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Elia Beach

Mykonos' most famous gay beach.

Elia Beach

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Elia, Mykonos, Greece

One of the largest beaches on Mykonos and the most gay-popular, Elia Beach is well-managed with many good quality sunbeds and shades for rent.

At the righthand end (assuming you're facing the sea), there's a rainbow flag. The area between the water sports rental section and the flag gets increasingly gay-popular. The sand quality above and below the waterline is at its best in this area.

Beyond the rocky outcrop towards the very end (beyond the rainbow flag) is a second beach that is almost entirely gay with some nudism. Further behind is a much smaller sandy cove that is mostly occupied by gay nude sunbathers.

Sunbeds and parasols are available for rent. Customers can expect efficient drinks and food table service. A selection of sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, salads are cooked to order at the nearby Arte & Mare Resort restaurant and, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, delivered by runners to your bed.

Buying food and drinks from the beach staff is a great way of securing front-row sun lounger reservations for the following day. There is also an excellent beach restaurant in the middle of the main beach, serving various fish and meat dishes.

Neither the at-seat or dine-in option is cheap. So, bring your own water, cigarettes, etc. However, our beach attendant (Erick) was a bronzed, smooth-talking Greek hunk who had us ordering from his menu every hour or so.

Elia Beach is generally quiet in the morning with people arriving around lunchtime and leaving in the evening. After 5pm, the rocky area beyond the beaches becomes very cruisy. The only privacy is behind stone walls, and even then you are definitely taking chances with the exceptionally prickly bushes that cover the rocks.

How to get to Elia Beach

a) Hire a car and drive. There is a car park at the beach. You can drive through the tarmacked car park and turn right into an informal car park that runs along the back of the beach. We think driving is the best option if you are in a group and plan to visit Elia most days.
b) Take a bus from the Northern Bus Station (close to the Old Port ferry quay), buses depart at regular intervals from 11am - check at the station for the current schedule.
c) Take a bus from the main Southern Bus Station to Plato Yailos, then catch a water taxi to Elia.

Read more: Water taxis in Mykonos.

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Really bad

Really bad. Arrogant and worst drinks ever. Really not worth the money. I was shocked. The beach is beautiful but the service is absolutely atrocious.


You thought there was only Mykonos? Good.

Gay Americans should continue to go to overrated Mykonos so they don't bother gay Euros who have found other options on other islands...


Ridiculously expensive

40€ per bed so we went elsewhere.


Great Experience and Awesome Beach!

Visited the beach and it’s about €20 euro for a bed and umbrella. Travelling solo it was quite easy to get the bus from the old port (about €2 euro one way) and sunbathe nude and swim nude. The trails on the hill are open and you see everything, enjoy or take part you only live once. Water is crystal clear with little to no waves. Recommend bringing a big bottle of water and cigarettes with you and food if you don’t want to pay €14 euros for a meal. Mykonosbusschedule.com will give you a good schedule of the buses and last bus leaves back to Mykonos town around 7:30... also the bus stop is a walk out to the road. Look for people congregating it’s not near the entrance. Massage is available on the beach about €1 euro per min.


Chairs are 80 EUR, not even close to being worth it.

Chairs are 30 EUR plus you are required to purchase a mandatory 50 EUR in food making the chairs effectively 80 EUR. We wanted to enjoy here but that price is outrageous so we passed. The chairs were only 15% full at the time, it seemed the vendor didn't care.


Great beach with large gay crowd

Nice beach on the south side of Mykonos. Gay area is far right if your facing water. Rent a lounge chair for 15€ per day. Very comfortable. Food and drinks are delivered to your chair. Chairs are new. Reasonable prices. Parking is free. You can also lay on the sand for free. Water is chilly but you can swim. No fish, clear water, sandy bottom. Gets windy at times. Some water activities but this is not popular. Note: bring your own towel and water.


A real for different gay people

I had been at Elia 7 years ago and now it's more interesting place for holiday. Firstly sunbeds became more convenient, people younger and more fashion. Of course you pay 15 euro for sunbed and in three rows in front of the sea you get an obligation to make orders food/drinks without ability to bring your ones (someones ignores that - no see fight for it). But thanks to these rules and new expensive sunbeds you get more interesting and bright people around who enjoy life without any family saving restrictions. If you don't agree you always can go to free places and watch nothing but each other only or boring another couples. Secondly there is cruising in rocks till now despite Grinder and etc. You see a person and without exhaustible "sexting" you go to hidden places for real fun. We're going to Super Paradise for diversity but decided it would be exsessive. I recommend this place absolutely but in the beginning get information about rules with food/drinks from experienced persons that not to be confused with...


On nous prend pour des vaches à lait

Fuyez.... du fric du fric du fric et on vous le fait sentir. 30 euros pour deux transats sales et on vous harcele sans arret pour consommer.que des vacances reposantes!!!! Je me demandais pourquoi il y avait moins de personnes qu avant mais maintenant je sais pourquoi.... Tout mykonos devient comme ca, triste realite


Never again

Elia will never see us again. 30 euros for 2 sunbeds. The guys who run the place act as if it belongs to them, reserving all the best seats with ice buckets for their buddies and chasing paying customers and make them feel like fools if they accidentally sit on one of 'their' loungers.


Great beach, bad service

My friends and I have been coming to this beach for 10 years. The beach is so beautiful, but sadly it is ruined by the bad service of the of the company that provides the chairs and food. The waiters are like "fly's" trying to sell you food and drinks all day long. Like being in a market in Morocco-sans charm...


Great beach, bad service in the gay restaurant

Elia beach is lovely and crystal clear. The water is a bit cold but it is wonderful. The rocky area (far right when you see the sea) is more like a cruising point for older guys. The gay area has bad service as they ask you to pay 25 euro for sunbeds plus force you to order food and drinks (!) and their quality is not good at all. Also the waiters (they are Albanians not Greeks as someone mentioned here) are a bit rude (the way they told us that you have to pay was awkward) and not willing to help you... I would say they were mostly interested in either flirting with girls or sucking up on old rich guys (who order a lot, and give them tips). I would suggest sitting on your towel and perhaps bringing an umbrella, saves your hard-working money that could be spent on better services! PS: There's no toilet!


Service in gay end is not as good

The gay end of the beach (far right when looking at the water) unfortunately has the worst service. So instead of paying for the sunbeds you could just sit on your own towel (plenty of people do). Saves the attendants demanding you keep ordering all day even though you've already paid 25 euro for 2 beds! (We had one attendant that got an order wrong and then wanted us to pay for it anyway?!). The service in the area directly in front of the restaurant or the section just to the right is friendlier. The beach itself is divine so don't feel like you need to drop a lot do cash to enjoy it.

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