AiiRO Café

AiiRO Café

Popular corner café in Shinjuku with international, mixed crowd.

AiiRO Café

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1F Tenka Bldg, 2-18-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, 160-0022

Revamped AiiRO Café (formerly 'Advocates Café') is the hottest street corner gay café & bar in Shinjuku. Originally opened in 2000 by the GM of ageHa gay nightclub.

Lively, welcoming atmosphere with very diverse crowd. A great place to start your evening, enjoy the scene and make new friends.

AiiRO gets busy on the weekend with customers spilling onto the street. There is a big Japanese Shrine Gate, Torii on the entrance.

Weekday: 18:00 - 02:00

Weekend: 18:00 - 05:00 / 00:00

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2019 Audience Awards

4 Star Winner

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2020 Audience Awards

4 Star Winner




This is always our first stop when partying at Shinjuku. Always the meeting place because it is very easy to find - everyone is just friendly at this place! Very small but it has all the character of an excellent bar!


First stop in Shinjuku Nichome.

Recommend to first stop and start your party night with All you can drink beer! just 1000yen!! Japan is pretty reasonable in anywhere but drinks are not so cheap in drinking place, so I love it! Except for all you can drink beer, other drinks are 700yen or 800yen, no table charge, so it's affordable. Very nice staffs, happy people, great atmosphere. I made some new friends while I'm there.


To make many new friends

I found so many visitors all over the world that I could tell that here is one of the most popular gay bars in Tokyo. Shinjuku Nichome, the largest gay town in Japan was pretty ordinary than I thought, but one thing I can say is people in Nichome is very nice and town is pretty safe. Definitely recommend to arrive at AiiRO CAFE early the night and start with all-you-can-drink beer with 1000yen only(till 9pm)!


Reasonable, friendly and crowded

All you can drink beer for 1000yen at Happy Hours. Very friendly and nice staffs. Not fluently in English but good enough to take an order. Helped me to find other places to visit in Nichome. So many people on weekends and customers were very friendly too. Enjoyed meeting new people. Greatest was the very clean toilet.


To start your fun fun night with beer!

Beer Blast (all you can drink for beer) to 9pm. Just 8USD! It was fun to see the people walking along the main street with excitement smiles of their weekend night. Started with a couple of beers and left for a party, went back again for a break from dancing. Later I knew that the club I went was their sister store that I could get the discount flyer from this place. Drink is about 5USD. Not so bad. Really packed on every weekends...that I heard from the regulars. It was pretty crowded when I was there. Staffs are really friendly!


Enjoyed the autumn breeze

It was my first time in Shinjuku Nichome. I've been told that AiiRO a really popular bar in Tokyo. What I heard was true. Sooo many people were that on that weekend. Despite the crowd, the staff were really nice and very patient, even though I don't speak Japanese. I liked the toilet, it was clean. If you go early, you can enjoy all you can drink beer for just 10 dollars!


Weekend is best

I like to go to this place on weekends. It is not so crowded on weekdays but full of people on the weekends, and it's fun to meet new friends and enjoy drinks outside. Some staff understand English, and though some of them don't speak English, they are very friendly. All you can drink (beer) until 9pm. Start drinking here, hit some parties and finish my last drink here is my routine.


Had a good time

Love this place! People in there were all friendly. Drinks were good too. I will definitely go back when I visit Shinjuku again.


good atmosphere

Great experience: I went there last week with friends. We wanted to experience something good in Japan and it was awesome. Surprisingly there’re many English speakers so you’ll have no problem being “away”. It was a good spot to take a picture too.


Love this place

Drinks are cheap and good. There is a good mix of guys working and drinking, and they are all very friendly. There were customers from all over the world. Love to stop by on the weekend, more chance to meet new cute guys:)


this is the time to have nice time

Nice music, nice drinks! We were about to go to a normal bar on that day but one of my friend found out this place on Trip Advisor. Good choice!

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