Iconic Sunrise At Mount Fuji

Iconic Sunrise At Mount Fuji

Catching the sun rise at Mount Fuji, Japan's most iconic landmark, is a magical experience.

Mount Fuji, is located on Honshu Island, about 100 km southwest of Tokyo, on the border of Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures.

Fuji the country’s tallest mountain and has an exceptionally symmetrical cone.  The best views of Mount Fuji are from the five lakes of Yamanashi prefecture.  Of these lakes, Kawaguchiko the easiest to get to and has the most hotel choices. Stay one night, wake early and catch the sunrise.


When to Visit

The scenery of Mount Fuji and Kawaguchiko changes all year.  Popular months are October and November when the leaves change colors.  During winter (December – February), Mount Fuji is covered with snow and quite stunning – although it can be very cold and some attractions might close early.  During the cherry blossom season (March – May), the weather is pleasant and you can see the blossoms set against the snowy backdrops.

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Getting to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo

By bus – Head to Shinjuku JR station’s west exit and purchase a ticket for the Keio Express Bus (opposite a camera shop).  A ticket to Kawaguchiko is ¥1,700/one-way, ¥3,400/roundtrip.  The bus ride takes two hours and drops you at Kawaguchiko train station.

By train – From Shinjuku station, take the JR Chuo Rapid to Takao then change to normal JR Chuo trains (¥1,280/trip) to Otsuki station.  From Otsuki, change to Fujikyu line (¥1,100/trip) to Kawaguchiko station.

Getting around Kawaguchiko

This small town is easy to get around by a retro bus (¥1,000 for one lake, ¥1,300 for two lakes).  Taxi’s are available, but very expensive.


Where to Stay

There are a few dozen hotels in the area,  with something to suit all budgets.  Here are some of the most popular choices:

Alternatively, click here to search all hotels near Mount Fuji / Kawaguchiko area.

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