Street Entertainment In Paradise

Street Entertainment In Paradise

Phuket is, without question, one of the most popular gay beach destinations in Asia.

Hot sunny days, warm clear blue seas, an excellent choice of beach resorts and a vibrant nightlife is an irresistible combination for many. Phuket has one of the most lively gay scenes in Thailand (outside of Bangkok). The gay nightlife is focused around the Paradise Complex in the west coast town of Patong.  Virtually all the main bars are located along the Paradise Complex “Exit Street”.

Competition between these bars to attract customers is fierce. Every night, Kiss and ZAG bars each put on a mini outdoor cabaret show featuring performances by lip synced divas,  dance routines and comedy acts. It’s free to watch and a great deal of fun. The shows tend to start from 10.30pm.

Published: 01-Nov-2018 by Tod   |   Last Updated: 24-May-2022
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