Berlin Lesbian Bars

Berlin Lesbian Bars

Berlin is home to a legendary gay scene, which includes multiple lesbian bars! From historic, women only bars to  lesbian-friendly gay bars, Berlin has an diverse range of Lesbian hang outs for your gay Berlin adventures.

Exclusively for women. Begine is a lesbian bar but foremost, a cultural centre. Originally established in 1986 to provide a meeting place for women in refuge, Begine is now a café that hosts live music, art exhibitions, parties, concerts, cabaret, educational events and more

Located around Potsdamer Straße, between the historic gay and lesbian neighbourhood around Winterfeldplatz and the trendy Kreuzberg.

Check their website for more details of upcoming events and hours.


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Updated: 11-Jul-2022

Potsdamer Straße 139, Berlin

Weekday: from 5pm
Weekend: from 7pm

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The only lesbian bar on Simon-Dach street in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, an area best-known for thriving nightlife and alternative scene.

Himmelreich cafe bar offers a sophisticated atmosphere. Straight people are welcome but the venue also hosts LGBT-specific nights such as Tuesday’s Women’s Lounge which caters to a lesbian crowd.

See their Facebook page for more information.


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Updated: 11-Jul-2022

Simon-Dach-Straße 36, Berlin

Weekday: 18:00-02:00/03:00
Weekend: 18:00-02:00 ; 16:00-03:00

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Located in the trendy Kreuzberg district, this bi-monthly lesbian party at Gretchen Club is a successful night out for girls in Berlin, with glitters, brilliant non-male-identifying DJ’s and a welcoming crowd.

Girls Town see themselves as a shelter for lesbians, inter-, trans- and bisexual females (LGBT+). Straight friends are welcome; however, their bouncers have the right to deny access to males who do not seem appropriate.

Admission is 8€ before 11pm, 10€ afterwards.


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Updated: 11-Jul-2022

Obentrautstraße 19-21, Berlin

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