Gay Sarasota

Gay Sarasota

Sarasota is a coastal city in Florida with a surprisingly good and welcoming gay scene.

About Sarasota

Sarasota is quieter than many of its nearby urban counterparts. Defined by its pristine beaches, lush gardens, expansive golf courses and historical landmarks, Sarasota offers an abundance of cultural activities and chances to explore. Sarasota is known for its eclectic population, with many of its residents descending from circus performers, veterans and sailors. The city also has a growing arts scene, with a number of galleries opening up and bringing with them a liberal attitude that is welcoming of gay travelers.

Sarasota’s gay scene is small and compact, but it’s no less exciting than any other gay scene. There are a number of gay bars and clubs spread throughout Sarasota. The city also hosts a number of LGBT+ focused events throughout the year, including the ‘Embracing our Difference’ festival, the Harvey Milk Festival and Sarasota Pride in June. The LGBT+ community in Sarasota is intimate and charming, and gay travelers will quickly feel like locals.

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