The Best Gay Beaches in Florida

The most beautiful beaches of the Sunshine State

Florida is known across the USA and even the world for being home to some of the best gay beaches on the globe. The socially conservative state is also, paradoxically, one of the most LGBT+ friendly and popular travel destinations, so it should come as no surprise that thousands of gay guys flock here every year to enjoy the area’s sun-soaked beauty.

Florida’s coastal landscape is also incredibly varied, and you’ll be able to sample everything from urban beaches with booming music to rugged swathes of untouched nature reserve. Florida’s beaches are also busy and popular hubs of activity with a range of watersports, outdoor pursuits, and entertainment suited to the interests of any gay traveler.

Here’s our rundown of the best gay beaches in Florida.


Sebastian Street Beach, Fort Lauderdale

Every year thousands of gay travelers flock to Sebastian Street Beach to make the most of the pristine white sand, buzzing local nightlife and large gay community, making it one of the USA’s most popular gay beaches. The beach is situated in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and is just a matter of steps away from Las Olas Boulevard, a hotspot for resorts and hotels, in the peak tourism months, Sebastian Street can become very busy.

Not all of this massive beach is explicitly gay, however, and the most popular spot for gay tourists and locals is just between Sebastian and Castillo streets and this area is easy to find. The main hub of gay nightlife and community in Fort Lauderdale is Sebastian Street and on the beach, you’re never far away from Fort Lauderdale’s best gay nightlife, with many of the city’s most popular and stylish bars located along this sunny boulevard. Read More: The best gay beaches in Fort Lauderdale.


Smather’s Beach, Key West

Key West is very gay, and unsurprisingly, so is Smather’s Beach. Regarded as one of the best gay beaches in all of Florida, Samther’s is a steadfast mecca for gay travelers from across the USA. Most of Key West’s beaches are characterized by a rough and pebbly environment. However Smather’s Beach is a stunning paradise of warm golden sand and gentle azure water.

Key West has been an LGBT+ tourism hotspot for decades because of a flourishing local gay community, an open and inclusive attitude, and a creative spirit. The city is home to an abundance of gay bars, clubs, and cafes, and Samther’s Beach is located close to many of these, including 801 Bourbon Bar. The bar is located on Duval Avenue, the epicenter of gay culture in the city and the best place to relax with a delicious cocktail. Read More: A gay guide to Key West.


Haulover Park, Miami

For the ultimate nudist experience, consider visiting Haulover Park. Visitors are welcome to walk, swim and sunbathe in the complete nude here as the beach is located in a large nature reserve and the local government enforces a clothing-optional policy. Haulover Beach isn’t hidden away or off the beaten track like many nudist beaches, the area is family-friendly and there are distinct areas for nudists, meaning that there’s something here for everybody’s tastes.

The tranquil blue waters make the beach a popular hangout for the local gay community. The beach is a hotspot for a range of activities, with just as many sunbathers as frisbee players and joggers. Read More: The Best Things To Do in Miami.


12th Street Beach, Miami

12th Street Beach is immediately recognizable by the rows of pride flags and hoards of hot guys that come to enjoy this stunning slice of sun-soaked gay community. The beach is located at the meeting point of 12th Street and Ocean Drive, conveniently located close to much of the city’s best gay nightlife.

12th Street Beach truly comes into its full glory during Miami Pride, when thousands of LGBT+ people from across the world descend onto its sands for days of endless dance parties and pride celebrations. The central location of the beach means that you’ll be situated near to some of the best beachfront dining options, including multiple seafood restaurants, serving the freshest dishes.

Read More: Miami Gay Beaches.


North Lido Beach, Sarasota

If you’re looking for action-packed fun and a lively atmosphere, skip North Lido Beach. A haven of tranquility and relaxation, the beach is the ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle and recharge next to the vast Atlantic. Considered to be the best gay beach in Sarasota, North Lido is also a popular destination for cruising, with many secluded spots ideal for connecting with other gay guys.

Sarasota’s southern location means that the waters here spill into the Gulf of Mexico, making them extra warm and especially clear. As such, North Lido Beach is the ideal place to snorkel and swim.

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