How to book a gay massage when traveling

Looking to book a gay massage to unwind after a busy day? Of course you are!

Booking a gay massage when traveling can be an unnerving process. You want to have a satisfying experience but you’re aware that it could be a bit awkward. Fortunately, we’ve got some insider tips about what to expect when booking a gay massage on your travels.

Book your gay massage through a reputable service (such as Travel Gay!)

Start by researching online for reputable massage services or spas that specifically cater to the LGBTQ+ community. Travel Gay lists verified venues that are popular and well-reviewed by other travelers. We're the largest gay travel directory in the world, covering destinations from Alaska to Zagreb.

Read the reviews carefully

Look at reviews from previous customers to gauge the quality of the massages and the professionalism of the service (you'll find many gay massage reviews on our site). Naturally, people can encourage others to post fake reviews on their behalf. This can only go so far though. Fake reviews tend to be as subtle as North Korean propaganda so you can usually read between the lines.

Use your favorite gay hookup apps

Although gay massage therapists aren't supposed to offer their services on gay hookup apps, users of such apps will notice that they invariably do. The lingo changes over time. Once upon a day the legend "magic hands" beckoned gay travelers to their nearest masseuse on the apps. The word was banned so it was replaced by an emoji of a pair of hands. In more recent years, a masseur’s profile may announce that they are "here for work only". Those of a more enigmatic disposition may advertise their services with the word "available". The lingo is ever-changing.

Go to a gay massage spa

Depending on where you travel, booking a trip to a gay massage spa might be your best bet. Especially if you're in an East Asian city where gay massage spas are more prevalent. Once again, you'll find the definitive guide to gay massage spas in Asia on Travel Gay. Check out the city you're visiting on our site and see if we have a Spa or Massage tab.

In a lot of gay massage spas, you'll be able to see the available masseuses before deciding which one you want to book. You'll also avoid the potentially awkward process of inviting your masseuse back to your hotel and getting them past reception.

Do I need to tip my masseuse?

You should tip your masseuse. Unless, of course, you have a less favorable experience and choose to send them packing with their standard fee. It's only respectful to tip service staff - and you're gay masseuse is certainly providing a service. If they do their job correctly they could be giving you the highlight of your day. That’s worth a tip, surely?

Prioritize your safety first and foremost

Always prioritize your safety. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to cancel the appointment. Don’t go into a massage spa if you don’t like the feel of the area.

Before booking, communicate clearly with the masseur or spa. Ask specific questions about the massage process, who will be performing the massage, and what measures they have in place to ensure client safety and comfort. Clear communication can also help set boundaries and expectations. We hope you feel very relaxed when you’re done.

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