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136-40 Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea

Popular, homely gay bar on 'Homo Hill' with a little touch of style. Always Homme 올웨이즈옴므 serves a nice range of cocktails, beer, wine, juices and coffee.

Busy on the weekend before/after clubbing hours, with mostly tourists, expats and young local guys. The music is not too loud, and the friendly staff can speak English.

From Itaewon Station (Exit 3), walk to the next street and turn right. Take the second left and walk halfway up the hill and look for the sign on the left.

Weekday: 21:00 - 04:00

Weekend: 20:00 - 05:00

Nearest station: Itaewon (Exit 3)

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Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

I went to this bar on the first Friday during the first full week of April, I was walking past and the owner encouraged me to come in, I did and in total I purchased 2 vodkas with lemonade and around 4 shots of tequila. 1 of the shots was for the owner and another for 1 of his workers, from reading reviews on other websites since, this is something that he always does where he will ask for drink by constantly complimenting you. When I got the bill and being naive since it was my first time in Seoul (just to add as well, I’m on the autism spectrum which doesn’t help with the naivety), the bill came to 121,000 won, after conversion this worked out at around £75! In another bar I got rather drunk and in my drunken state (I take full responsibility for this) I ended up visiting Always Homme again, a few days later I was checking the app for my credit card and Always Homme had charged 550,000 won or around £346! I can be the type of purchase when I meet random people, to buy a few drinks, but not to the extent that I would be willing to pay that much! I did go to the Police but sadly nothing could be done, since I did not have a receipt. Do not do what I did and visit this bar! They will screw you and not in a way that is satisfying! Other reviews that I have read, such as the ones on Google where some go back a few years, the owner has been screwing customers with high prices for years!


Dont go this bar.

You should be careful.


This place should shut down

The owner of this bar forced me to buy him a drink. I didn't buy him a drink but it was on my tap. I refused to pay for his drinks and he started to threaten me. Worse experience ever! Stay away from this place.


Bullied to enter

On a Thursday evening, it was the only bar on the street with people. All others were empty. That said, the host ran towards the crowd and insisted that they enter the bar. Drinks were ok, but they charged 10% extra with a credit card, which never happened to me before in Korea.


Poor choice (avoid!!!)

Too pricey for a beer - 10,000 won for a Guiness (330ml)! Expect to be chat up by a nice bar tender who’s really just there to reel you in. Don’t be nice like us - they’ll take advantage. Demand prices first and decide if staying is worth it. For reference most other restaurants and bars charge 4-5,000 won for a beer (500ml).



Too pricey for a beer - 10,000 won for a Guiness (330ml)! Expect to be chat up by a nice bar tender who’s really just there to reel you in. Don’t be nice like us - they’ll take advantage. Demand prices first and decide if staying is worth it. For reference most other restaurants and bars charge 4-5,000 won for a beer (500ml).


Ultimate rip off

Bartender, manager and other staff group together to intimidate you and rip you off by adding more drinks to your tab than you had. Went there with a gal friend and ordered 8 drinks (we were both short on cash and lightweights so we were cautious AND VERY AWARE of what and how much we were ordering) but the staff said we ordered 14 drinks and threatened to call the cops on us. When we insisted we did not drink that much. Very shady, they offered to show the cctv but told us “it would become a big problem” because the manager was “getting angry” - long story short, we insisted on watching the cctv but they never showed it. I wonder why. Do not go. Worst experience ever.


Obnoxious Owner

The drinks are overpriced. Avoid this place if you want a pleasant night. Any other place on the same street will work. Just not this one. Do not waste your time, money and peace of mind.


Expensive drinks

Expensive drinks and the bar staff ask if you want to buy them one. When you politely refuse they ask again.


Aug 2017 visit... same as all the above

I thought I was the only one they said “didn’t pay”. Never read the reviews before I went cause my local military friends told us to go there. I do say, first night was fine and fun. Expensive like they say. Second night, 2 drinks paid at time of consumption but then when we were leaving said we didn’t pay. I got into it with them and showed them where I paid.



We have been charged for 2 bottles of wine when the second one has been opened and drank by the 2 bar owners sitting and discussing at our table... One bottle is 100,000 wons. Miserable...


They try to rip you off

Check your bill before you pay because they will give you less changes on purpose. The staff gave me the rest when i got the menu to double check the price & it was even before I complain.



I went recently with a friend and had a total of 6 beers. They charged 150,000 krw total. I am so angry that I didn’t check the reviews here before visiting.


Be cautious!

First time in Seoul and had an awful experience. The bar was very quiet and dated. When I sat down alone, one of the staff insisted I bought him a drink which was fine even though I don't know him. It was only one drink I thought after all. To cut the story short they ended up charging me 30000 kr won for 2 drinks!? I got a drink from another places and costs 7000 kr won a drink however ...I feel like I am a muppet :(



All previous reviews about over charging are true. They charge approximately $20+ US for a domestic beer. We ended up paying 80000 won. Also the place smells and its dirty!



This was worst gay place ever we have visited. No price list. No customers. Just a very few miserable people who are staff or friends. Small beer can cost more than 10 US dollars/euros! We took 2 GT and 4 Stella beer 33cl and prize was 70000. We said too much, we paid 60000, which was too much. Don´t go there. WORST PLACE ever, We paid, because we have money. No receipt. We will make complaint to tax office. But actually should not accept this. We stay here for a week, but never go back this place!



Hey - foreigner. The extra 0.500 is for the tAX CHARGES WHEN YOU USE A CARD.


They charged me more

I went last night. I don't drink alcohol and I asked for sparkling water and they didn't have so they gave me still water. I asked the price and they told me 3000 as it was written in the menu. I tried to pay by cash but they didn't have changes and they asked me to pay by card. They charged in my card 5500. I asked then why and their respond was that the price in the menu is wrong, it is 5000 and they charge extra 500 if you pay by card. I strongly don't recommend this place.



I went there and met a guy.. we talked and started shots and we met another guy...I agree we had a little too much to drink but I was still conscious... I remember buying a few shots for the waiter as he insisted me to. At the end we all were charged a total of 1200$.. he said everyone was charged for whatever they personally ordered. I was charged 350000 won. That was a lot of money for a student like me. They said I had 40 shots and they have me 5 shots complimentary. Now I am a very novice drinker. I can bet I had no more than 6 shots. The owner... when I said the bill was wrong..was furious... The next two guys also paid a LOT....



Don't go here, these guys are tricky and deceptiive. Anything to make a 1000 won.


I was insulted

This was one of the few places actually open during the hours I happened to be in itaewon so I figured I'd check it out. The beer is highly overpriced, 10,000 won per bottle, and when I got my check back, they had identified me as "양년" (if you don't know the meaning, ask a Korean friend). I laughed it off while in the bar, but I am outraged that they would say something so vulgar about a paying customer. I have experienced a lot of racism in Korea in general, but nothing to THIS extent. When my friend asked why they wrote the slur on the receipt, the bartender claimed it was just a way of identifying who the ticket belonged to. We were the only customers in the bar, so I'm not sure who they thought they would get us confused with. I'm not sure where the prejudice came from, but I am very unhappy. Then when my friend, who speaks perfect Korean, tried to socialize with the staff and was basically given the cold shoulder. It felt as if the staff felt they were above speaking to us.


Expensive place , be careful!

I had three glasses of local beer and had to pay 30.000 Won! I was there on a thursday evening and it seemed to be the most crowded place in the area. But later I saw that more than 50 percent of the people were not guests but somehow related to the bar. Obviously ready to make you drink and pay! Better not go to this place!!

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