. Bitter because the free drink wasn’t a premium double spirit and mixer. That guy should definitely not run a business. That would cost more than £9 . You also get free coatcheck and once you’ve paid you can come and go all day. Naked sessions are the busiest but it always had a good crowd and wide selection of guys. I loved the days, relaxed but rampant. I never had a bad visit and can’t wait to get back“

  9. C Chris
    Yes, but no, but yes

    “Objectively, it's not good. The place is relatively small with only, awkwardly positioned 4 gloryhole cabins - as a 6ft4 man, my knees were struggling ... It's also filthy, used condoms, water all over the floor. It doesn't smell good either. Additionally, Vault 139 is not the cheapest - for your £9 you get a free drink but no premium drinks (e.g. no double whisky). The staff are rude - I was super smiley and polite, yet didn't receive any smile in return (and at the end was cheated and served double whisky and ... water, instead of coke for the same price).

    The thing is though, as far as I know, it's the only cruise club of its kind in London - where you can wear regular street clothes. Therefore, many hot men visit it. And it's sleazy. And isn't that what cruising is about?“

  10. i isaac on Saturdays too (sort of)!!

    “I really loved the Thursday evening naked session. The problem is, that many others loved it too, and became far too popular for it's own good. This meant that unless you got there before 8:30pm, you would have to queue to get in. I wouldn't mind waiting 10-15 mins or so, but they started giving out tickets for you to come back after a certain time, often at least 30-45 mins later. That kinda takes the fun off the evening.

    The Monday night naked sessions don't suffer from the same problems, and I've never had to queue to get in, so I've started going to those instead, though for me, and I imagine many others, a night out so early in the week isn't really very convenient.

    But whether Thursdays or Mondays, I find you get a really good mix of guys. They tend to skew older - 30s and 40s - but you definitely get younger guys there too, just not quite in the same quantity. There's also quite a good racial mix here too, so if you're not Caucasian, you won't be the only non-white person here.

    I usually going with the intention of not staying out too late (what with Mon/Thurs being school nights!), but often find I'm enjoying the place, people and atmosphere so much that I tend to be one of the last people there!

    And in a MAJOR development, Saturday night is now mixed clothed and naked, so if you can't there in the week to strip off, then you can now do so on the weekend. Yay!! I haven't been to this night yet (it's called All or Nothing) but whilst it won't be quite the same as when everyone's naked, I'm sure it will still be great fun!“

  11. C Chen
    great place

    “Best cruise place ever. Went on a naked night. Pretty crowded and lots of hot actions. Lots of young hot guys too. Had great fun there. Don't know why people said staff was rude, they were pretty nice to me.“

  12. E E
    Great fun

    “Went with my partner to the underwear night because we're into watching and being watched. We had a lot of both and really enjoyed the time we spent there - hopefully our audience did have fun too.
    Visit was on a Sun afternoon / evening. Place was decently busy when we left (around 50 people) at 6-ish. Contrary to other reviews, staff were helpful and friendly and £9 for the entry ticket including a drink is a pretty decent price for London. There were plenty of people cleaning the cabins all the time.“

  13. G Gav

    “Good honest fun, whatever you like, no attitude and plenty of it. Be safe but enjoy!“

  14. L Latapi

    “I went there several time during a month trip I had in London. I must say that the staff can be rude and will not respect their own promos. As stated in previous reviews, they start to close super early, sometimes with 45 min in advance.
    The place is relatively small-medium size. One pretty small dark room, four glory hole cabins, 5 small bunker to have fun but they are not private. I would say it were mainly older guys but I did found some cute twinks. Out of the 5 times I went, 1 was pretty empty, the other ones were decently crowded.

    In general I had good times, but it definitely could have a better staff.“

  15. J John
    Greta place!

    “Went for first time in April. Stayed three hours and had a great time. All ages in underwear only night...Place is clean, staff friendly.“

  16. S S
    Closing earlier

    “I don't understand why they are always trying to close earlier. Even on Friday night when it's busy. I mean .. Central London ? Why can't you keep it open as you advertise? It's only open til 1 AM even at the weekend but the staff will literally chuck you out by 12.“

  17. A Al
    Basement fun

    “I went for the first time last week on a Wednesday mid-afternoon. The crowd was good, 20-25 guys all ages but mostly 40+. No fuzz, no drama, straight to business. Plenty of dark corners, or open spaces to play one to one or in groups. Staff fine and friendly. It’s a basement, it’s a cruise bar where gay men have sex. It’s as clean as it can be.“

  18. M Marc
    Little Britain style nasemw

    “Think ‘Little Britain’ style gay bar. It is not you if you don’t get the ‘Northen’ accent of the guy seemingly running the place :-)
    Don’t waste your time - you can do (much) better.“

  19. M Marc
    Total shit hole

    “Extremely rude staff. Dirty, smelly.“

  20. J Joe
    Legit, Easy, Friendlier than i thought

    “I've been to the Vault a few times. My first time I was terrified, but basically, it's a bar surrounded by various rooms with guys getting off. You can't get lost as it's just a big circle. Relatively clean (It's a sex club people, not a dining establishment) and as a big, older guy I appreciate there are all types. I give it five stars for that. Once in the bar area, it's pretty low key. No one seems to have action there, which is nice if you need some rest.“

  21. m michael


  22. s s
    Worst ticket counter staff

    “The venue is great, and the rest of the staff is friendly. But the guy with glasses at the ticket counter is horrible and worst staff member you will ever come across.“

  23. D DAVID
    Regular visitor

    “This place is the best in London. Staff are super efficient. Always a good mix of guys. Generally friendly.“

  24. J J
    What you expect... a sex club

    “I'm really not sure where all the negative stuff I read comes from. People complaining about staff etc... I went on Saturday night in around 8:30-9:00. Staff were all fine and regularly cleaning up.

    Free drink on entry, and £3.90 G&T after which I think is very reasonable.

    I'm 30. There was plenty of action and a very mixed crowd...mostly quite masculine. I'd never have guessed many were gay. Only down side was it closes at 1am, and bar last orders were like 12:10. Started to get busy by around 10pm and started clearing out around 11:30. I left at 12:30 and still a few finishing off.

    I'd return!“

  25. M Michael

    “If you play safe you will be ok.“

  26. j josh
    up to you

    “A not very well organized club with lots of queues, particularly on Mondays or Thursdays. “

  27. B Bradley
    A sheer sex club.

    “Thursday is really, really busy, literally a hundredth of men in there.
    It's no place for shy guys, since there's only 5 cabins, thus the action is all in plain sight.
    In the evening, get ready to elbow your way all around the place.

    Besides the blonde coat checker saying me "I don't know your intentions" for coming in with a heavy bag, and in the end, handing it to me, grabbing it like a vulgar potato sack, it wasn't a bad experience.“

  28. M Mike
    Great Place

    “In London very often and I always visit Vault. There is always something going on. Best nights are the underwear and naked nights where guys are having group fun allover. Join or watch it does not matter. Guys like to be seen here and love to have fun in public.

    It is always easy to join if you want. Group actions are the best and I can get a lot of it here.

    Great place for fun if you like a cruise club.“

  29. P Phil
    Great Time

    “Was visiting London September 2017 and went here early on a Saturday evening from about 6 - 9 pm. Had a GREAT time! Friendly staff and lots of hot guys of all ages, 20s - 50s. Started with a great bottoming session in one of the alcoves off to the side which are more private. Then I found my own bottom who wanted to put on a show in the open cruise area that has padded benches and pipes for the top (me in this case) to hold on to for a real plow session. Guys were respectful and gathered to watch but stayed out of our way and weren't annoying and trying to get in on the action.

    Afterward, I let one of the hot, and hung guys watching squirt on my face. I kinda took a break and had a beer at the bar. Chatted with the friendly and very sexy bartender for a while. Then found two guys (not together) who wanted some c*** worship - who am I to not oblige - one super hot Indian guy hung like a horse and a lovely blond brit with a more manageable member .. Thank god!

    Anyway, never expected to have so much fun early on a Saturday evening, and still had time to meet my friends for dinner out. LOL

    I'll definitely go back on my next visit to London. Thanks boys!“

  30. M Mike
    Brutally honest review

    “First time visit yesterday with my partner and a friend. STRIPPED night, 9/7/18. Had heard of the place before and been tempted but not expecting wall-to-wall gorgeous guys or high quality.

    £9 to get in. No queue. Doorman was very matter-of-fact. Not rude but not welcoming either. Would have been nice for a 1st timer to be told how things work, but still...

    ...inside was actually fairly pleasant. Dark and seedy, with dim neon lighting, which is exactly what a cruise bar should be. Changing area to the right with soft seats. Was a little worried because all my belongings were entrusted to a plastic hamper, and my only link to it was a paper raffle ticket, which I had to keep in my shoe. Still not 100% sure that this is the best way to securely manage everything, but it did seem to do the trick.

    Layout was 50-50 between lounge areas and sex areas. Blue colour scheme for lounge, red for sex, but there was a lot of action going on even in the lounge areas. Only place that seemed ‘safe’ or ‘off-limits’ was the area around the bar.

    I wasn’t expecting it to be busy. This was a Monday evening post-pride weekend. Clientele were very varied in my opinion. I don’t know what the problem is with ‘weird old guys’ on some of these reviews. They have as much a right to be there, and some of them know a few tricks that the younger, more conceited visitors might not. A few unwanted gropes from some people, but all said and done, if touching my junk made them happy, then fine. Also, everyone did demonstrate an element of respecting boundaries. If I pushed someone’s hand away politely or vice versa, then that was the issue resolved. - I would say the average age was about 30 to 40, with all different types of guy. 60% bearish guys, the rest split between jocks and thinks, but with a real diversity. All shapes, colours ethnicities (and sizes) represented

    The rest of the staff I encountered were very pleasant. The barman did take time to explain how the payment system worked at the bar, and the cloakroom guy was very helpful and friendly as well. Maybe it’s the way I spoke to them, but overall, I didn’t find them rude. I guess, though, they would get shirty if someone is displaying any sort of attitude.

    Overall, there are a few negative aspects of this venue, but I would advise anyone going, to go with the right attitude. Everyone who I met, whether a guest or staff, were pleasant at worst, and friendly at best, but then again, I guess I wasn’t trying to act like the place was built for me alone, or that I was the only one entitled to have a good time.

    As for the negatives, the venue really could do with better toilet facilities or a shower room. I’d like to know that if I’m going to engage in sexual activity with complete strangers, that they have at least had a wash. The only option for some was to use the sinks to wash in, and this is not great.

    It would also be nice to have the changing area better-lit, and kept a bit separate from the main floor. If you’re getting changed and want to ensure you have your clothes/valuables/ticket secure, it’s better to have more light. Also, it allows a bit of transition between coming off the street to being in a cruise bar.

    There was a lot of risky sex as well. This is not the fault of the venue itself, but the clients.

    After the free drink, the price of drinks was quite high, even for London....

    Overall, I, and the two guys I was with, enjoyed our visit. We got what we all wanted, and had a very busy and action-packed night. I got chatting with a few guys, had some fun with a few other guys, and experienced a bar like the raunchy ones we’d been to in Berlin, as opposed to the more tame ‘genteel and polite’ British gay cruise bars with disappointing dark rooms and introverted clientele. - if those few negatives could be sorted out, I’d visit very regularly.“

  31. M Marek
    Świetne miejsce !

    “Super miejsce ! Byłem wiele razy i zawsze mi się podobało. Polecam.“

  32. M Malcolm
    Great place for mischief

    “Friendly staff, room to change, proper cloakroom. There are plenty of comfortable seats near the bar, a variety of darker areas at the back for mischief. The club is well looked after - always clean and kept clean through the day. You can meet almost anyone in there - very varied crowd, usually more friendly than an average London venue. Well worth a visit.

    A limitation is the beer selection isn't too good, but that seems to be a problem with many gay bars and clubs.

    Check website before going as has a mixture of 'clothes on' and 'clothes off' sessions.“

  33. A Andy
    Unfriendly Bar Staff

    “As with all gay clubs, it's hit and miss in this place - plenty of attitude queens, but others who just get down and dirty like men not girls. The one single problem with this place is the attitude of the staff, which stinks. They should all be sent on an intensive training course for customer service - manners and friendliness cost nothing.“

  34. M Mauricio
    I didn’t stay do 5 minutes

    “I went there on Friday 16/03/18 evening for the first time and I didn't stay for 5 minutes. The guy who take your stuff was so arrogant and rude with me for no reason that when I got my coat off to give to him I changed my mind and walked away from the place.
    I really didn’t understand his attitude towards me. “

  35. Z Zach
    Best place in London for hot action

    “I've been to Vault a couple of times for the Sunday afternoon underwear party. Always a good mix of guys/men of all ages and shapes. I never had anything to complain about. Lol.

    Been there once on a Saturday evening cruising. This was the one which least worked for me. I tried the Thursday naked night yesterday (15/03) for the very first time and can tell that was one of the hottest places I ever visited and played in, probably the best one in London. I can only highly recommend it.

    Staff is friendly, value is excellent. Of course you can never be sure who's turning up but you will always find plenty of hot men willing to play. At least I used to find them very easy. Guys get into action as soon as they arrive and get naked. There is no time and energy wasted there. I can't wait to visit the Vault again when I'm in London next time and it will definately be one of those naked nights.“

  36. L Luca
    Sort the staff out!

    “To be fair, most of the staff, relatively new are pleasant, professional. But there is 1 or 2 that should not work around the public! “

  37. M Mohammad Yasoob

    “I go often and find it a mixed bag- sometimes you get what you want in the first 20 minutes, otherwise you have to come home and do the needful.
    I love the staff though, the guy behind the counter, the tall one is hot. Lot of unsafe practices though.“

  38. D Dvir
    Nice place but no people

    “The place itself is good, but when I was there were no people...“

  39. M Michael
    Clothes on

    “I've been going years and never had a problem. Staff as a whole are chatty, friendly. Venue has lots of different areas to cover most needs. Free lube & condoms and as many men as you can handle. Well worth a visit, and you'll get hooked as I am.“

  40. M MrCens
    London has it all!

    “Been to the place on Thursday night and was surprised how fun the place is. Less talking needed, people go to the fun part immediately after they get undress. The place was packed, it almost explode from 7-9pm. I don't want to leave but my TOOL said, he can only be good for 3 rounds.

    If you come to London as a tourist like me, this place is a must.“

  41. B Billy
    Christmas flavour - December 2017

    “Visiting London and taken in for some Christmas action to the underwear night, you leave you're main clothes in a basket with a ticket and this seems safe and clean. Changing area was busy and various inviting looks are exchanged

    Underwear varies enormously and maybe more exciting than naked. A range of ages and nice to look over bulging g strings especially - a variety of ages and action all over the place - lots of touching up and easy to handle through pants often leads to more.

    Some quiet rooms at the back maybe too dark, some big group action across the room by the dj and several guys of the bigger variety. Toilets a bit shady but hot action there too, will definitely be going back for a big eat again, best later after 9pm.“

  42. A Anth
    Fun for everyone

    “Went for the underwear party around 9pm on a Wednesday. Guy at the door was polite and helpful, the bartender was just as kind. Set the ambiance in a good way so I felt comfortable pretty much as soon as the pants came off.

    There's a diverse set of spaces so it's fun to walk around and discover who's hiding out where. About 30 guys were scattered around I'd say. A good mix of styles and ages. Everyone seemed cool too - friendly, respectful of limits, etc. Super horny and playful :-)

    Had a great time toying around with some cuties. Will definitely be back.“

  43. J Jax
    Disgusting staff

    “Very arrogant staff serving their customers. Surly attitude problems. If you looking to be insulted upon entering this pace, go ahead. No way they deserve to survive in a current market. All my friends I know stopped supporting this place. I am with them!“

  44. R Robert
    Great Venue

    “I visited on the stripped night (25-Sep) and was highly impressed. The guy at the entrance was working his butt off and maintained a polite, patient and helpful attitude throughout. Similarly the guy at the bar. I'd give them both 10/10 rating.

    I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and some great tools were on display. Stayed 3 hours, Sadly not much action for me, but that was no fault of the venue, all down to me, need to get in better shape and do more to "make it happen". Would try to visit again on my next visit to London.“

  45. S Scott
    A disappointment

    “I read the reviews, but being an independent thinker, I chose to go regardless. I arrived at 3pm on a Friday afternoon during the normal cruise hours. It wasn't that busy yet, but it was a work day after all!

    A drink and coat check are included in admission. Better than nothing. The WiFi worked for a hot second, then was out. I was trying to avoid using my international data, but at least there was some reception down there (oh yeah -- the vault is in the basement).

    There were several cruise areas. The darker areas were more difficult to navigate than I would have expected (uneven floors, steps, benches and/or cushions with irregular lengths, leading people to trip or fall off benches).

    The place was clean enough. No complaints there. Drink prices seemed pretty standard. Ages skewed older, which I anticipated would be the case. Only sucking was going on. Poppers were sold at the bar, but no one seemed to be enjoying them in the dark areas. I would have liked to do more sucking myself, but every time I paused in place, I was ambushed (often by the same dudes that I had left behind only a few moments earlier).

    Be prepared for a lot of watching and stroking and sucking performed by the same handful of dudes, but little actual action.“

    • A All this and heaven too
      A disappointment the abridged version

      “It was well priced a free drink coatcheck and wifi are include. The bar is reasonable priced. It's clean and the guys were into me but that's still not good enough“

  46. J Johnny
    Been twice already & had a great time

    “Been on a Monday lunchtime for clothed cruising and Wednesday evening for underwear night. Nice mix of guys from 20's-60's and low attitude. Both times met guys who were fun to play with. Will be going back.“

  47. A Anthony
    Hot action.

    “Was wondering about this place and visited 28-8-17. Once I got the nerve to go in and strip down it was a good place. Staff was nice. Screens on walls showing hot gay porn. Many different rooms and open areas. Hot watch action in front of your eyes. Guys there aren't pushy and many different types of people there. I would check it out. Plenty of lube and condoms available. Would go earlier in the night as it gets warmer then longer the night goes on.“

  48. S Sam
    Rude staff

    “The place was fairly clean. Poor ventilation, got high with the smell of poppers in the air. But the worst bit was the guy selling tickets. Treats customers as though he is doing them a favour to get in. “

  49. R Remo
    Very attractive men

    “I was there last Thursday for the first night at their "Stripped Event". A lot of attractive men were participating, most between 25 and 45. There was a lot of activities at around 11.30.“

  50. N Nanana
    Not as good as it was.

    “I remember my first few times in here, more than one year ago, - it was cool place, a lot of hot guys, but now, with every visit I see that it's getting worse. Mainly only old guys, or those who think that they are hot. Almost everyone is bottom, very hard to find real good top. Usually everyone is playing in groups - good for u if u like it.

    My last visit was yesterday, and it was one of most unsuccessful visits - just a few in good shape, but they are just walking around showing yourself and ignoring everyone. “

  51. A Anton
    Amazing place

    “Went there yesterday. The place is exactly my taste. Not very big but enough place for playing. The staff is so very friendly and helpful, never rude. You really enjoy seeing them working. The place is a bit kinky but very clean for that kind of place. So of course you will not find a steril toilet and so. Just be sure you are into the theme. I went there about 4 pm and the place was already full. Much more hansome men came with the time. Had a lot of fun, definitely go back there. Even today again.“

      Play safe at VAULT

      “Best to play safe in Vault if you are HIV NEG

    • M Matthew

      “Went yesterday and all that you said is spot on, was considering Ted's Place but opted for the Vault - good decision IMO. Will return“

  52. H Had a

    “Went here on a Tuesday around 7pm and it had a steady stream of all kinds of guys the whole time. The staff was nice and courteous and I had a lot of fun. I appreciated the bar area, which can be a place to take a break from the cruising atmosphere. The whole place though, could definitely use an air freshener.“

  53. S Steven
    Great venue

    “Great place to go and hang out on Mondays/ Thursdays, naked, watch guys getting it on and even join in. Something there for everybody. Condoms, lube and free drink provided. Loads of hot guys every place you look. Can get quite crowded but I was very happy with that. Be prepared to be touched up everywhere you go, if you dont like that then this might not be the place for you. Will deff be going back again. Loved it there.“

  54. A Andrew

    “Went other week most of the guys are getting on in years. Staff are quite friendly. Place is small but clean price is about right. What more can i say, its ok but to many older guys for my liking best to avoid naked nights if you dont want people touching you. To the younger readers you will be a target for older men and beware if you wish to go play safe.“

  55. M Michael


  56. D Daniel
    Hot guys great stripped night

    “Had a great night at stripped tonight... Hot guys ... Cool air con venue ... Thank god in the summer heat“

  57. T Top man
    Vault - Saturday pm

    “Had a great time here, staff were helpful and friendly, certainly not rude.“

  58. S Scott
    Always good night

    “Had a really good night tonight...
    Friendly staff here always make it a welcoming place“

  59. L Luca
    Shame about some staff

    “I've been several times; hit & miss. But a good place at least to chill out and if you get lucky: great!
    On the whole, the staff are good, friendly etc. But there is 1 guy who has the most disgusting attitude to customers. Also, another short guy also very obnoxious. Spoils the experience for everyone.“

  60. M Matt

    “I've been in the Vault yesterday on a cruise night. All sort of guys you can definitely find someone for you. Helpful and polite staff with incredible handsome bartender. I've been told that Friday is average night but for me it was adventurous enough as for my first time there. Toilets could be in slightly better condition but in general the place is clean and tidy. That was my first visit in the Vault but definitely not last. Next time Monday and stripped session.

    And BTW if you thinking to find there a true love of your life you are wrong. We all know what this place is for and it do the job.“

  61. M Martin
    Great place . Definately go back

    “Great mix of guys, busy,clean, found staff to be very helpful and friendly.“

  62. T Tony
    Excellent. Def recommend.

    “Had a great time here, found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. Staff always seem to be cleaning and are quite attentive . Good range of guys and very busy especially on stripped and underwear session, look forward to my next visit to London.“

  63. M Mike

    “I have gone here several times and had a bad experience every time I dealt with this guy who works there. After scolding me in front of a bunch of people because I didn't know something about the way things work there I complained to another employee who told me he is the owner. I can't believe an owner of a business would treat people like this.“

    • G Grahame
      Why go back

      “If you were upset with your previous experience at the Vault then why the hell did you go back there ???? Personally I have always had a good time there and the staff are friendly and helpful. Just wish there were more gloryholes available.“

  64. M Max
    Really nice experience

    “Went there two times. The first was Thursday (naked party) and it was great. Many hot men and a lot of action! Staff were nice. My next visit was Friday afternoon around 6, and it started getting busy. Liked it again!“

  65. E Eamonn

    “Just to say Ian couldnt have been more helpful lost my jacket friday night Ian was so helpful thanks got it sat night thanks again Ian your a star Eamonn Ireland“

  66. S Salvatore
    Worst Experience

    “I usually love going to saunas and cruise venues however I did not enjoy this place. The guy at the door seemed very jumpy as if he was on drugs, the guys inside cruising were not particularly attractive, and yes this is a risk you take at these places but someone was bleeding excessively... I saw blood on a few different people and on my leg! It was a wake up call about going to these sort of places... I gave it a try but the blood was the last straw for me and I left immediately, it also didn't smell great in there.. They should invest in some sort of air freshener or something. This is coming from someone that has been to many saunas without a bad thing to say about the other ones.“

  67. A Andy

    “Did the rounds in London and Vault was the best place. Loved it so much that I went every other day. The saunas were over priced and empty, The Hoist tried hard but failed - it doesn't seam to ever get busy except Sunday afternoon which still wasn't as good as the Vault. Vault gets my vote and I found the staff to be very nice so didn't experience the rudeness mentioned in previous posts“

  68. D Darren
    First time

    “Went to the Vault for the first time the other night with my boyfriend and was very nervous. I did not no what to expect and I think I enjoyed it lol. My boyfriend was amazing and kept me focused on him as he had been before. Once I'd been touched up a few times and understood the rules in there I managed to relax. We both had a private booth for us to play and it was thrilling. We went on strip night which meant we had to be totally naked. Definitely something to experience.“

  69. M Miles

    “Most of the people in there are 40 upwards. Why would any one good looking or young need to go to place like that in the first place sure most people will grasp what I have said.“

    • D Dick

      “You are implying that over 40 is by definition not good looking?
      Very sad, indeed!
      I am over 40, yes, and I have been here and the crowd is all ages, all types, and in my opinion, not at all bad looking--across all types.
      I had the time of my life on the stripped nights, less so on the underwear nights.
      This is a great place. Can't wait to go back!“

    • A Adam
      26, reasonably good looking

      “I have to say your comment is a little ignorant. I love this place and have a great time every single visit. I tend to avoid stripped nights because I don't enjoy it being crazily busy, but some do!“

  70. L Lem
    My favorite London cruising venue.

    “The atmosphere is just right. Plenty of sofas and other comfortable seating. Several private spaces with locks as well as open dark rooms. Nice lighting with a proper bar ambiance. Always quite a few guys there if not exactly packed out. Not too loud so people can talk.

    Good value with a drink included in the £7 or £8 entry fee.

    A tad understaffed but the staff are OK. Thank God they are not naked because the are REALLY cute and it would be very frustrating!

    Other places are just not as comfortable.“

  71. t toby
    How disappointing for a city like London...

    “Funny place. RUDE staff. Dirty toilets. 'Strange' unfriendly person seemed to be running the place. I won't be going back.“

    • M Michael
      Of course the staff is short…

      “They communicate with horny, enebriated people all day. They would have to be short with everyone to keep things moving and watch the crowd for security reasons. There’s a lot more going on than just a service counter supplying beverages.

      And if you want air fresheners, safe ..., and clean toilets; the raunchiest fetish bar in the raunchiest fetish city ain’t the place. Stop ruining for those of us who want the air to smell like filth“

  72. K Kieran
    Very Welcoming

    “Very welcoming great staff and service very nice horny guys loads of sexy staff.“

    • j jim
      Obnoxious staff

      “That would be nice if it were true. Quite the opposite from my (real) visit.“

      • M Martin
        Friendly helpful staff

        “If you behave rudely to the staff as some self righteous customers do, expect to be treated in the same manner, you get what you give.“

  73. J Jason
    The rudest staff ever

    “The rudest staff I have ever come across. Ever. Anywhere.“

  74. J John
    Service pleaaase

    “Perennially understaffed. Rude staff. Place needs a clean.“

  75. r roland
    Nudity Rules!!

    “Fabulous nude night. Lots of horny men. Very friendly staff, although they could have been nude as well. Lets all join in.
    My only recommendation is that the lights could have been dimmer.“

  76. J James
    Rude staff

    “Very rude staff. Don't expect to be treated as a customer by this bunch of arrogant, rude people.“

  77. A Adam
    Rude Staff

    “The rudest staff I've ever encountered.“

  78. R Rich
    Much better than some reviews suggest

    “I've been wondering whether there was a daytime cruise bar in the UK, along the lines of those in Amsterdam, for example and was pleased and surprised to find that there is.

    I'm planning a few day away next month, so decided to check this place out for a quick day trip to London to see if a longer stay would be a worthwhile in that regard.

    I wasn't disappointed.

    It took me a while to find the place as I went the wrong way out of the Tube Station (it's actually really close!) and the venue is set discretely in a quiet street just behind the Tube Station.

    Having read some of the reviews about the place being "dirty, full of washed out gays, " with "rude staff," I wasn't expecting a great deal, but was very pleasantly surprised.

    The staff were pleasant enough and the doorman on the way out, very friendly.

    There were all types of people there, of all ages and someone for every taste. Yep, there were some "old men" there, but I didn't notice any of them being over-pushy.

    With regard to unsafe sex etc. I was aware that it was going on, like it probably does in any number of similar environments, be it cruising, or saunas, or online pickups, but for me, that's up to an individuals responsibility for himself and his fellow man. It's not something I would ever indulge in and there are a number of things I wouldn't do in a situation, such as this where there is no option to shower!

    I had a wonderful time and wish there were more bars like this around the country, I think we're way behind the Continent in that regard. It's all very well having a few very late night venues like this, but for a day time treat, this was well worth the visit and more, or less has me decided that my few days break will be in the capital because of this and many other attractions, both gay and otherwise! :O)“

  79. P Peter
    Great place

    “Raunchy hot venue with for guys all ages, ethnicities etc. my favorite London venue. The bar staff are NOT rude - I have always found them to be great. Of course if someone is rude to them, they may respond less than courteously but who wouldn't? On nights when my luck is in I'm usually preoccupied. In the play areas, but if I'm having an unlucky night I enjoy sitting with a drink chatting to the bar staff. Most of the customers are just horny guys out for a good time, and the diverse clientele means that most tastes are generally catered for“

  80. R Rus
    Amazing place just need more cleaning

    “Been there on Monday after 7 all guys of different ages stripped all amazing atmosphere sex everywhere glory holes were busy too many naked guys. love this place. Staff on the entrance were ok but staff behind bar were rude and one staff member who were checking place with search light were very rude. I heard he called one guy crazy which is very rude. They should improve there customer services. Will definitely go again soon.“

  81. R Ricardo
    Rude Staff

    “Rude staff. Unaccommodating. Unwelcoming. Just plain rude..“

  82. J Jon
    Rude staff

    “This place is dirty and smells. The staff are extremely rude. I stood for ages waiting at the reception and the guy just looked at me waiting. I then asked him for a ticket and he said if I didn't ask what I wanted he could not read my mind. I thought good customer service meant you ask a customer how can you help them?!! Just a matter of time this place closes down, too many complaints of the rudeness of the staff.“

  83. p pete

    “People are regularly going to this venue. I know this because I see the same people everytime I go! Also they have a reward card; after 5 visits (clip each time) You can get in free. My advice is to get in at 18:30 before the price of entry go's up also on naked night on Thursday you avoid the long wait to get in if you arrive before 18:30. As London doesn't have porno cinema cabins yet, this venue does have 4 cabins but no video screens. The glory holes within the walls get very busy and you have to wait ages to get a cabin! Some guys get angry and other try to jump in front of you when a cabin becomes available. Watch put for conflict! I have spoken to the owners asking them to put-in more cabins but they say they don't have the space. What about opening a porn cinema? They weren't interested. So if you want glory holes and porno don't come to London!“

    • M Martin
      5 video screens

      “There are 5 video screens in the venue, I was there very recently and had a great time.“

    • T Tony
      People rarely use the glory holes. The 4 cabins are often used by couples instead

      “The place itself is very good value, £9 entry includes drink and coatcheck. No really dark areas except one with very low ceiling, this area is pitch black though. No actual dark room.“

  84. T Tom

    “Its an ok place to try if visiting london but I wouldn't say its a regular hang out place. Free condoms please use them. There is a mix of people hiv pos neg etc. The place is reasonably clean, my only issue is the attitude of the staff. Can come across as rude. Brush up on your customer service skills lads and it will be a sound place.“

  85. M Marc
    Nice club

    “Vault is a very nice nice club, I recommend it to anyone looking for a clean and friendly club. My only issue is there aren't enough black guys who are into black But its really good and the staff are nice. I enjoy naked nights so please add more to the list and cancel some of the clothed cruise nights :)“

  86. M My
    You get what you want

    “I go to this club quite often on naked nights. Honestly, I find it very easy to 'meet guys'. The place is crowded, and you can find the type of guys you like. Strange characters are to be expected, especially on naked nights. Admission is cheap, storage ok, plenty of condoms and lube, neither clean nor dirty. “

  87. D Dean
    2 Irish lads

    “I have to disagree with the last writer with negative points for this bar. We have been here a few times and found it via advertisements, which clearly state what the bar is. We found the place to be clean to a certain extent, it is dark is but not pitch black, and absolutely no way did we ever come across rude people and staff were very friendly. If you want to play its there for you, but all sex places carry risk of STI but thats not the bars fault, also it is help full to ask are they STI free or importantly wear protection, anyway just said id support the bar as we are going over Thurs for more fun and frolics lol“

  88. D Dave
    The Vault (of Hades)

    “If you're looking for a great night out, this is NOT the place for you. The place is dark, cramped and dirty. The men here are all the wrong type. Either 80+ or just plain ugly and very arrogant. Not to mention that they probably have been contracting all sorts of diseases from multiple past partners and purposely want to infect you as well. And I'm NOT exaggerating. I was sitting next to this old man minding my own business, when I caught him giving me really malevolent glares. Then a little later, the same man approached me aggressively and force me to kiss him. Whilst I was pinned against multiple other men who also forced me to get frisky against my will. The sense of darkness is everywhere. It was a complete nightmare that I would not wish upon anyone, even my worst enemy. Please listen to my advice, and ignore all these other positive reviews, it's just a load of propaganda to get more people coming so that the people working there can make more business. It's disgusting. This place is Satan's hideout and the place needs to be closed for good.“

    • D David
      Response to "Keep Away"

      “Now let's get this straight? You went into a well known full on cruise club,you were so shocked you sat down. This must have been in the crowded dark room,and then, you poor thing we're "forced to get frisky against your will"!! Sounds great to me, can't wait to hear the next episode of this fiction.“

      • D Dave
        Response to "Response to "Keep Away""

        “Actually, I didn't know about the place before, and it's not that well known, it was in Warren Street, it's hardly the West End. And when I sat down I hadn't seen yet the type of place it was and no, it was not in the crowded dark room. If you want details it was just outside those narrow corridors which was where they were making out. I only went to get away from my home life for a while where heterosexuality is pressured upon you. You might not feel that way because your up bringing was different and that's just fine. And to mention about the getting frisky bit, you want to do that with those men, good luck to you, don't come crying when you find your HIV positive. The fact that you want to go that low doesn't say much about you.

        Please mind your sarcasm because I find you very rude and obnoxious, I suffered a lot from this place and I'd appreciate it if you mind your own business and not call my suffering fiction. And don't respond if you want to pick a fight. I'm not going to stoop down to your level.“

    • W Will
      Perhaps try G.A.Y next time?

      “Sorry Dave, but its pretty obvious to everyone what sort of place Vault is. If your idea of a good night out is a cocktail whilst listening to Kylie, try G.A.Y. Places like Vault attract all sorts of men. They might not all be to your taste, but hats off to management for welcoming all. Personally, always had a good time.“

    • T TGE Moderation
      Everyones opinion is appreciated

      “Thank you to all for your frank opinions. We very much appreciate everyone's comments, but will be closing this particular review thread.“

  89. D Dave
    Response to 'Keep Away'

    “What a load of rubbish!!! Its a sex club, I see the staff cleaning and have never seen 'corpses' crawling along the corridors. I am sure an afternoon tea dance would suit you much better!“

    • J Jake
      If you don't like it, don't go

      “I agree with Dave. This is a full on cruise bar. No attitude and generally friendly place. You know what you are going for before you arrive at the door. If you don't like that, don't go!“

  90. M Mike
    Best in London

    “Clean, nice music, very busy that you can't walk without stamping someone's feet (specially in Sunday afternoon underwear party), staff are very friendly except for the skinny black haired guy who wears glasses. The place has a strange smell (in a pleasant way) I am guessing it's because of the non-stop sex going on, which obviously puts stress on the toilets.
    From the pretentious guy who sits and observe but does nothing to the sleazy young men who are ready for action, all sorts of men go there (some annoying old men too). There are 4 private cubicles with glory holes busy all the time and other five rooms, which aren't that private.
    Since September 2014, entrance for day cruising is £7 and £8 for night cruising. Still very good value for money!
    The key to having a good fun in this club is to accept the fact that it's a cruising club & not everyone is your cup of tea.“

  91. S Stud
    Real fun place

    “Went on a Wednesday night, underwear party, lots of hots guys. Plenty of space to play, groups forming spontaneously, no attitude in general. The rude Scottish guy is no more there but the staff are all cute and smiling and funny too! Will return for sure!“

  92. W Wolfie
    Keep Away!

    “I felt like I was transported to the vaults of HELL full of corpses crawling in the dark corridors and corners. The place is very dark, small without any privacy even inside the cabins. It smells really bad. Going there for 5 minutes made me appreciate my life and health so much and being forever grateful for the conscious choices I made in my life. I am a proud gay man and I strongly feel that I do not belong to this decadent rotten underworld.“

    • D Dick
      Decadent rotten underworld.

      “One man's meat (ahem) is another man's poison. I happen to love the place.
      My version of what heaven would be like, if there were such a place.“

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