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KinDO Center

18F Far East Consortium Mongkok Bldg, 11 Nelson St, Hong Kong, China

KinDO Center
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KinDO Center
KinDO Center
KinDO Center
audience rating: KinDO Center, 3.3 out of 5 based on 254 ratings click to vote:
Rating: 3.3/5. From 254 votes.
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KinDO Center is an exclusively male massage service provider, offering various types of treatment including Swedish massage, oil massage, four-hands relaxation.

Private treatment rooms with shower facilities, free WiFi. Out-call service available.

KiNDO Center is located in Far East Consortium Mongkok Bldg (18th floor). Turn left towards a black door upon leaving the elevator.

weekday: 12:00 - 02:00

weekend: 12:00 - 03:00

venue Massage | features massage, free wi-fi | customers: gay | attracts: All types

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last updated: 19-Sep-2019



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  1. Poor massage quality and service

    “I arrived on a Wednesday night around 10pm. Despite the menu I didn’t have any choice of the masseur. I was asked to take a shower and then push a bell button once finished. I was still drying myself with a towel when the masseur arrived and stressed me to lay down. He didn’t introduce himself and didn’t seem motivated. During the massage he was checking his cell phone several times when receiving hundreds of text messages accompanied by a chime. The massage itself was poor. Though he applied quite some pressure, he was rushing up and down the whole body or he was rushing into muscle parts with fingers that it hurt.

    He was very unemotional, insensible, insensitive and unimpassionate. It would turn out that he doesn’t really know how to give a relaxing whole body massage and that his only aim was to get “it” done. I refused that service as I didn’t feel comfortable at all. When I finally asked him to stop it completely he waited the whole time for me to finish my shower as he had spread lots of oil around my genital area in hope I would want something more. I asked him to leave please to give me some privacy but he insisted on a tip. I gave him 100 HKD. More or less because I felt sorry for this poor guy and not because of any service quality he provided. When paying the 398 HKD to the faculty’s owner I complained about my bad experience. It was a typical behavior of him. It was obvious that he knew about everything and claimed to be sorry. Nonetheless, he insisted on the full price although we had stopped the session well ahead of the proposed time. So, guys: don’t go there. It’s not worth a penny. Unless you like to be betrayed on your money.“

    Kevin on 13-Feb-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. poor environment poor masseur, poor attitude

    “No doubt their masseurs are young. But don't be misled that they are relatively inexperienced. poor massage skills already put one off. Even worse, they may ask you to pay a minimum tip for more service. however, when performing, they will say a lot of restrictions which totally a minus impression and experience. in addition the cleanliness is disastrous and facilities are fatigue. do you expect to lie down in an oily massage bed to start with... folks leave it up to you to visit there.“

    dereck on 15-Jan-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. New Master's rumors,Ace

    “I heard that a new master has recently arrived at kindo spa. His name is Ace, and he is a other dpa. I don't know if his technique is good or not. Has anyone tried it?“

    teing on 09-Nov-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Second time and still in love!

    “I visit Hong Kong frequently on business from Australia and I have used Kindo for outcall before and used it again last weekend. They are very responsive and punctual. The boys were amazing. Zeno was the best. He was pleasant and very good conversationalist. Its been a absolute pleasure and would love to see him again!“

    Sam on 16-Sep-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. Ringo is supreme!

    “I come from Singapore and have gone to many different gay spas already. I went to KinDO for a few times, it was the best because of RINGO!!! He is super nice! So fit, muscular and most importantly, handsome! I went to many spas, usually guys are muscular but old, or muscular but not handsome, or handsome but sooo thin! However, RINGO is both handsome and muscular! OMG!
    I still remember how good the experience was! My friend told me he's expensive, I gave him 1500+ tip as he was really worth it! Don't struggle, just book him!“

    Andy on 02-Mar-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. Excellent website, but that’s about it

    “The facility was poorly maintained and hygiene in total question. The shower was weak and wall paint was peeling. Worse, any resemblance to the masseur pictures sent or described is purely coincidental if not accidental. Since the price and tips are more or less universal in these commercial establishments, do yourself a favor and find a better joint.“

    Wyatt on 06-Feb-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Poor enironment

      “Agreed to it....

      I was assigned a cute guy, Jo, with some variances from they described. He is not as tall and heavy as mentioned.
      Luckily, he is handsome with medium build and polite. Massage skills required improving. Services just ok but asked for HK$800 which was a bit high, cf other spas in the area. The poor facilities and ambience deducted scores.“

      ricardo on 01-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. The double blessing

    “I’m a gay business traveller, on a very rainy summer night in Hong Kong. I love Asian boys and a massage is always on my mind when in Hong Kong. Did some research and reached out to Kindo on wechat, they responded immediately. I asked for a four hands massage for the next hour and the guys turned up on time. Both young and gorgeous, Daniel and David. Daniel spoke good English and helped David understand my requests. They were a pleasure to be with and it was the most amazing feeling having these two amazing boys giving you the best of the massage you could ask for! Value for money, Try it and you’lol love it ;)“

    Sam on 13-Jul-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Fantastic experience in Kindo

    “I came to Hong Kong last month for vacation and the first gay massage parlour I managed to find out about was Kindo. I tried to locate it and it wasn't difficult to find, just a turn out of the Mong Kok MTR exit E1 and right turn right before a shop called Colormix and there we see a building with lifts, which leads to Kindo at the 18th floor. I was pretty worried about getting ripped off as a tourist and thought about whether they would have limited options and I may be forced to pick a plan that would surely be entitled to rip me off because that wouldn't be difficult.
    I am very surprised that they give a professional massage, I feel very relax. The masseur is handsome and charming. This is a very good experience compare with another gay spa in Hong Kong.“

    Lotus on 18-May-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  9. Nice place in Hong Kong

    “The location are convenience and good condition, the guys are very nice and good massage, young and handsome, great experience!“

    icelandchan on 31-Jan-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  10. Fake pics

    “I’ve gone here at least three times over the past year and each time I was tricked over and over by the pictures sent to me over WeChat. They show me pics of guys but the person who turns up can’t be further than the pics. I asked for their famous Vito the first time round but the guy who turned up isn’t the person described.“

    Eric on 15-Jan-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  11. Disappointing

    “I’ve always wanted to try gay massages, and decided to have my virgin experience at Kindo after reading really good reviews of it. The entrance was clear, a bit too clear as it had a sign “man-to-man massage”, and the place is small. I asked for the 90min massage and told the receptionist I preferred a lean fit masseur, but he didn’t let me choose a masseur and just told me to go into the room.

    When the masseur came, he was heavily dressed and was still in the midst of texting someone. The massage was below average, as it was soft and amateur. So much for the reviews of hot hunks Kindo is known for.

    Altogether paid 800hkd for this, when I could have just paid 50hkd at a sauna instead. Maybe it was a lack of research and experience which led to this, but my first massage experience really sucked.“

    Joshua on 12-Jan-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  12. Great place and great experience

    “I visited Kindo Spa many times a year and each visit was great.

    I was back in Hong Kong one week ago and decided to try it once more. Nice reception, centrally located strong Chinese massage. And there are professional massage by guys who know what they’re doing. They will work on areas of the body that need attention with focus and care and great price also. You won’t be disappointed.“

    Leo on 04-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  13. Beginner got a good start.

    “I am just a beginner of being a customer in massage. My back pain is relieved after the massage by Jason and Rayne who did a 4-hand to me. And I give good tips to them. Their politeness is precious and hard to be found in Hong Kong other spa.“

    Kit on 12-Jun-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  14. A foreigner-friendly gay spa

    “I visited them before. It sounds the receptionist and their staff are bilingual. They can speak fluent Chinese, Cantonese and English with warm greeting. And they said they welcome foreigners to visit. They got many fans in Singapore.

    As recommended by my friend, I tried Arich and Heldon. They were extremely polite and of good services. When the services were going to be finished, they wouldnt forget to give me an iced coffee. Free wifi access available there, showing that it is very convenient for expats and tourists.“

    Jin on 03-Jun-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  15. Unique and good experience

    “Different from other gay spas in Hong Kong.
    KinDO got a number of guys and focus on the feelings of customers but not only massage only, though their massage skills are not bad.
    Visited three times in my Hong Kong trip, I recommended: Vito, Jason and Heldon(Hin).
    Their overall performance is above standard and they did give me a wonderful experience.“

    Copper on 31-May-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  16. Incredibly Great Experience

    “Was kinda curious about gay spas in hk and found kindo center in mong kok. It was actually quite incredible. Hot guys with skillful massaging techniques. Complete surprise lol. Totally recommend it to anyone travelling here. I chose palk lam. Quite good“

    Hono on 20-May-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  17. First and last time

    “I went to Kindo a week ago. Surprisingly I found the shop very old and small. I could tell only a couple of masseur were in as only 3 room there, 2 of them with door open and empty. I was brought to the third room which i found still unclean with the massage bed with skin peeling off.
    I was served by one of the masseur; didn't want to disclose his name for moral reason. His massage skill was below standard but b2b was good. However, he kept on telling me during the massage time that most of his clients will pay him a minimum of $500-600 tips with some even pay over $1,000.
    The ending was happy and I still gave him $500 tips. I didn't want to argue on tips, as I knew this was my first visit to Kindo but also the last one.“

    Collin on 20-Apr-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  18. A warm spa house Kindo

    “Their masseurs are quite passionate and cooperative. Reasonable prices for having good-quality services.
    Free coffee and iced water, wifi available there, which makes tourists feel warm and convenient.

    Lee on 16-Apr-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  19. Expensive and rundown

    “Came here on a walk-in basis and was assigned a masseur without any questions asked. He did not seem to have much strength but it got better towards the end.

    Paid 698 for a 2 hours plan 6. at least they are upfront about an additional 300-500 for b2b and extras. did not get to try the Vicky shower spa and head massage. better to make an appointment via whatsapp or Line and ask for pictures.

    Would not recommend though. There are better spas out there. The shared shower is rather rundown and rooms are small.“

    Kenny on 20-Mar-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • The price of plan 6 is $680 including Vicky shower

      “We are regrettable to hear what you encountered. However, the correct price of the plan 6 treatment should be $680. Any misunderstanding towards our services?

      We are surprised that our staff does not give you sufficient items because most of them are well-trained. We still wish you all the best. We suggest you can text us through whatsapp or line or wechat or even call us to report us the story in details. If we know who is responsible for this treatment, we will give him punishment, penalty or even fire him. Thanks for report, which makes us progress.“

      CP on 15-Apr-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  20. Handsome and good b2b

    “It is my first time to come to HK, and so I stay here for work few days. I searched the place here and the place is very convenient. The guy come inside call Phy and he is handsome, nice fit body with swimming trunk tanned mark, very attractive. He first come with sincere smile and apply the massage in a very nice manner. Just like the 5 star service I have received in hotel before. Proactive asking if it is too hard or soft and the temperature is really so caring and kind. I like his face and body so much. His b2b makes me so enjoyable. I for sure would like to come again and find him when I come to Hong Kong again.“

    Happynewyear on 02-Jan-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  21. Very good massage, very bad business

    “This will be a mixed review, as there were some really good things and some really bad things about my experience.

    I booked a 6 hand massage a day in advance. I told the manager the kind of masseurs that I liked, and he made some (good) recommendations.

    I arrived and was taken to my room, which was drab and dated. After I had showered, one of the masseurs came in and told me that his boss says 4 hands are better than 6, so there will only be 2 guys. (Neither the manager nor the receptionist told me this when I arrived, nor did they send me a WhatsApp message in advance.)

    They charge $998 for 6 hand and $798 for 4 hand. Most of the other places charge $598 for 4 hand. If I wanted just a 4 hand massage, I could have booked anywhere for $200 less. I was willing to pay the premium for a 6 hand session, because it is something I've never had before. So, right away, I wasn't happy.

    The massage itself was excellent, and Vito & Jason were exactly what I was looking for. They are both handsome, muscular, and strong. I did knock them down a star, however, because of the hustle. Right before they had me turn over, they asked if I wanted B2B. Of course I did!

    Although the manager had told me when I made the reservation that the guys would expect a $400 tip each, these guys asked for $600 each. I guess they figured that I had $1200 in cash on me, since I had been planning for the $400 tip each for 3 guys. This felt a little dirty and sleazy to me, and it was definitely a hustle. (Had they not asked, I probably would have tipped more than the $400 anyway - probably would have given $500.)

    The B2B experience was awesome, so despite feeling totally ripped off by the Spa and by the 2 masseurs, I did really enjoy myself. Next time, I'd probably have one of these 2 guys come to my hotel room, and I'd be much clearer about the financial terms.“

    Neal on 25-Dec-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  22. Excellent service

    “Perfectly matched between different staff. Good co-operation in four-hand massage and excellent service attitude. Vito, Keith and Jason are of good looking faces.

    They make me feel warm. Next time I go to Hong Kong, this is a must-try spa.“

    Bryan on 26-Aug-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  23. The worse massage experience of my life

    “Do not visit this place. When the masseur comes into the room playing on his mobile phone, you know it's not a good sign. It got worse. The "masseur" had the skill, strength and charm of a dead fish. I had to ask at least 5 times for a firmer massage. I also had to ask for oil to be used. Through very poor English, he said it would cost HK$400, when I was originally quoted $398 by the receptionist. Who's going to argue over HK$2 so I said yes. The masseur used oil and then proceeded to get on top of my back and rub himself up and down on me. It had the sex appeal of sunburn. His massage was lopsided - he focused so much on my right side, no idea why. It was so weak I physically had to show him with my hands how hard I wanted. It marginally improved - for 3 minutes. He then wouldn't leave the room when the massage prematurely ended (10 mins short) until he got his $400. I said i would pay him outside the room after I got dressed. He then said it was $400 on top of the $398. I refused to pay and said he had to work it out with the receptionist. I'm only giving one star because you can't give less.“

    AJ on 06-Aug-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • This one has been fired already

      “This one is has been fired already.
      This is because he is referred by other spas.
      As a customer, I know their masseur is not that bad.
      Maybe it is just an individual incident.“

      Jack on 19-Aug-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  24. Very Polite masseur and Quality massage

    “I lived in HK for the entire life of my life. But never really tried to visit any Massage places yet so I decided to try this one I heard from a friend.
    I never really expected to have a good massage but in my surprise the Therapist who did me was really professional. He knows how to do it, right pressure and at the right body points. Not to mention, he is totally a hot cutie!!
    I will definitely come back for another one soon.“

    Ken on 21-Jan-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  25. Good Services and Passionate Attitude

    “The price is cost-effective because they do provide early bird discount, which is cheaper than the normal price $398 90mins. Suggest you go to this spa before 1700, then you can get this price.
    The services are good and passionate. They have regular cleaning works.“

    Polapola on 26-Aug-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  26. Amazing Cooperative Services!

    “An amazing combination of services ever tried! They are good at conducting 4-hand or 6-hand services.
    The therapists are passionate. They are natural to be one of participants in the whole process.
    The therapists are handsome as well.“

    Kris on 21-Aug-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  27. aska87a

    “I don't normally posts negative reviews. But after visiting this place I had to. I called before coming to see what type of turn out they had on a Friday night. The guy said they were very busy. I thought I would give it a try.
    Big negative: very poorly managed and not well-maintained. The place was dirty. The walls were covered in scuff marks, and a smattering of textured spots of unidentifiable goo. Staff can be rude if you push them, and asked huge of money.
    Small positive: the guys who i checked look much younger.“

    aska87a on 19-Jun-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  28. Four-Hand Special

    “Decor a bit dated but clean. Private shower that fits two in the massage room I had. Had a four-hand special for 650$ and each asked an additional 300$ each for B2B. Oone was more eager but the other one was shy. Overall a decent experience worth a try.“

    Wyatt on 10-Jun-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

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audience rating: KinDO Center, 3.3 out of 5 based on 254 ratings
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Rating: 3.3/5. From 254 votes.
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