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San Diego Gay Saunas

Here are the best gay saunas in San Diego. Or to be more specific: here’s the only gay sauna in San Diego.

Club San Diego
Club San Diego
Club San Diego

3955 4th Ave, San Diego | map

website |
+1 619 295 0850 |

weekday: 24 hours

weekend: 24 hours

This popular San Diego gay sauna is situated in Hillcrest, home to the city’s major gay scene.

Club San Diego boasts good quality sauna facilities, including a bar, showers, dry sauna, steam bath, hot tub, and video show rooms. Condoms are free and other accessories can be bought from the reception.

Open 24-hours a day, Club San Diego is favoured by a diverse crowd.

Memberships and day passes are both available for purchase. Private rooms are purchasable, including suites which come equipped with TVs and a selection of videos.

features: bar, private rooms, hot tub, sauna, showers | Updated: 13-Jun-2018

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