How to get a taxi in Mykonos

How to get a taxi in Mykonos

Mykonos taxis used to be rarer than a precious stone. Not any more!

It’s traditionally never been easy to find a taxi in Mykonos. But in the last few years with the rise of apps, it is now easier to book a taxi – though there are still challenges!

The joke has always been that Mykonos only had six taxis to service the entire island – and when the gays descend for Xlsior and summer season, it used to look like a scene out of a Drag Race challenge to get your hands on one!

Whilst Uber is not available yet in Mykonos, a few local services have recently made the booking process a lot easier. Many luxury hotels in Mykonos do provide a shuttle service until the small hours of the morning, but if you’ve ended up in town hanging out at Mykonos’ favorite windmills (you know what we mean!) then finding a taxi back to your hotel at Elia Beach isn’t always straight forward!

Mykonos windmills

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Taxi Services in Mykonos

If you do end up behind the windmills, we’d still always recommend that you pre-book a taxi where possible. Mykonos Town gets awfully quiet at night once the restaurants and clubs close and if you’re not staying in the town itself – and remember most of the best gay-friendly hotels in Mykonos aren’t in the town centre – then you could find yourself unstuck.

Aegean Taxi

Aegean Taxis claim to be able to book more taxis in the area and its neighboring islands than any other app so this could be useful if you’re visiting other islands on your trip. They arrange taxis in Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Paros and Athens. They have an app for both Android and iPhone devices.

iMove Taxi

iMove also covers more than just Mykonos. They can provide taxis in Mykonos, Athens and Paros. Their app gives you access to lots of taxi drivers at the touch of a button.

My Taxi Mykonos

The My Taxi Mykonos app allows you to book a driver through your phone rather than talking to a human being! Just login with your name and phone number. This app has been online and offline regularly, so use with caution!

Taxis in Mykonos Town

You can also sometimes find taxis waiting in the center of Mykonos Town to pick you up ad hoc. This is not a particularly reliable way to ensure your safe onward journey though as they tend to be few and far between and you’ll find that everyone else in the town has a similar idea. It’s been known that people have sometimes waited several hours for a taxi.

If you do choose to risk it, the best place to find a taxi in Mykonos Town is at the taxi stand near the Cosmote Building (map) or there’s a second taxi stand a little further south near the bus station (map).

We hope you’re reading this article in advance of your trip to Mykonos, rather than because you’re stranded in the town searching for a taxi and happened to Google where to find one!

Published: 21-Jul-2020 by Luke Jackson   |   Last Updated: 04-Aug-2020
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