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Las Vegas City Guide

Planning to visit Las Vegas? Then our gay Las Vegas city guide is for you


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the largest and most populous city in Nevada, and, with over 49 million visitors annually, it is also one of the USA’s most visited cities.

A glittering mass of lights in the middle of the vast Mojave Desert, Las Vegas truly is the ‘city of sin’ a place where the masses flock to gamble their money, explore extensive casino complexes and relish in over-the-top luxury. The self-claimed “entertainment capital of the world”, the legendary Las Vegas Strip is an overwhelming and disorientating spectacle of neon lights, towering water fountains and gaudy hotels.

The city is also a mecca for gay travelers, with its rolling residencies of gay icons like Elton John and Celine Dion, unrivalled glamour and a thriving gay nightlife scene. There is a wealth of LGBT+ culture to be explored and the city hosts multiple LGBT+ focused events and festivals throughout the year.

Gay Rights in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is frequently described as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the Mountain West of the USA and with the state of Nevada implementing a range of equal protection laws, this is no surprise. LGBT+ individuals are protected from discrimination based on their perceived sexual orientation and gender identity in all aspects of public life. Same-sex marriage was legalised in 2014 after the US Supreme Court ruling, and same-sex couples now enjoy the same benefits and responsibilities as heterosexual couples.

Since 2016, transgender people in Nevada have been able to apply for new birth certificates that can be altered to label a specific gender at birth. This can be done without extensive psychiatric assessment, a huge step for the trans community. Several government agencies also offer a third-gender option on official documents.

Gay Scene in Las Vegas

It’s only fitting that one of the world’s nightlife capitals has an extensive and varied range of gay bars and clubs as well. The “Fruit Loop” area of the city is located just off the main strip and is Las Vegas’ gay district. Here you’ll find an assortment of gay venues that cater to all tribes and tastes. There’s everything here from small and intimate bars to some of the largest and most impressive superclubs on the planet.

Situated on the Las Vegas Strip and boasting one of the best sound and light systems in the city, Piranha is the number one gay venue here. The club is open 24/7 and most gay travelers will find themselves on Piranha’s dancefloor during their trip. Luxurious and trendy, the club is a staple of the Las Vegas gay nightlife scene and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

When it comes to a night out in Las Vegas there are many options, but some of the best gay nightlife venues include Charlie’s, Fun Hog Ranch and Freezone.

Las Vegas

Gay hotels in Las Vegas

Depending on what you're looking for, Las Vegas has a plethora of hotels and guesthouses suited for every taste and budget. Most hotels in the city can be classed as gay-friendly, meaning guests shouldn't experience any unusual or unfair treatment as a result of their sexual or gender identity. Hotel staff tend to be welcoming and respectful of all guests.

Gay travelers looking to stay close to Las Vegas’ gay centre should consider one of the many hotels that are situated in and around the “Fruit Loop” area of the Strip. The New York hotel is part of the gay-friendly MGM group and offers guests an elegant and comfortable stay. The luxurious design of the hotel is matched by the stunning pool and outside areas. Located near the main gay area of the city, it offers guests the perfect base to explore gay Las Vegas.

The city is also home to some of the world's most famous luxury hotels, offering guests the chance to experience the bustling city in supreme comfort and luxury. Consider the Mandalay Bay or Park MGM if you're travelling with a more generous budget.

Visit the Gay Las Vegas Hotels pages to see our list of recommended hotels to check prices and make a reservation.

Gay saunas in Las Vegas

There is a small selection of gay saunas or bathhouses to enjoy in Las Vegas. Whilst the venues here may be limited in quantity, the quality will not disappoint. Most venues will offer both daily and monthly membership which makes them very convenient for short visits.

One of the city's most popular venues is Hawk’s Gym, a gay-owned and operated sauna boasting a fully equipped gym, sauna and open showers. The venue is located centrally in the city and is known for hosting some of Las Vegas’ steamiest and most popular gay events.

Las Vegas

Getting to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is served by the McCarran International Airport, a commercial and military facility that welcomes millions of passengers every year and is spread across two expansive terminals.

Taxies are abundant outside the airport’s arrivals gates and it is easy and simple to book one. The journey should only take around 10 minutes from the airport to the main strip and you can expect to pay a reasonable charge.

There are a number of buses and shuttle services that provide quick and convenient transport from The McCarran International Airport to the strip. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada bus system is the most popular and convenient way for you to travel to and from McCarran International Airport and your accommodation destinations. The RTC app can be downloaded and used to plan out the best transport option for you.

Las Vegas

Getting around Las Vegas


The Las Vegas monorail is one of the best modes of transport if you’re looking to travel along the strip and into the city centre. Stopping at seven of the most popular attractions along the strip, the monorail is fast, convenient and reliable. Single tickets and day passes can be purchased, and whilst still affordable, it is a more expensive option than the city bus.

The monorail does not run at night but does offer a shuttle service from a number of the strip’s best-known hotels to Monorail stops.


The name of Las Vegas’s public transport system is the Duece. Buses are the cheapest way to get around the city. There are multiple routes throughout the city, but the best for tourists are the Strip and SDX, both of which cover the central downtown area.

Buses accept cash and cards and operate 24/7. The late-night services are the best option for getting home after a, particularly heavy night, as they are unlikely to cancel or be delayed like the city's taxies.


Las Vegas official taxis are black and yellow and tend to be cheaper than alternatives such as Uber, although such services are still popular and efficient. Ridesharing is also popular in the city and can be facilitated through Uber and Lyft.

Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas

There are endless and varied possibilities when it comes to things to do in Las Vegas. However, the most worthwhile attractions include:



  • Watch the dancing Fountains of Bellagio
  • Explore the decadent Ceasar's Palace
  • Grab a bite at The Peppermill
  • Catch an iconic performance at Park Theater
  • Take a trip to the Hoover Dam
  • Enjoy the canals of Venitian Las Vegas
  • Tour the Mob Museum



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When to Visit

The best time to visit Las Vegas is in spring when the weather will be warm without being overbearingly hot. During this period the true party spirit will be in full swing as flocks of spring breakers descend on the city. The high temperatures of summer make June and July unpopular months for tourism in Las Vegas, however, this means that there is a range of cheap flight and hotel options available.


Those living outside the United States will require a temporary travel visa, and these can be applied for through the official US Embassy website or in your local US embassy.


The official currency of the USA is the United States Dollar ($ USD). ATMs can be easily found throughout the city and naturally, you'll find them in all casinos to encourage gambling. The most popular way of paying is with debit or credit cards in stores. The importance of spending on the local industry means that most venues will accept multiple forms of payment.

Exchanging cash into USD in the USA can be expensive. Most travelers get a better rate by exchanging currency before travelling to the States.

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