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Most of these popular sights in Ho Chi Minh City are located in or near District 1 and within walking distance of each other.

Get a map from your hotel, apply plenty of sunscreen lotion and take a cap or hat to protect yourself from the intense sun.



Central Post Office

This French structure was built between 1886 and 1891 by architect Villedius. Inside to the left and right are two excellent original murals that show the routes of 19th century telegraphic cables across the region and a layout of the city at that time.


Notre Dame Cathedral

A (relatively small) red brick Cathedral that was built between 1871 and 1883 in a neo-Romanesque style with two 40-metre high square steeples. In front of the cathedral is an idol of the Virgin Mary.

Catherdal in Ho Chi Minh City


War Remnants Museum

Established in 1975, this museum displays remains from the Vietnam war, including a collection of American tanks and planes in the front courtyard.

The presentation of the war is politically very one sided. However, this adds to a further dimension to the museum, since it is a point of view not often heard in the West. Regardless of the politics, the halls are filled with graphic and disturbing pictures of how the war affected, and continues to affects the people of Vietnam and the USA. It leaves a lasting memory of the horror of war in all those who visit.

Outside of the Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Reunification Palace

This building was the residence of Ngo Ninh Nhiem, the President of the former South Vietnamese government in 1954.


Opera House

Built in 1897 by the French architect Ferret Eugene to entertain French colonists. The three storey interior houses 1,800 seats and continues to act as a cultural focal point for the city.


Dong Khoi Street

The main shopping street in Ho Chi Minh City, although some of the best lacquered art bargains are to be found in the shops on the side streets.


Ben Thanh Market

Considered one of the symbols of the city, this huge indoor market is popular with tourists looking for souvenirs as well as a place to try out some local food.


Bitexco Building Skydeck

Ride up to the 49th floor viewing platform near the top of the tallest building (by far) in the city. Amazing  360° view of the city and fabulous photo opportunity. From this vantage point you can get a real sense of the city's layout. Highly recommended.


Ngoc Hoang Pagoda

Featuring rather grotesque statues of divinities and heroes as well as a hall representing Hell that incorporates ten carved panels depicting the various punishments that await sinners. Built in 1909.


Cholon (China Town)

Cholonis the name of the Chinese area of Ho Chi Minh City. It is the largest chinatown district in the country.


History Museum

Displays an interesting collection of artefacts representing the history and evolution of Vietnamese people and culture.


Zoological & Botanical Garden

Founded by JB Louis Pierre, a French tropical botanist  in 1965 and covering a 20 hectare area. It has seen better days.


Peoples Committee Hall



Outside The City

Cu Chi Tunnels

250km tunnel network that was used for operations against the US during the Vietnam wars. Located about a one-hour drive from the city.


Dai Nam Tourist Cultural Historical Zone

Located about 40km from the city. This area is the biggest park and tourist destination in Vietnam, featuring man-made lakes, rivers and mountain. The park complex includes a shopping centre, hotel, theme park, camp-ground, water park, zoo, and numerous temples.

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