Valencia Gay Massage

Valencia Gay Massage

Holistic Massage Valencia is a gay friendly chiropractor specialized in holistic and bio-tantric massage, both of which act and provide countless benefits to your entire body: it helps combat stress; removes physical and emotional blocks; relaxes the muscles, lightens the venous circulation, and provides elasticity to the skin.

Techniques used have aspects that make up the human being: body, mind, soul, and spirit. These are considered as a whole, seeking to achieve a natural balance in strategic areas where tension is usually concentrated, such as the neck, back, head, and arms. The biotantric massage includes lingam massage also as a service.

nearest station : Estaciónes de metro Bailen y Alicante


massage, private shower facilities

Updated: 10-Aug-2022

Calle Puerto Rico 41, Valencia

Weekday: 10;00 a 21:00
Weekend: 11:00 a 19:00

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