Free HIV Testing & Condoms For Paradise Workers

Free HIV Testing & Condoms For Paradise Workers

After three successful years of organising Phuket Pride and raising over 600,000 baht for HIV-related charities, the Phuket Loves You Club is launching its next major initiative.

HARP (HIV and Aids-Related Programme) is targeted at increasing awareness of HIV, safer sex, providing free testing, information and free condoms and lubricants.

With the help of Patong Hospital and the Sabaidee Clinic, PLU Club held a series of focus groups earlier this year to gather information within Phuket’s LGBT community.


More free HIV testing for Paradise Complex workers

Until now, Phuket’s Sabaidee Clinic only had funding to carry out one free HIV test a year in Soi Paradise.  The PLU Club have committed money to carry out three more tests, which means all workers in Soi Paradise can now have a free HIV test every 3 months starting in October.

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Free condom, lube and safer-sex messages in Thai

Soi Paradise workers will be able to get to free condoms and lubricants, individually packed with safe-sex messaging in Thai language, as well as contact details for the Sabaidee Clinic.

A series of safer-sex posters, and custom-made condom boxes containing free condoms and lubricants will be placed in gay & gay friendly locations throughout Patong, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to safer sex.

The Chairman of  the PLU Community Project Team Kenneth Miller said “I am delighted that after so much planning and information gathering, that we have finally been able to deliver to the gay venues of Patong meaningful posters and free condoms and lube.  These venues have been so supportive in the prominence they have given to the posters and condom boxes, with a real commitment to all working together in increasing HIV awareness and reducing HIV infection in our community.”

Ian Phillips, the PLU Chairman, said” I would like to thank everyone who has supported our last three Phuket Pride weeks, those who worked tirelessly to organise the week’s events, those who attended and donated and to all of our highly valued sponsors, including Karex Burhad, without whom none of what we are now delivering to our community would be possible.  I look forward to us all raising more money for these important projects during Phuket Pride week 2015 this coming April.”

Published: 01-Nov-2018 by Tod   |   Last Updated: 24-May-2022
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