Best Gay Hotels in Key West

Best Gay Hotels in Key West

Key West is a gay haven with many gay-specific hotels.

Key West is an incredibly popular tourist destination because of the tropical Florida climate, laid back atmosphere and most importantly the huge LGBT presence, making it a gay haven. Key West’s location, which is quite rural, means that taking a trip here has to be thoroughly planned out.

Because of this, many gay-specific or gay-friendly hotels can be in high demand, making it hard to choose where to stay. Here is a comprehensive list of much-loved gay hotels in the area, which are located close to or on Duval Street, the heart of the gay scene in Key West.

Island House

Island House

Starting off the list with a classic, award-winning Key West institution, the Island House.

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This clothing-optional, adult-only, male-only gay resort is only 6 blocks away from Duval Street. The hotel has great features such as an outdoor pool that remains heated during the winter, a chilled poolside cafe, and a pool deck to hang out and sunbathe on. Other great features that we think you will love include a 24-hour  erotic video lounge and evening pool parties where you can mingle and get to know fellow guests. This gay hotel even has a health club to help keep you active, so there is something for everyone.

You have the option of acquiring a day pass, which allows you access to the pool, sundeck, health club, steam room and much more!

Equator Resort

Equator Resort

The next hotel on our list is Equator Resort, a men-only and clothing optional hotel located only 3 blocks away from the nightlife of Duval Street. The hotel boasts features such as two heated pools and 2 hot tubs, to make you feel truly relaxed. The Equator Resort itself is made up of 5 beautiful, historic properties. The suites are divided up well, and feature skylights, whirlpool tubs, and wet bars! If you wish to mingle, there is a daily happy hour perfect for this! However, if that isn’t your thing, note that there are weekly morning poolside yoga sessions, as well as on-site massage services.

New Orleans House

Located right on Duval Street, New Orleans House is a gay, male-only guesthouse, that guarantees a fun stay. The hotel itself features a sun deck, a hot tub, and a clothing-optional pool where much of the cruising happens. The rooms have full kitchens, making it feel like a home away from home and if you were to have guests, there is an extra $25 charge for the night.

The New Orleans House is part of the Bourbon Street Pub Complex, which allows you as a guest free entry to the venue as well as free access to the drag shows hosted there! The guesthouse has a garden bar area that is open daily from 10 am until 4 am, with women being allowed in on Tuesdays from 5 pm – 4 am.

Alexander’s Guesthouse

Alexander's Guesthouse

Alexander’s Guesthouse is a gay and lesbian-only, adult-only resort. The property consists of 3 renovated buildings, forming a restored conch house. Originally built in 1902, the building is registered with the Key West Historical Society, giving the guesthouse an old-school feel.

Alexander’s Guesthouse prides itself on being a healthy lifestyle-focused establishment, with regular classes on inner healing, yoga, and a supply of juices and smoothies for guests. If this isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of alternatives, including a Jacuzzi, a pool, and a poolside happy hour to keep you relaxed and entertained.

Straight-Friendly Hotels:

The next hotels in this section are not gay-exclusive, however, they are known to be straight-friendly where everyone is welcome.

La Te Da

Located on upper Duval Street, La Te Da is right in the middle of the gay scene in Key West and was a former gay-only hotel. This straight-friendly hotel has an outdoor pool, which has less of a cruising atmosphere compared to the rest on this list.

However, there’s plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied. This includes regular cabaret and drag, as well as a gay tea dance party at the piano bar. There is an open-air terrace bar that gives great views of Duval Street as you sip on your drink. Many guests have loved the food served at La Te Da, especially the breakfast, so make sure to give it a try.

The Gardens Hotel

The Gardens Hotel

The Gardens Hotel, located close to Duval Street, is one of the biggest private estates in Key West and is known for the gorgeous gardens that frame the exterior of the buildings. The tastefully decorated hotel has 20 large suites that come with balconies or shared patios and you are treated to breakfast by the pool in the gardens.

The Gardens Hotel is also known for its extensive wine collection, which you can taste in the evening wine tastings. There is also a wine smart card available to you, making it easy to have a tasting whenever it is convenient for you. On the weekends, you can watch Cabaret in the evenings on Friday and Saturday, and there are live jazz sessions in the gardens on Sundays too.

The Kimpton Ridley

The Kimpton Ridley is a gay-friendly or rather a straight-friendly boutique hotel, exclusively for adults. The boutique hotel is hidden behind low-hanging trees, making it feel more of an intimate and idyllic stay. The rooms have their own balconies and there is also a private garden, which is perfect for the warm Key West evenings. The Kimpton Ridley also offers services such as Bike hire and scuba diving kits, to ensure you make the most out of your stay in Key West.

Simonton Court

Simonton Court

The Simonton Court Hotel is an adults-only hotel sitting on 2 acres of land. The buildings are historic, with the main hotel being an old cigar factory. There is the choice to stay in the hotel, or in the cottages dotted around the property.

The historic aspect is combined with a tropical aesthetic, reflecting the Key West atmosphere. The Simonton features 4 swimming pools that are open to guests 24 hours as well as a courtyard where breakfast is usually served.The hotel itself is quieter and more intimate than some on this list, however, it is only a block away from Duval Street, so should you want to, finding gay nightlife is simple.

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