Gay Tours Luxembourg

Gay Tours Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most tranquil countries in Europe. It is packed with culture and history. It also has a unique gay scene that you can explore through our gay tours!

Gay Tours Luxembourg

Gay-popular walking tours, culture and history in Luxembourg.

This Gay Tour of Luxembourg is an exciting tour from historical and modern Luxembourg. Learning about the LGBT community of Luxemberg and the mythic history of Luxembourg, this tour is a perfect mix of old and new.

One of the most exciting stops along the 3 hour tour is the Book Promontory, the mythic founding place of the city. The are is considered a legendary realm due to it’s mythic associations with Melusina the mermaid. The stuff of folklore, Melusina is a fierce figure of mythology whose cultural history will astound. Be sure not to miss during your time in Luxembourg!

There are 2 tours daily, one at 9am and one at 3pm. They depart from the City Center Hotel or Central Train Station.


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Updated: 23-May-2022

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