He's (Hyundae Sauna)

He's (Hyundae Sauna)

Itaewon's 24-hour gay sauna with international crowd.

He's (Hyundae Sauna)

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2/F, 131-36 Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea

The main gay sauna in Itaewon gay district. Former Hyundae Sauna, now He's 현대 사우나 has been around for many years and is foreigner-friendly. Open 24 hours but busiest in the late evenings.

Facilities include a dry sauna, lounge area, video room, internet station, private cabins and dark room. There is a pool, but its always empty. Drinks and snacks are available.

Take Exit 4 from Itaewon subway station. Continue on the right bend of the street, and you will come to a side street on your left. Turn left, and Hyundae Sauna will be on your right.

Weekday: 24 hours

Weekend: 24 hours

Dark Room
Internet Access
Relaxing Cabins
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Minty Mel



Many gay sauna have been closed. I think it is the good gay sauna in Seoul now. The price is high and no good service but foreigner are welcomed and a lot of young gays patroning.


No foreigners allowed

Before the pandemic, I visited hyundae (now He's) and it was okay. Not the best that I have seen but good enough. Last night, I went there as I am visiting Korea again after some years. They didn't allow me to go in. I'm filipino, average built. I don't know the reason why websites say it's the most foreigner friendly here?! Wasted my time.
Minty Mel



I have just been there. Foreigners are welcomed. The staff fully guide me on the use.
Mike Hull


Not had problems

Was there last march and had no problems to get in. Had a nice time there with several guys on the sofa. Did like it and will do it again


New Name

Sauna is now named "He's". Did not visit the sauna only passed by and noticed the new name.


Hyundae Sauna Great in Seoul

I like this sauna ..clear and big one in Seoul ..any country and any all type guys there ..and very nice Boss and staff there ..I had been there twice time this trips . They can try this one . Welcome foreign tourists


Still Uncomfortable Years Later

So I was on the fence about going here but I was in the neighborhood anyway so why not. The place is filthy but human standards. But what's worse is that people shine their phones on you while hooking up. Maybe I'm being stereotypical but South Korea has a hidden camera epidemic called "molka" where they put naked videos of strangers on the internet. Those flashing lights still haunt me years later. From one gay guy to another, please don't go here.


cozy place!

Permission to go out without paying again in checkout time famous tourist attractions, are located about 20~30 minutes by subway from Itaewon. this place is good for tourist who don't have enough money. Many country people come here, Some were non-manners They kept flirting with the person who expressed their disapproval and threw a used condom and towl everywhere.


Friendly attendant

Hi! To gun(bang2x) lol. I just wanna say that we appreciate your courteousness. You’re awesome. Thanks for chatting with us because we visited the sauna on a not-so-busy day and we felt bored.. but still you gave us time to know each other in friendly talk... Thank you very much for your concern that you actually didn’t want us to go because of heavy rain outside that night and even gave us umbrella when we left. I hope we can come back again next time to see you! Saranghae oppa!



Went there yesterday to have a look after reading a lot of bad reviews about the place. DON‘T go there and waste just any money. Completely dirty place. Not busy. Not hot men at all. Take a taxi & go to any other Sauna und Seoul. This place is a waste of money. Pools without water, unfriendly stuff and completely unhygienic!!!!!!!


Southeast Asian

The place was welcoming to Southeast Asian men (30's - average, not skinny nor fat), since I had told them where I came from, the staff were kind and polite. Comparing to the one back home for the same price, this place was not really neat and clean with good vibe/decorations but acceptable for having fun. I had several intimate moments with some in-shape guys before ending up with with a 30-something local. No private rooms, only open cubicles and beds.


Never try.

Facility run-down, no crowd. Waste of money. Staff friendly as they probably thought I was Korean.


Deserted mansion like

Came here Thursday 30 Aug 2018 8-11. Quite a test of hopeful thinking as you enter to explore this sprawling estate of beds but wonder where the people are. You sit there with five other guys ( 2 asleep) thinking that any moment a flood of guys would enter... But it never does. I heard that it's only really busy Friday and Saturday nights and if tonight was indicative, then that's probably true.


Visited in March

Was here in March. Went on Saturday night, very busy, plenty of hot Korean guys. Rather dirty, condoms everywhere,fun to be had - just be extra safe.


First Timer

So after reading about the different Saunas I decided to give it a try. Since I was staying the night in Itaewon Hyundae Sauna was my go-to place. I actually didn't know what to expect but I got in and paid 15000 won for night entry, received 2 towels and a pair of shorts. Went to have a shower first and was slightly disappointed that the baths had no water in them. Anyways I went upstairs after the shower, the darkroom is really dark and I didn't have my phone so I got around blindly. Guys were mostly sleeping so I went to chill in the video room. I was playing solo watching the video, one guy sat on the couch with me but pulled out his phone and started playing games. A few guys were walking in and out but nobody was playing. After about 45mins of playing with myself I decided to call it a night. As I was about to walk downstairs one guy stopped me and initiated so we got on the nearest bed. A few people walked past shining their lights (which I didn't mind) but it seemed to freak this guy out. Eventually another 2 guys started playing and he got up and walked. So I went down to the smoking room and another yummy local was sitting on the couch and greeted me. Needless to say we were both found wanting and headed upstairs to play. I guess if I'm around again I would give it another go. Not bad for a Monday night.


Worst experience I've ever had!

It looks like the beds have never been cleaned. There is people sleeping in the rooms. Way too dark upstairs. Filthy. Avoid this place and just use grinder in Korea. Saunas in Korea are not normal like the western world.


Cold sauna

This was the worst experience ever. Not only were they using the sauna to heat up their room. They were rude when I asked if they could crank up the heater. I was going to the second floor to let it get warm (they also were hanging the wet shorts they had just washed. I guess it’s also a drying room) - the owner came right after me to open the door and I politely asked if they could leave it closed cuz I wanted to come back when it was hot. They said I was cold to take a shower. I said I came for the sauna not a shower. They started yelling and cursing me in both English and Korean. And then the owner yelled at me “get out!” I said okay but I want my money back. The guy who works there for heated and all up in my face, continuing to curse me out in Korean. I said why don’t you say that in English (he had also yelled at me in English) - they said I was rude - I said I haven’t raised my voice and I just want the sauna to be hot (it was 25c. Not even luke warm) - they continued to talk about me in Korean as I changed. Literally pushing me out the place. I said don’t touch me.


Biggst sauna in Seoul

I'm here today, the place is quite large it was fun but many people using their flash light when others are having their fun. I'm play with a white guy and many people walked past and flash on us. This is quite annoying! Then this guy straight walk away. I hope that the authority can ban the use of phone in here.


More like a sleeping facility

I visited it at 6pm. Well...there were 2 guys:) As others said, pools are empty, but at least showers were working. Upstairs is pitch dark and there are beds for sleeping. There is a dry sauna, more like a warm room, rather than sauna. I don't know if its populated after midnight.


How to get in > read here

'@Max, the special way of getting in is to take off your shoes and put them in the locker in the stairwell in front of the place, then you pay the guy through the window (you can't really see him, but that's what the window is for) next to the door, and the guy will buzz you in.



Went here on a Saturday night in Oct 2016, stayed from 1 am - 4 am. The place looks a bit worn out, half of the showers not working, the baths were out of service. The sauna is decent size. It's a pretty large place, and not expensive to get in. Clearly a lot of guys use this place to sleep after a night out, as an alternative to a hotel, while waiting for the public transport to start again. The few twink guys that were there were sleeping, the active crowd were mainly daddy types, both local and foreigners from all places. Not my crowd, but if you're into that, this place is prob great, there was a lot of action. When I left a bit of younger crowd came in. They were Asian but not Korean, and I always prefer to eat local when I travel. The major dislike is the lighting. The second and third floor are so dark, that you can't see anything. This being not weird for a darkroom, but because a lot of patrons bring their phones or lighters in, which they use as flashlights, they light op the room or shine on where the action is going on. Not only do I find this extremely rude and annoying, it also makes that your eyes have a hard time adjusting to the dark, and basically you see even less, unless you join the smartphone light game. In my opinion the management should ban the phones from the darkrooms, as obviously nobody can check if they just use the light or even make some souvenir snaps while they're at it. Overall not a bad place, if this is the crowd you're into, and decent value for money.


drop in quality

I've been there recently again, on a saturday night. The place was quite packed, but not much action going on. Spotted few drunk old men, which is something new, and it didn't make things more pleasant. Condoms and lube couldn't be found, so i left soon. Not sure i will be patronizing this place again... compared to few years ago, it got much worse



Definitely not recommended. No good looking locals, only foreigners. Mostly chubs and over 40s patronising this sauna. Went on 3 consecutive nights and couldn't find any good looking guys


Magnific & Wonderful

My first time was unforgettable in Sauna Hyundae. The location is not lost. The quality of the place is average. The action starts from 12 pm on weekends, nice atmosphere, very nice asian guys. The only negative are the lights used in the darkroom. Otherwise all good, it is a recommended place to visit. I hope to return to Korea this year and return to the Sauna Hyundae


Don't come on a Monday night

Just visited (stupidly) on a Monday night, literally no one was there. There are a lot of beds and places for fun, if. There. Were. People. -__-;; Left soon. Going to come back this Friday night. Anyone come with me? ;P


Sauna fun

You want more fun - this sauna is yours. Best time to visit 10 p.m and more. Friday and weekend.


Pictures not reality

The pictures on the homepage shows not reality. Pool broken down, sauna a place where the staff dry towels, bed linen dirty, on the beds sleeping staff guys, a place without comfortable feeling.


gay saunas away from homo hill?

Is there any place besides Hyundae that is a a regular spot maybe away from this area. Anything near seoul station...


for mitch

The place, like others, is a hit or miss. Might be packed or not, depending on the trend. How to know that I really don't know, you just got to go and check. Generally you find more people at night, and weekends' afternoons, but don't give it for granted.



Was the best sauna in town with mix crowd who wasn't racist like the crowd in Kakiku/Mandi Manda. Nice place to relax and chill. Hope it open soon. I'am missing the massage there.



I went to the Hyundae last night and it was closed. Anyone know about the place? I also went to sauna lounge and it was extremely dead..Am I missing something?


rude wait staff

Only venue on Homo Hill that touts for patrons... Bartender, sashaying tall "blond" waiter and another younger waiter will bombard you with "buy me a drink" as soon as you sit down! Also bartenders can be obnoxious and rude. Always Homme is definitely not homely or friendly.


Best of the worst

Hyundae is really the only sauna worth going to in Seoul. It's the largest, probably the cleanest (which isn't saying much), you have the best chance of meeting a mixed group of guys. That being said, it's still too dark, and the guys with their cellphone flashlights can get very annoying. Still, after 1 AM, it's very crowded and one can usually find someone to have fun with.


Still open

The place is still in business, and they also removed the signs discouraging s*xual activities. 4th floor got darker, and lube and condoms are not easy to find. Might hit the place again like my old times, but i'm not expecting large crowds as in the past. David sauna nearby seems to be open and closed depending on owner's mood, but it has been renovated inside.



Stopped by today (Sat.), saw it was closed. Seemed odd it would be closed on a weekend and there's no mention of this on their website. Can anyone confirm this place is still in business?


Nothing in working order

Most of the wet zone was out of order. Hot tubs were all empty. Only the showers worked. I went twice and the second time I could not get one guy to leave me along, despite directly telling him several times that I was not interested. I had to leave.


Not worth the trip

Old, dirty, and most of the facilities are not working. Shocking, especially after reading the previous reviews. And the crowd -only 5 guys hanging around the TV room. And none are even general looking. Trust me, it's simply not worth the trip, the entrance, and more the time wasted. Can't believe I thought it will be as good as imagine a gay sauna in city as Seoul.


I dont agree with you

David is not comfortable and nasty and... not clean as well. What a bummer! Hyundae is much better


Heart of darkness

Maybe one day there will be a proper gay sauna in Seoul but for now we have Hyundae. It is located near gray club and homo hills so it's pretty crowded on a weekend nights and there s a lot of action in the dark (thank god). Rarely you can meet an U.S. soldier, but most of the crowd is Korean, south Asian, sometimes Indian/Pakistani. White people usually mature. Some patrons have an annoying habit to use smartphone to check all faces in the venue. I think best time is 3am Sunday morning.


New Cruise club near Hyundae

With your back to Hyundea Sauna turn right then right again walk along cul de sac (ahead is G guesthouse) on your left just before is "David" a basement cruise bar. I was messaged to go there to meet a guy and we had fun. But also some very cute locals there too. Korean guys are so fit. David has lots of lockers. Shower area cruise maze and curtained off private areas and a longer. Great little place for fun. I discovered on the last day. Don't make the same mistake. 10,000 won entrance.


Not a spa - 4th Floor Apt - Good - Not as Good as Royal Spa

This is not a spot, but an apartment on the fourth floor. The room is actually good, they were more than accommodating. The therapist Evan what's conscientious and he worked quite hard to provide the best massage possible. His English was just okay, which can make it difficult to give instruction. If you're looking for a true spa experience, this is not the place. The Royal spa it's much more upscale, and not that much more in price.

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