Adam's Apple Club

Adam's Apple Club

Adam's Apple Club

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1/21-22 Wiengbua Rd, Changphuak, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gay show bar in Chiang Mai. Adam's Apple Club has go-go dancers, exotic shows, drag queens and cabaret shows nightly at 10pm.

Often regarded as the Best Venue for a Night Out in Chiang Mai, this hip, trendy and popular Show Bar in the North of Thailand opens every night at 9PM. The fun-loving venue attracts a mixed clientele of both straight and gay patrons. LGBT visitors are welcome.

Guests can enjoy the sight of gorgeous nightly performers comfortably from plush pleather seats with a bottle or two of ice-cold beer. 

The club has also won the prestigious MPlus Thailand award for 2023 as an estanblishment recommended to visit.

See a video for the bar here, and check out their Tik Tok also here.



Weekday: 9pm-Midnight

Weekend: Sat- 9pm-1am, Sun 9pm-Midnight

Cabaret Show
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2017 Audience Awards
2017 Audience Awards

5 Star Winner

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Great Time

The staff was very friendly and not pushy very rare in Thailand. Adams was a pleasure and a wonderful night out. Fun show, A must see in Chiang Mai.


Made me feel welcome

Wonderful place nice friendly staff. Great fun for a nights out…. Thanks Adams :-)


Highly recommend this Gay Bar in Chiang Mai

I highly recommend this host bar in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. If you visit Chiang Mai, you have to visit this unusual gay bar. The extremely friendly and attentive staff at this gay bar fulfill every wish. I highly recommend this gay bar!


Strong amazing Asian Boys

Adam's Apple Club is a must to go, when you visit Chiang Mai, "The Rose of the North" of Thailand. For me the friendliest Host Bar I ever visit. Cute, handsome, friendly Asian Boys welcome everybody and the staff service is very attentive.


Great recommendation

Thank you Fred for your recommendation, we can only pass it on, we had a great evening at the Adams Apple Club, the service is super friendly and attentive, the guys are amazing. Just great this venue.


Still hot - and charming

I tried all three of Chiang Mai's gogo places last year and this. Adam's Apple comes out first, by far. Largest number and quality of hosts, most imaginative (and more than suggestive) show, atmosphere and fellow patrons. Ignore Circle Pub, consider My Way perhaps - but try AA when you're in town. Drinks are reasonable around 250 THB btw.



All I can say is WOW!!! Made my holiday in Chiang Mai. You got to see it to believe it.


Like the old days

Reminds me of the old days in Bangkok when bars in the Suriwong area was more laid-back and fun. All the staff and mamasan are friendly and discreet (This is important!). The show is simple and not so spectacular but not "too much" like sometimes how they are in Bangkok. Very cozy place. Highly recommended.


Very nice upscale club

This place is a very well-managed gay club. Very clean with extremely friendly staff. Don’t miss this place in your travels - a must-see experience!


WOW !!!

A must see when in Chiang Mai Amazing Thailand


Great evening

Very attractive, affectionate guys. Comfortable, upscale gay bar. Will be back.


Always a good time...

The staff are very professional. Not pushy like some places in Bangkok and Pattaya. Really Really nice service and a great show.


The best GOGO in Thailand

I was very impressed with the cleanliness of this place. Was treated very well throughout my stay. Good show, Really nice staff. I will be back...


Had a great Time

Really nice guys, Very good staff. This is a upscale show bar with a good show. As you enter all the licence and permits are displayed. A legal safe clean fun bar.


Vibrant Bar with Cute Lads

If you are not so prudish about nudity, then take a look inside Adam's Apple. Remember to buy a bottle of whiskey or gin and invite a few men to drink with you. The manager of the bar is German and the mamasan is Thai. The show is free but you have to buy drinks at premium prices.


The Best

Wow, great bar. I love this place. All I can say is go in with a positive perspective buy a bottle of whisky and invite the guys for a drink. Lots of fun.


My Favourite Place in Chiang Mai

Having tried the alternatives, I keep going back to Adam's Apple. Here you will find the cutest guys who are so friendly. In this part of Chiang Mai you will find many other excellent gay venues that include the Lotus hotel and Da Eva restaurant/bar. I am a western guy who can't get enough of this Chiang Mai neighbourhood.


The best go go bar in Chiang Mai

I visited there Adam's apple a couple weeks ago at first time. The show was great, guys were very handsome, bar staffs were very helpful for me. I had wonderful times with two guys. One is my favorite, I wanted him to stay my hotel room till the morning, but he didn't. He looks like a straight, not a gay. I had to understand it. Drinks are 260 baht, bar fine is 400 baht, guy's tip is 1200 baht. It is very cheaper than Bangkok go-go bars. I can't wait next visiting there Adam's apple in near future.


Not expected

My first evening in Chiang Mai I visited the bar since it was down the road from my serviced apartment. It was nicely appointed with comfortable sofas and chairs. The stage a lights were great. The disappointment were the entertainers. In BKK I have been used to friendly Thai and Laos guys. At this place it seemed like most were Tai Yai, handsome but straight, not friendly, and not interested. I haven't anything for comparison yet, but even if they are $$ guys, I'll take a friendly smile and attitude any day.


The Best Erotic Show

I am a fan of Adam's Apple and would recommend it to aficionados of gay erotic art. I have been going to Adam for the past 10 years and I know it can vary. It can be dead but other times it is buzzing. At its best it is a lovely, magical, place. The Mamasan is a scary tyrant, but probably has to be to keep 25 young men in order. The guys are young looking but all are of legal age. If you are looking for muscle, go elsewhere. Here you will find young, cute, straight(ish), Shan guys. The entrance experience is very poor. There is nobody on duty to meet and greet customers when they arrive. Ideally, a smiling face should be around at street level. Adam's Apple is opposite one of the best gay hotels and together they make a superb combo. The show varies according to who is around. Some of the guys put on a great show. If customers are thin on the ground, don't expect a show to remember. For me, the drag acts need to go. The assumption that all gays like drag is plain wrong.


Best I have been too

22 years This place is a Icon!!! Very Clean Safe and Fun Great night out 100 USD for 3 hour of Fun Guys were great. Yes as past reviews I a read No Money No Honny Cheap Charlie's go elsewhere The guys are here for money not you Show some cash and I guarantee you will have the time of your life Gayest straight guys Love It



I can only imagine that half of the reviews here for Adam's apple are written by friends of the management. Admittedly I visited on a Monday night which is always likely to be quiet but by the time the show started there were no more than three or four customers in the place. There were plenty of guys, most of whom seemed totally disinterested and not the least inclined to communicate or relate to these few customers. Some of them managed to achieve the difficult task of looking unappealing whilst wearing nothing but white briefs. The show consisted of six acts, three lady boy acts lip synching as usual and three guy acts, each one of the latter was a single guy showing off his body and in two of the acts some real gymnastic skills. The show would have been much better if one act moved on to another but there were long gaps between each performance. It was nonetheless the least disappointing part of the evening. I have always heard that that this is the best of the "go-go-bars" in Chiang Mai. Well, it would be at the bottom of the list if it was in either Bangkok or Pattaya.


Avoid this place.

Yesterday evening I went with my husband to this place. There were only a few customers and as many go-go dancers. The guys just stand on stage and that's all. The drinks were so expensive. If you ordered soda water it costs 260 baths although in menu the price was only 70 baht. They said that you have to order also alcohol. Foreign customers, avoid this place.


Not worth a visit anymore

Well, here we go again. This place has changed owners so many times over the year and has been closed down and reopened many times. I figured: how bad can it be?...and went again after 5 years. And let me tell you - it has never been this badly managed and the guys as well as the "show" are just awful and not worth buying even one drink at Bangkok prices (ca. 300 baht min.). There is no order and/or discipline in this bar - the guys do whatever they want. They sit around eating popcorn and pay absolutely no attention to the already very few customers who "dare" to come in. The mamasan also pays no attention to her customers and just plays around with the guys all the time. In the last 15 years I have never seen such ignorance and arrogance. I am willing to bet this place will be closed down within less than 3 month. So- do yourselves a favor and spend your mobey elsewhere.


One Unsexy Place

I recently relocated to Chiang Mai from San Diego, California. I've been checking out the gay scene here in CM and last night I wound up at Adam's Apple. In the course of drinking one 250 baht soda water I knew I would scratch this place off my list of clubs to return to. Reason? Being there produced narry a tingle in my nether regions.


Check ID's

Remember that, in Thailand, money is king and the vast majority of these guys - despite their initial smiles - will ultimately do as little as possible for as much cash as possible, proudly declaring that they are not gay. So what are they doing selling themselves in a gay go-go bar? Drinks in Adam's Apple are expensive and the bar fee is higher than elsewhere. The guy in charge explained that, although the guys have IDs claiming they are of legal age, those IDs may be false; try explaining that one to the cops. The guys tend to loll around, focusing their attention exclusively on whichever naive farang appears to have the most open wallet. The environment is pleasant enough but, as is so often the case in Thailand, there is an artificiality about the currently meager gay scene. Adam's Apple would do well to ensure that they have guys who are unquestionably of age and who are comfortable in the company of gay clientele.


Best Gay Bar

One of the longest established gay Go-Go clubs in Thailand, great guys, great show. This place is wonderful, the guys and the other staff very friendly. A lot of fun and for us the best bar we have been to. We can recommend this place.



I am sorry but we could not stay in the place. We were really confused when we get in: the guys on stage were looking really young, too young for us and we don't know the opinion of the law. We finished our drinks quickly and got the hell out of there.


I agree !!!!

I totally agree. They look so so young and uncomfortable - word of advice to the go go dancers if you're gonna work the white underwear look make sure they fit. Most of them look like they are wearing loose fitting nappies. We left after one drink.



The guys here are hot. This is a great host bar and well worth seeing for yourself.


just ok

I watched their show and it is just ok. The guys there are very skinny with countryside looks. I will skip it next time.


WOW. Love It :). Sexy boys

Must be the best gogo host bar in Thailand. I have never seen any better. A must see.


Adam's Apple Club

Great guys, great show. Staff Very nice and professional.

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