A Gay Guide To Malta

A Gay Guide To Malta

Here's our guide to Malta's small but lively gay scene. Malta is renowned for its progressive gay rights legislation.

Malta’s gay scene

Malta has rapidly become one of the most gay-friendly and gay-popular destinations in Europe. Most of Malta’s gay nightlife in located in the Paceville district (known as “Partyville”). Here you’ll find many bars, restaurants, strip clubs and lots of late night drinkers spilling onto the streets.

The largest gay night spot in Malta is Michelangelo Club Lounge. Spread out over two floors, this is the place to dance the night away. It’s the only major gay club in Malta. You’ll find a mixed though mostly young crowd here. It’s located in Paceville at the heart of the island’s late-night scene. This is a good final destination on your night out – you could well be dancing here till 4 am.

Hotel Juliani is located in Paceville and it’s right by the beach.

Valletta in Malta

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There’s so much to see in Valletta, Malta’s pint-sized capital. The Knights of Malta built the city with military defence in mind after the island almost fell to the Turks in 1565. You can walk the seafront along Great Siege Road, named, of course, after the famous battle. You’ll no doubt want to visit The Grand Master’s Palace, and also see paintings by Caravaggio in St John’s Co-Cathedral.

When you’re ready to start drinking, Monaliza Lounge is a gay-popular bar, restaurant and club. Here you’ll find regular drag shows and lots of late night dancing. It’s located by the seafront in Valletta.

Monaliza Lounge opens from 6 pm. It’s a good spot to start your gay night out after some sightseeing.

Lesbian Malta

Mdina and Rabat

The fortified city of Mdina is a must-see. Known as the Silent City (cars are forbidden), it was once the island’s capital. This city was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th-century BC, but the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The bible even suggests that Saint Paul was shipwrecked here. Needless to say, you’ll find a lot of history to explore.

You can head underground and discover St. Paul’s catacombs, a burial complex built in Roman times.

In the adjacent town of Rabat you’ll discover many more attractions, such as Gozo Cathedral and the Wignacourt Museum. By now you’re likely to feel a bit historied-out. A drink or two may be in order. You can wine and dine in the local area: Roman’s Den is a popular restaurant. If you’re looking to splash out then head to San Andrea for something more upmarket.

When you’re ready to party check out The Birdcage Lounge, a fun and intimate gay bar in Rabat. Here you’ll find lively drag and cabaret shows in an intimate setting.

If you want to party late then you’ll need to get a taxi across the island to Paceville.

Gay parties in Malta

Gay Parties In Malta

Currently, Malta doesn’t have the many active gay venues. It does, however, have a large gay community and you’ll find plenty of gay events and parties. The main event organisers are S2S Events.

You can see the latest gay events in Malta on their Facebook page.


Gay Beaches In Malta

There is no official gay beach on the island. As Malta is so gay-welcoming it’s unlikely a dedicated gay beach will emerge. If you’re looking for a bit of privacy on the beach – wink wink – then you could take a trip down a dirt path to Fomm ir-Riħ. It’s on the West of the island in Mġarr – a beach so secluded it’s likely to be empty.

Gay Pride in Malta

Gay Pride In Malta

Malta’s Gay Pride celebrations usually take place in September in Valletta. As Malta’s LGBT+ community has a lot to be proud of the atmosphere is going to be lively and positive. Malta is also a key sponsor of Brighton Pride, Europe’s biggest Pride festival, in order to attract an international audience to the event.

When To Visit Malta?

As Malta enjoys around 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s hard to find a bad time to visit. The busiest months are July – September. If you travel out of season it’s likely to be quieter and slightly cheaper. The liveliest months are June and July – the beaches will be packed and the people will be spilling out of the bars onto the streets.

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