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Magnum Sauna

Csepreghy 2, Budapest, Hungary, 1085

Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
Magnum Sauna
+36 30 844 6864
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TOMORROW Dark & No Towel Night

Hungary’s first gay sauna and a popular hangout for both locals and foreigners – gay, bi or curious.

Opened in 2001, Magnum features two levels (700 m²), four saunas (salt, bio, Finn and infrared), rain shower, pool plunge (in summer), steam bath with light & dark area, 10-man jacuzzi, maze, movie rooms, dark room, various-sized cabins, glory holes, professional massage service, bar with food, alcoholic drinks, free WiFi.

Very busy all weekend, especially at their Dark & Naked Party on Fridays at 10pm and Sundays at 5pm. Staff speak fluent English. Magnum is open nonstop from 1pm on Saturday until midnight on Sunday.

Find more information on their website.

nearest station : metro 3,4: Rákóczi tér, Corvin-negyed; tram 4,6: Harminckettesek

weekday: Mon-Thu 13:00 - 00:00 / Fri 04:00

weekend: Sat 13:00 - Sun 00:00 nonstop

venue Sauna | features bar, cafe, steam room, massage, sauna, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room, jacuzzi / hot pool, free wi-fi | customers: gay | attracts: All types

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last updated: 03-Feb-2020



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  1. Bad experience.

    “Clean place and polite doorman, but scattered facilities, small saunas, one is for two people. No hot wather in showers. Half of steam bath is fully dark.
    Old and fat visitors. Nothing young and in good shape. Generally money in the wind.
    Anti-sex place for grandfathers at all. No much crowd for Thursday, spend some hours.“

    Bili on 16-Jan-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Bad experience?

      “Dear Bili,
      Thank you for listing positives too.
      Regarding our scattered facilities, when we opened, we chose a basement in the city centre of which the majority are found in ancient buildings. Not the best space to build a sprawling spacious cruise space, but still, we provide plenty of amenities over 700 sqm.
      We have 4 different sauna spaces, something very rare in a gay sauna, and if one is only good for two people, one can accomodate 15.
      Yes, half of our steam room is very dark, and very happening. Some guys just prefer to have fun in the dark.
      As for our visitors, we get all sorts. Tuesday night is very young. Friday night and Saturday night is also very young and in shape. We are more then happy to tell you when to come if you ask us when you should come.“

      Janos on 30-Jan-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. Brian

    “Went there on Tuesday as the owner suggested it was the best day for young guys. The place wasn’t too crowded but had a decent amount of people including several hot young guys. Overall, it was a pretty amazing experience. Definitely worth a visit.“

    Brian on 19-Dec-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Owner

      “Dear Brian,

      Thank you for your kind review.

      Yes, during the week, Tuesday night after 7 pm is the best time to meet young guys.
      Otherwise Friday late night and Saturday night all night.


      Janos on 30-Jan-2020 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. super sauna

    “Full of hot guys the weekend for the naked parties that start at 21 pm. Do not go before because it is not the same clientele and it ends late at night. I recommend it absolutely - the place in the evening for weekend or night action is going very very exciting and a lot of hotties.“

    jean pierre on 30-Sep-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Very good review

      “Hi Jean Pierre,

      You are completely right about our infamous Dark and Naked Party on Friday. It brings out a fun crowd of fun, sexy, scruff type guys ready to have a good time.


      János, boss“

      Janos on 16-Dec-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Budapest's second best sauna

    “The staff is really nice, the facilites are clean and there are dark areas, steam and dry saunas and a good jacuzzi. On Friday night there were lots of mature men and very few younger men, so if this is your cup of tea, you will be happy there. But Sauna 69 has a more modern layout and more mixed ages so it was better for my taste. But both of them are well wort a visit.“

    Larry on 15-Jul-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • If second best, why so few stars?

      “Thanks for the good review. But why give is so few stars if you only had a problem with the customers.


      Magnum sauna“

      Janos on 02-Oct-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. Probably one of the best bathhouses in the world

    “I was in Budapest for the weekend on some business. After my business finished, I decided to check out this bathhouse. I was worried because I'm an American who doesn't speak ANY Hungarian, but I had no problem getting in and the staff spoke perfect English.

    First, talking about the value, the place is much cheaper than most bathhouses I've been to around the world. Especially if you get the "Magnum Card". They also have full massage with real therapists for only around USD$30 for 90 mins if you get the Magnum Card. Really good deal.

    Second, the facilities are amazing. They have a big jacuzzi (my only complaint is that it isn't that warm) that is a good place to wait and watch. They have 3 different types of saunas that are all well maintained and of a good size. Then there are lots and lots of dark areas, rooms you can use with beds at no extra fees, video areas to sit and wait, etc. The only "downside" of these areas is that the ceiling is low in a couple of areas you pass through, so if you're 6'3" like me, you'll end up having to tilt your head to walk through. But this is a minor inconvenience for an otherwise great layout.

    Finally, the best aspect of this place is the clientele. They range in age, but it didn't seem to be one particular demographic. It was amazing.

    Do yourself a favor and check it out. It's open from Saturday afternoon to Sunday if you go on the weekends. I went from 2:30 PM on Sunday and it was a sizeable crowd when I got there and then by 4:00, it was really active, if that helps you at all.“

    A on 11-Jul-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Blushing with pride

      “Dear A

      Your review is great and very accurate. Thank you for it. And there is really nothing I have to add to it.

      János, boss“

      Janos on 16-Dec-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. horrible place

    “bad hygiene, few visitors. Very expensive.“

    Niall on 11-Jul-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Can't please everyone

      “Dear Niall

      Sorry that you had such a bad experience at our place. I would say give us a try again, but I know we cannot always convince everyone.


      János, boss“

      Janos on 16-Dec-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. Nice service

    “I visited Magnum on 27th and 28th of June. Stuff is friendly and helpful, fluent English speaking. Sauna is big. Mostly guys over 30yo. Dark party is nice. Big crowds but can be too dark. If you want to smoke cigarette you need to go out on the street so it could be annoying to dress up every time. Basically , I recommend.“

    Daniel on 29-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Smoking misery

      “Dear Daniel,

      I am the first that would build a smoking room as this is a pet peeve of many of our smoking customers. Unfortunately, hungarian rules do not allow for even that.


      János, boss“

      Janos on 16-Dec-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Amazing horny night

    “I visited the sauna and I had a lot of fun during the night. The new employee was much frienldy and cute. Thank you all regards josh from Tel-Aviv.“

    Josh on 16-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  9. Amazing experience at Magnum

    “Went to Magnum for the first time on a Tue and surprisingly the place was busy. Staff in the reception are very polite and attentive. Pricing is very reasonable and very well structured to cater to everyone. Facilities are clean and the crowd was a good mix of 25-40 yo witha few 45 plus. Lots of action in steam room and the place is big enough for a comfortable cruise. Cubicles are clean too. I arranged for a massage with Viktor and he was very good and professional. I highly recommend him guys! He is a certified Reiki practitioner. All in all, i highly recommend it!!!“

    Loki on 14-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  10. Amazing !

    “I visited on Saturday evening, it was really crowded and full of men.
    I saw men mostly over 35 to 60
    very very few younger lot
    if u love bears , this is PARADISE for you.
    if u like younger lot i saw few just 1 or 2 staff was good , again to the point location very good one can find on maps.

    Clean and big
    as one other levels also there is a lot of place
    am mostly into younger hence i did not have any fun
    but am sure for others there is a lot
    weekends are best to visit 6pm and later is the best time.“

    John on 02-May-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  11. It's OK

    “It's worth a visit. The place is big. The jacuzzi is big enough. The steam room is just standard ...just like other saunas I visited. If I remember right, there are four different types of dry saunas which are on the upper level. And the temperatures are ok. The other facilities are just standard. The crowd is mixed.“

    Royax on 16-Feb-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  12. First timer

    “This wasy first experience in place like this. I'm foreinger and staff was very welcoming and told me how to act and what is allowed and what is not. I met some friendly people and had few beers. Place was very clean and price wasn't too high at all.“

    Nikolai on 23-Dec-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  13. Very clean friendly Sauna went on Sunday naked party

    “Very nice sauna, check in get towel, locker and sauna shoes if did not bring your own — no ID check pay when you leave. Beverages charged to your locker number. Staff speaks English and can charge on CC on leaving.

    Busy Sunday after 4-5pm - lot of dark areas, cabins and variety of men all good. Had a Blast.“

    Gary on 16-Sep-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  14. Friendly, clean and spacious

    “I went there on a Wednesday afternoon, the place was quit busy but mostly seniors (65 and over). With my 45 years of age I was one of the youngest. After 5 pm many of the clients left and younger guys arrived.
    The staff was very friendly, they spoke English very well and the place looked very clean. The place has some dry saunas and a steam room, a jacuzzi, a big labyrinth and cabins, some with slings.
    I met some nice guys and had a good time.“

    Ryan on 31-Aug-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  15. great sauna

    “It is a very nice place. I were there twice and all the time I had a lot of fun. There is a Jacuzzi, saunas and a lot of labyrinths/cursing area. I think if you are looking for fun you will find in this place. Place is crowded but it is advantage ;-) I recommend this place. All the best to Janos- thank you for Your gift ;-) I will drink your health.“

    Guest on 18-Jul-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  16. Great sauna

    “I have been to this sauna on many different days of the week. The best times obviously are the weekends however it gets really crowded and sometimes is difficult to find a room for you and your partner. I live in the USA and I am use to rent a room however in EUROPE I think is not a common practice and it is not a common practice in other countries either very few rent rooms just be aware that if you hoag a room maybe some nasty little man may be asking you for that room. The sauna caters to all ages very old ones to young ones. There are beautiful guys and troll ones. The staff always have been very nice. You pay when you exit. They converted a room past the glory holes into a sling room however you can’t dimme the lights so it is to bright . Beers, sodas etc etc at the front desk. Overall a great experience .ill be going back by the end of this year hopefully I’ll have a great time again.“

    Henry on 11-Jul-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  17. Great sauna

    “I have been there many times unfortunately my vacations were cut short due to multiple reasons and I couldn’t go to the different events. I was never charged more than the locals. It is true that there are no rooms for rent but that is the case in all gay sauna in Europe except for SPLASH in BERLIN that burned down 2 years ago.

    The rooms are there for everybody to use. Even though there are plenty of rooms when it gets crowded, couples are walking around searching for an empty room. And sometimes because you are a foreigner and don’t understand the language and occupying a room. But maybe some guy will approach you with there and ask you to vacate the room - at least that is what I assume and that’s why I prefer to pay for a room in the STATES. Magnum is worth the visit, guys of all ages go. The staff is always cleaning and they are polite never have a problem. Sometimes because it’s the first time in a particular sauna you don’t know how it works and that is when misunderstandings occur. It has happen to me. I will always go to MAGNUM and hopefully have a great time.“

    Enrique on 27-May-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  18. Heatpac

    “Always good with plenty of action for everybody, but best on naked nights.
    Staff are friendly and helpful and it’s good value.“

    Deane on 25-May-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  19. Вам понравится!

    “Very lively, a lot of space, a lot of people. I liked the flexible system of payment - you can take a subscription for three visits at a discount, pay for a visit afterwards, issued with a condom. Dark/naked parties are quite popular. Quite expensive for former but it's worth it“

    Viktor on 16-May-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  20. Sympatique, convivial

    “A nice place attended by all generations combined. One of the best saunas - although no condoms in the cabins. “

    Al on 04-May-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  21. No rooms for rent

    “Lots of action and sometimes so much action that there are not plenty of rooms. So don’t monopolize a room if you are not doing anything just waiting be sure that somebody will ask you for that room and sometimes in no pleasant terms. It is not like in the USA where there are rooms for rent. Personally I prefer it that way but the world doesn’t revolve around me.

    Diverse crowd gorgeous Hungarian guys to really ugly ones, lots of tourists. Pleasant staff they keep the venue clean. Attitude like anywhere else from the pleasant ones to the ones that think too much of themselves and you wonder why?

    Guys of all ages from the PYTS to the really old from skinny one to really fat ones from great bodies to average bodies. Visit this sauna and you will not be disappointed beautiful sauna to go to.“

    Enrique on 05-Apr-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  22. Jó hely kellemes környetet! Good place pleasant! Go to MAGNUM sauna if you are in Budapest!

    “Jó hely mindig jól érzem magam ha oda látogatok! Kellemes környezet, udvarias személyzet! Jó kezdeményezés a rendszeres ingyenesen látogatható HIV szűrés és az érte kapott egyszeri ingyenes belépő!!!! (De általában ha megyek akkor kicsit ott is maradok a belépőért!“

    János on 21-Mar-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  23. B or B

    “Perfect location, no attitude, action guaranteed, you will need lots of condoms, all types of men visit this place old, young, BEAR, otter all types, you can imagine, never mind to try other places this is the best place in Budapest. Welcoming warm bears and the sexy twink, at the entrance desk, hot hardworking blue eyed staff is a plus here.;)(bear or beer guy).“

    Can on 08-Feb-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  24. First Time

    “Visit Magnum sauna whilst in Budapest. It's easy to find but the layout can catch the first time out as it did me.

    Once you come down the stairs the bar is on your left. You pay when you leave. First right is the lounge, Second right is the changing rooms. straight ahead is the showers.

    On the left of the showers is the steam room. It's hot and in two parts. plenty of action going on too. To the right of the showers is the loo.

    Through the second plastic curtain is the Jacuzzi. Then you into the maze. Which has plenty of place to have fun. Turn right as you enter takes you passed a couple of cell rooms and slings.

    For the saunas turn right when you see the fire escape sign, this should then take you to the stairs and the second floor, where the four saunas are. Have fun.

    Going straight ahead leads you to more play areas.

    The crowd is mixed, local and tourist, old and young, fat and thin. There is usually plenty to see and do. Well worth a visit.“

    Paul on 25-Sep-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  25. Best sauna

    “Dear staff, clean, mood place !!!!!
    Kedves személyzet csak ajánlani tudom
    Üdv Parizs“

    Parizs on 21-Jun-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  26. Dr Barta Szabolcs

    “Több alkalommal élvezhetem a Magnum szauna vendég szeretetét.remélem hogy fogom is még.
    Rend és tisztaság uralkodik,a személyzet udvarias,segítő kész,
    A Magnum tényleg az a hely ahol piheni,szórakozni ,ki kapcsolódni lehet,de ha többre vágysz azt is meg találod ott,persze a megfelelő biztonságban teheted hisz erre is nagyon oda figyelnek.

    Szabolcs on 20-Jun-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?




    JONNY on 18-Apr-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  28. Great sauna

    “Beautiful sauna very cruisy, like any other sauna of the world there are all kinds of guys in their 20's up to 70's. The entrance fee $13.50 you pay it when you leave the sauna. Monday's Tuesday's Wednesday's and Thursday's lots of action between 4 pm and 8pm a lot many out of shape guys but also quite attractive 20's30's40's guys. Many tourist from all over Europe and the USA some speak English, others not at all but it is really not necessary, you hook up in the hallways and take your partner to one of the many free rooms. And for the adventurous ones ; there is a SLING where you can lock the door for privacy inside the room to your right there is a switch that if you turn it off one you end up with a kind of bluish light. And trust me that room is used a lot. The sauna closes around 10:30 or 11:00 pm but on Friday's opens at 1 pm and closes at 4 am the next day, at around 10:00 pm on FRIDAYS they turn off the lights and becomes a wild night lots of action.. it is a very clean sauna. The staff speaks English and they seem pretty nice. Overall I had a great experience and I will definitely go back in October or November. Hungarian guys you made my stay memorable THANKS.“

    Enrique on 07-Apr-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  29. Best

    “Probably the best sauna i'v been. Highly recommended.“

    James on 21-Jan-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  30. Best Sauna

    “Being a regular guest, I could only recommend this venue for either chill out in the lovely saunas (many to choose from) or for some hot actions (private cabins, gloryholes, dark steam). The friendly staff, the special atmosphere and the visitors from all ages and shapes will guarantee that you will not regret your visit. At the top of it is the cheap entrance fee!

    Magnum features many themed events:
    - sauna séances on Thursdays (at 17, 18 and 19 pm, with free tea and a fruit plate in between the events to facilitate the detoxification of your body)
    - Pizza parties
    - Dark and Naked parties every Friday and Sunday evening

    These events also worth giving a try, my presonal favourite is the sauna séance.

    Ps: if you are into younger guys then best to go at weekends before or after party times.“

    Ati on 28-Nov-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Dark and Naked party

      “What day would be more people? Friday night or Sunday evening? i'd like to go there by the end of Jan, 2017“

      Kai on 12-Dec-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  31. très bien

    “Très beau sauna, propre, je recommande ...“

    Bruno on 24-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  32. Jó hely a Magnum

    “A Magnum maximálisan elnyerte tetszésemet. Az idén 15-ik születésnapját ünneplő szauna elhelyezkedése kitűnő, alapterülete nagy, a hely tiszta, a személyzet kifejezetten barátságos, szolgálatkész, szorgalmas. Külön tetszik, hogy a felújítások alkalmával az emeleti részre kerültek a szaunák, így jobban elkülönül a relaxálás az egyéb más "tevékenységtől". A korosztályos kedvezményes napoknál is mindenkire gondoltak, az árak elfogadhatóak. Külön öröm sokunknak, hog idén elkészült a Jakuzzi is, szóval csak dícsérni tudom a helyet. Aki még nem járt ott, az mindenképp pótolja ezen hiányosságát, és látogasson el a Magnumba! Péter“

    Takács on 10-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  33. Great time

    “I visited this sauna while I was in Budapest. First of all I was really pleasantly surprised by the prices. Compared to London it was really cheap. Sauna was nice and clean, the rooms can be locked and you don't even have to pay extra to use them. Every room had paper towels and some of them even have porn movies running.
    The crowd was a good mix from 20-somethings to 50 somethings.
    I absolutely enjoyed the upper level with the bio sauna and the dip pool. Really well done, and quite a unique experience. I haven't seen many gay saunas which are actually taking pride in having a great selection of sauna rooms. This place does.
    The jacuzzi was fun and quite busy, always full. I actually had to wait for my turn, but it was worth it.
    Steam room was a bit too dark for my taste.
    I didn't know the facility also had a gym, otherwise I'd have bought my gym gear. Took a look around and one guy was working out naked. It was an interesting sight.
    I'll definitely visit again, if I'm in the city.“

    Gabe on 10-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  34. zebulon

    “What can I say...good staff, good facilities, very good for relax and on the evenings more crowded...and on the weekend 2 dark naked party so...I m very glad to know this sauna.“

    Zeb on 07-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  35. Tapasztalat

    “Szerdán voltam! Nagyon jól éreztem magam, és csak azért utaztam fel Nyíregyházáról, hogy részese lehessek ennek az élménynek. Csodás a társaság. Én 58 éves vagyok, de voltak olyanok, akik idősebbek, és voltak fiatalabbak is. Még a 20-as korosztályból is voltak páran. Meghitt, intim hely, ahol én mindig megtalálom az igényeimnek megfelelő partnert is. Az igényeim írhatom azt, hogy nem kicsik, és itt az emberi tulajdonságokra gondolok elsősorban!“

    Pista on 06-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  36. In the top ten in Europe!

    “I was talking to some people from the United States, and they were very happy in Budapest and they loved the Magnum Sauna, Congrat guys, now the Magnum is in the top ten gay saunas in Europe, nothing to shame, ok some cold drinking water free of charge it would be very handy at the desk or around the Jacuzzy.“

    John on 05-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Thank you

      “Dear John,

      It's nice to get flowers. Thanks for your review. Yes, we will look into a water fountain. it's a good idea.


      Janos on 07-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  37. A kettöböl az egyik.

    “Két szauna van Pesten, az egyik ez. Nem nagy szám, szokásos emberek, változó korok, változó kinézetek. Mindenki megtalálja a maga választását, a felsö szaunaszint és a jakuzzi jelentösen feldobták. Ha azt hiszed föleg tizen-huszon-harmincévesek járnak akkor tévedsz, ide kanosak járnak.“

    Kovacs on 05-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  38. Legjobb szauna Budapesten

    “Sokszor voltam, és mindig barátságosak volt a személyzet, szinte családias a hangulat. Sokan régi ismerősként üdvözlik egymást, nagy beszélgetések, és még nagyobb ölelkezések színhelye ez az igazán remek, nívós, és kulturált hely. Csak ajánlani tudom mindenkinek!“

    Csaba on 05-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  39. Typical Sauna

    “Nothing special, typical sauna, very dark to tell who is who, 20 or so guys there, cruising around but few actions. I always think most attractive and younger guys use online apps and would not bother sauna any more. So, customers are truly older and out of shape. I went on a naked Friday, staff ask everyone to lose their tower, not sure it aroused me or dis-aroused me. Guess owner is trying hard to attract customers, unfortunately sauna seems to be doomed, everywhere.“

    Peter on 09-Jul-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Far from doomed

      “Dear Peter,

      thanks for your candid review. Yes, we have our share of older out of shape guests but we also have our share of in shape younger guys. Our business is doing well and although the demise of the bathhouse as a business model has been heralded many times, truth is that most bathhouses around the world are still operating and new big ones are being opened (Boiler Berlin or Rőmer sauna Vienna). Hooking up with applications has it s positive and negatives, just as hooking up in a sauna does.



      Janos on 07-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  40. Better-than-expected.

    “Online sex apps are undercutting bath houses in most cities, so I don't expect much when I visit one lately. Luckily this one was just fine given that Budapest isn't Berlin. Larger than I expected, better maintained than most and reasonably priced. Staff was friendly. Like most saunas in Europe, you do not have the option to rent your own room but you can use one that is not occupied and there were plenty available here - even one with a sling. Average age of the patrons was around 40 which is typical with most bath houses these days. Not terribly busy but enough guys to find some fun. A local told me to arrive Friday at 10pm.“

    P on 14-May-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • One more on apps

      “Dear P

      Thanks for your nice review. As I answered previously, I don't think that apps are killing gay saunas. In fact, if what you want is to have som nsa time, then you"re probably better off in a sauna instead of spending countless hours trying to organise something on the net.


      Janos on 07-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

      • Agreed!

        “Why waste countless hours searching online when you can pop over to the sauna, support a local business, keep saunas vital in the queer community, and have fun too? There is a time and place for an app, but I prefer my men live and present versus having to play a guessing game if they are even going to show up. Thank you for being this service. I look forward to visiting this weekend while I am in Budapest!“

        G on 20-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  41. Visit may 16

    “Visited the sauna on a Wednesday, I was led to believe Wednesday would be a busy day but this was not the case.
    Even though there a spray bottles and wipes to clean the cabins, the cabins do still smell.
    Only 3 people under the age of 60, the over 60s were very pushy and smelly
    Would not go here again.“

    Clive on 12-May-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Wednesday at Magnum

      “Dear Clive

      Sorry that you did not enjoy yourself at our sauna.

      Yes, Wednesday in our place does have an older crowd as the 50% get a discount on that day. The other days are more mixed.


      János Kerekes, owner“

      Janos on 07-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  42. Only lockers available

    “Website does not clearly describe the facility. As a traveler it would be nice to have accurate info. Most saunas in the world have private cabins to rent. This one only has lockers. The cabins mentioned are mixed use for sx. Disappointing for a facility in a large city.“

    Travis on 17-Apr-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Lockers vs rooms

      “Dear Travis

      I don't like to argue with someone that write an inteligent review, but truth is, most saunas in europe use the locker and free cabins for all system. But as this has allready been commented on, I will add some information on our website regarding this.


      János Kerekes, owner manager“

      Janos on 07-Oct-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  43. best sauna in Budapest

    “Bonjour, suis passé au Sauna Magnum le week end dernier. Waouw c est vraiment terrible. tres beau, des caves vouté le dimanche à 17h une naked party comme j'en ai jaais vu à Bruxelles. Vraiment à recommander.“

    yves on 23-Mar-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  44. Pure satisfaction

    “It was my first visit in a gay sauna and didn't regret at all. The place itself is well located. The staff is really friendly and helpful. When I went there it was a Friday night and they hold a dark and naked party. It was really busy night with superb men.“

    Bence on 27-Nov-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  45. Nice Sauna

    “The best sauna in Budapest. They really like that, there are always a variety of novelties and that is very good, they think of the young students and so few entry forms are required to pay only.“

    Balázz on 08-Nov-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  46. Fun and relax

    “Im an italian guy (35 year old). I went to the Magnum Sauna on this summer. I spend time in Budapest for a long weekend. I had really relax feeling on Thursday afternoon and fun on Friday night on dark naked party. As in the other saunas after opening time was quiet on the weekend but after 4-5 pm more and more crowded and completely mixed age in. The place was quiet clean and thanks for the kinda staff to help me any information about gay life in the city. Grazie“

    Andrea on 07-Nov-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  47. Best sauna

    “This is the best sauna in Budapest. The best time to visit Magnum is on Wednesday from (1 to 7pm). I spent hot times and great action with nice mature Hungarian. The place clean, comfortable, spacious with friendly staff. I am certain to be back next visit to Budapest.“

    n on 21-Nov-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

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