Guyspa House

Guyspa House

Gay massage spa with a nice outdoor swimming pool.

Guyspa House

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421/7 Su Van Hanh St, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Guyspa House (opened 2013) is a converted 2-storey house with large, clean facilities including a nice outdoor pool with sun loungers, dry sauna, open-air showers, relaxing area and a bar.

The spa offers a range of professional, massages and treatments (body scrub, full body, foot massage, facial, etc.) for men only. Now at a new location in District 10.
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Small but nice

I visited at around 20:00 one night in Jan .It was not easy to find the place. It is in a alley. There are not more than 10 masseurs. I chose one called Dennis. He has really good massage skills. I can feel that he is doing it with his whole heart. It is worth a visit.



As many have pointed out, the shower is awful there. They also do not allow you to choose your masseur. The one who was allocated to me was not cute and asked for 400,000 of tip, which was a double of the base fee. I'm disappointed and won't be coming again anytime soon.



I've been to Guysspa several time over the last years. My last time there was about a year ago. I've always had great experiences there so I was keen to go back! Taxi ride from District 1 is 15 to 30 min, depending on traffic conditions. The place is a large house. There was a few masseurs around when I went in the afternoon and I have to say some of them were VERY cute! They didn't ask me to choose my masseur. Neither did I ask to. I believe if you ask to they will show your pictures on the computer at the reception. I just went with the flow and followed the masseur that the reception guy assigned me. The changing room is on the ground floor, next to the showers. Changing room and showers aren't very nice, to be honest. So I showered at my hotel before going. I then followed my masseur to the room, got naked and lied down on the massage table. The massage was great! I've always had good massages there and this time didn't disappoint. Very professional massage, with a few light sensual touches throughout the massage. I took the 90 min body massage and it felt great! I very strongly recommend Guysspa! Really the top male massage place in HCMC. Can't wait to go back...


Fairly Ordinary!!

A little bit out of the way, situated far from District 1, which takes almost one hour to get to. Massage quality depends on the masseur (though some are muscular but girly). Atmosphere is sort of weird - staff walking around in the two-floor building with the one serving you expecting tips. Price: 250k+ for a body massage (60 mins) + tips


Only good for massage.

Legit massage, everything else was awful.


Worth the visit!

After thinking and researching all trip, too nervous to go to a gay massage, I finally built up the nerve to visit guy spa. It took about 30 Min in an uber - its not far, but traffic is slow. Questions I had answered: - is it for cruising other guys? Didn't appear to be the case. - what happens when you arrive? English speaking attendaent greets you, although he didn't say much. Strip to nude in the locker area, then put a towel on. Take a shower. They didn't direct me to shower, I just went coz I could see it. They will tell you when your masseur is ready. What are the massage rooms like? Just like most other places. Can you chose a guys? No they just allocated me one. Are the guys Hot? Mine was sort of nerdy looking, thin with glasses. Was fine though. What to the masseurs wear? Normal masseur clothes. Shirt and shorts. What kind of massages do they do?I was not offered a menu, I just got what I was given! Lol It is not publicly a happy ending place. But 15 mins into my professional massage, he reached through my legs and adjusted me. From there I knew I could relax. After, he finished off the massage and said I'm done. He met me outside, and asked me to write down my tip. How much did it cost? I gave him 500,000. And the massage was 300,000. So 800k. In hindsight I wish I'd given more. He did a good job. What happens after? I was shown back down the stairs. I took another shower. Put my clothes on, and paid at the desk. Recommended!


Travel man

I had never been to a Guyspa before but I like this a lot. The place is nicely lit, discreet and very clean. The guys are actually very beautiful in many cases. My masseur was a stunning guy but told me he didn't like the job. Cool, à little distant, no real interpersonal engagement partly I think because of the job and the culture but of course it leaves you a little dissatisfied. No offer of a 'special ending'' but he did gracefully accept a gentle kiss on the cheek which was sweet.


A good way to spend an afternoon

I am often in HCMC and always try to fit in a massage and relax in the sauna and steam room at GuySpa. Yes, the facilities are not state of the art, but are kept clean, the staff are friendly and I have always found the massages to be pleasurable. Add to this the very reasonable rates, and you can't really complain.





Only massage and sauna combination available

When I went in January 2016, I learnt that only a combination of massage and sauna, not sauna only, is available. ChristianPFC (all rating of 5 stars to satisfy requirement for posting this comment, haven't used their service, but looked good from outside)


Technically a good massage but bitterly disappointed

One of the previous reviewers was right about the staff being polite but not engaging. While my masseur did his job and gave a thorough massage, there was no chemistry, heat or even any engagement really. I was also never offered a chance to take a shower before or after, so I went home covered in oil. I left him a decent tip but this was one of those experiences that leaves you feeling a bit empty. I was hoping that my decision to go here instead of Nadam would be a good choice (given the reviews about Nadam's front desk person having no personality or hospitality at all) but now I wish I had risked the longer drive there.


A very good massage!

While in HCMC for the first time, I read all the reviews on men only spas and decided to Guyspa a try. I showed up around 9 pm on a Friday night. The facilities are fairly tired, but I guess you should not expect more given the low prices (350,000 dong or 16 USD for 90 minutes). Although they were fairly booked up, I was able to get a 90 minute massage after waiting about 15 minutes. The masseur's name sounded like "Kuhn" (rhymes with tune). He gave me a very good massage so I gave him a 800,000 dong tip - it was worth every penny!


A great afternoon

My first visit to Vietman and to GuySpa. I was very pleased with the service I got today. An easy cab ride from District 1. Someone on the staff greeted me before getting out of the cab. I ordered a 90 mins massage and a scrub. Both were fantastic. I am a big, muscular man and my very small framed therapist did and excellent job the pressure and sensitivity. The scrub was great which followed the massage. Amazing. Very happy and I certainly was completely satisfied and left with a smile on my face. Thanks GuySpa!


gloomy place

I went due to good reviews on a Saturday afternoon about 4pm. Opted for 90 min massage, my masseur, from the get go started teasing me with sensual massage, I really just wanted a real massage but somehow ended up fooling around a bit. Anyway when we finished he wanted me to write on a piece of paper his tip, I refused I told him I will do it on check out as I want to use the facilities.He followed me on the sauna and steam room, quite annoying and he would not let up. I said later! Anyway it was dim and gloomy and place looks old. Though clean I might add. The dry sauna was good but steam room is very small. The common shower is cold water. Staff is friendly but non engaging. Massage is OK I just wished he did not insist on happy ending which I stop anyway, just little play. Some masseurs look hot but I had no choice, mine was so so. I hope they liven the place up a bit make it cozy and inviting. Oh and apparently you can smoke anywhere, one guy smoked in the steam room. Overall I won't go back. Its out of the way from center. Pool wasn't working when I was there.


Visit on 17 Dec 2015

The place is not easily accessable. Masseur is skillful, quiet and not engaging. The place is quiet. Other facilities like steam and sauna are not operable in the early noon.


Great place!

I went to Guyspa several times over the last two years (last visit in August 2015) and can't recommend the place enough! I have never had a bad experience there. Massage skills go from good to great. Beautiful place, only 15 min by taxi from the center of Saigon. Clean (though I have to admit I've never used the showers...). When you reach you can ask to choose your masseur and they usually have quite a few to choose from. And cute too! ;-) You will be asked to leave your stuff downstairs in a locker. Your masseur will then take you upstairs to the massage room. They must have 3 or 4 rooms in total, with several massage beds in each, partitioned with curtains. I guess privacy wouldn't be the best if there is more than one client per room, but I have to say it never happened to me. The masseurs really try their best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. They take their time and never rush things. Always quality massage, really with a sensual touch... I live in Singapore and it's always the highlight of my stays in Saigon... I don't know a massage place in Asia that matches this one!


Great place in Saigon

I just returned from my second visit to the GuySpa and both times have enjoyed the service and atmosphere of this place. The guys are cute and friendly, the facilities are clean and the whole experience is pleasant. They really know how to massage and give a nice facial, The pool today looked like it needed to be cleaned though, as compared to my last visit.


Good massage

I loved it here. Very tranquil and beautiful massage rooms. My masseuse, Seven, was sweet and delivered a great massage. Compared to prices back home, $15 was a bargain. Would go again.


Guyana great facility

Quiet, intimate spa. Excellent massage, very attentive and sensual amazing touch. Justin is a very good masseur, would recommend this spa. One of the best I have been to.


Don't go there

everything was bad. If you go there, you cannot use the discount coupon (they said they give already discounted) and facilities are so bad (worst in HCM)


Guyspa visit 7th Dec 2014

Visited Guyspa from District 1 and very easy taxi ride. A good facility with some cute guys. I had oil massage with full body scrub. Unhurried and very attentive. Bath/shower with masseur as a finish. Recommend and would go again.


Very quiet place

Maybe it was the time I was there but place was very quiet and not many staff around. Massage was good but that was about it



Excellent and really recommendable. Staff are nice. Best masseur is Trik. Really cute.

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