Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Phuket's most popular beach and home of gay nightlife.

Patong Beach

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behind La Flora Resort, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach is Phuket's most famous beach, located in the middle of the island's west coast, at about 3.5 metres long.

There used be a recognisable gay section in front of La Flora Resort, with food vendors, rainbow flag and sun beds. Today, the entire area has been cleaned up. Umbrellas and loungers are no longer allowed.

Patong Beach still attracts a lot of gay tourists and locals, particularly in front of the new KUDO Beach Club  located just to the south of La Flora Resort.
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NO gay beach

There is no gay beach in Phuket. I was there in February of 2019. Aside from the strip of gay bars (which can get busy), there is no gay beach or section of the beach that is gay.


Not gay!

Arrived in Phuket and oriented myself on the internet. In Phuket totally no gay beach. Only heterosexuals and even sometimes a bit aggressive. Lots of loud music and no gay scene.


Gay beach

The gay beach near La Flora doesn't exist anymore since on that place umbrellas and beds were forbidden. We come every year to La Flora



Just cannot find a gay section on the beach, no flag, just lots of heterosexual couples many from Russia. It is hard to relax, that's why we go to a gay beach right. I want to be around people that are gay friendly and this is not so welcoming.



Was there November 2017. Not a gay person in sight on the beach anywhere. There were families laying in the shade and playing on the beach in this supposed gay Beach area.



Currently at the beach and the flag is gone. Definitely not what it used to be. The guys that rent the chairs and umbrellas are gone and the only seating is associated with the hotels behind. Disappointing to see the change. Has it moved to a new location?


Theft at the Patong Beach

It is a very nice beach and the water was great. Yesterday I had my wallet stolen from the gay beach in Patong. I am fairly sure how it happened (with three people around our possessions). One of the ladies who come around selling drinks/fruit/etc. Left her containers near our things in the shade of the umbrella not asking if we wanted to buy something. She just left the containers there for a while. I guess while we were not paying attention she came to get her things (and my wallet). I hope this doesn't happen much, but just wanted other visitors to be aware to keep a watch out for something like this in the future.


Patong beach

Gay area doesn't seem to exist! Annoying vendors up and down the beach all the time, three lots of para boats whistling people out of the constantly, boats and jet skies racing up and down all the time, if it wasn't for the buoyed off section it would be dangerous, I think the loss of sun beds is a bad move although you can still hire umbrellas. Not very pleased and wouldn't come again. After the cost from UK to here, not good value for money, a decent meal for two about £20. 1000bht. Very very noisy all round and rip off tut tut drivers, if you don't bargain with them.



Well Terry, we were there last week and the gay area definitely does exist and is as popular as ever. Obviously everyone has their own preferences, but we actually like the beach more without countless rows of sunbeds. However, we do have to agree with you that Tuk Tuk drivers are very expensive. Best to stay within walking distance of the beach and scene.


Gay beach ?

Visited Patong in October 2015. No rainbow flag at the beach. Some gays, but more hetero couples. We were upset about the boats carrying people on ropes and paragliders. Every view minutes they whistle u out of the water so they can start and land their clients. Not really relaxing! Umbrellas and sunbeds available for around 100 - 120 baht per day. La flora beach hotel is .... gay friendly.


The rainbow flag is back!

It was good seeing that as of X-mas 2014 the rainbow flag has returned to its original position near the look-out tower on Patong beach! Comparing to my last visit to Patong one year ago and seeing all "illegal" businesses like chair and umbrella rental, massage spaces, beach restaurants etc. gone, the beach is looking much more spacious now. Nowadays you need to bring everything you want to use on the beach yourself (like in Australia) and have heard stories that you are not even allowed to use your own sun umbrella there. With no shadow available at all the beach is now best avoided during noon when it can get unbearably hot there on sunny days. Another disadvantage: in the old days the businesses always kept their section of the beach clean. With the new free-for-all it seems that nobody feels responsible anymore... It would be nice if they can find a solution to bringing some of the businesses back to the beach in an orderly legal way - I have missed my rented chair, umbrella and cold beer this time...:-)

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