24-hour gay cruise club in Itaewon.


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B1F, 545-18, Gangnam-daero, Seochu-gu, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Today: Dress Code - Free Day - Every Monday
Tomorrow: Muscle Day - Every Tuesday

With no sauna facilities, Equus is more of a cruise club for gay men, located in Gangnam. Facilities include lockers, cruising area, dark room and cabins.

Themed nights include Underwear, Naked and SM - check the website for agenda. Foreigners pay the same rates as the locals. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Weekday: 24 hours

Weekend: 24 hours

Nearest station: Itaewon (Exit 3)

Dark Room
Relaxing Cabins
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Probably the best all around cruise club in Seoul currently

The original description of this place needs to be updated as it's been in Gangnam right bear Nonhyeon station for awhile now. And looks like some upgrades were made to the place over the past year too (with a swing room). The venue seem to welcome foreigners but locals like everywhere in korea tend to play with other Asians. There is a decent range if body types and ages (I'd say the typical guest seemed to be 20s-early 40s, slim to toned body). Friday and Saturday evenings are most busy I'm told.



Does it have a signage? Easy to locate? Thanks.


Equus + coronavirus?

I try to find it, but nothing visible as on the previous pictures. It's may be close due to the protection among hotels and bars. Has to be confirmed by other people.


New location

New location 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 545-18


New place in Nonhyon station

New place in Nonhyon station.



Dude, it’s on Covid-19 things! Everyone is avoiding crowded place, and maybe there are some rules about public places during this pandemic era!



Nice place. I found all the action I was looking for. I want to go back again.


mixed feelings

I had little trouble finding the place, anyhow I found the entrance and went down stairs. Right behind me came this really good-looking Korean guy -older but looked fit and had long hair like a rock star, and I got excited to get it on with him. I got inside and was kind of waiting for him to come in. However they turned him down because his hair was too long, and it wasn't "masculine enough" WTF? All the guys in there were either average built or fit, but they all looked the same - the Korean plastic face-ish - it's boring. I love Korean men, but why do so many guys all look the same? It's like I'm having sex with robots.


Qiute nice place.

Came here at late-late night on Friday. That was my first experience to visit cruising bar. The entrance was easy - just paid 13000 won. Then put my clothes off and went to take a shower. Then it was a big surprise for me that the most of cabins were occupied by mature men who were asleep! And I could find only the one cabin with the action. Then I heard a voice from another cabin and decided to check it. There were 3 men there. One of them was asleep and two guys were trying to have a fun. I joined them. They were Koreans (aged over 35) and I was the only European there. So they immediately began to satisfy me. 5 minutes later one young guy joined us. Finding him I preferred to move to another cabin. We had a great action! He made his best to make me happy. The rest of the public who was not asleep tried to join us but we preferred to stay alone (because I actually prefer younger). After that I tried to get another action with another guy. Came back to the first cabin I saw a couple playing, but found just only a single person who let me know that I shouldn't even try to do something with him. So I suggested that would be enough for me and left that place. I met a young handsome Spanish guy at the exit who just came but didn't try to do something with him. Just only wishing him good luck. So at the weekend it's a quite good place to have a sex, but you should come here not too late if you don't want to see sleeping people. I was lucky and had a nice adventure. Wish you the same! And a few words about the place. It is really too dark there. I prefer to see my partner but it was difficult. And I saw mobile phone flashes. That means that someone made a picture of me and my partner - he couldn't see our faces but that really was not a good surprise.


Equus sauna overall

I understand why phone flashlights are forbidden there, its annoying when people just shone the light on us but its too dark and sometimes I left my belongings and I just have to use my phone's light or I cant find my stuff. So I think it would be better to have more light or at least mini lights that we can turn on or off manually in each room to make it easier to look for condoms, lube, underwear and etc. Otherwise the staff are friendly, they always clean up the rooms after being used and prices are same for locals and non locals (13,000 won) That place will only be crowded during the weekends and usually after 11PM. There are usually likr 4 to 5 people if you come earlier than that. P.s.Sorry for using the phone lights


Cozy place

Yes it's true, it's a small location. But much more important are the guys in there. At my visit it was not so crowded, but still I had a lot of fun. The stuff is very unobtrusive. Prices for foreigners are still the same as for locals.


Just as other said

Visited today at 10pm, just follow the indications written, there is the sign. Equus just before gs25 store. So foreigners pay the same price 13000 after 6pm. It has one big room divided to multiple cubicles. During my visit there were 6 guys only. So i played a bit with one tasty chubby guy and left. There are showers, toilet and 1 private room without a lock:) Maybe there will be more guys after midnight or during weekend. Please send ur comments


Not so foreigners friendly

Be informed that since September 1 all foreigners pay double than locals!


So far so good

I was here in Juseok holiday. At 10pm, it had just 5 guys, but more than 20 men till the midnight. I love this place and will come back soon, for sure.


Few people

Just only 5-6 people at 10 - 11pm at Wednesday. Dont know is it better at weekend or not but I dont think this place worth a visit.


Please make a general cleaning for a day

Is quite place for cruising.. but its should be clean and sanitized.. I've been there twice and I had a terrible skin rashes twice. Enjoyment is good but we have to prioritize health and safety.



Equus is very small. No cruising area, no private cabins, no people.

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