Club One Seven Sauna

Club One Seven Sauna

Popular gay sauna & guesthouse with great swimming pool.

Club One Seven Sauna

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385/2 Charoen Prathet Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai's popular gay sauna located to the south of city centre on the bank side of the Ping River.

Facilities include a swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, the largest herbal steam room in Northern Thailand and relaxation cabins. Massage service available.

Club One Seven Sauna belongs to Club One Seven Hotel. The sauna, bar and riverside café is open to non-residents, noon to midnight, 7 days a week.
Free Wi-Fi
Relaxing Cabins
Steam room
Sun terrace
Swimming pool
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Heiko Baasch


Nice place

Very nice and quite place at the river. You can swim in the pool, relax in the garden, have good food and drinks and fun in the cruising area. Very mixed croud.



I have never been to a place like this. It’s like a gay resort. We stayed in the on site guesthouse and joined one of their naked parties. There were well over 100 naked guys there. Dinner in their cafe was good. Didn’t try the massage because we were too busy but maybe next time we are in Chiang Mai.


Amazing experience

I stayed here when I was in Chiang Mai. Place is amazing. I joined the naked party on the 1st and 7th day of December. Weekend was busy too. Everyone comes in the evening but it was nice to relax in the afternoon. Food was good too. I want to go back. I dream about this place now. Haha


Nice and charming

I discovered the One Seven after the closure of House of Male which was in repair. I was initially disappointed by the pool, the ridiculous design in the form of phallus, very small and quite dangerous by its concrete structure with sharp edges. Nevertheless the place is pleasant by its vegetation. The staff is very cheerful, the steam / sauna equipment satisfactory, the bar overlooking the Mae Ping would be absolutely charming, if the music was not as strong. The labyrinth of cabins is interesting and quite well-kept. The One Seven heals its entertainment program by imposing clothing themes: underwear, or full nude... You can order a massage that is done on site, by a single masseur, but personally, I prefer the lounges that remain in town.



Location was not busy nor clean. I would have expected with it being as slow as it was, that the rooms would've been spotless and well taken care of. This was not the case. Service was good, and I thought the facility was nice. I won't be back because the guys here were all prudish. Interesting, because this wasn't my experience at the other sauna in Chiang Mai.


Old and cracked

A waste of time and money. On a Sunday afternoon there were no more than three or four guys laying around, seemingly uninterested in anything else. It might work as a club for those who just wish to get way from family or social life.


I recommend 6-10 pm

I recommend going to Club One from 6-10pm on the weekend.


Nice place

A beautiful and comfortable place. When I was... was naked party, for what? All the guys were covered with hand ... There was not too much to cover ... everything was tiny ...I do not know how to behave in a Thai gay sauna but if you want in other places, sex is easier ....Thai guys are very reluctant and do not move. A shame, because, I repeat, was very nice place.... I was cranky ... people did not dare. Ah!!!! DANGER!!!!...I burn my leg with a pipe-tube on steam room must care that.!!!!


치앙마이의 좋은 사우나..

스탭들이 좋은 사우나에요. 또한 시설도 나쁘지않고 전통양식의 멋진 건물에 쉴 수 있는 장소가 곳곳에 있네요. 가격은 130밧이었고, 여느 사우나처럼 수건. 콘돔과 젤을 팩킹해서 주네요. 강변에 있어서 테라스에 앉아 간식이나 음료하기 좋고요, 샤워시설, 화장실, 모양의 작은 수영장 모두 깨끗합니다. 크루징도 방콕 여느 사우나에 뒤지지 않네요. 무엇보다 좋은 사람들과 신경많이 써주는 스탭들이 참 맘에 들었습니다.


Wow! Just Wow!

This is the best sauna is Chiang Mai. I couldn't believe how interesting it is. A penis shaped pool?! I have never seen that before! It's quite large. Many Thais and farang. Good mix. Guesthouse looks beautiful. I want to stay there someday. The food in the cafe was good. Massage staff are handsome. I can spend all weekend here and enjoy. Staff are very cute and friendly.


Club One Seven Sauna

The place is very nice. You can enjoy and relax yourself alongside Ping River. The entry fee has been reduced since they originally opened. If you want to meet more guys, I recommend you going on either Friday (underwear night) or Saturday (upstairs naked night).

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